GOP Promises: Obama Investigations are Coming

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

As news has broken overnight that an Obama administration official may have perjured himself about the dismissal of the New Black Panthers voter intimidation case, Congressional Republicans have promised they will investigate Barack Obama’s crimes in the new year.

The Hill newspaper reports today Congressman Darrell Issa’s “Oversight and Government Reform Committee anticipate a ramp-up of investigations next year on bailout measures, the economic stimulus and healthcare.”

Jason Chaffetz, R-UT, who sits on the committee, told the paper, “No doubt about it, there needs to be a lot more examination of the TARP, stimulus and Fannie [Mae] and Freddie [Mac].” Committee aide Kurt Bardella added the GOP will take on “anyone [who] is misusing taxpayer dollars,” naming ACORN and General Motors, among others.

Many believe any honest inquest will inevitably turn from investigative hearings to impeachment proceedings.

If the committee has proven anything to date, it is that its members have much to investigate….

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Cartoon of the Day: Obama, Stimulus Oil Salesman

Help Nail Obama for Corruption

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

Congressional Republicans are gearing up to investigate Barack Obama’s corruption — and they want your help.

Obama’s $862 billion stimulus boondoggle, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, included funding for a less-than-stimulating measure. The government “highly recommended” every state erect highway signs promoting Obama’s big government spending and often advertising the president or governor. So far, the government has spent at least $20 million on these advertisements for socialism. Congressman Darrell Issa, R-CA, and the the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform released a shocking report documenting Barack Obama’s use of taxpayer dollars for covert, pro-Obama propaganda, activity Rep. Issa and others say may be illegal.

The issue is one of several, potentially illegal actions Congressional Republicans plan to investigate if they retake the House after the midterm elections.

The committee is collecting information about the propaganda signs now — and it’s asking for your help.

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Obama Uses Your Money to Monitor the Media, Outsource Jobs, and Teach Kenyans Genital Hygiene

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

The American people often complain that the government “isn’t listening.” The Obama administration continually proves it is listening intently to every word uttered about it, and monitoring the speakers. The latest outrage involves the federal government awarding $18,000 in taxpayer dollars to John Brooks Rice to monitor media coverage of Obama’s handling of the BP oil spill. Rice watched news reports from May to July on behalf of Obama, noting whether reporters portrayed his boss in a positive or negative light.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) doled out the cash to Rich via a no-bid contract, the very tool Democrats criticized Republicans for using in Iraq. Now that the program has been exposed, Obama is trying to shove the cost off onto BP. The Associated Press reports, “The Coast Guard expects BP to reimburse the $18,000, Coast Guard spokesman Capt. Ron LaBrec said.” (The government could also have gotten a better deal; Hot Air has more details.)

Those details are virtually all Obama have given the media. Rice refused to hand over “copies of his reports rating the tone of news stories,” claiming he had already deleted them. Although the AP filed a Freedom of Information Act request for all the documents Rice produced, it “hasn’t received them.” However, Rice told reporters, “From reading and watching the media I would create reports. I reported either positive coverage, negative coverage, [or] misinformation coverage.”

The word “misinformation” sounds an eerily familiar tone. Earlier this week, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius warned insurance companies to stop peddling “misinformation” that ObamaCare caused insurance rate hikes

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Obama Inches U.S Toward Debt Crisis

Ben Johnson, Floyd Reports

As Barack Obama held his first press conference in months to promote his new $50 billion economic payback to unions, it bears reading a little-known reports from the Congressional Budget Office admitting out-of-control spending is leading us perilously close to a Greek-style meltdown. has uncovered an obscure CBO report from July that states, “Combined with an unfavorable long-term budget outlook,” a double dip recession “would increase the probability of a fiscal crisis for the United States.” (Read the whole report here.)

That sounds somewhat antiseptic. Bill Clinton never saw a problem he did not label a “crisis.” But by “fiscal crisis,” the CBO means a replication of the collapse of Greece or Ireland.

What does the CBO view as the driver of this Greek tragedy? Unsustainable debt levels driven by massive government spending.

Obama has added more to the national deficit in 19 months than in the first 200 years of U.S. history. That’s more than every president from George Washington until Ronald Reagan, more than the New Deal and the Great Society, and more than every war from 1812 to the fall of the Berlin Wall. And what do we have to show for it? This: (Article continues after image.)

Even Hillary Clinton has realized the national debt threatens our foreign policy strenth, from our ability to respond to potential threats to our reliance on the People’s Republic of China.

The report states a PIGS collapse — where lenders would no longer be willing to finance U.S. debt — could come upon us without much advance warning. The report states: “there is no identifiable tipping point of debt relative to GDP indicating that a crisis is likely or imminent. But all else being equal, the higher the debt, the greater the risk of such a crisis.”

And more debt is precisely where we are heading, by design.

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