Rush Just Made A HUGE Revelation About ‘Anchor Babies’ That No One Realizes

On his syndicated radio show Thursday, Rush Limbaugh noted that the United States is one of only two countries that give automatic citizenship to children born on their land.

Limbaugh quoted an article published in March by The Fiscal Times. “Among developed nations, only the U.S. and Canada still offer automatic citizenship to children born on their soil. Not a single European country follows the practice,” author Liz Peek wrote. The article continued:

We take this right for granted, but the evidence is that this entitlement encourages a booming birth tourism business (which undermines our immigration objectives) and virtually guarantees that the number of people in the country illegally will continue to grow.

“Did you know that?” Limbaugh asked his audience rhetorically. “In other words, let’s say that you live in Morocco, and you want to go to London. You go to London, you’re a woman and you get pregnant, you give birth, your kid is not a citizen of the U.K. The United States and Canada still are the only countries, developed nations, that offer automatic citizenship to children born on their soil. Not a single European country follows the practice.”

“For prosperous Chinese or residents of unstable countries like Russia, an American passport represents an invaluable safety net,” Peek wrote. “Some estimate that as many as 40,000 children from all over the world are born under such circumstances in the U.S. each year. Over time, with family members climbing aboard, the total allowed into the country multiples.”

Once those babies turn 21, and if they are in the country, they can sponsor other family members to enter the U.S. Under our law, which promotes family unification, parents, siblings and minor children of a U.S. citizen are welcome. According to a report from John Feere of the Center for Immigration Studies, admitting family members account for most of the nation’s growth in immigration levels. Of the 1,130,818 immigrants who were granted legal permanent residency in 2009, a total of 747,413 (or, 66 percent) were family-sponsored immigrants.

The issue of birthright citizenship has recently come to the forefront among the Republican presidential candidates. Donald Trump, for example, has proposed an immigration plan that would revoke birthright citizenship altogether. In an interview with Bill O’Reilly Tuesday, Trump contended the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee birthright citizenship. Another so-called top tier candidate, Gov. Scott Walker, agrees.

But former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida said Tuesday that birthright citizenship is a “constitutionally protected right” and “doesn’t support revoking it.” Former Hewlett-Packard executive Carly Fiorina believes it would take a constitutional amendment to revoke birthright citizenship. “It’s part of our 14th Amendment. So honestly, I think we should put all of our energies, all of our political will into finally getting the border secured and fixing the legal immigration,” she told NBC News Monday.

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Limbaugh Just Made A HUGE Statement About Trump And People Who ‘Love America.’ Many Will Be Furious…

Donald Trump — the Republican candidate who launched and has built his 2016 campaign on the problem of illegal immigration and what to do about it — is getting blasted in the mainstream media after he issued a 1,900-word policy paper on the emotionally-charged, politically tricky subject. Trump’s position is being characterized, essentially, as: round up and deport the illegals and build a big wall on the southern U.S. border.

Media criticism ranges from dismissive to scathing. A New York Times article observes: “So much for Republicans wooing Hispanic voters with a more moderate tone.” An editorial in The Washington Post declares: “Donald Trump’s immigration plan would wreak havoc on U.S. society.” An opinion piece by a member of the USA Today board of contributors — a piece published online by CNN — calls Trump’s plan “clueless,” adding that “his ideas are impractical at best and at worst inhumane.” Writer Paul Reyes argues that Trump’s plan is extreme and veers “far to the right of the American mainstream.”

However, radio talker Rush Limbaugh contends that “The Donald” is right in line with mainstream thinking on illegal immigration. Limbaugh told his millions of listeners on Monday that the liberal media and inside-the-Beltway politicians of both parties just don’t get how upset most Americans are about what’s happening to the country because of unchecked illegal immigration:

Trump’s the only guy standing up against it… I don’t think these people have any idea just how angry, frightened, fearful, a pretty big majority of the people in this country are, that we are losing the country, and we’re losing it because of immigration… And they see both parties in cahoots to make it happen, and they don’t understand it. People that love America do not understand this.

The popular conservative radio host argues that Trump’s appeal and his top position in the polls rests on his firm and unwavering stance on the issue of illegal immigration, which sets him apart from the other sixteen Republicans vying for the party’s nomination.

“Now, the inside-the-Beltway people, when they hear that, they cringe, ‘Oh, my God…oh, God.’ [But the] people are standing up and cheering,” claims Rush. “They don’t want their country given away, for crying out loud!… I’m telling you, that one has people standing up and cheering.”

Limbaugh says the Trump plan on immigration — illegal and legal — will appeal not only to Republican voters upset with the status quo, but also to Democrats and Independents. And as Breitbart News points out, Trump has been working with conservative Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions in crafting the candidate’s detailed immigration plan for America. That’s a political alliance that could add legitimacy and momentum to Trump’s policy platform.

“Sen. Sessions, Chairman of the Senate’s Immigration Subcommittee, is widely regarded as the gold standard on immigration. Sessions has also become the intellectual thought leader in the Republican Party on appealing to the blue collar voters who have been abandoned by their political leaders,” notes Breitbart.

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Rush Limbaugh Just Gave Trump A Big Piece Of Advice Almost Everyone Can Agree With

A man who has spent decades sharing his opinions with millions of adoring fans admitted recently that he isn’t sure what to think of Donald Trump’s continued success among Republican presidential primary candidates.

“I have to tell you, folks,” radio host Rush Limbaugh told listeners Monday, “it’s uncharted territory for me, anyway. I can’t come here with a firm, ‘This is what I think about this or that’ because I really have to sit here and just observe more of it as it plays out.”

He did acknowledge that Trump’s campaign has resonated across the U.S.

“I’m just objectively looking at this,” Limbaugh said. “Trump is popular for a host of reasons. One of the reasons Trump is popular is because of the positions he has articulated on issues that a significant number of Americans consider to be very important, and he has said things on those issues that this significant number of Americans happen to agree with.”

Limbaugh did have some advice for the surging White House hopeful as primary season continues.

He said it would be in Trump’s “best interest” to once again utilize the formula that was largely responsible for his initial popularity.

“I’m not presuming to tell Mr. Trump what to do,” he explained, “but I just think you dance with the ones who brung you. You never forget why you are someplace, and he’s there because of issues. It’s time to hear more from Mr. Trump on other issues that are also considered to be very important, and if he does that, then he’ll take the rest of the campaign with him.”

Could Trump damage his lead in the polls by ignoring relevant campaign issues? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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BOOM: Rush Just Asked The One Question About The Slain Lion The Whole World Should Ask

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh questioned how so many can “get teary-eyed and misty-eyed and sad over Cecil [the lion] and, at the same time, participate in burying what’s happening at Planned Parenthood?  Can somebody explain that to me?” he said on Wednesday’s program.

Limbaugh made clear that he gets the sadness over the death of an innocent, magnificent lion, who was a prime attraction at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. “I myself was ravaged with sadness when I heard about the death of Cecil the lion,” the self-identified cat lover said.

He noted that outrage has been expressed from all corners. Even late night host Jimmy Kimmel devoted a lengthy portion of his opening monologue to express outrage over the famous lion’s death.

Limbaugh observed how much more the nation should be outraged over the actions of Planned Parenthood, which has been implicated in selling aborted babies’ body parts.

“I do know how the animal people are. But I know that most animal people…they have the same attitude toward human beings. Look, I understand the difference. Human beings, adult human beings, they’re not the essence of innocence. But babies in the womb are. Babies in the womb are more innocent than any animal is,” said Limbaugh.

Presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio shared Rush’s observation too, tweeting:

Marco Rubio Tweet Cecil the Lion

While there have been calls from various corners for President Obama’s Justice Department to investigate Planned Parenthood’s allegedly illegal acts, so far there appears to be no action. However, the administration has been quick to offer its support into investigating the death of Cecil the lion.

The Hill reports:

Obama administration officials are offering to help the Zimbabwean government investigate the high-profile killing of a lion there by a United States dentist.

The Fish & Wildlife Service, which is responsible for both enforcing domestic wildlife law and mitigating international wildlife crime, said the administration has taken note of the international outcry over the killing of Cecil, a beloved African lion, and is ready to take action if needed.

“The Service is deeply concerned about the recent killing of Cecil the lion,” Laury Parramore, a spokesman for the agency, said in a statement.

“We are currently gathering facts about the issue and will assist Zimbabwe officials in whatever manner requested,” she said. “It is up to all of us — not just the people of Africa — to ensure that healthy, wild populations of animals continue to roam the savanna for generations to come.”

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Rush Limbaugh Just Revealed The One Way People Attacking Trump Are Hypocrites

Acknowledging upfront that he is “no apologist” for the brash presidential contender, radio host Rush Limbaugh still said the backlash against Donald Trump over his recent remarks regarding Sen. John McCain’s war record has been largely misleading.

Regarding widespread reports that Trump denied the former prisoner of war is a hero, Limbaugh deferred to investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s analysis and concluded he “did not say what he’s being reputed to have said.”

In fact, Limbaugh pointed to the fact that Trump has since corrected his initial misstatement multiple times.

“He said it one time,” the host said of Trump’s flub, “he was answering a question, and he said that McCain’s not a hero, captured; and he changed and said four different times he is a hero – he is a war hero. McCain is a war hero. He said that four times.”

Some national media outlets, however, have failed to report the subsequent clarifications, Limbaugh charged.

“What actually was said by the offending party and the context in which it was said are purposely blurred, lied about or ignored,” he said.

An underlying issue, Limbaugh concluded, can be found in the disparate reactions McCain and Trump received for their respective parts in the recent public squabble. The host noted that McCain started the war of words, after all, when he referred to Trump’s supporters as “crazies.”

While Trump is being excoriated for his comments, however, Limbaugh said that there is no corresponding call for McCain to disavow his rhetoric.

Is there a double standard regarding the media’s coverage of the Trump campaign? Share your thoughts int he comments section below.

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