Barack Obama: Our First Weirdo President

Tom Roeser, On the Other Hand

Many presidents have, on occasion, done weird things—only one president of the 44 is Weird.

Our current 44th.

On the night before his abdication Nixon (the 37th) went from public room to public room in the downstairs White House saying goodbye to the portraits on the wall (“Bye-bye James Madison…John Quincy Adams!”)…He had weird episodes but was not ipso facto Weird with a capital W. In fact he was the cockeyed genius who split in twain the dread Sino-Soviet twin-headed bloc…for which in liberal-written history books he has been given insufficient credit…

Verdict: He could be weird but was not Weird.

And then we get to 44.

The difference: He is—and embodies–Weird.

Previous presidents had no trouble spelling out their belief in God.

Not so Number 44.

No previous presidents bowed to foreign potentates.

Not so Number 44 who bowed deferentially to the King of Saudi Arabia….then after being criticized, bowed waist-down to Japan’s emperor and empress—both rulers of color.

All presidents since Roe v. Wade were either totally against killing babies in the womb or ambiguously compliant urging abortions “safe [sic]… and rare.” Like Clinton.

Except Number 44.

This year in a celebratory statement for Roe he declared it protects women “from governmental intrusion.”

Even Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a raving pro-abort, ex-ACLUer says catapulting the issue to the Supremes was an act of legal folly, short-circuiting the process by which she hoped legislatures one after another would legalize the procedure so as not to precipitate the national crisis of division we have endured since. By the Court interfering, it preempted the people. Not governmental intrusion?

Ginsburg’s as liberal as one can get.

But she can’t touch Old 44 who’s got a hold on Weird.

As Illinois state senate judiciary chair he killed the Born Alive bill that would have mandated nutrition, medicines and humane comfort be accorded to babies born live from botched abortions. Call him the walking embodiment of King Herod with a light touch.

The fact he’s so remorseless shows he’s unconcerned not unaware of the magnanimity of his deed.

Like a gerbil sans conscience, he had his two daughters show Chinese President Hu Jintao their command of Chinese—their genially smiling father unconcerned that the Chinese government has forced women to have abortions under the “one-child policy” forcing urban dwellers to abort, punishing second pregnancies with forced sterilization with particular disdain to female infants through abortion, purposeful neglect, willful abandonment and infanticide known to be imparted to girl babies.

Later, displaying baleful unconcern he praised Hu: “While it’s easy to focus on our difference of culture, let us never forget the values that our people share: a reverence for family…and, most of all, the desire to give our children a better life.”[Italics mine].

That’s what Weird is, folks.

Weird Attracts Weird at Tucson

And he draws weirdos — as iron filings grovel to a magnet.

Just before Obama was to read his ghost-written Tucson speech on the teleprompter…

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Obama Stands By Rationer and Judicial Extremist Nominees Berwick and Liu

Ben Johnson,

Despite longstanding attempts to redefine Barack Obama as a down-the-middle centrist, Obama’s radical colors keep showing. Just today, the media announced he is standing by his nominations of the most conspicuous advocate of health care rationing, Dr. Donald Berwick, and a revolutionary in black robes named Goodwin Liu.

Most Congressional Democrats have given up on confirming Rationer-in-Chief Donald Berwick — but Barack Obama is keeping the faith. The White House put out the word that Berwick will not be thrown under the bus despite the mathematical impossibility of his being confirmed by the Senate.

“The president stands firmly behind the nomination of Don Berwick because he’s far and away the best person for the job, and he’s already doing stellar work,” according to Jay Carney, White House spokesman and trendy-word-user. Carney said Americans should support the “stellar” Berwick, because he is “implementing delivery system reforms that will save billions in excess costs and save millions of lives.” This tranquil-sounding phrase means Berwick is pressing forward with ObamaCare. A full 42 Republicans wrote a letter asking Berwick be withdrawn because of his….

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