Cruz Goes On Fox News, Drops This Incredible Truth Bomb On ‘Washington Cartel’ And Trump

While some in the Republican presidential primary field have trashed Donald Trump for his controversial remarks on issues like immigration, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz explained in a recent interview that he was observing his party’s 11th commandment.

Often cited by Ronald Reagan, Republicans obeying the rule agree to never “speak ill of any fellow Republican.”

It is not only party unity, Cruz told Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity Wednesday, that keeps him from criticizing Trump.

“He’s a friend of mine,” he said of the real estate tycoon. “He and I have sat down and visited many, many times.”

As for the attention – both positive and negative – his comments have received, Cruz chalked it up to Trump’s willingness to address uncomfortable truths.

“And he’s taking on the Washington cartel,” he added.

Cruz went on to charge that several others in the primary field are not so open to hearing a conservative immigration message.

Trump has focused on “illegal immigration and sanctuary cities” in recent speeches, Cruz explained, adding that “a great many of the candidates in 2016 for the Republican nomination have been vocal aggressive advocates of amnesty.”

On this issue, he pointed out, both he and Trump represent the field’s minority.

“When we come to the first debates in a couple of weeks,” he asserted, “I’m going to be one of the very few major candidates on that stage who has never embraced amnesty.”

Instead of throwing stones at a fellow GOP candidate, Cruz said he would prefer to focus on real proposals to address our immigration problem, including his plan to strip federal funding from sanctuary cities and impose a mandatory five-year minimum sentence for anyone convicted of illegal re-entry into the U.S.

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WATCH: Fired-Up Trump Shows Exactly Why He’s Burning Down The 2016 GOP Field

It certainly seems that the more Donald Trump bangs the political drum about illegal immigrants and crime — the more he stands firm on his convictions and refuses to yield to critics — the better he fares in the polls.

According to a new survey of registered Republican voters, Trump is now leading the field — the entire GOP field. The Economist/YouGov poll gives the billionaire businessman a four-point lead in the extremely crowded GOP race for the 2016 nomination. Trump is preferred by 15% of the respondents, with Jeb Bush and Rand Paul tied for second place at 11% apiece, followed by Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee with 9% each.

The Hill notes of the new poll: “In addition to being the first choice for the majority of likely voters who participated in the poll, Trump was also the primary second choice for those who preferred another candidate as their nominee.”

Donald Trump appeared on the Fox News show Hannity last night to talk more about the set of hot-button issues that have focused so much attention on him lately — immigration, border security, and the actions of Mexico.

Once again, Trump didn’t back away from his controversial statements about the nature of the immigration problem. In fact, he doubled down, telling Sean Hannity that — while he loves “the Mexican people” and has “respect” for the country — Mexico is “sending us their criminals.”

Trump also talked about a phone conversation with the head of the Republican National Committee, Reince Preibus — a call whose content has been the subject of conflicting media reports and, curiously, conflicting statements from Trump himself.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the wide-ranging interview on Hannity in which Donald Trump fires off another round of criticism about Mexico, as well as tackling the problem with American leadership when it comes to dealing with our neighbor to the south.

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Watch: ‘Pawn Stars’ Star Rick Harrison Just Revealed Why He’s Endorsing This 2016 Presidential Contender

In the age of reality television, politicians have a new field of influential voices from which to attract endorsements. One such star, Rick Harrison of History’s Pawn Stars, is an already outspoken personality who recently finished a campaign ad for 2016 White House hopeful Marco Rubio.

Sean Hannity aired the commercial to begin a recent segment of his eponymous Fox News Channel program.

“When people see for themselves,” Harrison said of his own position as a pawnbroker, “I don’t have to convince them it’s a good investment. I don’t have to show them the value for their family, their business or their future – they get it.”

The same was true when he first met Rubio, Harrison continued.

“When this guy walked into my shop,” he recalled, “I knew he was the real deal.”

Harrison joined Hannity to elaborate further on his decision to back the Florida senator.

“I met with him a few times,” he explained, “and he gets it. He understands … the number one thing in this world that has brought people out of poverty is the ease of doing business – and it’s getting harder and harder and harder.”

Hannity chimed in that, considering Hillary Clinton’s many campaign missteps and scandals, the White House seems to be “there for the taking” for any Republican able to resonate with voters.

He said he is looking for a candidate with an “inspiring vision to solve our problems that can articulate that vision and win.”

Harrison agreed, suggesting that Rubio fits that bill.

“He’s an incredible speaker,” he said. “He doesn’t need a teleprompter for everything.”

There are several other reasons – education reform, for example – Harrison thinks Rubio would be the best choice for America’s future. As a businessman, however, the economic invigoration he believes Rubio would bring to the White House is a central factor.

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Watch: Levin Dares To Ask The One Question About Hillary That NEEDS To Be Asked

Radio host Mark Levin rarely makes a TV appearance without dropping a line or two that’s well worth noting. In a discussion Thursday night with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Levin said what many millions of conservative Americans are certainly thinking: “I don’t know how Hillary Clinton hasn’t at least served some time in prison, given her background and what she’s done.”

Levin also said that whoever becomes the Republican nominee for president needs not only to keep attacking Hillary for emailgate and other scandals, but also must embrace a “principled, conservative message…to connect with the American people…because now’s the time to promote our position and to contrast it with the left.”

Just this morning, the government released disappointing economic news that provides strong evidence for what Levin contended last night on Hannity — that the Obama economy has been “a complete and utter disaster.” The Washington Post reports that the U.S. economy “shrank at an annualized pace of 0.7 percent in the first three months of the year” — a disturbing quarterly tumble that experts say is “raising questions about underlying strength” of the nation’s economic engine.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch Mark Levin’s passionate discussion with Sean Hannity about Hillary Clinton as well as the GOP’s path to victory in 2016.

h/t: The Daily Caller

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Mark Levin: U.S. Gives Terrorists More Consideration Than Cops

During a recent appearance on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, syndicated radio host Mark Levin responded to the controversial move by prosecutor Marilyn Mosby to bring charges against six police officers in connection with the death of suspect Freddie Gray. The state’s attorney has been criticized for reacting hastily to riots in Baltimore and the call for legal action against the police who took part in Gray’s arrest.

“Where are the civil libertarians?” Levin asked. “Where is the ACLU? Where are the real lawyers in America?”

He said attorneys should be protesting what he described as a “travesty of justice” regarding the officers charged in the incident. While the initial response was a protest that soon turned violent and destructive, Levin concluded that the anti-police movement is currently flourishing in Mosby’s office.

“This is a disgrace,” he continued, “and the entire legal community should be rising up over this. Whatever happens in the courtroom, whatever happens with the judge and jury, so be it. But the way this prosecutor has conducted herself is outrageous.”

Levin later addressed an expected Justice Department-led civil rights investigation in Baltimore.

“I can support that,” he said, offering an important caveat. “Investigate this state’s attorney. Investigate what’s taken place here – her comments, her politicization of a prosecution.”

Considering the fact that those being charged are split evenly between black and white officers, Levin concluded that the prosecution “has nothing to do with race,” insisting that this is simply the latest example of activists “projecting as usual their radical, their leftwing agenda, on top of these events.”

He went on to assert that the officers are “being railroaded,” noting that they are not even receiving the same legal protection America affords terror suspects.

“How can it be,” he wondered, “that terrorists in Guantanamo Bay have more due process rights … that they are treated one way and police officers another?”

He concluded that America as a nation is increasingly hostile toward the law enforcement community, suggesting many hold police to a higher standard than others in society.

“Well, law enforcement isn’t perfect,” he acknowledged. “Reporters aren’t perfect. Obama’s not perfect. That’s not the test. The fact of the matter is if we lose order, we lose liberty and we lose the society.”

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