World War Inches Closer As Germany Intends To Change Defense Posture

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Russia’s actions in East Ukraine and other parts of the former Soviet Union have caused a panic in the defense establishment of Western Europe. Most European nations have drastically drawn down defense spending as they basked in the umbrella of American security over the last few decades.

Germany is one of those nations that have allowed their defense posture to atrophy. This seems to be changing.

The Moscow Times reports this week: “Germany will overhaul its security strategy in coming years in response to Russian attempts to use “power politics and military force” to assert its interests, Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen said on Tuesday.” This is a significant development from the last seventy years as Germany has been hesitant to involve itself militarily in world affairs since the end of World War II.  As Germans who were alive during the war pass away, Germany could become more aggressive in its response to threats around the world.

The Moscow Times goes on to report:

The new strategy would mean the German army would in future focus not only on missions far afield, for example in Afghanistan, but also become more involved in strengthening NATO’s defenses. Germany is already helping to boost NATO’s presence in eastern Europe.

Russia lost twenty million people at the hands of the Nazis during their invasion of Russia, which was ultimately defeated. This memory still runs deep throughout the Russian Federation. In fact, the possibility of fascist involvement in the government of Kiev has been used very effectively in promoting Moscow’s direct involvement in the war in East Ukraine and the Russian annexation of the Crimean Peninsula.

A mighty and aggressive Germany is definitely something the Kremlin fears. Even though it is rumored that Russian President Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have a cordial relationship, this German development could change that.

With the first shooting war in Europe between two nations now raging in Ukraine, the dogs of war are barking. In spite of all the danger, American leadership is absent.

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Vlad Is Preparing For Global War – Are You?

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Due to the fall in the price of oil and the sanctions imposed by the West, the Russian economy has been battered. This is a well known fact. What is not so well known in the West is that the increase in Russian defense spending continues unabated.

Russians have demonstrated in the streets of Moscow recently about the cuts to hospitals, education, transportation, and other social services. Inflation is beginning to bite. So the Kremlin cuts the budget in response to all of this negative fiscal pressure but does not cut defense spending.

In fact, they increased it. Why?

The Wall Street Journal editorialized this week:

“I believe the Russians are mobilizing right now for a war that they think is going to happen in five or six years—not that they’re going to start a war in five or six years, but I think they are anticipating that things are going to happen, and that they will be in a war of some sort, of some scale, with somebody within the next five or six years.”  So says Lt. Gen. Frederick “Ben” Hodges, commander of U.S. Army Europe.   

Russia is preparing for war, a global war. They are modernizing their military, including their nuclear forces. Large-scale exercises have become commonplace.

These types of drills are not cheap and consume large amounts of financial resources that could be much better used elsewhere in Russia. Again, why is this happening?  It is happening because the Kremlin believes they are in a fight-to-the-death struggle with the West.

Moscow believes conflict is inevitable. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said as much. That is why they are strengthening their buffer zones in places like Ukraine against NATO.

Again, the Wall Street Journal quotes Lt. Gen. Hodges:

What Russian President Vladimir Putin “has done in Ukraine,” he says, “is a manifestation of a strategic view of the world. So when you look at the amount of equipment that has been provided, and the quality and sophistication of the equipment that has been provided to what I would call his proxies . . . they clearly have no intention of leaving there.”

Meanwhile, America continues to disarm; and NATO is splintering in the face of Russian pressure. The one thing Putin says over and over again that the Western press ignores is: “Don’t forget Russia has nuclear weapons.”  Russia is preparing for global war.

Are you?

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

World War III Is Breaking Out And We’re Without A Leader

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Recently, Ukraine reinstituted the draft and started mobilizing a large number of troops to refresh battle-weary soldiers on the front lines in the East, where the fighting is raging. The pro-Russian rebels have stated they too are bringing their forces to 100,000 men.

We now have the first real shooting war between European countries since World War II. Think about that and consider the carnage the first two world wars caused.

Russia is pouring in armor, sophisticated weapons, and supplies to their proxy army against the West in East Ukraine. Their forces are expanding their territory and may be about to cement a land bridge to Putin’s newest enclave, the Crimean peninsula. Putin is also actively courting Eastern European countries that are part of the EU and coaxing them back into Russia’s orbit.

Greece and Hungary are two examples; their leaders have made strong pro-Russian statements recently. These two countries are also part of NATO. Think about that.

Now Obama is making noises about providing weapons. Don’t bet on it – it’s just a ruse.

The alliance which held the peace in Europe is crumbling. It is crumbling because America has abdicated her leadership role in Europe that has kept the peace on the continent for almost a century.

There is truth to the age-old maxim from Machiavelli: “It is better to be feared than loved.” What if Russia had understood very clearly that there would be significant costs to their intervention in Ukraine from the start? I think we would be seeing a much different outcome. Totalitarian governments only listen to one thing—power.

In the Middle East, our pathetic president has withdrawn all U.S. forces, after years of spent blood and treasure. It is a travesty. It is sickening.

Now we see ISIS taking over large parts of Iraq and Syria, executing thousands along the way. Our Dear Leader will not even call these people terrorists. Either he is living in some type of alternate reality, or allowing ISIS to take over the Middle East is his agenda. Again, I say, look at the results of his actions, not what he says.

In either case, we have a serious global security threat mushrooming in historically violent parts of the world. The United States is weak, absent, pathetic. The mainstream media may not want to call this president on these facts, but I will. We are witnessing the beginnings of World War III. They will write about this weakness in the history books one day as we are without a leader who can deal with the situation. I fear for my children.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Greece Undermines Europe On First Day Of New Leftist Government

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During the first few days of the new leftist government in Greece, Europe has been shown a frightening scenario. We are literally witnessing the end of the Eurozone as we know it before our eyes. It is unraveling quickly.

In just the span of forty-eight hours, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras (pictured above) has stopped the privatization of Greek assets as required under the bailout, reinstated welfare provisions that were to be cut, and cozied up to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who would like nothing more than to split the European Union. Putin may very well get his wish. In short, we are seeing the dissolution of the Euro project and the possible destruction of the western alliance against Russia.

Putin has not just been attempting but has actually been interfering in western European politics and economic policy for months now. Tsipras actually met with Putin prior to the election. Greece has now called for the end of sanctions against Russia and will not, it seems, move to tighten sanctions against the Kremlin for its recent actions in East Ukraine.

The European leaders seem surprised; they are being played for the ineffective leaders that they are.

Now, Europe must make a decision.

Do they allow Greece, after being loaned hundreds of billions of dollars in a bailout, to just rip up those agreements and demand debt relief? Do they allow Greece to unilaterally end EU foreign policy? Do they allow Greece to appease Russia for short-term populist electoral gain?

Europe must show Tsipras that Greece is not too big to fail. The appeasement of this communist thug should not happen. Europe should swallow the red pill and allow Greece to go under and live with the consequences of their corruption and bad fiscal and economic decisions.

The other choice will cost them even more money. Because if Greece is allowed to do this, guess what? Spain and Italy will follow.

Europe and NATO will dissolve, which is exactly what Putin wants.

Then we, here in America, will be left to defend ourselves against a resurgent aggressive Russia, without allies in Europe.  And, with a weak, indecisive, corrupt, anti-American president.

Your children will live to regret that day.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Russia Possibly Starting Push To Crimea

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Russia has a problem. It’s called Crimea, or as Russians call it, Crim.

Yes, they stealthily took over the territory a year ago and are beefing up their presence there with military and civilian development. The peninsula is a prize the tsars through the ages have coveted. In fact, one of the reasons that Russia sold Alaska to America was to obtain financing for the Crimean War two centuries ago. However, the Kremlin’s problem is that during times of war, resupplying the Crimean Peninsula under current battlefield realities is extremely difficult.

Today is one of those difficult times. Moscow has several options to deal with this problem. The first is to build a bridge and beef up the current ferry system in place. However, these lines of resupply would be easily interrupted if an enemy chose to do so. The second is to work some kind of diplomatic solution to provide Moscow with a guaranteed land resupply route through Ukrainian territory. However, this seems extremely unlikely in the current political and military situation in East Ukraine.

The third option is the military one. Russia could force a land route to Crim by taking enough territory along the eastern Ukrainian border to make this possible. This would be a costly effort and would require the obvious introduction of many more overt Russian troops. There would be certain economic and diplomatic costs to this action.

Stratfor recently provided this analysis: “The alternative is to create a military presence that might be attacked but would have significant ability to resist. The third option is to use the threat of an attack on Ukrainian positions to force a more favorable political settlement. If that fails, Russia still has the superior strategic position that it has now.”

We may be seeing this scenario play out with the recent bombing in Mariupol, Ukraine. Pro-Russian forces indiscriminately rocketed civilian positions over the weekend, killing 30. We know from experience that these rebels are not very precise with their targeting and don’t mind killing civilians.

Or perhaps the shelling of the strategic Ukrainian city was just a response to President Obama’s absurd comments about Russian during the State of the Union speech. The next few weeks will shed light on Russia’s real intentions.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom