WATCH: See What People Say When Asked To Sign A Petition To Do THIS To The American Flag

Author, political activist, and fake-petition-funny-guy Mark Dice has shown us time and again the outrageous things that average, everyday Americans are willing to support. Not long ago, Western Journalism shared a Dice video in which he got a bunch of California beach goers to endorse a supposed plan by President Obama to repeal the entire Bill of Rights. A couple of years back, we showed you another clip where Dice took to the streets to get signatures on his “petition” for Barack Obama to receive immunity from prosecution for all crimes he commits while president — and yep, lots of people gladly signed on.

Now, Dice is at it once again as he asks folks around San Diego to join an effort (fake, though it may be) to have the American flag banned and replaced with a rainbow banner representing a “new world order.” While some refuse to sign the petition, a number of people agree that the proposal to ban the Stars and Stripes is something they can support.

The inspiration for this so-called petition drive, as Dice tells people, is the growing number of calls to ban Confederate flags in the wake of the Charleston church massacre.

As Infowars observes of Dice’s latest man-on-the-street encounters:

In signing the petition, these individuals sided with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who last week called for the American flag to be banned due to its links with racism.

‘I don’t know what the hell the fight is about over the Confederate flag! We need to put the American flag down because we’ve caught as much hell under that as the Confederate flag!’ said Farrakhan.

As Western Journalism reported last week, Rush Limbaugh predicted on his radio show that the American flag would become the next target of leftist ideologues. And as you click above to watch this video from Mark Dice, you will see that — as crazy as the notion sounds — a lot of people would likely go along with the idea to bring down Old Glory.

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Rush Thinks He’s Found The Real Reason The Supreme Court Let Obamacare Slide — And It’s Sinister

Fresh off of a seemingly clairvoyant prediction that the ongoing controversy surrounding the Confederate flag would spread to a denouncement of the American flag, radio host Rush Limbaugh this week made a bold assertion regarding Thursday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding ObamaCare. The 6-3 vote upheld the use of federal tax subsidies in assisting poor Americans in need of health insurance.

Expressing his disappointment with Chief Justice John Roberts over his decision to side with the Obama administration, Limbaugh determined the generally conservative justice was influenced by outside forces. Thursday’s decision was the second in which Roberts voted with the majority to protect the largely unpopular federal healthcare law.

The venerable host prefaced his analysis by insisting that he is “not accusing anybody” of wrongdoing, going on to explain that surrounding details seem to suggest Roberts is influenced by money. Building on reports that show shares of healthcare-related stocks jumped in the wake of the high court’s ruling, Limbaugh hypothesized that this was the result Roberts might have been pursuing.

He continued by suggesting that “when you follow the money, a lot of questions that seem unanswerable become clear.”

Reader comments on leftist sites like Media Matters were predictably upset by Limbaugh’s monologue. The pithy retorts scribed below an article on that site included one critic’s assertion that those in the conservative media realm “are real morons.”

Within the social media realm, however, reaction was more balanced as many Obamacare opponents shared Limbaugh’s incredulous take on Roberts’ vote.


Did Chief Justice Roberts base his vote on an interpretation of the Constitution or some outside force? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Limbaugh Makes Two Stunning Predictions Regarding What The Confederate Flag Controversy Is Really About

During his syndicated radio program Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh opined on the recent mass shooting in Charleston, S.C., and the subsequent push for the state to remove the Confederate flag from atop its Statehouse.

According to Limbaugh’s assessment, targeting the southern symbol is but the first step in a much loftier goal among leftist ideologues.

“It’s not going to stop with the Confederate flag,” he asserted, “because it’s not about the Confederate flag. It’s about destroying the South as political force. It’s about isolating, targeting and identifying the South as [shooting suspect] Dylann Roof. Not Charleston, S.C. – the South. That’s what the leftists’ efforts on the Confederate flag are. Do not doubt me, folks.”

His monologue continued with a second prediction.

“The next flag that will come under assault,” the suggested, “and it will not be long, is the American flag.”

Leftist activists, he said, will begin to associate the national banner with the nation’s perceived history of hate and oppression.

“If you take a look at the timeline of the progression of events,” he said, “the speed and rapidity with which the left is conducting this assault on all of these American traditions and institutions – if you don’t think the American flag is in their crosshairs down the road, you had better stop and reconsider.”

Leftists, he suggested, will start to believe that the flag “stands for America” and “as such, everything that’s wrong with it.”

Though far-left Media Matters for America attracted numerous critics to the comments section of its report on the recent comments, readers on other sites were more likely to share Limbaugh’s concerns.

“It wouldn’t surprise me,” one reader wrote on The Blaze. “The left is nothing but a bunch of lunatics and morons.”

Will the left begin demonizing the American flag soon? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Limbaugh Just Revealed The Media’s TRUE Agenda With ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner: ‘Don’t Doubt Me On This’

As America’s media spotlight remains trained on its most famous transgender celebrity, many commentators wonder how such constant focus on deviant behavior will affect our culture. Unsurprisingly, radio host Rush Limbaugh has a theory. In a recent broadcast, he insisted that the activists pushing for a celebration of Bruce Jenner’s sex change are in fact working toward an ultimate goal of destroying conservatism.

The left, he asserted, is interested in turning conservatives and Republicans into “the new weirdos, the new kooks,” while furthering their agenda of “normalizing all of this really marginal behavior.”

Limbaugh pointed out the fact that so much attention has been paid lately to a minute segment of the population.

“I mean, if less than 1 percent of the population is engaging in it,” he said, “it’s marginalized behavior. It isn’t normal, no matter how you define it.”

Nevertheless, constant pro-trans rhetoric from left-leaning media outlets seek to find a definition under which such behavior is acceptable, he said.

“The objective here is to then portray the old norms and the practitioners of the old norms as the deadbeats, the dry balls, the sticks in the mud,” Limbaugh continued, “—or worse, they’re racist, sexist, bigots, homophobes, but they’re the weirdos.”

In the end, he said, transgenderism is simply the next special interest group leftists are using to further their own agenda.

“Gay marriage is now accepted, it seems, coast to coast, north to south,” he said. “The gay rights issue is basically no longer a big fight.”

Limbaugh suggested that “transgender people became the new gay people,” noting that “transgenders are even a smaller percentage of the population than homosexuals are.”

He cited the opinion of Dr. Paul R. McHugh, Johns Hopkins Hospital’s former psychiatrist in chief, who wrote an editorial denouncing gender reassignment surgery as a treatment for transgender people.

“It was his claim,” Limbaugh said, “—he just came right out and said it – that we’re dealing with mental illness here.”

Does the left want to silence social conservatives? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Listen: Rush Limbaugh Just Exposed This One Thing Liberals And ISIS Have In Common

During a recent broadcast, radio host Rush Limbaugh reacted to GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s recent assertion that Christianity is under attack in America. Asked in an interview if his Christian faith would affect his decision-making on social issues should he become president, Rubio stated:

We are at the water’s edge of the argument that mainstream Christian teaching is hate speech; because today we’ve reached the point in our society where if you do not support same-sex marriage, you are labeled a homoephobe and a hater. What’s the next step after that, after they’re done going after individuals? The next step is to argue the teaching of mainstream Christianity, the catechism of the Catholic Church, is hate speech. And that’s a real and present danger.

Limbaugh declared Rubio to be “right on the money,” though the veteran host did opt to expand on the topic in an impassioned monologue. He began by asserting Christianity has been a target for leftists around the world since long before he was born.

“Organized religion in general, but Christianity is the number one enemy of these people,” Limbaugh said. “You notice they’ve made friends with militant Islam. The left will not stand for any criticism of militant Islam, right?”

When it comes to the left’s treatment of Christians, however, he said there is an obvious double standard. Making matters worse, Limbaugh claimed radical Islamists are welcoming an alliance with leftist leaders in the U.S.

“In their mind, their enemy is Christianity, so there is a commonality there,” Limbaugh continued, challenging anyone in his audience to disprove his theory that “the left has formed an accord with Islam.”

He bolstered his argument by pointing out the overwhelming effort by many Democrats to silence any potentially offensive expression critical of the faith.

“You can’t criticize Islam and they go out of their way not to,” he concluded. “You can’t call them terrorists. You know the drill. Christianity – it’s open season. You can say anything. You can do anything. You can mock anything.”

Is the left waging a war on Christian values in America? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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