Second Amendment Group Sues D.C. Over Concealed Carry Permits

A pro-Second Amendment organization filed a lawsuit against the District of Columbia Tuesday. The group contends the jurisdiction’s concealed carry permit application requirement is too restrictive. D.C. mandates that a person must have a “good reason” for such a permit to be issued. Every application, save a few, has been rejected.

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) filed a federal lawsuit against the D.C. government along with three private citizens: Brian Wrenn, Joshua Akery, and Tyler Whidby. Wrenn and Akery live in the District, while Whidby lives in Florida, though maintains a residence in Virginia, according to an SAF press release.

“[I]ndividuals cannot be required to prove a ‘good reason’ or ‘other proper reason’ for the exercise of fundamental constitutional rights, including the right to keep and bear arms,” the lawsuit argues.

Both the D.C. government and Kathy Lanier, Chief of the Metropolitan Police Department, are named as defendants in the suit. “The city’s requirements to obtain a carry permit are so restrictive in nature to be prohibitive to virtually all applicants,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb.” “It’s like a ‘Catch 22,’ in which you can apply all day long, but no reason is sufficiently good enough for Chief Lanier to issue a permit.” In their research, Gottlieb’s organization found less than 10 concealed carry permits have been issued in D.C.

Because of that, the city has set the bar so high that it relegates a fundamental civil right to the status of a heavily-regulated government privilege.

That is not only wrong, it also does not live up to the previous court rulings. Law-abiding citizens who clear background checks and are allowed to have handguns in their homes are being unnecessarily burdened with the additional requirement of proving some special need.

As reporter Leo Hohmann points out, D.C. is a “may issue” jurisdiction, as are some traditionally Democratic states, like New York. Traditionally red states like Georgia and Texas, on the other hand, are what are known as “shall issue” jurisdictions.

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Armed Pennsylvania Senior Puts Would-Be Robber Out Of Commission

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According to local reports, a 67-year-old man in a crime-addled section of Upper Darby, Pa., was recently confronted by a masked gunman who threatened to kill him. The victim, however, a concealed carry permit holder, was ultimately able to turn the tables on his attacker.

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon, Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood confirmed. He explained the masked man jumped out of some bushes in a local park and threatened the victim with what was later determined to be a toy gun.

“At first the victim was startled,” Chitwood said, “then he reaches out and grabs the gun hand of the gunman.”

After a physical altercation, the victim was reportedly able to access his own gun and shot the suspect in the head, killing him instantly. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital after complaining of chest pains, but he was later released.

Though the incident took an obvious toll on the shooter, Chitwood said he was able to reassure him that he did the right thing.

“He was really shook up,” he recalled, “really upset, and I told him point blank, ‘You did what you had to do.’ And as far as I’m concerned, I don’t see any criminal charges.”

Though Chitwood said it is a shame that someone had to die, he added that “at the end of the day the bad guy pulled a stickup and lost.”

Locals acknowledge that the section of town in which the attack took place is a hotbed of criminal activity.

“I was just walking home at night and they came up behind me and struck me,” Michael Hepperly said of an encounter he had with some assailants in the area.

As of the latest reports available, detectives are still attempting to identify the attacker.

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Armed Domino’s Employee Takes On Three Gun-Toting Robbers

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According to recent reports, a female employee at a Domino’s Pizza location in Blytheville, Ark., stood up to three armed intruders looking to rob the store.

In a Daily Caller interview, Sarah Cherry’s father, Clint, described his daughter’s act of bravery upon being shot at by the criminal trio.

“She was defending the people more than herself,” he said of the several employees working at the time.

Just months earlier, the elder Cherry explained, he was confronted by an armed criminal at the same location. That experience, he said, along with a number of other nearby robberies, prompted his daughter to begin carrying a firearm to work with her.

“I told her, I said, ‘Use it to protect yourself,’” he recalled. “We lose our job, we lose our job; but we’re going to protect ourselves.”

His reference to being fired was an apparent acknowledgement that Domino’s enforces a no-gun policy regarding its employees. As Western Journalism previously reported, a pizza delivery driver for another chain violated a similar policy by carrying a gun with her – a decision that likely saved her life when she was confronted by a pair of robbers. That employee was ultimately allowed to keep her job.

Despite firing three shots, the employee – an Army veteran – did not intend to kill the intruders, her father said.

“She knows how to shoot,” he said. “She could have hit them if she wanted to.”

There is no indication that Cherry will be fired for the act of self-defense, though a corporate spokesperson confirmed that decision will be left up to the franchise owner. As Daily Caller pointed out, other employees of the company have been terminated as a result of firing on armed robbers.

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Armed Patron Celebrated As Hero After Opening Fire On Two Robbers


When two armed robbers entered a Texas restaurant last weekend, the dining room was clearing out as owners prepared to close for the evening. One of the patrons finishing up his meal, however, was able to jump into action as the suspects made their way toward the cash register.

Owner Koy Sam recalled that seeing the two armed robbers storm into the business was alarming.

“All of a sudden, my wife ran back panicking,” he said, noting that one of the suspects forced him and his wife to the ground as the other made his way to the till.

A vigilant customer stepped in and grabbed one of the men, firing his own gun at the other as he ran out of the Houston eatery. All the while, Sam said, the patron reassured everyone else that the situation was under control,

“He was amazing,” the owner said. “He absolutely kept us all calm, made sure everything was OK.”

The customer was able to hold one suspect until authorities arrived, though the accomplice was able to exit the scene. A KHOU report indicated it is not clear whether the second suspect was hit when the patron opened fire.

K&S Seafood was left with several bullet holes in its front windows, but staff and customers were safe – as was the money in the register. Thanks to the quick thinking of an armed patron, the restaurant is enjoying some local celebration and an increase in business.

Conservative radio hosts in the area have reportedly been urging listeners to visit the restaurant, and some existing customers are doing their best to promote the establishment. Thomas Bazan, for example, is making the rounds in surrounding neighborhoods distributing promotional fliers.

“There’s wickedness and evil,” he said, “and we need to stand up against it and fight back.”

The willingness to fight back shown by the armed customer Saturday evening prompted Bazan’s wife, Paula, to pursue getting a concealed handgun license. She was among those eager to praise the customer’s actions.

“Thank you for your bravery,” she said, “and thank you for being prepared.”

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Pizza Delivery Driver’s Job In Jeopardy After Act Of Self-Defense


According to recent reports, a man is recovering in jail after being shot during a botched robbery Sunday in Georgia. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution indicates a delivery driver working for a local Papa John’s was making a delivery when 24-year-old Decatur resident Donquaz Devon Stevenson ordered her to get on the ground at gunpoint.

“She arrived at the location and a male began approaching the vehicle she thought was there to pick up the pizza,” said DeKalb County Police Capt. Steve Fore. “When he got to her, he produced a handgun and forced her out of the vehicle and onto the ground.”

Instead of giving in to his demands, however, she was able to retrieve her own handgun and shoot Stevenson in the face.

“She had her own firearm in her pocket,” Fore explained, “and while down on the ground she was able to retrieve that firearm and then shoot the suspect.”

The would-be robber was apprehended a short time later and was jailed on an armed robbery charge. An accomplice was able to get into the employee’s vehicle and drive away, however, and police are still searching for the suspect as of the latest reports available.

Fore explained that the victim felt she “had no other choice” in responding to the threat, adding she “must have been in fear for her life and she reacted.”

At this point, however, she and her family are hoping Papa John’s will be as understanding. Her mother spoke to a WSB-TV reporter and explained her daughter is not only in shock after the harrowing experience, she is afraid she might be fired for carrying a gun at work.

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