Will Marriage, Ordained by God, Be Redefined By The SCOTUS?

Who will ultimately decide the policy debate over marriage? On Tuesday, April 28, the nine justices on the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding the definition of marriage. The consolidated cases will be coming from the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (MI, OH, KY, TN). We can and should pray, but we must realize the battle will not end with marriage regardless of what the Court decides. The full agenda is to uproot America’s moral anchors.

Will this pivotal decision be the Roe v Wade of marriage? Similar to that tragic turning point in our nation back in 1973, many of us believe redefining marriage is way outside the authority of government. It will only lead to a chaotic, genderless institution where anything goes including polygamy, pedophilia, cohabitation, open marriages, and other societal problems.

The burden should be on those suing to overturn lawful marriage policy that has existed throughout the history of the United States. Can they successfully prove that male-female marriage laws are unconstitutional? The truth remains unchanged; marriage will always be a God-ordained, monogamous relationship between one man and one woman. It precedes kings, judges, and civil government.

American citizens have voted in favor of protecting natural marriage in a majority of states; but in 26 of those, federal judges have overruled the people. This is not only unbiblical; it is against the Constitution and a far cry from our founders’ intentions that power rests with the people.

This very recent debate over marriage is essentially an argument between men over politics; but for those of us who are Bible-believing Christians, the matter was settled thousands of years ago. Confirming God’s design for marriage in the book of Genesis, Jesus Christ stated:

“Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE, and said, ‘FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.” (Matthew 19:4-6)

But our society is no longer going God’s way. There are even some churches and religious leaders that have endorsed homosexuality and same-sex unions. When those who profess Christianity accommodate sinful behaviors and lifestyles, it muddies up the truth and leads to further cultural confusion.

We sometimes forget the authority of God’s Word which never changes, and the fact marriage is sacred and foundational for healthy families and societies. It also goes without saying that marriage based on natural law is necessary for procreation.

The Left has used lies and massive deception to call evil, good and good, evil (Isaiah 5:20). They have succeeded in convincing many who are uninformed to drift from belief in our founding principles and history. Their goal is not only to redefine marriage, but to reform America into a godless, secular, pagan culture with no moral accountability.

Due to increasing sin and growing acceptance of homosexuality, they insist marriage should be whatever man decides it to be. However, many anthropologists and historians maintain that the alleged “innate” sexual orientation of homosexuality didn’t exist until about 150 years ago when it became a product of Western society. Before that time, homosexuality was known as something one could do, not something one could be.

Even though there is evidence of same-sex behavior and relationships throughout history including pre-modern times, individuals or groups identifying as gay cannot be found in any society prior to the 19th century. Though the marriage debate is well known, the facts and truth are not. Those who demand cultural or political change based on a modern social construct apparently don’t know much about history.

Increased sexual activity, especially homosexuality, seems to flourish in nations that have experienced an increase in materialism and standard of living without any comparable increase in moral convictions or spirituality. In America, identifying sexual orientation and preference seems logical to some because we now live within the system a conforming culture created.

Let’s flip the discussion for a moment. Why do you suppose there are no classifications of “heterosexuals” in the Bible or in past societies? Historians believe there was no heterosexual orientation simply because it was not necessary! Natural law, reason, common sense, and conscience all support marriage and heterosexual relationships.

The question is not necessarily whether the Supreme Court will overturn the biblical and historical definition of marriage. The question is: how will committed Christians respond if the Court does redefine marriage? Will most of us continue in our silent compliance, or will we choose to engage? This just may be the wake-up call the church in America needs.

David Fiorazo is an author of the new book The Cost of Our Silence.

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‘Gay Marriage’ Rooted In Fraud, Child Rape

The very notion of “gay marriage” is an artificial construct. It’s the aberrant byproduct of the sexual revolution, which, itself, was largely instigated by bug doctor turned “sexologist” Alfred Kinsey.

Though married to a woman who took part in his many filmed “scientific” orgies, Kinsey was a promiscuous homosexual and sadomasochist. He managed to completely upend and twist the world’s perception of human sexuality in the 1950s and ’60s with his world famous “Kinsey Reports.”

While his “research” has been universally discredited and exposed as fraudulent, ideologically motivated, and even criminal, it remains, nonetheless, the primary source behind today’s “sexual orientation science.”

For this reason, and many others, the novel notion of “gay marriage” sits atop a house of cards.

On April 28, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on whether to attempt, once and for all, the deconstruction and redefinition of the institution of marriage. The court will then hand down a decision by the end of June. In anticipation of this landmark case, civil rights law firm Liberty Counsel has submitted to the Supreme Court a friend of the court brief that reveals the criminally fraudulent foundation upon which the “marriage equality” Tower of Babel has been raised.

Among other things, the brief features the findings of Dr. Judith Reisman, the foremost expert on Kinsey’s pseudo-scientific cultural activism. Reisman has served as scientific consultant to four U.S. Department of Justice administrations, the U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). She is a visiting professor of law at Liberty University School of Law and works hand-in-hand with Liberty Counsel.

As the brief reveals, most people are completely unaware that during his tenure at Indiana University, Kinsey facilitated, with stopwatches and ledgers, the systematic sexual abuse of hundreds, if not thousands, of children and infants – all in the name of science.

Kinsey asserted that children are “sexual from birth.” He further concluded, based upon experiments he directed and documented in his infamous Table 34, that adult-child sex is harmless, even beneficial, and described child “orgasm” as “culminating in extreme trembling, collapse, loss of color, and sometimes fainting. …” Many children suffered “excruciating pain,” he observed, “and [would] scream if movement [was] continued.” Some “[would] fight away from the [adult] partner and may make violent attempts to avoid climax, although they derive[d] definite pleasure from the situation.”

It’s little wonder that Dr. Reisman identifies Kinsey as a “sexual psychopath.” These children were as young as 2 months old.

Kinsey’s research also determined that rape doesn’t really hurt women. In his 1953 volume “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” at page 122, Kinsey wrote: “Among the 4,441 females [reporting rape] on whom we have data, there was only one clear cut case of injury … and very few instances of vaginal bleeding, which however, did not appear to do any appreciable damage.”

Kinsey claimed that, like himself, over 30 percent of men are homosexual (today’s legitimate research has established this figure to actually fall somewhere between 1-3 percent). There can be no doubt that, if he were alive today, Alfred Kinsey would be one of the loudest voices clamoring for the redefinition of marriage.

“For the past 67 years, scholars, lawyers and judges have undertaken fundamental societal transformation by embracing Alfred Kinsey’s statistically and scientifically fraudulent ‘data’ derived from serial child rapists, sex offenders, prisoners, prostitutes, pedophiles and pederasts,” notes the brief. “Now these same change agents, still covering up the fraudulent nature of the Kinsey ‘data,’ want this Court to utilize it to demolish the cornerstone of society, natural marriage.”

“Changing millennia of history must always be approached with trepidation,” the brief continues. “In this case, the change must be rejected outright not only because it is seeking to redefine something which cannot be redefined, but also because the proposed change is grounded in fraudulent ‘research’ based on skewed demographics and the sexual abuse of hundreds of infants and children.”

The brief pleads with the Supreme Court not to “erase millennia of human history and dismantle the granite cornerstone of society in favor of an experimental construct that is barely a decade old.” Instead, Liberty Counsel asserts, “This case presents the Court with the opportunity to affirm and preserve the unique, comprehensive union of a man and a woman, the foundational social institution upon which society was built and the future of the nation depends.”

In the past, the Supreme Court has upheld marriage as a foundational social institution that is necessarily defined as the union of one man and one woman:

  • Marriage is “fundamental to the very existence and survival of the race.” Skinner v. Oklahoma, 316 U.S. 535, 541 (1942).
  • “An institution in the maintenance of which in its purity the public is deeply interested, for it is the foundation of the family and of society, without which there would be neither civilization nor progress.” Maynard v. Hill, 125 U. S. 190 (1888).

“Older than the Constitution and the laws of any nation, marriage is not a creation of any government, but it is an obvious relationship between one man and one woman. Marriage is a natural bond that society or religion can only ‘solemnize,’” said Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.

It is a tragic commentary on America’s moral freefall that the highest court in the land would consider, even for an instant, perverting the cornerstone institution of marriage to reflect the psychotic image and anti-social activism of a man who, himself, was a criminal pervert.

Liberty Counsel is calling Christians to unite in fasting and prayer for three days before the Supreme Court hears the case – on April 23, 24, and 25.

At this point, prayer alone may save marriage and keep, at bay, the wrath of a just and Holy God.

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Pastors Nationwide Called To Action Ahead Of Upcoming SCOTUS Ruling

With U.S. Supreme Court justices preparing to hear testimony later this month prior to deciding whether states have the authority to ban gay marriage, one group is calling on faith leaders to join an effort to preserve traditional marriage. The initiative includes instructing pastors to share the biblical view of marriage with their congregants before engaging in a time of prayer over the issue.

The American Renewal Project recently released its call to action, which has been extended to 100,000 pastors affiliated with the project. First, pastors are asked to dedicate their April 26 message to a discussion of biblical marriage. Two days later, as Supreme Court arguments are being made in D.C., the organization has asked pastors to set aside two hours for prayer services.

“This two hour window is not sermonizing,” an ARP press release stated, “but prayer, led by God’s shepherds” and without an emphasis on a big turnout.

“Jehovah is not interested in numbers,” the group explained, adding that “if it’s you and two others, then God will be honored.”

Parishioners unable to make it to church for the April 26 service, however, are encouraged to “stop where they are and pray” for “a miracle” regarding the status of marriage in America today.

The group recognized that, according to God’s word, the Supreme Court is not the ultimate arbiter of sin.

“America is on the verge of learning something that can be learned in no other way,” the statement continued, noting that “rebellion against God brings consequences” and that there is “no safety in distance from God.”

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Breaking: Her Campaign Only Days Old, Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops On This Constitutional ‘Right’

In what is very likely a well-researched and thoroughly opinion-polled move to appeal to younger voters, Hillary Clinton has just let it be known that she has changed her mind on whether the legality of same-sex marriage should be left up to the individual states.

NBC News is reporting that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has confirmed the candidate is taking a page out of the playbook of another failed presidential contender, John Kerry the noted flip-flopper. In this case, Mrs. Clinton is strategically flip-flopping on a major social issue in America.

“In an apparent shift from comments last summer, Hillary Clinton is urging the Supreme Court to rule to allow same-sex couples nationwide to marry, calling it a ‘constitutional right.’”

The NBC News story references a statement from a Clinton campaign spokesperson:

“Hillary Clinton supports marriage equality and hopes the Supreme Court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed that constitutional right.”

In less than two weeks, the U.S. Supreme Court is set to begin hearings on whether gay marriage is, in fact, a right guaranteed under the Constitution.

And in a public opinion poll conducted by NBC News and The Wall Street Journal in early March of this year, 59% of the respondents indicated they strongly or somewhat favor “allowing gay and lesbian couples to enter into same-sex marriages.”

In a similar poll sponsored by CNN/ORC and reported in mid-February, the vast majority of younger Americans indicated they’re in favor of gays and lesbians having a constitutional right to get married and have the union recognized by law. Of 18-34-year-old respondents, 72% said they favored what Hillary Clinton just said she’s now supporting.

As an article on the far-left website The Daily Beast just noted of Clinton’s need to greatly enhance her political attractiveness to younger voters:

She stumbled in her 2008 campaign when she failed to convince these voters to come out for her in a big way, and could easily be challenged by a younger, more liberal, more human-seeming candidate.

Clinton was a terrible, sluggish candidate in 2008, and young voters famously compared her to their nagging mothers.

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Top Doctor: Death Spirals Already Happening In Healthcare System

Twitter/Daniel Hannan

While the United States Supreme Court decides whether or not federal health care subsidies can be used for both federal and state exchanges, proponents of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), colloquially known as Obamacare, caution this could cause a “death spiral” in the health care system. One respected physician contends this is already happening, however.

Last month, the Supreme Court heard arguments in King v. Burwell, in which the plaintiff argued that a six-word phrase in the Obamacare law – ‘an Exchange established by the state’ – means tax credits can only be offered to those states that set up their own exchanges.

While those who advocate for the status quo believe overturning the law would result in a “death spiral,” Dr. Lee Hieb, former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, contends a death spiral is already happening.

“There’s a death spiral in medicine already because it’s creating shortages of doctors and hospital closures, and that’s a business death spiral the medical community’s already starting to be in,” Lee told reporter Paul Bremmer in a piece published on WND Sunday.

A November 2013 article from The Atlantic describes what a “death spiral” in the traditional sense is:

Suppose some healthy people decide to wait till they need insurance to buy it. Then the overall insurance pool would have a higher percentage of sick people in it, and premiums might rise.

Those higher premiums might make more healthy people decide to drop their insurance until they need it—which would make the insurance pool sicker still. Premiums would rise again, and more healthy people would drop their coverage again, until eventually only sick people had insurance.

“[I]t’s a classic business death spiral where there’s too much work for too few people. No matter what you do, you can’t recruit new people because it’s too unpleasant a work situation, and so people keep leaving, and that’s a death spiral,” Lee added.

A decision on King v. Burwell is expected in June.

h/t: WND

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