Watch: Limbaugh Smacks Down Establishment, Points Out The 1 Thing They Don’t Want To Hear

Rush Limbaugh ripped into the GOP establishment on his radio show Wednesday for being out of touch with the American people.

Limbaugh was attempting to address GOP befuddlement with Donald Trump’s popularity within the Republican Party and his winning streak in the primaries. After all, supporters and critics agree Trump doesn’t fit the Republican profile of a presidential candidate.

“In the case of the anger on the Republican side propelling this primary season…nobody is saying, ‘Hey, why are they mad?  What did we do to make them so mad?  Maybe we need a seminar or two over here in some lobbyist’s office to figure out why they’re so mad at us?,’” Limbaugh said. “Why don’t you people take a little time out, instead of mischaracterizing the anger, why don’t you follow your own guidelines and try to learn from it? Why don’t you try to ask yourself what have you done that made everybody so mad?”

Greta Van Susteren, on her Fox News program On the Record, played Limbaugh’s segment and took up the subject of Republican anger at the establishment, which has presumably fueled Trump’s popularity. Guest Nina Easton of Fortune magazine agreed with Limbaugh, “Our middle-class dropped below 50 percent for the very first time in decades in December,” Easton said. “We’ve been shedding manufacturing jobs. We’ve been having trouble keeping up with the manufacturing centers in China. This whole world economic trend…has really battered us.”

Easton said Trump talks about those issues and it has led to his popularity as a non-establishment candidate.

Annie Linskey, also a guest on Van Susteren’s show, accused Trump of demagoguery by “stoking anger in the population.” She suggests Trump doesn’t offer any real solutions to the problems. “You need leaders who are going to do more than just demagogue,” she said.

The Establishment Is ENRAGED After What Rush Limbaugh Just Said About Jeb’s Campaign

Reveling in what he called “the mother of ‘See? I told you so’ moments,” syndicated radio host Rush Limbaugh cited two recent “postmortems” written to chronicle the end of Jeb Bush’s failed presidential bid.

Referring to articles by the Washington Post and Politico, Limbaugh told his audience on Monday that both outlets came to basically the same conclusion.

“If I had to synthesize it down,” he continued, “it would be the Republican establishment and the establishment’s consultants class raised over $100 million believing in an old paradigm: that it was all money. The message, that could come later. The candidate — yeah, that was somewhat important, but we can’t use his last name.”

In his wide-ranging monologue, Limbaugh took particular care in eviscerating the political establishment’s botched handling of Bush’s campaign.

“This is the establishment,” he said. “These are the people with access to all the donors. These are the people that could put their hands on that kind of money, and they had no idea what to do with it. They had no idea what they were doing, all the while thinking they were the only ones who knew what they were doing.”

The GOP elite, Limbaugh asserted, is divided between fear and denial. Some continue to forecast the implosion of outsider candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, he said, while others are doing whatever they can to win despite the party’s base growing increasingly frustrated with politics as usual.

Referencing a 2014 quote by Bush in which he said a Republican “has to be much more uplifting, much more positive, much more willing to … be practical” in order to win a general election, Limbaugh concluded that it was the former Florida governor’s intention to “lose the primary to win the general.”

Listen: Rush Limbaugh Just Asked The 1 Question About Pope Francis That No One Else Wanted To

Pope Francis made international headlines when he intimated this week that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not a Christian due to his stance on border security. As Western Journalism reported, Trump didn’t stay silent when attacked by the pope.

Trump initially weighed in on the pope’s visit to Mexico by saying he was being used as a “puppet” for the Mexican government to come after the GOP front-runner’s campaign promise to build a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Upon the pope’s arrival, he addressed reporters calling into question Trump’s faith, saying, “And then, a person who thinks only about building walls … is not Christian. This is not in the gospel … I say only that this man is not Christian if he said things like that.”

Trump fired back by questioning the integrity of the pope, saying, “For a religious leader to question a person’s faith is disgraceful.”

Rush Limbaugh is now weighing in on the confrontation, appearing to question the pope’s motives.

“Who is the pope working for? What is the Pope doing inserting himself?” Limbaugh asked. “He’s the Vicar of Christ. He is the world-wide leader of the Catholic Church faith. What is he doing inserting himself into the American political system this way? That to me is the larger question.”

“What is the pope doing here? Why?” Limbaugh also asked his listening audience.

Limbaugh concluded by referencing the wall surrounding the Vatican, saying it must be higher than 40 feet. The radio talk show host claimed he’s seen the wall and that no one is able to climb over it.

Rush Limbaugh: FBI Wants More From Apple Than Just The Terrorist’s iPhone Data

Video Transcript:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Here we have the [San Bernardino] terrorist’s cell phone and law enforcement wants in it. And find out what else might be planned, who else might be involved and it’s very tough to stand up for citizen’s privacy rights when the FBI and the White House, “Hey it’s just that one phone! Don’t panic here! All we want is that one phone!” But that’s not all they want.

Some in the media are attacking Apple for not cooperating.

BO DIETL: But let’s face one thing, this is national security. This is not the first time this is going to come up. We’re not talking about having everyone have the capability – me as a private investigator, I shouldn’t have the capability where I can breach into people’s phones. – but this is national security.

LT. COL. RALPH PETERS: Tim Cook is a complete phony. This is not about privacy rights of law abiding Americans. This is about Apple selling a lot of iPhones to really, really bad people. This is absolutely shameful. The federal government did everything right – got the court order. And Tim Cook is acting like Hillary Clinton – above the law, better than the rest of us.

Limbaugh goes on to explain the FBI isn’t after just one phone.

LIMBAUGH: The best way that I have found to explain to people what’s going on here: instead of this being a cell phone in possession of a dead terrorist, or a dead terrorist’s cell phone, think of it as a safe in the terrorist’s house. And the government says, “No, no, no. We just want that one safe. We just want the government, we just want the safe company to crack that one safe. We want them to give us the combination to that one safe.” And everyone says, “Well what’s wrong with that!? The terrorists are dead. Who knows what’s in that safe? Let’s go in there and get it.” But that’s not what they’re asking for. What the FBI is asking for is for the manufacturer – the safe company – to give them the combinations of every safe they have made and will make. That is essentially what the government – the FBI –  is asking of Apple. Give us the key that will allow us to crack any phone. Now they aren’t saying that but that’s going to be the end result if the FBI wins this. This is the federal government making a move on a private corporation and this was a strategically planned – this was a specifically chosen event by the FBI. In fact I don’t even think what’s on this phone is the real target for the FBI and the government. I think it’s just the way they’re getting in.

Limbaugh And Scalia Met Face-To-Face Only Once, But Scalia Taught Him Something Profound

The sudden and unexpected death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has moved many people to remember him and the impact that he had on their life.

One such person is radio talk show host, writer and conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh.

Rush recalls when he received word of Scalia’s death this past Saturday. According to Limbaugh, he was hard at work on a project and had turned off the television and internet. Therefore, he was unaware of the tragic news until he received a text from a friend.

The text read, “Our country is cursed.”

Intrigued, Limbaugh asked in a return text, “Why?” Through a series of texts, he was made aware of Scalia’s death.

Limbaugh said he was filled with sadness and panic. He said he soon began to wonder what the political outcome would be.

Limbaugh reminisced about the time he met Justice Scalia in Missouri during one of Scalia’s speaking tours. A dinner party was being given for him and his traveling companions.

Rush was asked if he wanted to attend the event. He and his wife flew in for the party. Later they offered to fly Scalia and Leonard Leo back to Washington.

Rush admits to being selfish and trying to learn as much about the workings of the Supreme Court from Justice Scalia as he could. He assumed that some of the ideas and concepts he had about the Court may be incorrect.

Limbaugh said he was under the impression that during session, the justices would debate and try to change the minds of other justices on a case-by-case basis.

In response, Justice Scalia looked at him and said, “I’m not gonna change their mind. We’re not going to change their mind. We don’t do that. That doesn’t happen. We go and vote. We write our opinions. There may be some changing of minds along the way but, no, no, no, no, are you kidding? Change their minds?”