Report: Venezuelan Hotels Telling Guests To Bring Their Own Toilet Paper

Some hotels in Venezuela are advising guests to bring their own toilet paper, a local tourism industry spokesperson says.

“For over a year we haven’t had toilet paper, soap, any kind of milk, coffee or sugar. So we have to tell our guests to come prepared,” Xinia Camacho told Fusion. Camacho is the proprietor of a 20-room hotel at the base of Sierra Nevada national park.

In the black market you have to pay 110 bolivares [$0.50] for a roll of toilet paper that usually costs 17 bolivares [$ 0.08] in the supermarket…We don’t want to participate in the corruption of the black market, and I don’t have four hours a day to line up for toilet paper.

This report comes in the wake of the Venezuelan government preventing people from bringing everyday goods across the Colombian border near where the hotel is located. The ban was imposed in an effort to stem the flow of contraband, Fusion also noted.

The British Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) has a travel warning on its website regarding the Venezuelan border with Colombia. “The opening hours of the land border crossings with Colombia have been reduced as a measure to fight smuggling. Until further notice, borders will remain closed from 6pm until 5am,” said the warning, continuing:

Levels of street crime are high. Armed muggings and ‘express kidnappings’ are a regular occurrence. Resistance to robbery has resulted in victims being shot dead. Take care at all times, especially when arriving in the country.

U.K. Foreign Commenwealth Office

U.K. Foreign Commenwealth Office

The U.S. State Department has a travel warning of its own:

Kidnappings are also a serious concern throughout the country. In 2013, 625 kidnappings were reported to the authorities. It is estimated that roughly 80 percent of kidnappings go unreported; the actual number of kidnappings in 2013 is likely much higher.

h/t: Business Insider

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Dismantling America: The ‘Change’ We Never Expected


Americans wanted ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ during the 2008 election cycle, but never expected that the ‘change’ would involve having Marxist-socialists occupying America at every level from the top down, who are hard at work dismantling the ‘America’ that we all know and love. Led by the most corrupt and least transparent president in American history, according to dozens of media stories, Obama–who is a proven Marxist and social-activist himself–seems intent on transforming America from a Constitutional Republic and the greatest beacon of light and freedom on earth to a miserable third-world socialist state, or worse. A very revealing way to judge Obama’s actions as president is made under the lens of his mentor’s handbook for social activism and ‘change’ titled ‘Rules For Radicals’.

Part of the Obama agenda that is being levied against Americans by these now-embedded Marxist-socialists involves demonizing America and its heritage, traditions, and culture, while offering ‘diversity’ in its place: the Utopian Dream. A quick review of what’s happening around America at this very moment clearly shows that this Marxist agenda is actually unfolding before our eyes and demonstrates this is no conspiracy theory.

Well-intentioned Americans were bamboozled into electing a Marxist with an Islamic background as its president.

First: Right out of the gate after taking office, Obama tours the world and publicly downgrades and demeans America, while offering apologies for America’s history.

Second: Obama promises to be ‘the most transparent administration in history’ and, even as he pledges this, is busily engaged in doing the exact opposite.

Third: In order to run a shadow government beyond the constitutional purview of the People’s elected representatives in Congress, Obama creates numerous new departments in the government and appoints ‘Czars’ to head those many departments. Most of these new departments and the Czars who run them are outside the scrutiny of Congress, even though they are spending millions of taxpayer dollars in achieving socialist goals that are in many cases set unilaterally by Obama and his administration.

Fourth: Obama has already begun purging the U.S. military of its leading commanding officers, many of whom are well-proven patriot-heroes and protectors of our Constitution and nation! And as he does, he replaces those commanders with others who are arguably loyal to him and his political agenda, as opposed to the U.S. Constitution and the American People.

Fifth: Even though America was founded under Judeo-Christian beliefs, Obama and his administration are taking many steps to expunge the Christian faith from America and seems to support supplanting Christianity throughout America with other non-traditional beliefs.

Sixth: Obama and his administration have engaged and inserted themselves into matters and issues that have historically and legally been the jurisdictional responsibility of local state and city governments. And these actions are supplanting and undermining the authority of the duly elected representatives of the People at the local levels of government through their proxies inciting and instigating riots and racial tensions, which Obama and his proxies subsequently deem require Federal attention.

Seventh: Obama seems intent on creating and maintaining a national police force frighteningly reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s ‘brown shirts’ in every city of America, which would arguably be under his control. And as that is happening, the DHS seems to be arming itself for WW3 inside America with its recent paramilitary acquisitions. Obama also makes frequent use of the office of the U.S. Attorney General to intervene into local police matters. Seemingly in line with these goals (to literally control the population), Obama also used what has been called his ‘royal decree’ to ban .223 caliber rifle rounds as a first step in disarming U.S. Citizens and effectively separating them from their 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms by eliminating ammunition for those privately-owned guns. This sneaky and underhanded move by Obama is further evidence of his maligned agenda for America and its People.

Eighth: Obama is arguably regularly operating beyond the authority granted to him under the U.S. Constitution and in a manner that on several occasions has effectively suspended Constitutional Law and the powers of Congress. Obama has already acted unilaterally anytime he disagrees with Congress, and seems inclined to continue doing so going forward as his actions fly in the face of the U.S. Constitution.

Ninth: As with any systemic disease that is deeply rooted, the Obama administration’s socialist tentacles also reach into schools and universities, where the pace at which ‘change’ is occurring is alarming. In primary public schools and on university campuses around America, the socialist Common Core programs, which include revisionist history on America and other subversive and immoral teachings, are now propagandizing the children and young adults in America. Obama supporters are now mobilizing efforts to empower political action groups across America in what seems to be a designed effort to undermine the core traditions and culture of America. Even America’s veterans are falling victim to this subversive undercurrent.

Tenth: Disenfranchising Americans from their heritage, religious beliefs, heroes, and symbols like the American flag is a battle that fits hand-in-glove with the Marxist-socialist plan for America. Historically, American students would say the ‘pledge of allegiance’ to the flag of the United States of America at the beginning of the school day; but no more. Through Marxist intervention into our schools, American patriotism is snuffed out at the earliest possible age. This and other literal brainwashing methods are levied on young minds outside the purview of parents, while children are under the control of teachers.

Eleventh: Obama has already begun the nationalization of many key sectors of the U.S. Economy. The most recent instance of this was the FCC obtaining control of the Internet. It may just be a matter of time until the government decides which articles you are allowed to see on the Internet; and sites such as Western Journalism may be censored or removed from the Internet, together with all referenced materials.

The Stock Market also appears to be ‘rigged’ and kept artificially buoyed by the Federal Treasury. Of course, the nationalization of much of America’s auto industry, as bad as that is, also resulted in huge financial losses to American taxpayers.

Obama’s nationalization of health care is Machiavellian throughout, starting with lying to Americans to even get some initial buy-in, even though elected legislators never approved this catastrophic plan. And placing the nationalized health plan under the auspices of the IRS, and allowing them to handle Americans’ confidential health records, is obscene. The entire Obamacare plan is an insult to the integrity and the rights of Americans.

And possibly the final nail in the coffin of American freedom may very well be ‘ObamaLaw’ if it is allowed to proceed as a planned, nationalized police force, replacing locally managed police departments.

I am shocked by the apathy of some Americans, especially the decent-minded Democrats and Independents out there who somehow don’t see the earmarks of a so-called ‘leader’ who is nothing more than a pathological narcissist with many similarities to Adolf Hitler. What U.S. President names everything after himself (‘ObamaLaw’, ‘Obama-Care’, ‘Obama-phone’, etc.)?

American patriots are all asking the same question: what can we do about Obama’s disregard for the U.S. Constitution and the rights of Americans thereunder? Do Americans have to ‘Hope’ we can stop the ‘Change’ in the next election cycle?

God help us!

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America’s Decline: The Pathology Of Socialism

Obama Fund DHS And Amnesty

Too many Americans who love this country no longer recall or understand how or why America became a beacon of light in a troubled world of evolving nations, uniquely offering ‘freedom, prosperity, truth and justice.’ The simple fact is that these fundamental benefits were the direct results of a ‘Constitutional Republic’ and were based by our founding fathers upon the inalienable rights of men and women under God. Regardless of what anyone says or writes, no other form of government on earth has ever produced the level of prosperity and freedom enjoyed by Americans, which made America great. And no other nation in the world protects women’s rights as does America. For instance, Islamic nations (theocracies) are today, as in the past, the centers for the majority of abuses of women and girls–and excuses for those abuses are cited in the Quran.

In the America of days gone by, the relationship that was enjoyed between Americans and their elected government might arguably have been characterized as a ‘symbiotic’ relationship, where each side benefited through the relationship. Today, we have a government that has been infiltrated by an autocrat and his appointed czars, who don’t value a ‘Constitutional Republic’. In essence, our government has been infected by a parasite. And as in most parasitic relationships, it is not symbiotic; the parasite ‘takes’ more than it gives and doesn’t benefit the host other than populating the host with even more parasites. Eventually, even a strong host is weakened and, in some cases, will die from the parasitic infection. This metaphor seems true enough today in an America with a president of questionable motives and morals operating in contradiction to the U.S. Constitution, and certainly in conflict with the ‘spirit’ of that quintessential foundation of American values and culture.

Prosperity and freedom is waning fast in America. A corrupt socialist/Marxist-style government has for all intents and purposes seized control of America while many Americans are by design distracted and blindly consumed in a socialist-sponsored epidemic of hedonism. Some may argue that I am painting some broad strokes; but as they make that claim, we are heading headlong into the abyss. We have more people today on the government dole than ever before! And the socialist strategy is to make even more people totally dependent on government, which is easily accomplished through Obama’s illegal open-door immigration program. But why? The simple answer is: when people lose their ability to support and sustain themselves, they no longer control their own destinies, making them easily controlled by a government. Why teach a man to fish when you can control him by giving him a can of tuna? And while you’re at it, why not throw in a free cellphone that you name after yourself? But doesn’t this fly in the face of our metaphor that a parasite gives nothing back to the host? Maybe, maybe not; a vampire bat secretes a painkiller and an anticoagulant into the host when it bites, which allows it to suck more blood than it could otherwise.

It’s no secret that America is in a serious decline from its prior status financially and politically as the leading world power. Some might ask: why is that the case, and when did this ‘decline’ begin? The answers to these questions help us to clearly identify the ‘parasite’ and the pathology of the disease that is currently afflicting America. We began this decline in earnest when socialists from the ‘former’ communist Russia flocked into America by the tens of thousands after the Soviet Union fell. (As a side note, now we have a huge influx of Islamic-socialists). As these socialist Marxists took up residence inside America, something dangerously unique began; for the first time in history, like a parasite, these activists could spread their Marxist messages from within their new host, where the socialist message was far more effective and virulent. We all need to think about this last sentence very carefully taking into account recent events in America (the evolution of Marxist-socialism in America, and now an influx of Islamists into America). The ability of these Marxists to preach their message into America from behind the former Iron Curtain was very limited and highly restricted prior to this new point in time.

Many Marxists were highly educated during their time in communist Russia; and as such, when they arrived into America as ‘refugees’ and immigrants, they were allowed to enter our schools and universities as teachers. And as they became more comfortable over time, their confidence reached a point where they began openly teaching the socialist Marxist message to the youth of America. One could make an argument that the 1960’s and 1970’s were pivotal years in the growth of the socialist-Marxist movement in America as a result of immigration from the former communist-block countries. Some progressives today try to argue that these immigrants came to America to seek refuge from the oppression of their former Marist dictators. Of course, that is the common disclosure by all immigrants arriving at America’s borders today, including Muslims and Hispanics.

America is now facing unprecedented challenges to its survival. And in response, Americans need to organize in a way that is up to the task of dealing with this grave danger that is eroding our Constitutional Republic. Constitutional scholar Mark Levin has suggested that a Constitutional Convention is a viable path, and he proffers 11 constitutional amendments in his book The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic. Nevertheless, just like any doctor or scientist who studies a parasite or disease in the search for a cure, Americans must study exactly how and why the socialist-Marxists have been so successful in their takeover of our nation. And as we begin to undertake that study, in order to develop our counter-tactics (a ‘cure’), we observe the following methodology that is utilized by the socialists who have infiltrated America.

The socialist-Marxists ‘playbooks’, which are universally adapted among their ranks are The Communist Manifesto and ‘Rules For Radicals’. And they stick to them and quote from them. Not surprisingly, the tactics from their playbooks are consistent with actions we see in America today; they are executing their plan.

Americans are literally in a political battle to maintain the American way of life. And failure is not an option if Americans value that way of life. Because we seem to be somewhat lacking in leadership within America today, we must now look to some of the great teachers outside of America for relevant strategies and tactics. In the Art Of War, Sun Tzu teaches that in order to defeat any enemy, we must know and understand that enemy as well as we know ourselves. This advice cannot be overlooked or discounted. And as such, Americans must study the opponent’s ‘playbook’ (Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’) in order to counterattack and win. The same applies to understanding the Islamist plans for America; we must quickly educate ourselves with the cold-hard facts of fundamentalist Islamic thinking.

All Americans should be alarmed and ask this most important question: Who is this man (Obama) who is now running our Constitutional Republic as if it were a fiefdom? And why is Obama quoting from Saul Alinsky’s book to the world’s youth?. Could it be that he is merely a good Marxist and is always ‘on message’? Does Obama himself present the greatest threat to the American way of life and our Constitutional Republic?

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Can Socialism Work Without Oil?

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Whenever I talk about the inevitable failure of socialism, my leftist friends always bring up the Scandinavian countries–Norway in particular.  “It works very well in Norway,” they always say in a snide tone of voice. (Okay, Norway is really a super-high taxation and cradle-to-grave capitalist country – but it’s frankly socialism in disguise.)

What they forget to mention is that Norway is the largest crude oil producer in Western Europe. Heck, even Oprah traveled to Scandinavia a few years ago to do a show on who she called “The Happiest People on Earth.” (She was speaking primarily of Denmark, which has a large oil and gas industry as well.)

What my liberal friends always conveniently fail to mention is that Norway has an almost-trillion dollar sovereign wealth fund that represents almost two-hundred thousand dollars for each Norwegian. About one-third of the federal budget of Norway comes from oil and gas revenue, siphoned off from the sovereign wealth fund. We have a similar situation in Alaska, where there are no sales or income tax–and the state pays residents several thousand dollars a year to live there.

The question is, would Norwegians be so happy without oil? We may find out the answer to this question over the next several decades. Norwegian oil production has been falling for years, from a high of over three-million barrels daily to significantly less that two million barrels today.

With the price of crude plummeting from $110 to almost $60 a barrel, the Norwegian central bank is now warning of a severe economic downturn. Offshore oil rigs are being idled, and ten percent of the employees in the Norwegian oil sector have been laid off recently–and the pain is only just starting. The Wall Street Journal reports: “Oil workers are threatening to strike unless the government steps in to stem further losses.” 

So with declining oil production and a severe downturn in the price of Norway’s enabling natural resource, will socialism still thrive in Norway? Without a tradition of entrepreneurship and aggressive capitalism and a population that is used to lots of free stuff, it remains to be seen if their economy can successfully transition to a post-oil era.

Norway has been successful in managing their economy for decades, but it’s about to get a lot harder.  And, they do have a trillion dollars in the bank to cushion the blow.

However, it may take a new generation of Norwegians to really transition their economy to a more capitalist model to create growth in the absence of the hydrocarbon crutch. The current population may just be too set in their warm socialist nest.  

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Watch: This Conservative Just Took Down A Liberal Superstar In Hilariously Epic Fashion


Steven Crowder smacks down Hollywood’s self-avowed socialist by addressing his asinine arguments so you don’t have to.

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