Bill O’Reilly And Glenn Beck Clash Over Future Of Republican Party

Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly

Founder of TheBlaze Glenn Beck joined Bill O’Reilly on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor to discuss earlier comments made by Beck about leaving the Republican Party.

Last week, Beck spoke about leaving the party due to its inability to stand on principles and failure to stand against Obamacare and immigration.

“I’ve made my decision. I’m out,” he said. “I’m out of the Republican Party. I am not a Republican, I will not give a dime to the Republican Party. I’m out.”

O’Reilly pushed back against the comments, suggesting Beck would vote for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and therefore not be leaving the Republican Party.

Beck argued that “blind support” for the party should be avoided, speaking to voters who simply vote for the D or R. But while he said that Cruz is his guy for now, he added that he would also support Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky., and Gov. Scott Walker, R-Wis.

“Here’s the thing — don’t vote for parties,” Beck said, with O’Reilly agreeing. “Don’t blindly support the parties. Support the people.”

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Scott Walker Compliments Cruz Before Saying Washington Needs A ‘Fresh Face’


Ahead of Ted Cruz’s presidential announcement Monday, Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin contended American voters seek a “new fresh face” to enter the White House when President Obama’s term ends in January 2017.

Cruz officially announced his candidacy on Monday. Tucker Carlson and former Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass., now a Fox News contributor, asked Walker about Cruz’s jumping into the race.

“I think for Republican voters and Americans, generally, it’s great to have many excellent choices. What I hear when I travel this country is three simple things. Voters tell me overwhelmingly they want a new fresh face,” he said, continuing:

If we’re going to take on someone from the past in former Secretary of State Clinton, we need a face for the future. Secondly they say we need someone with big, bold ideas from outside of Washington. And third, the most important thing I keep hearing over and over again is they want someone with a proven track record, they want someone who doesn’t just talk about it but someone who’s actually done it.

Walker, who was giving the interview from Florida, hinted about getting into the race himself.

“And that’s why I think there’s incredible interest about the possibility of us getting in the race,” Walker said.  “If there are others out there, so much the better to have many great choices out there, but I think being a governor with a proven record is certainly something voters are looking at very closely.”

A RealClearPolitics average of polls for the 2016 Republican nomination shows the Wisconsin governor way ahead of the junior senator from Texas. Walker is tied for the lead with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with 16.6 percent, while Cruz is eighth with 4.6 percent.

h/t: The Daily Caller

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In Walker’s Wisconsin, This Banner Shows Just How Much These Union-Funded Militants Hate Cops

Image Credit: YouTube/Media trackers Wisconsin

Radical, anti-cop protests have now spread to the state of a right to work governor who may well be the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

A militant group calling itself Wisconsin Jobs Now (WJN) — which reportedly enjoys financial backing from the largest teachers union in the country, the National Education Association — is going after the jobs of police officers.

The Daily Caller reports on a recent rally and march organized by WJN at which a big banner declared, “All Cops Are Bastards.”

Image Credit: YouTube/Media Trackers Wisconsin

Image Credit: YouTube/Media Trackers Wisconsin

A video from Media Trackers Wisconsin shows hundreds of marchers shouting, “Hey-hey, ho-ho, these racist cops have got to go,” and, “Indict, convict, send those killer cops to jail; the whole damn system is guilty as hell.” Several Wisconsin locales have been rocked recently by police shootings of suspects under circumstances that have raised questions, especially in minority communities.

In addition to operating with tens-of-thousands of dollars contributed by the teachers union, the radical Wisconsin group promoting the inflammatory anti-cop rhetoric also gets funding from the Service Employees International Union, according to The Daily Caller article.

In Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker has long fought to break the tight grip of union power, so it stands to reason that big labor would direct dollars collected from their members via dues toward groups such as Wisconsin Jobs Now.

So successful has been Walker’s campaign to limit union power that a recent article in The Atlantic labeled the governor “Anti-Union Man” after he signed into law “new restrictions on labor organizing that made Wisconsin the nation’s 25th ‘right-to-work’ state.”

But when it comes to police officers’ right to work without being called “bastards” or being smeared with incendiary charges from radical groups supported by big labor, protestors such as those with WJN seem to have little regard for how their words might further enflame an already tense and volatile situation.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch how the hundreds of protestors organized by Wisconsin Jobs Now recently took to the streets with their noisy, anti-cop messages. Watch until the end to see which Wisconsin lawmaker raised his clenched fist as he joined the WJN rally.

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Scott Walker: Ivy League Lawyer In White House Has ‘Done A Pretty Lousy Job Of Leading’ U.S.

Fox News

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has taken some criticism by the liberal elites for not completing his undergraduate college degree. Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean questioned Walker’s education and competency on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on February 12:

Scott Walker, were he to become president, would be the first president in many generations who did not have a college degree…The issue is, how well educated is this guy? And that’s a problem.

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly asked the potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate for his response to these complaints about his lack of a degree. Walker, who left Marquette University in his senior year to work full-time for the American Red Cross, laughed at Governor Dean’s insulting remarks:

I said it’s interesting, that’s kind of the elitist government-knows-best top-down approach from Washington we’ve heard from years. I don’t know about you, Megyn, but we’ve had an Ivy League-trained lawyer in the White House for the last six years, who was pretty good at reading off the teleprompter, but done a pretty lousy job leading this country. I’d rather have a fighter who’s actually proven he can take on the Big Government special interests and win.

Walker mentioned that many people have achieved success without a college degree.

I think there’s a lot of Americans out there that scratch their head and say, we have people who help found Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, plenty of other successful businesses and enterprises across this country that did the exactly same sort of thing I did – have an opportunity to start a career, an opportunity to start a business senior year of college and went out and did it.

The Wisconsin governor told The Kelly File host that he and his wife value higher education, but it’s not a necessity for success.

I have two kids in college, I hope they finish, I expect that. My wife and I are helping to fund their pathway along with the hard work they put in. So we value college for those who pursue that career; but in the end, you don’t have to have that to be successful, like many Americans have over the years.

Governor Walker has garnered 24 percent of the Iowa voters in a new poll, ahead of tied second place contenders Jeb Bush and Senator Rand Paul.

h/t: Weekly Standard

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Watch: Here’s How A Surging GOP Contender Just Handed A Hostile Interviewer Her Head

Image Credit: ABC News

With Mitt Romney out of the race for the White House in 2016, supporters of the GOP’s failed 2012 presidential candidate are looking for someone else they can get behind.

And if a new preference poll is any indicator, that someone may be Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

As reported by Townhall:

…a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll released over the weekend shows Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker jumping out to a small lead in the state — followed by Rand Paul, Mitt Romney (now out of the race), Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson. Jeb Bush pulls eight percent, with Chris Christie struggling at four percent….

Though he has shown his ability to stand tall and fight tough against unrelenting liberal attacks and union opposition in Wisconsin, the Republican governor has been viewed by some in the GOP establishment as lackluster, even uninspiring.

That view, however, is not shared by conservative radio talker Rush Limbaugh, who recently hit quite a few high notes in singing Walker’s praises:

“…I believe Scott Walker is the blueprint for the Republican Party if they are serious about beating the left.  Scott Walker has shown how to do it.

Scott Walker has shown the Republican Party how to beat the left. Scott Walker has the blueprint for winning and winning consistently and winning big in a blue state with conservative principles that are offered with absolutely no excuses.”

Although Walker has not formally declared his intention to seek the GOP nomination for the 2016 race, he is widely expected to throw his hat into the presidential ring.

So how does the Wisconsin governor fare in the media ring, especially when facing off with a not-so-friendly interviewer who, by the nature and tone of her questioning, was looking to trip up the Iowa front-runner?

There was a chance this past weekend for Governor Walker to show how he can handle what could be called a mainstream media “inquisition” when he appeared on ABC’s “This Week” with substitute host Martha Raddatz.

As noted in a post on Biz Pac Review: “Whether she was in search of her ‘Katie Couric moment,’ or just trying to take advantage of the opportunity to shore up her liberal bona fides, Raddatz was gunning for Walker from the start.”

It was a challenging interview about the governor’s “big, bold ideas” for the country; but Walker took the fire and shot back effectively, as you can see from watching the video above.

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