Bobby Jindal: We’re A Judeo-Christian Nation

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In a radio interview Monday, Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana reiterated some familiar lines about America’s need to return to its Judeo-Christian heritage. It is rumored that Jindal will make a run for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

“This is a place where you have freedom of self-determination, freedom of religious liberty, freedom of speech,” Jindal said. “This is an amazing place and we’re a majority Christian country. We’re a Judeo-Christian heritage, but we don’t discriminate against those that have no beliefs and or have different beliefs.”

But what is not acceptable and what you’ve seen in Europe and this is a very serious particular threat, you’ve got those that do want to try to impose a form of sharia law. And sharia law is antithetical, mutually exclusive of freedom, in treating women as first class citizens, it is antithetical to the values we hold dear.

And you see third, fourth generation immigrants in the U.K., France, in other places in Europe that don’t consider themselves part of those societies and that’s very dangerous.

Jindal made the remarks on Family Research Council’s Washington Watch.

The Louisiana governor addressed a prayer rally at Louisiana State University last week in which he proclaimed “our God” will be the victor. “We can’t just elect a candidate and fix what ails our country,” he said. “We can’t just pass a law and fix what ails our country. We need a spiritual revival to fix what ails our country.”

It is like God has given us the book of life. He doesn’t let us see the pages for today and tomorrow. He doesn’t promise us everything will go the way you want, but he does let you see the last page in the book of life. And on the last page, our God wins.

Jindal is a convert to Catholicism and called himself an “evangelical Catholic” in a Washington Post interview last May. He doubled down Monday, asserting that not assimilating into the American culture could be construed as “invasion.”

 “But what’s not acceptable is people that want to come and conquer us. That’s not immigration by the way, that’s colonization,” he said.

 If someone wants to come here and change our fundamental culture and our values. If they want to come here and they want to set up their own culture and values, that’s not immigration, that’s really invasion if you’re honest about it.

The potential GOP contender also suggested if America is not “serious” about tackling this issue, we could face more terrorist attacks comparable to the one in Paris earlier this month.

Of course, the politically correct crowd when you say things like they’ll call you racist but this is a particular threat we face. And if we’re not serious about this we’re going to see more lone wolf actors. We’re gonna see more folks come into our country just like you’ve seen in other countries – the horrific shootings in Paris.

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UN-common Ground: Christianity, Islam, And ISIS

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In light of recent world events including the rise of ISIS and the ongoing slaughter of Christians, many people are still confused about the differences between the teachings of Islam compared to Christianity. The first obvious contrast is that Jesus taught love and forgiveness; the prophet Muhammad was a violent warrior who promoted conquest and who killed Jews and Christians.

Here in America, there are over 3.5 million Muslims; but the problem is with a minority of the overall Muslim population that has blended into our society with the goal of implementing acts of takeover or terror. Estimates suggest there are about 250,000 radicals who are patiently working and waiting for the call to jihad. Another problem is that very few “moderate” Muslims publicly renounce acts of terror taking place around the world. One cannot help but wonder exactly where they stand.

It is no secret the Obama administration has openly supported Islam since the president’s 2009 speech in Cairo. Ever since the “Arab Spring” in early 2011, Sharia Law has been implemented in Islamic countries; and the persecution of Christians has reached record levels. Few media outlets reported that one year after President Obama released Abu Bakr al Baghdadi from an Iraqi jail, Baghdadi formed ISIS, which has been on a bloody rampage of terror, death, and evil ever since. Where should Americans stand?

The following is a book excerpt from ERADICATE: BLOTTING OUT GOD IN AMERICA.

Both Christianity and Islam promote a standard of morality and good works, but the god of Islam is not the same as the living God of the Holy Bible. The Muslim holy book, the Quran, considers Jesus a prophet, but not the Son of God or the Savior. Muslims do not believe Jesus died on the cross, but that he was assumed to heaven by Allah.

“Jesus is like Adam in the sight of Allah. Allah created him of dust and then said to him: ‘Be,’ and he was” (Quran 3:55, 58). In other words, Jesus was a created being like us with no divine attributes.

In contrast, the Bible teaches:

In the beginning … The Word was with God … He [Jesus] was with God in the beginning; all things were created by Him and for Him (John 1:1; Colossians 1:16).

The 66 books of the Bible were written by at least forty different authors over a period of at least 1,500 years, and its unity and continuity remain apparent and cohesive. [Several centuries after the Bible was written,] the Prophet Muhammad is said to have received divine recitations from Allah over a period of twenty-three years.

At times, Allah commands Muslims to love Jews and Christians–and at other times calls for their death if they do not convert to Islam. Because there are verses that teach peace, you may hear Islam referred to as a religion of peace. However, other instructions in the Quran order Muslims to kill all unbelievers, especially the more recent verses relating to Jews and Christians. What does a follower of Islam do when two instructions seem to contradict each other? This word is a pivotal key to unlocking the answer: abrogation.

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WATCH: The Radical British Imam Facing Terror Charges Faces Off Again With Hannity


He’s back. The British Islamist Anjem Choudary has been released from police custody after being arrested last week on terrorism-related charges — for allegedly being a member of a banned terrorist group.

Choudary — one of the most notorious jihadists in the United Kingdom, and well known for his relentless resolve to implement Sharia law under an Islamic caliphate — has again done what he apparently loves to do. He’s gone on TV to debate Sean Hannity.

In another heated exchange with the Fox News host, the outspoken Imam defended the capturing and beheading of Western hostages, and he explained why living under Sharia would be better for the people of the United States than the system under which we currently live.

Choudary, whose bail-restrictions include a ban on foreign travel and public preaching, said his arrest was a “politically motivated” effort by the British government to silence him on the eve of a Parliamentary vote on military intervention in Iraq.

You can watch the interview with Anjem Choudary by clicking on the video above.


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This Politician Just Sent An Epic Message To Supporters Of Sharia Law In Her Country

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Recognizing the increased call for Sharia compliance among Australia’s Muslim population, Palmer United Party Sen. Jacqui Lambie issued a direct statement aimed at those unwilling to live by the nation’s laws.

“Anybody that supports Sharia law in Australia should not have the right to vote,” she asserted, “should not be given government handouts and should probably pack up their bags and get out of here.”

Reiterating her instruction, the veteran-turned-legislator again made it clear that those wishing to implement the strict Islamic law in her country are not welcome.

“Anybody supporting or calling for Sharia law in Australia can get out,” she said, “simple as that.”

As it stands, she lamented, the Australian government is spending money that should go toward more honorable pursuits in a failed attempt to placate the desires of Sharia law backers.

“We are giving government benefits to those under Sharia law,” she complained, going on to insist that “those supporters who support Sharia law should not have the right to vote with their allegiance to a foreign power.”

Lambie noted that, while the nation’s veterans are being redeployed without sufficient medical care, Sharia law advocates have access to government largesse.

If something is not done soon to stem the tide of encroaching Sharia influence, Lambie warned the problem could become too serious to resolve.

“Unless we put our foot on it now,” she concluded, “it’s only going to become bigger and more dangerous well into the future.”

Several U.S. states have decided to proactively address the potential threat of Sharia influence in this country by adopting legislation making it illegal for judges to consider such foreign concepts in court.

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WATCH: The Islamic State In Their Own Words: Part 3


Editor’s note: In case you missed it, watch part 2 here.

Here is part 3 of a 5-part series of short videos, with three segments in each part. What you will see and hear is a stunningly blunt, uncensored series of Muslim ideology being imparted onto citizens in real life scenarios. This series of “on-the-street” discussions, teachings, correction, and enforcement of Sharia Law and the Muslim way is informative, insightful, as well as troubling. There are no political speeches; but you will see the implementation of Islam through strict adherence to the Quran, enforced by Sharia to shop owners, citizens merely walking the street, a husband and wife walking along the street, andchildren being indoctrinated as fighters (Jihadists). Muslim criminals awaiting sentencing for various infractions are interviewed, which is insightful to the Muslim/Quran/Sharia mind-set.

This short video is a MUST SEE–and to think this portrayed Islamic Ideology is pushing its way into America with demands for Sharia Law to be implemented shoving aside our Judeo-Christian Constitutional Rule of Law foundation in which our Nation was conceived and developed. It is startling and a Wake-Up call to the Church in America and all Americans. You will see and hear how an ideology has transformed into a cultural way of life including a government system, a military force to keep the cultural way of life in check, and an aggressive military means to impose Islam and Sharia into all parts of the world. The insight contained in this segment is a blessing in itself; having an opportunity like this to learn and prepare for such an aggressive force is most valuable, and a gift from the Lord Himself.

Watch Part 4 here.

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