This Big Rumor About Sarah Palin Will Have Her Critics Throwing A HUGE Fit

Sarah Palin could be on air on a regular basis again–but not on Fox News, if the rumors proved to be true. Speculation is that the former Alaskan governor and Republican vice presidential candidate will join One America News Network (OANN).

The rumors are streaming in from multiple sources, leading some in the media industry to believe they are probably true. However, no one at OANN will talk about the scenario, much less confirm or deny it.

Part of the speculation stems from Palin and Fox News parting ways on June 1. She was a contributor on the network and worked for Fox since 2010. This wasn’t Palin’s first failed contract negotiations with Fox. She and Fox News were in a contract stalemate in 2013 and parted ways then too when the network didn’t renew Palin’s contract. She returned as a contributor five months later.

A statement released to Politico said Palin would still show up on Fox’s channels as a guest. That happened with Palin appearing on Greta Van Susteren’s show on Aug. 18 to talk about presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign.

One America News Network, established in 2004, has its main production studios in California and in Washington, D.C. It is owned by Herring Networks Inc. and promotes itself as a family-owned and operated, independent media company. The cable company focuses on national news and recently revealed plans to grow as a premier news network with a conservative bent. The goal, according to a National Journal profile of the network, is to be as successful as Fox, but as a “credible source of news.” Hiring Palin would spur media talk about the network, according to media experts.

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Bristol Palin Just Unleashed A BOLD Message For Republicans Who Are Blasting Trump

The “outrage industry” is being manipulated by Republicans in their post-debate treatment of Donald Trump, Bristol Palin wrote Monday in a blistering blog entry.

“Spare us the holier than thou routine,” chimed in Bristol’s mother, former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, in a Facebook post promoting her daughter’s jab at the GOP and Fox News.

“I used to use this blog to point out how liberals use the ‘outrage industry’ to manipulate people and keep their power. Now Republicans are just as bad,” Bristol Palin wrote.

“I don’t endorse everything Donald Trump says or does… Mainly because I actually have to work for a living and I don’t pay as much attention to politics as professional pundits. But I know that I hate the ‘politics of outrage’ that people engage in,” she added. “Give me a break.”

Bristol Palin leveled a charge of hypocrisy at Erick Erickson, of RedState, who disinvited Donald Trump from a gathering of conservatives because, as he put it, “there are even lines blunt talkers and unprofessional politicians should not cross. Decency is one of those lines.” Erickson acted after post-debate comments from Trump regarding Fox News host Megyn Kelly caused a media stir.

Palin made note of previous disparaging comments Erickson had made himself and then asked: “Want to learn some ‘lessons in sexual and political decency’ from Erickson?”

Palin alleged that Fox News host Chris Wallace and Chairman Roger Ailes were also playing the part of hypocrites.

“Back in 2010, Chris Wallace joked about having my Mom sit on his lap during an interview,” she wrote. “In 2011, Roger Ailes said, ‘I hired Sarah Palin because she was hot and got ratings.’”

The questions used in the debate were also ridiculed by Palin.

“We only have so many opportunities to hear from the fifty million candidates who are apparently running for President. And we get the Fox moderators asking questions that the New York Times applauds? Please. Let’s don’t use the Democratic ‘war on women’ talking points when we have ISIS to worry about,” she wrote.

Sarah Palin provided a link to her daughter’s blog on Facebook. “Rocks and glass houses don’t go together when you’re playing PC gotcha games, so please spare us the holier than thou routine,” Sarah Palin wrote.

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Watch: Sarah Palin Gives Donald Trump One Big Piece Of Advice Ahead Of Debate

Over the last several weeks, Donald Trump and Sarah Palin have been trading very public compliments that have gotten a lot of folks talking.

As Western Journalism has reported, Trump recently caused quite a stir by saying he would “love” to have the former Alaska governor and GOP vice presidential contender in his administration, should he win the presidency. That tantalizing little tidbit came after Palin heaped praise on “The Donald” for his bold, unscripted, non-PC stands on thorny issues that concern so many Americans who feel their voices aren’t heard by the D.C. elite.

Now, as Trump gets ready to take the Fox News stage for the first GOP debate featuring the top 10 Republican rivals for 2016, Palin has a few words of advice for the candidate she clearly likes. Basically, Palin tells Washington Times podcaster Rusty Humphries in an exclusive interview, Trump is helping to educate and motivate the other Republicans in the 17-person field to step up their game and “quit sounding like politicians.”

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the impromptu one-on-one with Palin that began on an escalator in a Phoenix shopping mall. The Trump-focused advice starts around 3:10 in the video.

SPECIAL NOTE: Western Journalism will offer commentary and analysis of the Republican debates to be held later today on the Fox News Channel. Be watching for details on how you can hook into our live blog as well as up-to-the-minute Twitter feed as the 17 candidates for the GOP 2016 presidential nomination go at it.

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Sarah Palin Just Uncovered The Real Reason Trump Is Dominating The Polls (The Media Hates It)

Donald Trump is leading in the polls because he speaks for working class voters, according to a Breitbart column by Sarah Palin.

“Trump has tapped into America’s great populist tradition by speaking to concerns of working class voters,” Palin wrote. “He talks about fighting to bring back our factories. When was the last time a candidate talked passionately about reclaiming our manufacturing base (and knew what he was talking about)?”

Not everyone agrees. GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., blamed the media for Trump’s rise in the polls to the point where he is the Republican front-runner.

“If I had a billion dollars’ worth of advertising and every network going gaga over that, I think we could get our (poll numbers) to rise also,” Paul told CNN. Paul also said he expected that the “temporary loss of sanity” over Trump would be short-lived and that eventually more serious candidates would rise to the top.”

“It’s no surprise pundits and politicos are determined to destroy a candidacy they can’t control or shape with their mere words,” Palin wrote. “Expect marginalization of anyone speaking well of Trump’s efforts. He’s a threat to the permanent political class.”

Palin’s piece emphasizes repeatedly that Trump is the lone candidate talking about the issues that truly matter to the American people. He takes stands that are in line with what they wish the leader of their country would do, she wrote.

“Trump focused in on two major populist grievances: the loss of working class jobs due to awful trade agreements, and the unfair competition for those jobs – along with security threats – due to the flood of illegal immigrants pouring across unsecured borders,” she wrote.

Further, she said, Trump stands out from the crowd.

“Trump’s unconventional candidacy is a shot in the arm for ordinary Americans fed up with the predictable poll tested blather of squishy milquetoast career politicians who campaign one way and govern another,” she wrote.

h/t: Breitbart

Do you think Trump is a flash in the pan, or can he win the Republican nomination? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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The Huge Thing Trump Just Revealed About Sarah Palin Has Her Fans Buzzing

It was just a little more than a week ago when Sarah Palin said some very nice things about the current leader of the GOP presidential pack, Donald Trump. Asked about Trump’s controversial comments regarding Sen. John McCain, with whom Palin shared the ticket in 2008, the former Alaska governor praised both men. CNN noted that Palin sent the network an email that was highly complimentary of The Donald’s tough stand on key issues:

“Trump is the candidate giving voice to untold millions of fed-up Americans witnessing a purposeful destruction of our economy and the equal opportunity for success that made America exceptional,” Palin said. “We’re watching career politicians throw away our kids’ future through bankrupting public budgets and ripping open our porous borders which, obvious to all us non-politicians, puts us at great risk.”

Now, in a sense, Trump is returning the favor — saying very positive things about the woman who once generated media and even intraparty heat and hate in a way similar to what the business mogul is experiencing now as he makes a headlong run for the White House.

But Trump’s recent radio interview, in which he called Palin “a special person,” is generating a lot of speculation because he also said he’d “love” to have Palin in his administration should he win the presidency. Politico went so far as to hype Trump’s comments in a headline that read, “Donald Trump says he’d tap Sarah Palin for a Cabinet post.” Nowhere in Trump’s interview, however, was a cabinet post specifically mentioned for his fellow GOPer.

What Trump did say on Mama Grizzly Radio’s “The Palin Update” about whether he would seek the former governor’s advice or potentially bring her in in some official capacity was, “I’d love that.”

The Washington Times notes that Trump came close to gushing about the one-time Republican vice presidential candidate, calling her “an amazing woman” whom people “respect and admire,” even “revere.”

The Times article quotes The Donald as saying about Palin:

“She really is somebody that knows what’s happening, and she’s a special person. She really is a special person,” he said. “And I think people know that, and she’s got a following that’s unbelievable. I still have people saying, ‘Oh, get Sarah’s support, get Sarah’s support’ no matter where I go. Everybody loves her.”

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