Death (Panels) and Taxes

Ben Johnson,

Barack Obama has unveiled his agenda for balancing the budget: Raising taxes on the living, then sending them to an early grave. In his speech this afternoon, Obama confirmed long-running suspicions that he views extravagant expenditures as “core investments,” believes all wealth belongs to the government, questions the “patriotism” of those who believe in limited government, and plans to set to establish a “commission” to deny seniors medical treatment he deems “unnecessary.”

Debt Service Lip Service

After 20 meandering minutes of strawman-smashing and hand-wringing over Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal, Obama outlined his four-step plan. He began by insisting he would “make the tough cuts” Republicans pried out of him, but he would never sacrifice “core investments”…like “broadband access” and “clean energy technology.” Such priorities allowed this president to rack up more debt in 19 months than all of his predecessors combined.

In a rare display of honesty, Obama vowed….

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The Left Asks Civility of Hate-Filled, Murderous, Scumbag Conservatives

Don Feder,

Last week, the Left was saying that conservatives from Sarah Palin to Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Parties had blood on their hands – that the Right created the climate of hatred that somehow caused/provoked/impelled/influenced a g-string-wearing, Communist Manifesto-touting psychopath (whose brains are “scrambled,” according to one of his professors) to shoot a Congresswoman in the head and murder a federal judge and five others.

This week, the Botticellis of bile are calling for civility and unity, asking everyone in politics (but especially conservatives, who, naturally, have the most to atone for) to dial down their rhetoric whilst a celestial choir hums Kumbaya in the background.

At a memorial service-cum-political rally (they even handed out t-shirts with the slogan “Together We Thrive”), President Butter-Wouldn’t-Melt-In-His-Mouth set the tone. “The truth is, none of us can know exactly what triggered this vicious attack,” the president soberly declared – after his minions had spent the preceding week telling us they knew exactly what triggered the attack: conservative talk radio, raucous town hall meetings, Arizona’s attempt to crack down on illegal immigration, and playing “Where’s Waldo” with Obama’s birth certificate.

“What we can not do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on each other. That we cannot do,” proclaimed the president who’s spent the past two years savaging his opponents, telling Hispanics to “punish” their “enemies,” urging his supporters to bring guns to knife-fights, and sneering that Republicans “can come for the ride, but they gotta sit back” – presumably blindfolded and gagged.

In a classic example of the liberal disconnect from reality, in some cases the calls for civility and the smears went on simultaneously….

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Who Are “Nazis”? Republicans and Democrats Differ

Ben Johnson,

Despite empty promises of infusing a new civility into our political discourse, the Democratic Party has returned to type by branding its opponents “Nazis.” Rep. Steve Cohen, D-TN, compared Republicans opposed to ObamaCare with Germany’s National Socialists on the floor of the House of Representatives — then lied about doing so in a nationally televised interview, then insisted he was right, then promised never to do it again. The Congressman was joined in the Ultimate Blood Libel by a comedienne on CNN’s sister network, despite CNN’s recent pledge to defuse polemical rhetoric. (The network’s John King recently apologized for a guest’s use of the term “crosshairs.”) The reversal should come as no surprise. The Left lies as easily as it breathes and maligns or wishes death upon its opponents with greater ease yet. It is more instructive to compare the people liberals brand as “Nazis” with those conservatives find worthy of the term.

The day after Rep. Cohen called his distinguished colleagues followers of Joseph Goebbels, conservative Rep. Dana Rohrabacher also compared a political party’s leadership with the Nazis. Appropriately enough, they were the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. The California Congressman told Radio America’s Greg Corombos of Dateline Washington….

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Video of the Day: Dem Says GOP “Just Like Goebbels,” Nazis