BREAKING: Senate Republicans Just Came One Step Closer To Giving Obama Exactly What He Wants

The Senate came one step closer Tuesday to granting President Obama fast-track trade authority, enabling him to present trade agreements to the legislative body for straight up-or-down votes

As The Hill reported, the upper chamber voted 60 to 37 to end debate on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). A final vote to pass the measure is likely to take place Wednesday, then sent to the White House for Obama’s signature.

The Senate’s vote came after the House narrowly passed TPA Thursday. The lower chamber approved TPA earlier this month, but a procedural rule stipulated that TPA could not go to the White House unless the renewal of Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) passed. Because TAA’s renewal was rejected, it forced GOP leadership to bring TPA to the floor a second time

The Hill noted that after the Senate conducts its final vote on fast-track authority, it will hold a vote on a new package that includes TAA and the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). “If we all keep working together and trusting each other, then by the end of the week the President will have TPA, TAA and AGOA and Preferences on his desk — with Customs in the process of heading his way too,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Tuesday.

With TPA’s all-but inevitable-passage, this will enable Obama to send the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), an agreement involving 12 Asian and Central American nations, to Congress. One of the key “no” votes in the most recent Senate vote was Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas. Cruz co-authored a pro-TPA piece in The Wall Street Journal in April with House Ways and Means chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

Trade-promotion authority will hold the administration accountable both to Congress and to the American people. Under TPA, any member of Congress will be able to read the negotiating text. Any member will be able to get a briefing from the U.S. trade representative’s office on the status of the negotiations—at any time.

Any member will get to be a part of negotiating rounds. And most important, TPA will require the administration to post the full text of the agreement at least 60 days before completing the deal, so the American people can read it themselves.

The Lone Star State’s junior senator has now reversed course, contending in a Breitbart piece just ahead of the vote Tuesday that “TPA in this Congress has become enmeshed in corrupt Washington backroom deal-making, along with serious concerns that it would open up the potential for sweeping changes in our laws that trade agreements typically do not include.”

Cruz also wrote that he could not vote for TPA unless he received assurances from GOP leadership that the Export-Import Bank, an independent agency that is seen by some as crony capitalism, would not be renewed.

Is America doomed with granting Obama fast-track trade authority? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Black GOP Senator Just Destroyed Obama’s Response to Church Shooting With This One Burning Question

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., appeared on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File Friday to share his reaction to the recent mass shooting in his state. He began by offering some perspective to those quick to pin any certain label on shooting suspect Dylann Roof.

“We have a man who committed a heinous crime,” he said, “and it seemed like his heart was completely filled with hate and it scrambled his mind.”

Instead of attempting to diagnose him any further at this point, however, Scott said he is more interested in tending to “a community that is suffering because of his actions.”

As for Barack Obama’s knee-jerk reaction in calling for addition gun control legislation in the aftermath of the shooting, Scott shared his disapproval.

“I think the president is off base on this one to be honest with you,” he said.

He went on to pose a question to those who advocate gun control as a way to prevent violence.

“What type of gun law would have made this situation not occur?” he asked. “Frankly, he was already breaking gun laws that currently exist when he went into a church with a gun.”

Scott went on to explain that many of the gun control measures endorsed on the left would have had no impact on this shooting anyway.

“He had a handgun,” he noted, “which is not an automatic weapon, so there is really no conversation to be had that somehow the gun laws we have are not working.”

Scott concluded: “Laws are created for a just society. This guy was not trying to be a part of a just society.”

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Democrats And GOP Rebels Save The Day On Obamatrade

After the Republican-controlled Senate foolishly passed the so-called “Obamatrade” bill, the House leadership (John Boehner, Steve Scalise, Paul Ryan, et al.) worked their tails off to pass the bill. But a majority of Democrats and liberty-minded Republicans (small in number) rallied in opposition to the bill and voted it down. HOORAY! In this case, it was mostly Democrats who saved the day!

I have been saying for years that people who think the Republican establishment is a friend to liberty are extremely naïve. On issues regarding so-called “free trade” (it’s NOT free trade; it’s globalism masquerading as free trade), the Warfare State, deficit spending, globalism, and civil liberties, the Republican Party in Washington, D.C., is FAR WORSE than the Democrat Party. In general terms, the Democrat Party is worse on issues that deal with gun control, welfare, abortion, gay marriage, and extremist environmentalist policies. As one should easily be able to see, there is no “lesser of two evils” between these two parties. Each party is a greater evil, depending on the issue. And taken as a whole, both parties in Washington, D.C., are selling our liberties down the river.

But this so-called Obamatrade bill is a nightmare. If you thought NAFTA and GATT are bad (and they are), Obamatrade (TPP) is far worse. Even worse is that congressional leaders will not allow the public to know what’s in the bill. Heck, most of the congressmen and senators who are voting on the bill don’t know what’s in it.

Matt Drudge paraphrases Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) angrily growling at reporters: “You will read it after we pass it.” What a pompous, arrogant blockhead Mr. Ryan is. Obviously, he has been in Congress too long.

One of the senators who did read the bill is Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama). And he is doing his best to warn the American people about just how horrific this bill really is. recently interviewed one of Senator Sessions’ staff leaders regarding the impact of passing TPP.

“Stephen Miller, one of the staff leaders for Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), joined Breitbart News Sunday and was asked by Breitbart’s Executive Chairman and host, Stephen K. Bannon: ‘Isn’t the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) really a global governance deal, rather than a trade agreement? Is this a way to get the United States into a Pacific Union, as Senator Sessions lays out, that is very much like the European Union?’

“‘That’s exactly what is happening here,’ said Miller. ‘The Pacific Union that Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) refers to is the new transnational governance body that would be created by the Transpacific Partnership.’

“‘What this means,’ explained Miller, ‘is the house and the senate together would be authorizing the president to enter the United States into a new trans-national union.’

“The Union would consist at first of twelve countries, but additional countries could join and be added over time. ‘It could issue regulations about labor policy, about immigration policy, about environmental policies, and many other areas impacting American life, American jobs, and American wages.’

“Also appearing on the program, which airs on Sirius XM, Patriot Radio, channel 125, was Lord Christopher Monckton. Monckton, who served as a policy advisor for former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, argues that a Trans Pacific Union would bear a significant resemblance to the European Union, which Monckton insists is a serious detriment to democracy and leads to dictatorship.”

“As a result, Miller added, ‘the president can enter into an unlimited number of large sweeping international agreements. And, congress can’t filibuster them, at any point, for the next six full years.’

“Monckton retorted, ‘We’ve used this word before on this program–dictatorship. This is dictatorship.’”

See the report here:

TPP Enters USA Into A ‘New Trans-National Union’

The Obamatrade bill was proffered in two roll call votes. According to the rules established by House leaders, BOTH bills had to pass in order for “fast track” trade authority to be granted to President Obama. Boehner did this because he knew it would fail in one vote, as it was widely opposed by both Republican freedomists (a small group but enough to help defeat the bill) and liberal Democrats (liberals are not wrong on every issue). He was hoping he could muster enough support from both groups by separating the votes. His plan backfired. The first bill failed by a wide margin; so even though the second bill passed (barely), it was a moot point. The way to find the Republican rebels (America-first constitutionalists) is to look at the ones who voted against Obamatrade on BOTH votes. Here are those 37 brave Republican House members:

Justin Amash (MI); Dave Brat (VA); James Bridenstine (OK); Mo Brooks (AL); Ken Buck (CO); Michael Burgess (TX); Curt Clawson (FL); Doug Collins (GA); Chris Collins (NY); Paul Cook (CA); Jeff Duncan (SC); John J. Duncan (TN); Morgan Griffith (VA); Andy Harris (MD); Duncan Hunter (CA); Lynn Jenkins (KS); Walter Jones (NC); Jim Jordan (OH); David Joyce (OH); Raul Labrador (ID); Frank LoBiondo (NJ); Richard Nugent (FL); Gary Palmer (AL); Steve Pearce (NM); Scott Perry (PA); Bruce Poliquin (ME); Bill Posey (FL); Dana Rohrabacher (CA); Keith Rothfus (PA); Steve Russell (OK); Chris Smith (NJ); Daniel Webster (FL); Lynn Westmoreland (GA); Rob Wittman (VA); Ted Yoho (FL); Don Young (AK); Lee Zeldon (NY).

If you live in the district of one of these congressmen, you can be very proud of your representative.

And for those GOP House members who voted “Nay” on either vote, there is retribution from the Republican leadership. has this part of the story:

“House Republican leaders are cracking down on rebellious members after a near-disaster on a trade vote last week.

“Reps. Cynthia Lummis, Steve Pearce, and Trent Franks have been removed from the whip team after they sided with GOP rebels to vote against a rule governing debate on a trade bill, according to sources close to the team.”

“But House Majority Whip Steve Scalise had said earlier in the year that he would not tolerate members voting against rules and has already removed two other members [Jeff Duncan and Ron DeSantis] close to the conservative movement.”

See the report here:

Three Booted From GOP Whip Team As Leaders Crack Down

As for House Democrats, they held together in their opposition to TPP even when President Barack Obama personally went to Capitol Hill and lobbied them to support it. Nancy Pelosi (D-California) must be given credit on this issue, as she held fast in her opposition to TPP and encouraged Democrats to stand together in opposing it–which they did.

What is it about Democrat presidents who campaign against these so-called “free trade” deals when they are candidates and then become full-fledged supporters of the deals after being elected? Bill Clinton did the exact same thing. It just further demonstrates what I’ve been saying all along: at the highest levels of government, party affiliation, party platforms, and promises to party grassroots mean NOTHING. Powerbrokers are calling the shots; and the President (no matter the party) is too often but a pawn of these Machiavellians.

And if there is any issue that these international elites who are dominating Washington politics are doggedly determined to bring into being, it is the breakdown of national economic borders and the establishment of a global financial system.

Of course, one cannot have a global financial system without enacting a global political and military system to control and manage it. And, that, folks, is what all of these wars in the Middle East are about. It has NOTHING to do with the “war on terror.” It is all about establishing global government. The global elite are merely manipulating the West vs. Muslim façade to bring down those governments in the Middle East (Iran and Syria) that refuse to submit to the Federal Reserve’s international banking system and bring the oil-rich region of the Middle East completely under the Fed’s control.

Consider this: Saudi Arabia beheads far more people than ISIS. In fact, Saudi Arabia is one country that is indeed governed by strict Sharia Law. Yet, the United States considers the Saudis our dear friends and allies. And Christians seem totally oblivious to Saudi Arabia’s barbarism and intolerance. When is the last time you heard any pastor or Christian calling for war against Saudi Arabia?

Furthermore, independent news agencies are reporting that the United States is actually ASSISTING ISIS militarily.

Please take the time to read this report:

Anti-ISIS Coalition Forces Are The Target: US Warplanes Strike Iraqi Army Position, US Delivers Weapons To Terrorists

Folks, please turn off FOX News long enough to do some independent research. America is not at war with ISIS. America’s CIA created ISIS and continues to assist it. The U.S. government is using ISIS to attack its real target: the leaders of Iran and Syria who staunchly stand in the way of the U.S./Saudi Arabia/Israel machinations to centralize the banking systems of the Middle East. That is what the wars in the Middle East are truly about.

At this writing (Tuesday, June 16), GOP leaders and President Obama are collaborating on how to bring “fast track” trade authority back to the House floor for passage. But for now, it was House Democrats and that small number of Republican rebels who saved the day on Obamatrade.

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Tim is a former felony prosecutor and is now a criminal defense attorney. He has seen both sides of the criminal justice system and is imminently qualified to discuss this subject. He knows that for an attorney to best protect his or her clients, his clients need to know how to protect themselves before and during the investigative and arrest procedures.

Police officers are SERVANTS of the People and are as obligated to obey the Constitution as are each of us. Knowing these rights and protections will give you much CONFIDENCE when you are pulled over by a police officer.

Let me hasten to say that I am ALWAYS respectful to a police officer. And so should we always be. We must respect his position. But mostly, we must respect the law that he, the police officer, is sworn to uphold. But how can we respect the law if we don’t even know and understand the law? How can officers improve their law-enforcement practice unless citizens know when police are following the law? How is the legal system benefited if police can trample citizens’ constitutional rights with the consent of the people? Tim’s DVD will help tremendously in this regard.

In light of the climate that we all live in today, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that we become familiar with our constitutional rights and responsibilities. If enough of the American people would learn these constitutional principles, they could stem the growing tide of unconstitutional conduct by our public servants, including, and especially, by those in law enforcement.

Here is where you can order the DVD, “Police Contact: How To Respond,” by Attorney Tim Baldwin.

Police Contact: How To Respond

© Chuck Baldwin

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Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill Falls For Fake Congressman’s Twitter Account – Still Manages To Blame Conservatives For Her Mistake

Ill-advised social media posts are hardly new within the political arena; nor are they limited to either side of the aisle. When one prominent Missouri Democrat was called out for her recent Twitter flub, however, it was her excuse that earned her even more criticism.

As with many Internet-based errors, Sen. Claire McCaskill apparently fell for the incendiary response of a parody Twitter account. After posting an image of a birthday cake she recently picked up for her “brother and brother-in-law,” a user claiming to be Rep. Steve Smith reacted.


Before checking out Smith’s profile, which describes him as a “Tea Party Patriot” and “Republican Representative of Georgia’s 15th Congressional District,” McCaskill shot back with her own retort.



She might have saved herself some subsequent embarrassment had she checked Georgia’s district map — the state has just 14 — or read any of the articles exposing Smith’s account as a hoax. Despite the backlash that followed, however, McCaskill refused to accept the blame for her impetuous post.

Instead, she implied that it is impossible to tell which Republicans are real and which are fake given the ostensible extremism of the party.


Reaction to the post above was harsher and even more widespread than the initial criticism.

“The joke’s not on you,” one Twitter user concluded. “You are the joke.”

As Western Journalism reported in 2013, CNN anchor Christiane Amanpour presented a post by the fictional congressman as part of a news story.

Was Sen. McCaskill justified in blaming her error on the GOP? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Breaking: The Senate Just Approved The Controversial New Measure Obama Wanted

The U.S. Senate voted today to pass the USA Freedom Act, which passed the House a few weeks ago. The vote was 67 to 32. The bill will now go to President Barack Obama, who tweeted earlier today that he will sign the legislation as soon as it reaches his desk.

Obama Tweet NSA

The act renews key provisions of the Patriot Act, which lapsed over the weekend.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, one of the ‘no’ votes, had hoped to amend the USA Freedom Act to eliminate some of the reforms it contains that were designed to provide greater control over government surveillance programs; however, the Senate rejected all amendments and passed the House version.

Of the 32 votes against passage of the bill, 30 were Republicans. (See the roll call vote here.)

One of the major reforms in the USA Freedom Act concerns the bulk collection of metadata (i.e. Americans’ phone records).

As reported by Fox News, the act, when it becomes law, will:

-Resume the National Security Administration’s (NSA) data collection program, but only for a transition period of six months. After that, the legislation would no longer allow the NSA to sweep up Americans’ records in bulk. Instead, it would leave the records with phone companies and give the government the ability to seek access with a warrant.

-Continue other post-9/11 surveillance provisions that also lapsed Sunday night. These include the FBI’s authority to gather business records in terrorism and espionage investigations and to more easily eavesdrop on suspects who are discarding cellphones to avoid surveillance.

-Create a panel to provide the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court with guidance on privacy and civil liberties matters.

-Increase transparency for the surveillance court’s decisions.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., filibustered the renewal of the Patriot Act over the weekend, arguing that certain provisions violated Americans’ Fourth Amendment protection from unlawful searches and seizures. The senator voted against the USA Freedom Act on Tuesday, arguing the bill does not go far enough to protect Americans’ privacy.

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