GOP Establishment About To Be Caught With Pants Down

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A story this past week was titled, “Why Joe Miller Could Pull off an Upset Against the GOP Establishment, Again.” An interview with the Tea Party Express also published last week noted, “Joe Miller Has a Proven History of Challenging the Status Quo and Taking on the GOP Establishment.”

Yet another story last week read, “The big upset could happen in Alaska.” Based on Facebook modeling to predict election outcomes, this article contended we are in a dead heat with incumbent Senator Mark Begich.

The authors of the study examined not simply the number of “Likes,” but the interaction each candidate’s page had, including the number of shares, comments, and engagement with others about it; in other words, factors reflecting the general excitement and involvement with the candidate and the issues he represents.

All this is extremely encouraging and mirrors what our campaign has been seeing on the ground as we meet with Alaskans in homes and businesses throughout the state. People are motivated and ready to take action because they realize the whole future of the country is at stake.

So high a price has been paid, by so many, to get us to this point in our nation’s history, it would defy the true American spirit to not respond to our country in this time of need.

Reminiscing on the Revolutionary War, John Adams determined about one-third of the citizens were for the Revolution, one-third were neutral, and one-third were against it. That one-third of freedom-loving Americans carried the day and brought the fruits of liberty to all. It was an upset victory against the Establishment for the ages, and so began the story of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Like many of you, I became increasingly alarmed, shortly after Barack Obama was sworn in and he and the Democratically-controlled Congress sought to “fundamentally transform” America. People of common sense rose up in response to the $1 trillion stimulus bill, followed by the push to pass ObamaCare. These modern day patriots organized, educated their fellow citizens, and went to the polls. The result was Republicans regaining control of the House and ending the Democratic filibuster-proof Senate.

Republicans have had some success slowing down the transformation, but those who seek true reform are gravely outnumbered. Further, the Obama Administration has chosen time-and-again to disregard the Constitution and go around Congress. Harry Reid, Mark Begich, and the Democratic Senate have been complicit in these egregious acts by the Executive Branch by refusing to hold him accountable. Worse, they enabled even more abuse of executive power by voting for the “nuclear option,” ending the minority party’s right to filibuster when the President puts forward extreme nominees to hold positions of trust.

Further, this past week we had the third ranking member of the Senate, Chuck Schumer from New York, calling on Barack Obama to use the IRS to shut down the Tea Party. He truly has no shame or respect for Americans’ First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly.

It is time to advance the work begun in 2010 and regain control of the Senate, retaking it with true reformers committed to a fundamental restoration of America, so the victory is worth the price.

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Let’s begin to write the closing lines to this bizarre chapter in American history and write it in such a way the future generations will look back on what we did here with pride and thankfulness.

Photo credit: Ryan McFarland (Creative Commons)

Cancer-Stricken Conservative Senator Retires


Longtime legislator Tom Coburn recently announced his intention to retire after the upcoming midterm elections without finishing his current term in the U.S. Senate. Coburn has gained a reputation as a reliable conservative dedicated to fighting government waste in Washington, D.C.

Though he recently announced he was once again battling cancer, Coburn denied his health issues prompted his decision to step down.

“After much prayer and consideration,” he wrote last week in a statement on his website, “I have decided that I will leave my Senate seat at the end of this Congress.”

Coburn, who has already served eight years in the Senate after three terms in the U.S. House, indicated now is just the right time for him to leave Congress. He said the choice was not based on “my health, my prognosis or even my hopes and desires,” explaining he is merely trying to reflect the vision of America’s founders.

“Our founders saw public service and politics as a calling rather than a career,” he explained. “That’s how I saw it when I first ran for office in 1994, and that’s how I still see it today.”

As he returns to private life, Coburn confirmed he will does not want to be treated any differently than any other Oklahoman.

“I believe it’s important to live under the laws I helped write,” he said, “and even those I fought hard to block.”

Coburn will leave a big void in the Senate, which voters in Oklahoma will likely try to fill in an upcoming special election. Conservatives across the nation are hoping his successor will continue his fight against government overreach and corruption.

Right now, however, Americans of all political stripes are sending their thoughts and prayers to the Coburn family during this difficult time.

Partisan bickering will doubtlessly heat up as November approaches; but for now, the outgoing senator’s contribution to conservatism – and American politics – remains the focus of most Americans.

A man who voluntarily gave up his seat in the House after reaching his self-imposed term limit, Coburn went on to serve his state and country in the Senate. Throughout his time as a legislator, he stood proudly and unapologetically in support of fiscal responsibility even as such positions increasingly fell out of favor in D.C.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Harry Reid Gutted, Turned Into Shark Bait

Harry Reid Jawbone SC

The 2014 primaries are still months away, but I want to make an early prediction.

I predict that the Democrat-led U.S. Senate will look substantially different next year. In fact, I believe the Senate won’t be Democrat controlled at all.

You see, Republicans smell blood in the water. They’re well-positioned to capture the majority in the 2014 elections, and it has them dreaming of Harry Reid hopping a plane for Nevada.

Truthfully, the math is working against the Democrats. Republicans only need to seize six seats to derail what’s left of the Obama socialist agenda. Meanwhile, the left must defend 20 seats, including seven in states that President Obama lost in 2012.

Better yet, a host of Democratic incumbents have already thrown in the towel. Why fight another grueling campaign when you could retire to fat pensions and lobbying contracts?

But not every race will be so easy. So how will some other important swing states vote come election season?


Democrats control this seat with a weak freshman, Senator Mark Begich. But Obama lost Alaska in both 2008 and 2012, and Begich’s win was a fluke. He won by just 1% of the vote, despite longtime Senator Ted Stevens being under a U.S. Justice Department investigation at the time.

Anti-Obama sentiment will likely be Begich’s undoing. Plus, several strong Republican candidates are vying for the primary, including 2008 GOP Senate nominee and Tea Party favorite, Joe Miller; Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell; and Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan.

Early prognosis: The Republicans pick up this seat (+1).


The president is very unpopular in Arkansas, where he received just 36.9% of the vote in 2012. Obama’s low approval rating will likely bring down Democratic Senator Mark Pryor. On top of that, Pryor voted for Obamacare, which is extremely unpopular in The Natural State.

Meanwhile, we learned from Sen. Pryor’s latest fundraising report that he’s spending more than he’s taking in, which is a terrible sign for an incumbent who’s also behind in the polls. Pryor lost about $200,000 between the third and fourth quarter.

Rep. Tom Cotton, a rising conservative star, will be a formidable challenger to Pryor. Cotton is an Iraq War veteran and a favorite of conservative groups including Club for Growth.

Early prognosis: The Republicans pick up a seat (+1).


Senator Tom Harkin, a fixture in Iowa politics for decades, is finally retiring. So despite the fact that Obama carried the state in 2012, Iowa remains very competitive for Republicans.

However, this will likely be a bruising primary for the GOP. The competitors include former U.S. Attorney Matt Whitaker, a former Chief of Staff to Sen. Chuck Grassley named David Young, State Senator Joni Ernst, and conservative radio host Sam Clovis. On top of that, the former CEO of Reliant Energy, Mark Jacobs, is preparing to enter the race, along with well-known pro-life leader Bob Vander Plaats.

Early prognosis: Republican infighting settles down, and the GOP rides Obama fatigue to victory (+1).


The Pelican State has been trending Republican, even though Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu was re-elected with 52% of the vote in 2008. As a longtime office holder, Landrieu has to be considered the favorite – but it’s not out of the question that the GOP could get the best of her.

The challenger preferred by the GOP establishment is Rep. Bill Cassidy. He will face a tough race from Rob Maness, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and Tea Party favorite, in the Republican primary.

Early prognosis: The Republicans pick up a seat (+1).


Nobody thinks of Michigan as Republican; but because of Detroit’s insolvency, the state has turned to the GOP for fiscal answers. Obama carried Michigan in the presidential race, but the GOP did very well down ticket.

On top of that, longtime Democratic Senator Carl Levin has decided to retire, providing Republicans with an opening. The race was supposed to be a cakewalk for Democratic Rep. Gary Peters, though in reality it’s anything but.

Emerging as a formidable candidate is former Republican Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. In fact, she’s taken a commanding, eight-point lead in the latest poll of Michigan voters.

Early prognosis: Between Detroit’s bankruptcy and a strong Republican candidate, the GOP gets another seat (+1).

North Carolina

Democrat Senator Kay Hagan rode Obama’s coattails into office in 2008 and defeated incumbent Senator Elizabeth Dole.

But in 2012, North Carolina swung hugely Republican. Now, every poll has Hagan below 50%, which is definitely a good sign for Republicans. Optimism is high in The Tar Heel State.

Early prognosis: The GOP should easily win here (+1).

South Dakota

Winds of change led three-term incumbent Democrat Senator Tim Johnson to tuck tail and retire. Popular two-term Republican Gov. Mike Rounds has announced his intention to run, and he should basically be a shoe-in.

Early prognosis: The Republicans will only lose this one if they really screw up (+1).

So there you have it. Six states that could see a decidedly Republican shift in the 2014 elections. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on these important races as the primaries get closer.


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Democrat Senators Blame Obama Administration For Benghazi


A new bipartisan Senate report is making headlines this week for its direct criticism of the Obama administration in regard to the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

The terrorist plot killed four Americans and caused widespread damage during hours of violence and mayhem. Though White House sources repeatedly claimed the incident was rooted in organic outrage over an irrelevant YouTube video, the Senate Intelligence Committee report offered a different take.

“The attacks were preventable,” the committee found, “based on extensive intelligence reporting on the terrorist activity in Libya – to include prior threats and attacks against Western targets – and given the known security shortfalls at the U.S. Mission.”

The report is particularly harsh toward Hillary Clinton, who was serving as Secretary of State at the time. According to the panel, a communications failure between the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency was a major factor in creating an environment conducive to such a violent uprising. Furthermore, the report bashes the Defense Department for its failure to identify the threat in Benghazi, a hotbed of Islamic violence, especially on the anniversary of 9/11.

While many of the report’s findings are similar to the accusations of Obama’s political opponents, this bipartisan study is unique in its inclusion of both political parties. As more information becomes available, the evidence increasingly points to the culpability of this administration. Now, even those within his party are beginning to boldly announce such findings.

Though the report does not delve deeply into many specifics, especially the bungled response to the attack by White House representatives, it does indicate that both the FBI and CIA found out the incident was not sparked by “demonstrations or protests” at least six days before the administration made a statement to that effect.

The committee used ample evidence, including numerous accounts from witnesses, in compiling its report. While touting the bravery of individual agents who rushed to the aid of those under attack, an overarching theme of the report was the unpreparedness of federal agencies – specifically the State Department.

Just prior to the Benghazi attack, the report states that a number of security issues were in the area, signaling an increased threat of violence.

While the report sheds light on many aspects of the attack, there are still countless unanswered questions. According to North Carolina Republican Sen. Richard Burr, “it is not due to the Committee’s unwillingness to investigate, but the State Department’s intransigence.”

This anticipated report proves that this important matter is far from settled and, contrary to what Hillary Clinton claimed in her disastrous testimony, it does matter how and why this deadly attack was perpetrated against American citizens.

–B. Christopher Agee

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