See What Happened When The Libertarian ‘Armed Gays’ Attended The Olympia And Seattle Gay Pride Parades

Apparently not all gays are equal in the gay lobby. A group of libertarian gays who support open carry gun rights found this out when they showed up at the Olympia, Wash., gay rights parade last week and were denied the right to participate.

Gay rights are all about the empowerment, aren’t they? Well, it appears that there are some gays that the gay lobby isn’t too happy with, because the gun-toting libertarian gays were told to take a hike and weren’t allowed to participate in this year’s festivities.

The libertarian group has been part of the gay pride event in the past; but as the event neared, the group inquired about their participation and were told that they would not be allowed to be a part of it this year. And they were denied via a cowardly voicemail, to boot.

The group was told by event organizers that they were “banned.” “Your booth and your participation is hereby banned from Capital City Pride,” the libertarians were told via a voicemail obtained by TheBlaze.

And the voicemail, sent by Capital City Pride chairwoman Anna Schlecht, got more explicit from there.

“By the power vested in me, as the chair, you are banned and you will never have a booth as long as I’m involved in Capital City Pride,” the parade chief said. “Don’t bother calling back. I’m very frustrated. I know y’all have a political agenda.”

Suddenly “political agendas” are banned at a gay pride event? It’s all political, isn’t it?

Not all gay parades denied Second Amendment supporters who wanted to help support gay rights.

Seattle’s gay pride event did allow the open carry supporters to join the event.

In fact, the Seattle folks were welcomed with open arms–something that even surprised the Second Amendment advocates.

“We had prepared ourselves for the worst — to be yelled at, screamed at, called names, taunted, and circled. But what we didn’t expect, was how welcoming everybody would be at Seattle Pride,” one of the activists told TheBlaze.

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I’ve Never Said This Before – But It’s Time For You To Start Buying Guns and Ammo

Now before you label this as a “crazy” post, I’m not talking about, nor am I predicting, some doomsday scenario. Don’t expect me to be selling you seeds, food preserves, or bomb shelters anytime soon. That is not what I am suggesting here.

I’m also not suggesting that you need to buy yourself an AR15 to fight off an on-slot of newly married gays. Okay? Okay. So please do more than glance at this headline, and allow me to make my case.

What I am suggesting is that this past week, in two monumental rulings, the SCOTUS has showed us that they are no longer bound by, nor do they hold any respect for, the United States Constitution. For guns, that matters.

The SCOTUS has now declared all healthcare, and marriage, to be fundamental human rights. So much so that it is now the job of the federal government to force them upon both you as an individual, and the state as law. Now, I don’t see either of these things in the United States Constitution.

Crazy thing about the Constitution is that it actually does outline our rights, pretty expressly. As a matter of fact, one could argue that it’s the purpose of the document. Enumerated and all that jazz. Healthcare and gay marriage… isn’t in there. You know what is? Your right to own a gun.

As a matter of fact, according to the Constitution, that is one of the very few rights in which the states are not reserved the right to regulate entirely as they see fit. In case you haven’t read it, let me paste it for you below.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Pretty cut and dry. Yet unlike marriage, unlike subsidized health Insurance, SCOTUS has allowed states to, in fact… INFRINGE! Hell, some states have made it pragmatically impossible to carry a weapon on your person. So clearly, when it comes to even using the Constitution as a guideline, the SCOTUS has jumped the shark.

Regardless of where you line up on same-sex marriage, or even if you personally want free healthcare, there is no arguing that the SCOTUS has displayed an unprecedented use of power when compared to the entirety of American history. There’s also no argument about the fact that the SCOTUS is leaning more and more to the left.

The left has been very, very clear on their ambitions to make guns harder and harder to access. For all citizens. Not just criminals. We know their playbook. I’m not saying that your guns will be taken away tomorrow, but that is the end-game.

What is beyond any shadow of a doubt, however, is that the SCOTUS has now been given the power to infringe on your right to bear arms. They could come down with some ruling next June requiring guns to be limited to some arbitrary loading capacity, rendering all of your firearms illegal. I’m not saying that they will; but for the first time in our adult lives, this is entirely within the realm of possibility.

We also have already witnessed the great ammo shortage of 2008-2013. Pragmatically speaking, the SCOTUS has myriad ways in which they could – should they choose – systematically disarm American citizens; but equally important is the way the market responds to SCOTUS decisions. The tides are turning on guns. It’s a losing issue for Democrats, so they could never address it head-on. They could, however, enforce what would seem to be a very marginal gun law, which could in turn force firearm companies to change their procedures (be it manufacturing, distribution, etc.), causing a shortage, raising prices and making it nigh impossible for you, the American citizen, to purchase a firearm.

So if for any reason, you’ve ever wanted to buy a firearm but haven’t gotten around to it, I highly suggest that you do so soon. Because at the very least, we are in uncharted territory as Americans; and it’s better for you to have made your decision now than to be on the outside, banging on the door to get in.

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Uber Disarms Drivers: Guess EXACTLY What Happened Next…

Uber doesn’t want their drivers or you to carry a gun in their cars. From a new policy change about a week ago…

“We seek to ensure that everyone using the Uber digital platform…feels safe and comfortable…Uber and its affiliates therefore prohibit possessing firearms of any kind in a vehicle.” Those found violating the rule may lose access to Uber’s services.

Now, you would think that after an Uber driver used a gun to help prevent a mass shooting in Chicago, Uber would view having lawfully armed drivers as a good thing. You’d also think that someone at Uber has basic access to Google, and could easily find that America’s CCW holders are much less likely to commit crime than the general population (5.7 TIMES less likely in fact). You’d also think that companies like Uber wouldn’t pass such stupid policies that they can’t enforce without patting down every single person before they get into the car. (Though that’d be a fun job.)

Guess what happens next? No really, guess…

Predictably, a few days after they disarmed their drivers…

A man with a rifle robbed an Uber driver after he was picked up in Queens early Thursday, officials said.

The 30-year-old driver for the app-powered car provider was on 67th Ave. and Burns St. in Rego Park just after midnight when he stopped for a 22-year-old customer.

After agreeing on a price, the suspect jumped into the front seat, flashed his rifle and demanded the cabbie’s money, cops said.

All just so a couple of executives in San Francisco could feel good about themselves and say, “Hey look! We’re progressive too!”

My advice: follow the law… but these days, it’s best to keep your guns.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

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WATCH Why This Dem Politician Just Went All Kinds Of Screaming Crazy On Pro-Gun Advocates

When pushy politicians try to tell the people they serve how to handle the guns they own, the fireworks can certainly start to fly. That’s exactly what happened during a recent city council meeting in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., where a Democrat member of the governing body started lecturing and then berating pro-gun advocates who showed up to voice their opposition to a proposal before the council.

And the loud-mouthed antics of Democrat Councilman Joe Rich were caught on tape for all to see.

As The Blaze points out in its coverage of the starting outburst from the short-tempered Mr. Rich:

Members of the Dutchess County chapter of the Shooter Committee On Political Education attend a June 15 meeting to oppose a proposed anti-gun ordinance that would require gun owners to lock up all of their firearms in Poughkeepsie, the Poughkeepsie Journal reported. But Rich didn’t seem to appreciate the dissenting opinion on the issue.

Working up to a fever pitch in his fiery rant against the pro-gun citizens who were trying to testify before the council, Rich accused them of not “loving” the city and of wanting “to make sure these laws never get a chance to find out if they’re going to work or not.”

And then the insults really began to fly when Rich brought out the really big guns and pointed threateningly, shouting for people to “Shut up! Shut up!”

By clicking on the video above, you can see for yourself how this Democrat politician flew off the handle and attacked a few shocked citizens who tried to exercise their right to comment on a proposed ordinance. And when you watch, you’ll understand why the councilman next to Rich reacted the way he did to how his out-of-control colleague was behaving.

Image Credit: YouTube/Mert Melfa

Image Credit: YouTube/Mert Melfa

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Watch: Fox News Host Just Called Out Obama’s Hypocrisy With One Bold Statement

During a discussion Saturday on Fox and Friends, host Tucker Carlson reacted to Barack Obama’s call for additional gun control legislation in the aftermath of last week’s mass shooting in Charleston, S.C. He criticized Obama’s contention that mass murders do not happen with the same frequency in nations with restricted access to firearms as they do in the U.S.

Obama, Carlson asserted, “immediately jumps in, as demagogues do, to use this tragedy as a justification for his preexisting political strategy.”

Attorney Eric Guster was on hand to note that Obama’s post-Charleston speech was a rare instance in which he disagreed with the president. He went on to say that the actions of a terrorist who took nine lives at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church do not constitute a “gun control issue.”

Carlson then described what he believes is a glaring hypocrisy in Obama’s gun policy.

“The president has said a number of times guns are the problem,” he said, “guns cause violence. There’s nobody in the world surrounded by more armed people than President Obama himself.”

According to Carlson, Obama “wants to remain protected” while “the rest of us have to go without means of self-protection.”

Panelist Jehmu Greene bristled at the assertion, declaring it “beneath this discussion.”

Carlson, however, opted to restate his point:

The president’s position is that guns cause violence, guns are inherently bad and dangerous, the rest of us need to disarm and not protect ourselves. And he’s exempt from that?

Should Americans be allowed to own guns? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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