Watch: Rush Just Uncovered The ONLY Way We Can Defeat ISIS, And Obama Will Despise Him For It

Rush Limbaugh did not mince words on Fox News Sunday in assessing Pres. Obama’s foreign policy leadership, charging he is more concerned about meeting Iran’s demands than adopting a winning strategy to defeat ISIS.

The popular radio talk show host told Chris Wallace, “I don’t like saying any of this, but it’s obvious that Obama is very sensitive to Iran’s needs and is trying to satisfy them,” referring to the lifting of sanctions as part of the nuclear deal.

Wallace pressed Limbaugh what he would do if he were president.

“For one thing, I would do, Chris, I would hit their oil. I would hit their oil depots and I would hit their oil tankers. We’re not,” Limbaugh responded. “You know why we’re not? Because we have rules of engagement. The administration says well, some of the drivers might be civilians, and we can’t go there. And there might be some civilians at the actual oil depots and oil wells that they’ve taken over. That’s their primary source of revenue. I would hit that and I wouldn’t care.”

Limbaugh also observed that Obama seems to lack the fire in the belly needed to prosecute the fight against ISIS, though he seems to have no problem summoning it to deride Republicans and the media when they question his policies. “Barack Obama’s number one enemy is the Republican party and the conservative movement,” the talk show host said. 

Wallace also asked Limbaugh to give his assessment of the Republican field. Rush saved his highest praise for Ted Cruz, who he described as “Brilliant, and conservative through and through. Trustworthy, strong, confident, leader, and somebody in whom you can totally depend.” 

As for Jeb Bush, Limbaugh said, “I don’t think he really wants to do this. I’m watching, and I don’t see passion, I don’t see fire.”

Listen: Limbaugh Just Destroyed Obama’s Reaction To Media With Five Words He’ll Hate

Following Barack Obama’s remarks at the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey, on Monday, critics immediately reacted with incredulity over his unwillingness – in light of Friday’s attacks in Paris – to consider a new approach in the war on Islamic terror.

Syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh denounced Obama’s approach, saying his most recent attempt to sell a failed policy left him “looking like an incompetent boob” in front of the other G20 nations.

Specifically, Limbaugh pointed out the perceived fallacy of Obama’s declaration that “wherever there is sectarian violence we aren’t going to get involved.”

He pointed out that Obama has explained his reticence to fully engage militarily against ISIS by insisting that “no matter if we beat back one group, we don’t know who’s going to replace them.”

According to Limbaugh, Obama objectively looked weak as he defended his policy, though the host saw a more sinister motive behind the display.

“Obama is playing patty cake with the media,” he said, “… not answering, avoiding, looking like an incompetent boob in the process. But believe me, there is a strategy behind this; and the strategy is to protect the Democrat Party and his legacy.”

Limbaugh opined that the administration is “trying to lay the groundwork” to blame the increase in Islamic terrorism on its predecessor.

“Those [sectarian] differences exist,” he paraphrased Obama’s ostensible message, “because Bush went to Iraq.”

Though he thinks Obama is trying to pass the buck, Limbaugh warned of focusing on such periphery.

“It’s kind of moot to get involved in the blame game,” he concluded, “because the reality of dealing with these people is paramount – and that’s where Obama is failing big time.”

h/t: Daily Caller

Limbaugh Just Blew WIDE OPEN What Could Be The Real Reason For The Mizzou Chaos

On his nationally syndicated radio program on Thursday, Rush Limbaugh offered a possible theory for the sudden campus protests springing up around the country.

Limbaugh conjectured that the Democrat Party may be helping stoke these fires a means to drum up the African American vote in 2016.

[A]ll of this was a trumped-up, manufactured protest,” he said. “In fact, if you wanted to get really cynical you could almost say the Democrat Party is behind this, and the ultimate objective is to secure African-American turnout in 2016 to the same levels that Obama got it in 2008 and 2012.

Listen to Limbaugh’s remarks HERE.

The talk show host elaborated on his point:

I don’t think it would be a mistake to say Democrat Party operatives are behind all this stuff, from Ferguson to Baltimore to now Mizzou and over to Ithaca and all of it – trying to say the country is still racist as ever, for all intents and purposes we still have slavery – that no progress has been made and in their hearts, these evil Republicans still want black people in jail and all that. That’s a theme and were worse. And the whole point is to scare and panic these people to make sure they show up to vote against whoever the Republican is. If they can’t get them to vote for Hillary, get them to vote against the Republican. They need that black turnout. They need the Hispanic turnout. They’re worried about that. And they need the women vote, they’re worried about all of this stuff. You may not think they are. You may think they’re fat, dumb and happy and totally confident because the Republicans are a bunch of bumbling idiots. But it’s not the Republicans they’re afraid of. It’s the Tea Party. It’s the Republican base they’re afraid.

Limbaugh said even if the protests were not drummed by the Democrat Party, they are manufactured none-the-less. “It’s manufactured and its purpose is societal unrest and to tear down the institutions that have been with this country since the days of our founding,” he said.

h/t: Breitbart

Listen: Rush Just Nailed The REAL Reason Missouri’s President Resigned- No One Wanted To Say It…

Many are saying that radio talk show giant Rush Limbaugh had the resignation of University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe exactly right during his Monday broadcast. The Mizzou President, Rush said, resigned for “committing the crime of being a white male.”

The university chief’s resignation comes on the heels of a week of protests by black students who have been claiming that the Mizzou campus is rife with acts of “racism.” The protests culminated in a student-led hunger strike joined by 32 members of the school’s football team all with the goal of forcing the school’s president to resign.

By Monday, Wolfe caved in to the pressure and announced that he was resigning his post. It was a resignation that Rush Limbaugh lambasted on Monday.

“For those of you who are just now getting attuned to what’s happening during the day,” Rush began on Monday, “the University of Missouri’s embattled president has resigned. His name is Tim Wolfe. He just quit, just resigned, because of committing the crime of being a white male.”

This is just the ongoing attempt by the left to capture what they’re losing at the ballot box. The Democrat Party’s losing elections. Ferguson didn’t turn out the way the protestors wanted it to. People have moved down the road. You know what’s really interesting about this to me (and there are many aspects of it that are interesting) is that if you look at this incident by itself, outside of the context, you would believe that we still live in the 1800’s, that we are still pre-Civil War, that we still have slavery; we still have blatant racism and discrimination.

This country has done more to progress from those days, this country has done more to address the legitimate grievances…We have altered policy. We have had policies implemented to basically punish achievers because of their race in order to balance things out. We have lowered entry standards. We’ve done everything we can. Affirmative action. We’ve done quotas. And as you see, it’s never enough. Because it’s never really all about that. And I, frankly, think part of me was all weekend and this morning watching this…

Rush went on to note that “we don’t have students anymore. We have institutions of higher victimization.”

We are allowing students to adopt victim status as a means of getting what they want, including grades. In the list of student demands, there is this demand that university be more accepting of “marginalized” students. That means two things. Of course “marginalized” is a racial reference, but it also has to with students who might be flunking out. We’re supposed to overlook it. We’re not supposed to punish students who are not getting good grades ’cause it’s not their fault. They’re victims of a racist hierarchy and patriarchy on campus, and they’re doing the best they can.

Limbaugh also noted that our colleges are becoming a laughing stock.

We’re not raising an era of college-educated people. We’re creating victims. We’re creating rage-filled maniacs with a totally distorted view of reality and of history. We have a president who has such weird economic policies that even if they do manage to graduate from these supposed higher institutions, they don’t have any jobs or careers to latch onto.

The recriminations are still reverberating at Mizzou. Now the school’s Chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, has also announced he’s resigning over the incident.


Rush Just Revealed The ‘Over-The-Top Unbelievable’ News That Took Him To ‘Twilight Zone Territory’

On Monday, Rush Limbaugh discussed Microsoft’s founder and his recent comments on climate change.

Limbaugh was very clear that there was madness in Bill Gates’ recent pronouncement that capitalism cannot save the world from climate change. He was also clear that there are ulterior motives beneath Gates’ words.

“This is one of the craziest, nonsensical things I have ever in my life heard,” Limbaugh said. “I understand why he said it. But it is just over-the-top unbelievable. Bill Gates says that capitalism cannot save us from climate change. Bill Gates says that socialism is the only thing that can save us from climate change.”

Limbaugh also quoted Gates as saying, “Since World War II, U.S.-government R&D has defined the state of the art in almost every area. The private sector is in general inept.”

“This is just mind-boggling to me,” Limbaugh said. “This is Twilight Zone territory for me. This is surreal.”

Limbaugh went on to explain the evidence linking the most polluted nations with socialist governments.

The talk show host said be believed that for Gates it was not about global warming but money. He noted that as long as there have been men with riches, those men have feared having their money taken away. “Gee, I hope the peasants with pitchforks leave me alone and don’t storm my castle,” Limbaugh said.

To avert that, some super-billionaires embrace feel-good causes, Limbaugh said.

“It is that belief of mine, that theory, which I have come up with to explain why people like Gates and Buffett and a number of these other super billionaires talk like Marxist liberals all the time. It is to keep people away from their money,” Limbaugh said.

He said that Gates and others seek to manipulate public opinion.

“Get the geek, nerd crew on your side loving you and supporting you, it’s a bunch of Millennial young leftists and then keep the peasants with pitchforks away from you by removing your billions as a threat to them ’cause you’re a good guy,” he said.

“It is to send the message, ‘Hey, we don’t threaten you, leave me alone. I’m spending all my money on philanthropy. I’m giving money to AIDS. I’m giving money to Africa. I’m giving money to global warming. I’m giving money to the arts. I’m giving money to support gay marriage and transgenders. Leave me alone,’” Limbaugh said.

h/t: TheBlaze