Video: Arpaio: Mess With Flag, Get Bread And Water

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has put 38 inmates on a bread and water diet for defacing the American Flag in their cells.

Video: WATCH GOP Pass Resolution In Support Of Sheriff Joe!

A resolution in support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio was passed during the Arizona Maricopa County Mandatory Meeting…

Teen Arrested In Plot To Castrate Arpaio


Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio has grown accustomed to criticism, vitriol, and even threats during his career as one of the nation’s most recognizable lawmen. One of the latest attacks, however, was not only utterly bizarre, but serious enough to land one Canadian teen in jail.

Arpaio, one of the guests slated to speak at next month’s Western Conservative Conference, has received multiple threats from the unidentified individual in the past. In fact, just prior to the latest incident, he was confined to a psychiatric hospital in Alberta.

According to reports, the teen sent an email to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in which he said he “will never stop until [he is] put away for good.”

The correspondence continued with a very direct physical threat.

“I hate you so much that I will travel to Arizona and chop off your b***s off [sic] with a meat cleaver and turn you into a woman,” he reportedly wrote.

The teen’s threatening behavior began about six months ago, reports indicate; and he alluded to murdering Arpaio and his family at least three times prior to the latest incident.

Authorities in Canada took the teen into custody this week for the fourth time on charges related to threatening the man often referred to as “America’s Toughest Sheriff.”

As for Arpaio, he previously addressed the issue, calling the teen “mentally unbalanced” and calling on law enforcement north of the border to intervene for the public’s sake.

“While laws in Canada may be different,” he said, “it is still imperative that police recognize the danger someone like this young man poses against not just me, but people in general.”

Arpaio will be a speaker and the subject of a roast during the upcoming Western Conservative Conference, to be held Feb. 21 and 22 at the Phoenix Convention Center. For ticket information and other details, visit

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Sheriff Joe Prepares For “Friendly Fire”


As someone commonly described as America’s toughest lawman, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has become adept at handling criticism from his opponents. One of the highlights of the upcoming Western Conservative Conference, however, will give his friends and fans an opportunity to heap on some good-natured insults.

In addition to sharing his unique perspective with attendees of the two-day event, Arpaio will be the subject of a dinner roast headed by U.S. Rep. Matt Salmon. The Maricopa County, Ariz. sheriff’s long career in law enforcement will provide plenty of fodder for what promises to be a riotous event.

A Korean War era Army veteran, Arpaio joined police forces in Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, Nev. shortly after his military career ended. From there, he began to earn a nationwide reputation as a fierce crime fighter within the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. He infiltrated established drug cartels around the world and soon presided over the DEA’s Arizona division.

More than 20 years ago, he kicked off his first campaign to become the chief of what is now America’s third largest sheriff’s office. He won that bid and has been enthusiastically re-elected by Arizona voters in every election since.

Early into his tenure, he began what he calls Tent City, which, as its name implies, houses 2,000 convicts in an outdoor compound covered by canvass tents. He has also combatted public blight by establishing prisoner chain gangs responsible for cleaning up streets throughout the county.

In order to cut costs, Arpaio has developed the most inexpensive prison menu in the nation, with meals costing less than 40 cents each to prepare. Furthermore, inmates are required to work for the money to purchase their own food.

He continues to keep criminals in line by banning almost any imaginable vice and limiting exposure to television. Also, his department’s policy of issuing pink underwear to male inmates was established to prevent prisoners from stealing county-issued boxer shorts.

Arpaio is not entirely focused on making jail tough on inmates. His initiatives include “Hard Knocks High,” which is the nation’s only accredited high school sponsored by a sheriff’s department. Repeat visitors to Tent City are also kept to a minimum through his office’s substance abuse treatment program.

His Cold Case Posse has aided in the resolution of numerous unsolved crimes. The volunteer task force has also been instrumental in investigating the controversy surrounding Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

He continues to remain popular among Arizonans due primarily to the effectiveness of his policies. Now in his 80s, Arpaio shows no signs of slowing down and looks forward to seeking another term in office.

His many supporters across the U.S. will have a unique chance to experience the lighter side of this conservative hero during his roast Feb. 22. Early bird pricing is available online until Jan. 1.

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Video: Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate Brings Call For Revolution

More and more Americans are calling for Revolution—a demand that Obama “put down the Quran and leave the White House”—with a renewed scrutiny of Obama’s birth certificate after it was revealed in the lawsuit Klayman v. Obama that there existed multiple versions of Obama’s birth certificate—proving it’s a forgery.

The judge quietly dismissed the case on December 16, 2013; but with Larry Klayman singlehandedly winning a lawsuit against the NSA’s massive spying program on the exact same day, everyone from pundits to politicians are taking a new look at Obama’s forged birth certificate.

Conservatives who have long called for Obama’s impeachment are being joined by Americans from every political stripe, demanding that the Forger-in-Chief, Barack Hussein Obama, get out of the White House—immediately—now!