Football Star Peyton Manning Gets Last Laugh Against Al Jazeera With PERFECT 12 Word Jab

On Wednesday, Al Jazeera announced it was shuttering its American news channel, Al Jazeera America. The news came as a surprise to employees; but to one famous athelete, vengeance apparently couldn’t have been sweeter. Peyton Manning, starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, was seemingly ecstatic to see Al Jazeera America close up shop.

At issue was an Al Jazeera expose that accused Manning of being involved in a performance enhancing drug (PED) ring. The report claimed the Guyer Clinic in Indianapolis supplied Manning with the PEDs. Pharmacist Charlie Sly stated the shipments of human growth hormone (HGH) were sent to Manning’s wife, Ashley, in an effort to disguise the possibility that Manning was using. There was one huge problem with Al Jazeera’s report: it was possibly fabricated.

In a YouTube response to the Al Jazeera report, Sly said, “I am recanting any such statements and there is no truth to any statement of mine that Al Jazeera plans to air. Under no circumstances should any of those statements, recordings or communications be aired.”

Sly stated he was unknowingly being recorded and had not consented to being videotaped. It is unclear whether or not the news story that Al Jazeera ran on Manning, or Manning’s subsequent plans to sue Al Jazeera, had anything to do with its demise; but it brought out a bit of sarcasm in Manning when he heard that the network tucked tail and ran.

When asked for comment about Al Jazeera’s decision to cease operations in the U.S., Manning responded, “I’m sure it’s going to be just devastating to all their viewers.”

Video: Fishermen Reeling In Catch When Something LETHAL Flies Out Of Water And Into Boat

Competitive fisherman Conor Cogan and several friends went fishing New Year’s Day near Port Stephens in Australia. Little did they know the excursion would feature a brush with death and an incredible story to tell.

After hooking a 200-pound marlin and a brief fight, DailyMail reports the fish wasn’t going to make things easy. Turning towards the boat, the fish breached the water at full speed with its spear-like bill aimed directly at Cogan.

Connor Cogan almost impaled by 200 marlin. Image Credit: Screenshot DailyMail Video

Connor Cogan almost impaled by 200lb marlin. Image Credit: Screenshot DailyMail Video

“The last thing I remember is him coming straight for me in line with my head,” said Cogan. “At the last second I ducked and [the marlin] fell onto the side of the boat and onto my back and I thought, ‘Geez I’m alive.’”

According to Cogan, the fish that day were especially energetic, although he certainly didn’t expect one to leap towards him.

The marlin slips passed Cogan. Image Credit: Screenshot DailyMail Video

The marlin hits Cogan, almost knocking him from the boat. Image Credit: Screenshot DailyMail Video

“I know guys that have had marlins jump into the back of the boat before, but never have they hit someone and fall back into the water without anyone being seriously injured,” said Cogan.

The marlin goes free. Image Credit: Screenshot DailyMail Video

The marlin goes free. Image Credit: Screenshot DailyMail Video

Not only did the marlin successfully land itself on the boat, it was able to circle around Cogan and go back into the water, creating a harrowing moment for everyone on board. It seems both the fish and fishermen had a bit of New Year’s luck.

No one was injured in the incident.

h/t: NewsAOL

WATCH What Happened When France Played Its First Game Since The Horrific Attack

Stereotypes are everywhere. For ages, Americans have had certain notions about the French. Often seen in caricatures, those stereotypes have been perpetuated for years. There’s the one about French hygiene. That one gets passed around a lot. There’s another about wine and cheese. Then there’s one about weakness, specifically about French men being weak.

The stereotype that French men are weak when the going gets tough, however, has been obliterated this week, as the entire world has watched the French, and French President Francois Hollande, respond to the horrific ISIS attack on their homeland with an impressive display of solidarity, poise, anger, and action.

Now, with a certain jealousy of French toughness, Americans have watched as Hollande declared war against ISIS and put the French war machine into motion. The French wasted no time in dropping bombs on ISIS heads, either. As early as Monday, French bombs were away, falling toward ISIS strongholds.

When ISIS attacked France on Friday, French soccer fans were filmed singing their national anthem as security was escorting the throngs out of the national stadium, where suicide bombers attempted to kill fans. The singing was loud and boisterous, almost welcoming the attack on their country in a ‘bring it on’ kind of spirit.

That same spirit carried over to this week at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Again, the French soccer fans were not going to be silent, intimidated, or inconvenienced by ISIS’ attempt to disrupt their lives, and the British joined them in solidarity.

Wembley even displayed the French national motto “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité” (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity) on the exterior jumbotron of the stadium.

And in another display of solidarity, the British and French players and fans all joined in and sang the French national anthem “La Marseillaise” at the opening of the game. Fans lifted signs in blue, white, and red, to display the colors and symbol of the flag of France. It was an impressive display of strength and resolve, and resounded with the anger that is sure to be unleashed on ISIS.

Paying For Patriotism

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I go to a lot of Major League Baseball games. I really love the sport.

Yet if you’ve been to a baseball game in the last decade, you’ve probably noticed some changes. National Guard members now perform flag ceremonies between innings. Military recruits are enlisted right on the field. Surprise reunions of deployed men and women and their families play out before an audience of thousands.

The games have morphed into choreographed patriotic events. Who’s paying for this hoopla? As it turns out, the Pentagon.

Arizona Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake announced recently that over the past four years alone, the Pentagon has shelled out at least $6.8 million for Major League Baseball, the National Football League, and other sports leagues to “honor” troops with cheap stunts at sporting events. The details are listed in a new Senate report.

The total tally may top $10 million — and even reach $100 million, if you count the military’s marketing deals with NASCAR.

The senators call this military marketing “paid patriotism.”

For millions of your tax dollars, the Pentagon is buying things like ceremonial first pitches for recent veterans, club-level seats for vets at football games, and airport greetings for returning service members.

If that sounds crass to you, you’re not alone.

“We appreciate if they honor the men and women in uniform, but not to get paid for it,” said McCain, himself a decorated war hero.

“If the most compelling message about military service we can deliver…is the promise of game tickets, gifts, and player appearances,” his report concludes, “we need to rethink our approach to how we are inspiring qualified men and women to military service.”

I’d go further than that.

Patriotism is a good thing. It can be unifying and inspiring. But what we’re seeing at sporting events isn’t patriotism. It’s nationalism — propaganda, even — and it’s potentially dangerous.

The Pentagon even pays for “sponsored” renditions of God Bless America.

Irving Berlin wrote that song in 1918 as a show tune for a revue called Yip Yip Yaphank. Years later, it served as the official campaign song for both Franklin Roosevelt and his Republican opponent Wendell Willkie. In the 1950s, it was adopted by the fledgling civil rights movement before becoming a rallying cry for supporters of the Vietnam War in the ’60s.

On September 11, 2001, God Bless America began a new life when members of Congress sang it on the steps of the Capitol — supposedly spontaneously — as they gathered to mourn the terrorist attacks from earlier that day.

Since then, it’s become an official part of Major League Baseball games. In several stadiums, the tune has replaced Take Me Out to the Ballgame in group sing-alongs during the seventh-inning stretch.

In fact, this former show tune has become mandatory in some places.

In 2008, a fan at Yankee Stadium was restrained and then ejected by police officers for attempting to leave his seat for the restroom while the song was playing. The following year, three minor league fans of the now-defunct Newark Bears were ejected from the stadium for refusing to stand during the song.

If it’s freely chosen, standing for the national anthem is patriotic. Forcing people to stand for God Bless America isn’t.

This is about more than taxpayer money. The government has no business propagandizing the American people.

OtherWords columnist John Kiriakou is an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. He’s a former CIA counterterrorism officer and senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

HS Runner Placed 3rd In State Finals- Then Officials Saw What Was On His Headband…

A high school cross -country runner who placed third in a state finals competition was disqualified from the race over the weekend for wearing a headband inscribed with verses from the Bible.

According to Fox News columnist Todd Starnes, the incident took place Saturday at the Georgia 5A cross-country finals, when West Forsyth High School runner John Green was disqualified after finishing the race because of the headband, despite there being no prohibition of headbands on the rule books.

The headband was embroidered with the words: “Isaiah 40:30-31.”

The Bible verses read: “Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

Assistant Coach Scott Griffith said in a statement: “It is hard to understand how an unreadable, inside-out Bible verse is something harmful to our sport and worthy of a post-race disqualification of a student athlete.”

The Georgia High School Association denies that he was disqualified due to what was written on his headband. The GHSA said in a statement: “The fact that it was of a religious nature did not enter the decision whatsoever.”

According to the Forsyth County News, John had worn the headband since the start of 2015 and wore it to last year’s state meet without being disqualified.

Ten minutes before Saturday’s race, an official inspected John’s team to see that they were in compliance with the guidelines, and he gave them a green light.

Another official came by, however, and told John to turn his headband inside out because it had writing on it, and rules did not permit headgear unless it is unadorned.

Finally, just before the race, a third official came by and told the boy to take it off.

However, John’s coaches feared that, with John’s long hair, taking off the headband for the race could prove a hazard under the wet and muddy conditions.

They told him to run the race with the headband turned inside out. This had already been approved by two race officials. Furthermore, there was no rule on the books against wearing headbands specifically.

The Georgia High School Association has no rule regarding headbands, but it does allow race officials to make up rules not covered in the rule book. On Saturday, John’s headband was a considered “uniform violation,” according to the Forsyth County News.

Griffith isn’t buying the GHSA’s explanation, though. He stated: “If John did not break a rule, he cannot be disqualified from the race and his individual result and our appropriate team placing must be reinstated.”

John’s congressman, Republican Rep. Douglas Collins, also thinks that John was disqualified from his third place finish for religious reasons.

He tweeted,”Religious expression being squashed here right in the Ninth District. This is outrageous.”

What do you think? Was John disqualified for wearing a headband with Bible verse references on it?