The Super Bowl And Sex Trafficking

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On February 2 of this year, thousands will gather at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. to watch the Seattle Seahawks battle the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. As the athletes take the field and the fans cheer, they will be oblivious to the tragedy unfolding around them in dark hotel rooms across East Rutherford.

Sex trafficking has become a stealth parasite that attaches itself to major sporting events, taking advantage of a large number of fans and the demand for illicit sex. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott echoed the stunning revelation, gripping so many with his statement about the 2011 Super Bowl in Dallas: “It’s commonly known as the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States.”

Dallas police and federal authorities arrested 133 minors for prostitution during the 2011 Super Bowl; and according to Forbes Magazine, 10,000 prostitutes were transported to Miami for the Super Bowl in 2010.

A United States Department of Justice investigation from January 2008 to June 2010 discovered that 40 percent of human trafficking incidents involve child prostitution or the sexual exploitation of a child. UNICEF estimates there are nearly 2 million children in the commercial sex trade, and major sporting events have become a nexus for sexual predators and a haven for sex trafficking.

January is “National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month”; and according to the U.S. State Department, social scientists estimate there are 27 million victims of human trafficking in the world today. The United Nations reports that human trafficking is a $32 billion industry across the world and that people are being trafficked from 127 countries to be exploited in 137 countries, affecting every continent and every economy.

The State Department estimates also suggest that the majority of trafficking victims are women and girls, and that trafficking victims are subjected to both sex and labor trafficking. Recent data has also brought to light a previously hidden trend that a significant percentage of trafficking victims are men and boys.

UNICEF reports that victims of sex trafficking are subjected to conditions that include high numbers of clients and violent or unprotected sex. They are also subjected to poor hygiene and forced drug use that includes reusing needles, and sex trafficking is a “hotbed” for sexually transmitted infections.

In the United States, human trafficking is a $9.5 billion industry according to the United Nations. The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 17,500 people are trafficked into the United States each year. A total of 300,000 children in this country are at risk of being trafficked sexually right now.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that the average age of a sex trafficked child in the United States is 13-14 years old, and the average pimp controls 4-6 children and makes $150,000-$200,000 per year from each child. The anti-trafficking organization The Polaris Project estimates that victims of sex trafficking are forced to have sex 20-48 times a day.

In a study done by officials in Los Angeles, 59 percent of juveniles who were arrested for prostitution were previously in the foster care system. In 2013 during “Operation Cross Country,” the FBI rescued 105 children being forcibly exploited for sex and arrested 150 pimps. The youngest victim was just nine years old.

To bring an end to the scourge of sex trafficking requires that we all work together and join in the fight to rescue victims, many of whom are innocent children. The primary tool in that fight is education, and organizations like the Polaris Project; Jada Pinkett Smith’s organization, Don’t Sell Bodies; the McCain Institute, named after Senator John McCain of Arizona; Arrow Child and Family Ministries in Texas (; and the Joyful Heart Foundation are both educating the public and rescuing victims of sex trafficking.

The NFL has also joined the fight by supporting tougher anti-trafficking laws and working with organizations to educate and empower the public. We can all be a force for change, and visit the websites of the organizations mentioned above to learn the signs of human trafficking.

With just one phone call to the human trafficking hotline at 1-866-347-2423 (toll free), each of us could help save a human life and bring us that much closer to a victory over human trafficking.

Photo credit: MTAPhotos (Creative Commons)

Time To Investigate Obama’s State Department!

Hillary Spartacus Not Obama SC

Corruption, malfeasance, and complacency represent the stories we heard about the State Department regarding its actions in 2012. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blamed a fatal attack on an American ambassador and three other Americans on an anti-Islamic video then inflaming the Middle East. Her response when questioned before Congress? “What difference at this point does it make?”

It still makes a lot of difference, and not just because of Benghazi itself. There is a larger culture of corruption at the Department of State.

Newly declassified transcripts released by the House Armed Services Committee show that the State Department, at least internally, may not have been considering it a demonstration that night. Representative Brad Wenstrup (R-OH) asked Colonel George Bristol back in July 31 of last year, “Did anyone from the State Department throughout the course of the events, that you are aware of, call this a demonstration that got out of control during the course of events?” Colonel Bristol answered “Not that I am aware of, sir.” Bristol was in charge of the Joint Special Operations Task Force—Trans Sahara from April 2012 to March 2013.

As for the military, they referred to it as an “attack” at the time as well, Colonel Bristol testified. And, as AIM has recently reported, General Carter Ham admitted in his testimony that he had told then Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey that it was an attack the night of September 11, 2012—right before they went to meet with President Obama.

With a presidential election less than two months away, however, the President, the Secretary of State, and then-UN Ambassador Susan Rice maintained for weeks that the video was largely what sparked the attack. But the record shows that they knew that wasn’t true. Clearly, the President had been informed that it had been a planned terrorist attack—not the result of a spontaneous demonstration.

State’s house-cleaning supposedly started after Benghazi; but Secretary of State John Kerry gave the four suspended officials positions back at the State Department, representing a total lack of accountability.

New reports seem to indicate just how far people are willing to go to hide the problems at the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), in particular, and the Clinton Department of State in general.

Aurelia Fedenisn’s infamous interviews of Diplomatic Security personnel took place between July 2012 and October 2012. That means it covered the time period including the Benghazi, Libya attacks and the immediate aftermath. Patrick F. Kennedy, Cheryl Mills, and Assistant Secretary Eric Boswell all played their part in this tragedy; and their conduct with regards to Diplomatic Security should not be swept under the rug.

As Accuracy in Media reported last year, former State Department investigator Fedenisn was subject to State Department bullying after exposing eight Department of State investigative cover-ups, one of which reached as high as the Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, who retired last July. Another investigation exposed by Fedenisn involved Hillary Clinton’s security agents, who were allegedly hiring prostitutes at the hotel where then-Secretary of State Clinton slept.

Fedenisn’s lawyers’ offices were broken into over the July 4th weekend in 2013. Although a petty thief was apprehended for the crime, the theft seemed on its face more politically motivated. After all, computers were stolen while silver bars nearby were not. “My most high-profile case right now is the Aurelia Fedenisn case, and I can’t think of any other case where someone would go to these great lengths to get our information,” Schulman told John Hudson of The Cable at the time.

Now, another closely related case that Schulman is working has experienced a break-in; this time, it was a sophisticated cyber attack. “The personal e-mail account of a State Department whistle­blower was hacked, and four years worth of messages—some detailing alleged wrongdoing at the agency—were deleted” reported the New York Post in December. “They took all of his e-mails and then they deleted them all,” Cary Schulman told the Post. “He said that he could not prove who was responsible for the hack job, but said the attack was ‘sophisticated’ and called the targeting of [Richard] Higbie ‘alarming.’” Higbie is a Diplomatic Security Service criminal investigator.

“We feel like we’re in a movie,” said Schulman. “It’s nuts. It makes us wonder . . . . maybe we’ve got something we don’t even realize or maybe they’re worried about something.”

The Post noted that the deleted emails included legal strategy notes between Higbie and his lawyer.

Higbie has filed an employment lawsuit against the State Department, a lawsuit that has roped in high-ranking officials such as the new Assistant Secretary of Diplomatic Security at the Department of State, Gregory Starr. Starr was confirmed as Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security on November 14, 2013, but became the Director of the Diplomatic Security Service in February 2013, according to The Cable.

“More recently, Starr has been accused of abusing his position to benefit those around him,” reported The Cable last September. “One former DS officer said Starr was able to waive certain ­­medical standards, in this case, color blindness, to get his son a job as a special agent within DS.” This is serious, considering that one of the problems exposed by Fedenisn was allegations that investigations within Diplomatic Security were unduly influenced by higher-ups, as much as once or twice a year.

Starr was deposed by Schulman in February of last year, and was asked, “Have you been made aware, during…after your, your retirement from DS and prior to your arrival back recently here, have you been made aware of any department officials improperly influencing inquiries or investigations relating to employee complaints?” He answered, simply, “No.” Yet there was a report in the works that said as much.

Schulman’s law firm argues that “The failure of all of the witnesses”—Starr is not the only one—“to identify the OIG investigation or the Report at any point in all of their questioning demonstrate collusion of concealment and creates, at a minimum, an appearance of impropriety.”

In a confirmation hearing in September 2013, Gregory Starr was not asked about his conduct in the Higbie case. It is encouraging to hear, however, that Higbie’s deleted emails included contact with Members of Congress who are concerned about this ongoing issue.

The problem appears to be the same one that keeps the Obama team and the IRS from being thoroughly and independently investigated. As long as Eric Holder remains as U.S. Attorney General, there will continue to be no controlling legal authority—to borrow a concept that helped keep former Vice President Al Gore from facing prosecution—prepared to investigate perjury and corruption in the Obama administration.


This commentary originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

Video: Hillary and John Kerry’s State Department Boozing it Up

While the rest of the government prepared to shut down this fall, the State Department was busy stocking up on embassy liquor supplies…

Our Worst Enemy: Obama’s State Department


Russia’s GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), is a space-based Global Positioning System (GPS) operated by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces. It is the Russian version of America’s military GPS and is currently the only alternative navigational system in operation capable of global coverage. GLONASS first become operational in 1982 and achieved global coverage in 2011. During the first reign of Vladimir Putin, GLONASS became the first priority of the Russian Federal Space Agency, consuming nearly one third of the Agency budget. It was, after all, imperative to duplicate the accuracy of America’s GPS system.

State Department
Obama’s State Department will soon consider allowing Roscosmos to build monitoring stations on United States soil in order to improve the accuracy of GLONASS. The New York Times reported that Russian and State Department officials met in April to negotiate “general requirements for possible GLONASS monitoring stations in U.S. territory and the scope of planned future discussions.” According to State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf, “no final decision has been made.” In the big picture, Secretary of State John Kerry believes that Mr. Obama should accede to the wishes of Vladimir Putin as it would improve America’s relationship with the Russian Government. Naturally, allowing Russian assets on American soil is a sign of weakness. Liberals, like bullies, are basically cowards; and Vladimir knows that.

CIA, Other Intelligence Agencies, and the Pentagon
The intelligence community are warning the Obama Regime’s “teacher’s lounge theorists” not to allow Roscosmos to construct GLONASS monitoring stations on American soil. They are concerned that the stations would greatly enhance the capability of the Russian space system, significantly improving the accuracy of Russian weapons against U.S. targets. Stations on US soil might also enhance Russia’s capacity to collect intelligence on all Americans within American borders, with U.S. government approval. The stations could be used to interfere with U.S. GPS systems, allowing Russia to disrupt commercial and military navigation and tracking. It will allow the Russians and their proxies easier access to vital infrastructure assets.

The State Department, in its haughtiness, would insist that US-based monitoring systems were being used for peaceful purposes only, just like Iranian nukes. Then again, this may be a part of Agenda 21, surrendering American sovereignty to protect the “One.”

This is a story that must be followed by every American who wishes to protect the sovereignty of the United States. The treacherous and traitorous Barack Hussein Obama must not permit a perpetual enemy to obtain a foothold in the US.

State Dept Offers $10 Million Reward For Kill Or Capture Of ‘Enemies Of Islam’

Dollar Bills SC State Dept Offers $10 Million Reward For Kill or Capture of Enemies of Islam

This is one step beyond The Twilight Zone …. it’s the O’Zone, just as poisonous and deadly. (Thanks to Armaros)

Obama’s state department is now calling devout Muslims “enemies of Islam.” This is madness. Are counter jihadists considered enemies of Islam?

State Dept Offers $10 Million Reward For Kill or Capture Of ‘Enemies Of Islam’ IJ Review, August 12, 2013

As with most things his administration does, I’m sure Obama will be shocked when he reads in the newspapers about the State Dept. declaring a $10 million bounty on the head of what it calls an “enemy of Islam.”

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