Report: Hillary Clinton’s Staff Also Used Their Personal Email Addresses

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Hillary Clinton communicated with key members of her staff while serving as secretary of state “at times,” according to a new report.

According to The New York Times, Clinton corresponded “at times” on the personal email of her top aides. Although The Times did not see the emails firsthand, their existence was confirmed through government officials who spoke on condition on anonymity. Michael Schmidt reports:

The correspondence offered a glimpse inside the secretary of state’s inbox — and her elusive email personality — including during those dark days just after the attack. Mrs. Clinton exclusively used a private email account that was housed on a server at her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., while she was secretary of state, which kept many of the messages secret.

Strikingly, given that she has set off an uproar over her emails, Mrs. Clinton is not a verbose correspondent. At times, she sends her highly regarded foreign policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, an email containing a news article, with a simple instruction: Please print. (Mrs. Clinton, though she has taken to Twitter and embraced other forms of modern technology, appears to like to read articles on paper.)

There were also the more mundane messages that crowd many government workers’ inboxes: scheduling, logistics, even a news alert about a breaking story from Politico, forwarded to the secretary by a senior aide.

Schmidt’s report also conceded that in all the emails turned over to the House Select Committee on Benghazi, there was no ‘Stand Down‘ order given by Clinton to military forces as previously suggested. Clinton did not turn over about half of 55,000 emails on her server, deeming them personal in nature.

Benghazi Committee chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., called for Clinton to turn over her server to a third party rather than the House of Representatives. “Turn it over to a retired judge, an archivist, an inspector general, so we can have some assurance that the ‘we’ that separated the public from the private did a good job,” Gowdy said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe earlier this month.

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She’s Baaack! Watch State’s Marie ‘Jobs For Jihadists’ Harf (Oh Snap) Prove Her Critics Right

Image Credit: YouTube/LSUDVM

As Western Journalism reported over a month ago, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf opened herself up to unrelenting ridicule when she told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that America’s war against ISIS cannot be won by killing terrorists.

What the murderous Islamists really need, asserted Harf, is economic opportunity — a way out of poverty, deprivation, and despair. It was a far-left view of the West’s bloody conflict with radical Islam — an awkward attempt at excuse-making that came to be labelled the much-maligned “jobs for jihadists” approach to fighting Muslim militancy.

To Matthews’ credit, he was having none of Harf’s argument.

So then, the State Department flak headed on over to CNN to double down on the “jobs for jihadists” relief effort for terror-waging malcontents, while also sneering at her critics by saying her earlier comments were simply “too nuanced for some” to grasp. In other words, those who so passionately disagreed with her were, sadly, of an inferior intellect.

Well, now — just as the furor over the “jobs for jihadists” brouhaha was calming down — Marie Harf put herself squarely back in the harsh glare of the social media spotlight by offering another reason for the pounding criticism she’s received.

Her detractors who felt she was naive or nonsensicial in her claim that ISIS wreaks terror because the terrorists lack economic opportunity…well, they’re just “crazy”…crazy and sexist, charges Harf. They don’t respect what she said because, claims State’s official spokeswoman, she IS a woman.

Harf actually said she didn’t think her “jobs” remarks to be “in any way controversial.”

As noted on the website, Marie Harf raised this sinister specter of sexism at a foreign policy conference hosted by Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

In response to a question asking what has been her biggest professional gaffe or mistake, she also revealed how shocked she was that her original “jobs for jihadists” suggestion caused such a firestorm…which, predictably, set off another firestorm on social media.
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It will be interesting to see if Marie Harf makes yet another attempt to defend her comments that overlook the religious dogma of radical Islam as a reason for the murderous rampage of ISIS across the Middle East.

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It’s Not Just Hillary’s Evidence On Her Server – Huma Is Being Investigated Also


How would you like it if you could work for the State Department and a private company at the same time? And even better, how about if this private company specialized in how to procure government contracts through its high-level relationships in government? And now, I’ll take it one step further: how about if you could keep all of your dealings between the government and this outside business “private” on a nongovernmental email server–the same one your boss, Hillary Clinton, uses?

What a deal, right? Would you think the temptation to make a little money on the side, by selling your access to government officials and government information to this private company, might be just a little too great?

Senator Chuck Grassley seems to think so.

I went to this private company’s website. The firm is called Teneo. Here is what is said about their method of doing business:

Teneo is a senior-led advisory firm with deep collective experience working at the highest echelons of the public and private sectors. Our team has a rich knowledge base and global network of relationships that we bring to bear on behalf of our clients every day.

It seems one of those “high level relationships” was a direct line to Secretary of State Clinton herself.

Senator Grassley, who heads the Senate Judiciary Committee, recently sent an inquiry to the State Department to get further information on the situation after learning Huma Abedin used the same private server as Hillary Clinton.

The Washington Post reported recently:

Grassley had sought e-mails and other documents from the State Department.

But he didn’t know until last week that Clinton was exclusively using a private e-mail account that could contain relevant information about her use of the so-called “special government employee” program. Huma Abedin, a Clinton confidante and adviser who was granted the special designation, also used the private e-mail system.

Grassley has in recent days renewed his effort to get answers from the State Department. That opens a second line of inquiry on Capitol Hill into the Democrats’ presumptive presidential front-runner, who was already facing an inquiry from a House committee seeking her e-mails related to the U.S. response to an attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.

We need to stay on this email story; I think it’s going to get good. Stay tuned.

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Breaking: State Department Admits They ‘Have No Record’ Of Hillary Clinton Signing Separation Form

Jen Psaki

Western Journalism just this morning reported that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry could both be facing legal troubles involving her role in Emailgate.

State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki would not acknowledge as to whether or not Clinton filed her separation paperwork for the end of her tenure as Secretary. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests were then sent to the State Department demanding to see the OF-109 form.

“We have reviewed Secretary Clinton’s official personnel file and administrative files and do not have any record of her signing the OF-109,” Psaki said. “In addition, after looking into their official personnel files, we did not locate any record of either of her immediate predecessors signing this form.”

As Judge Napolitano previously noted, if Hillary didn’t sign the document, than she “stole federal documents from the federal government.” And if she did sign the document, “she committed perjury.”

Psaki wouldn’t comment on how important the document was at “checkout” of the Department, but she noted that two Secretaries of State before Clinton – Condoleezza Rice and Colin Luther Powell – both did not sign the form either.

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BOMBSHELL: See How Hillary’s Emailgate Scandal Could Snare Current Sec’y Of State John Kerry

Megyn Kelly & Clinton

One can only imagine how fast and furious is the behind-the-scenes scrambling now going on among lawyers and and story spinners at the U.S. State Department as Hillary Clinton’s emailgate scandal expands and intensifies.

Even as the former secretary of state tries to move on from the controversy over her use of a private email account to conduct official business, the country’s current chief diplomat, John Kerry, could find himself soiled by the whole dirty affair.

Here’s why…

Among the many questions being asked by an increasing number of media outlets is: Did Mrs. Clinton sign the required separation document when she left her post at State?

As National Review observes: “The form, OF-109, is critical to understanding whether Clinton violated the law by maintaining her own private e-mail account and server to conduct official business as Secretary.”

In nearly a week of fielding direct inquiries about Mrs. Clinton and form OF-109, the State Department has not been able, or willing, to answer what should be a simple “yes” or “no” question.

A big reason for the department’s reluctance, or refusal, to answer could be that Hillary Clinton would find herself in a load of legal trouble either way — facing possible charges that she stole government documents or committed perjury.

Plus, John Kerry could be snared by the controversy if he failed to make sure Mrs. Clinton complied with requirements that she make all her official records available to the government on a secure and timely basis when she left office.

Megyn Kelly of Fox News has been leading the charge to discover the truth about OF-109 as it pertains to the emailgate scandal. Monday night, on “The Kelly File,” she discussed the situation with Fox News’ Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Judge Nap explained the significant legal jeopardy now facing Clinton as well as Kerry. You can watch the segment by clicking on the video above.

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