Red State Secession on the Brink

Union Dissolved

Patrick J. Buchanan has raised the question asked here fifteen months ago: Is there a peaceful civil secession of Red States underway? Originally raised here in July 2012, we asked if there wasn’t a real possibility of what we described as a “constructive secession” which would accomplish what The Confederacy could not achieve. As we described the situation those states that have grown tired of the overbearing Barack Obama Administration and see it as no longer intolerable could engage in conduct that would amount to de facto if not a de jure secession from the United States.

Red Staters have long recognized that if we can’t find a way to stop Obama’s shredding of our Constitution by his arrogant abuse of Executive Orders we are certainly headed for a Constitutional crisis not seen since the Civil War.

Obama’s continued assaults on the rule of law to win support and reelection from those with no stake in our country are now coming at a dangerous pace.  His narcissistic  “L’État, c’est moi” (“I am the state”) delusion  must be stopped or at some point a state governor will refuse to comply with one of his Executive Orders –even one backed up by the Supreme Court.  The refusal of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to allow Obama to close certain federal properties in his state could be just the beginning of a peaceful rebellion. It could be the beginning of a de facto, or constructive secession by states attempting to uphold our Constitution.

Borrowing from civil divorce law, constructive secession could occur when a state refuses to fulfill its obligations under the compact it has with the federal government. Obama is well on his way to setting the stage for this to happen.

Utah and South Carolina already have laws allowing the satisfaction of taxes with payment in gold. Should this become more widespread, gold will become the local currency and necessarily differ in value from one state to another which would in effect create state currencies and bring us another step toward constructive secession.

In a marriage “constructive abandonment” can occur even without the spouses separating and taking up new domiciles. In a constructive secession there would be no need for a formal declaration of secession. States opting for a constructive secession would merely comport themselves as separate countries as they administer the several matters that dominate everyday life.

We already have dozens of states that have indicated they will not comply with the requirements of Obamacare.

Given these facts, unless King Barack I is stopped, how far off could widespread constructive secession be?

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Teacher Publishes Student Drawings Of Republican Governor In Jail

Scott Walker 2 SC Teacher publishes student drawings of Republican governor in jail

Though she denies prompting them in any way, a Madison, Wis., teacher has published some virulently anti-conservative artwork produced by her students on a personal blog.

The students (ranging from kindergarten to second grade) came up with the subject matter on their own, according to Kati Walsh, though the common theme among many of the pieces seems to cast doubt on that assertion.

Each drawing is heavily biased against Republican Gov. Scott Walker, a man against whom Walsh has a public record of opposition.

She claims one of her students said, “Scott Walker wants to close all the public schools,” which prompted the entire class to work on crude cartoons picturing him behind bars — or worse.

Some of the budding leftists envisioned Walker being physically injured, which Walsh said she discouraged. The tamer artwork, however, was prominently featured on her own blog.

“The cartoons started getting a little inappropriate so at this point, we stopped drawing and discussed what a political cartoon was,” she wrote.

Calling the process “an amazing teaching moment,” Walsh said she received support for her actions from a number of parents.

While denying any role in guiding the students, Walsh’s personal political views are no secret. She was a supporter, for instance, of the 2012 recall petition against Walker and has been present during teachers union strikes both in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Walsh certainly seems to embrace the First Amendment as it relates to her blog; however, she did not want to extend the same liberty to those reporting on her. In a correspondence with the Wisconsin Reporter, which initially broke the story, the teacher stated that the publication does not “have permission to publish anything about me, my classroom or my blog before I see it first.”

Thankfully, that is not how a free press works. One hopes she isn’t also planning to give her 5-year-old students a primer course on the Bill of Rights.


Republican Treachery As Amnesty Draws Near

Paul Ryan Official SC Republican treachery as Amnesty draws near

“Stand Up; You Look Pathetic” is great advice from Mike Ditka, but eight turncoats in the House of Representatives must not be watching his ads on Sports Central.  Led by Paul “Loser” Ryan, these top Republicans are “conspiring with Obama on Amnesty for Illegals” according to the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC.  The following turncoats will look to turn the tide in an October surprise that will drop conservatives on their heads and if not stopped will push amnesty through before the 2014 election cycle heats up!  What is so upsetting is “that many of these turncoats have campaigned on promises to oppose Amnesty.”

Contact this gang of eight NOW, before they return to Congress at the end of August:  Paul Ryan (R-WI) 202-225-3031; Ted Poe (R-TX) 202-225-6565; John Carter (R-TX) 202-225-3864; Sam Johnson (R-TX) 202-225-4201; Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) 202-225-4211; John Boehner (R-OH) 202-225-2815; Eric Cantor (R-VA) 202-225-2815; and Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)  202-225-5431.  The toll free number is 877-762-8762.  Better still, make a trip to their home offices in August to tell them in person how illegal immigration takes away jobs for American citizens, and how illegal immigration hurts all of us.

Hard to understand here are the actions of the three Texans.  A Lone Star State source tells CiR that long lines of mail boxes line the Texas/Mexican border; and each month, the paychecks from US companies are picked up by Mexican citizens who quickly cross, grab their American dollars, and go back into legal territory.  “Those pregnant women will literally crawl across the border to have their babies on American soil,” the source says.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (608-266-1212) “is planning on using his big list of Tea Party supporters to run for President while supporting amnesty” says AliPac.  These 12-20 million illegal aliens will form a voting bloc that will perform for the Democrats by an 8 to 1 margin, according to Pew Research.  Any border enforcement or entitlement reform now will become impossible as Americans will be forced to pay for another country’s failure to take care of its own (and for the Obama administration’s failure to begin charity at home.)

Fox News investigations are revealing the scam being used to turn illegals loose in primarily the states of California, Texas, and Florida.  By using the phrase “credible fear of persecution,” illegals gain housing in a hotel paid for by US taxpayers as they ostensibly wait for immigration hearings.  They are being released into the general population to make room for new illegals also fleeing possible “persecution” from drug cartels or whatever.  Many just don’t bother to show up for the legal process, but do manage to continue working and exporting American dollars south of the border.

What is so despicable here is that the so-called Republican House leadership appears to be under the covers with their leader in the Senate, Marco “speaks-with-forked-tongue” Rubio, who authored the Senate gang of eight immigration bill.  Unless the American people step up to the plate here in these next critical weeks and show up at town hall meetings and local offices, we’ll be snookered again by the Republicans we elected to represent us.

Chris Christie: Rand Paul ‘dangerous’

Chris Christie 2 SC Chris Christie: Rand Paul ‘dangerous’

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is ripping libertarians — including Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) — for challenging government surveillance programs and failing to understand the dangers of terrorism.

“This strain of libertarianism that’s going through parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought,” the New Jersey GOP governor said on Thursday at a Republican governors forum in Aspen, Colo. “You can name any number of people and (Paul is) one of them.”

Christie, a potential 2016 candidate who appeared on the panel with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, said lawmakers who are questioning government surveillance programs should hear from the families affected by the Sept. 11 attacks.

“These esoteric, intellectual debates — I want them to come to New Jersey and sit across from the widows and the orphans and have that conversation. And they won’t, because that’s a much tougher conversation to have,” Christie said.

“The next attack that comes, that kills thousands of Americans as a result, people are going to be looking back on the people having this intellectual debate and wondering whether they put …” Christie said before trailing off.

Read More at Politico . By Hadas Gold.

Wisconsin Teachers’ Unions In Full Collapse

Scott Walker 2 SC Wisconsin teachers’ unions in full collapse

Remember all those dire predictions about the damage Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s public employee union contract reforms would do? Remember the angst of Wisconsin’ teachers and other “vital workers” over what they saw as the end of the line for their cushy jobs and control over their state? Well, they were right to be worried. They are getting crushed and put out of existence.

Now that two years have passed and the dust has settled, it’s safe to say that the union protesters who filled the legislative offices and camped out in Wisconsin’s state capital were actually optimistic. The results of Walker’s changes have been more devastating than either side could have feared or hoped for, depending on their point of view.

Since Act 10 passed two years ago, public employees’ unions have been in a steep decline they may not be able to come out of. Like a plane whose engines have failed will crash and burn, these unions are on their way to crashing and burning.

Savor this roll call of collapse in just two years.

Among Wisconsin’s fastest declining unions is AFSCME Council 24, which has seen a jaw dropping 88% (5,900 to 690) reduction in its dues paying members.

Another union, the WSEU, has shrunk from 22,000 members before Act 10, to less than 10,000 as of last December.

Wisconsin’s AFSCME Council 40 has lost 35% of its membership (31,730 in 2011 to 20,488 today).

Council 48 situated in Milwaukee County had 9,043 members two years ago. Today, it has 3,498 dues paying members.

Wisconsin’s teachers’ unions have lost 29% of their members, and there is no reason to believe the bleeding will stop anytime soon.

More than this, the whole state is experiencing a collapse of union membership, according to a  Bureau of Labor Statistic release that set union membership at 11.2%, down from 13.3% just two years ago.

One poor union thug summed up Wisconsin’s sea change in attitudes toward unions this way: “If the public doesn’t care about the messenger, it’s not going to care about the message. If constituents don’t care, politicians aren’t going to care.”

There now, wasn’t that a fun read?!