Vermont Senate Candidate Says, “Impeach Obama!”

The following call to impeach Barack Obama was written by Robert Wagner, Independent candidate for the Vermont state senate. His platform calls for an end to foreign wars, localizing Vermont’s economy, and making “serious investments in alternative energy.” Readers may agree with some of Wagner’s criticisms or remedies and disagree with others, but his candidacy demonstrates the breadth and diversity of Americans who believe this lawless administration must be held accountable. Of course, we hope by 2012, impeaching Barack Obama will be unnecessary. For more information on Robert Wagner, visit his website. Click here to sign the petition to impeach Obama. Click here to learn more about the Impeach Obama Campaign. Click here to see what you can do to help impeach Obama. – Ed.

As your Independent candidate for the Vermont Senate for Addison County and Brandon, I am calling for the impeachment of the federal president. I am calling on my learned colleagues currently sitting in the Legislature, to direct this impeachment under Jefferson’s Rules.

Nobody is above the law, nobody.

For not only continuing but compounding the Bush-era coup of our Republic, this man deserves to have every single law-abiding citizen turn his back on him. On his hands is the blood of every Vermonter who has died or will die in these oil wars: Iraq, Afghanistan and now Libya.

He is also responsible for:

  • The deaths, maiming, torture, homelessness of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in these and other countries.
  • The continuing genocide against North American Indians, Pashtun tribespeople, and anybody else who gets in the way of Big Oil, uranium extraction, pipeline deals…
  • Propping up an infinite growth economy based on cheap (often stolen) oil. Peak Oil is now past, and with it the brutality that built that economy and nearly ruined the planet on which we live.

Any congressman that votes to fund any illegal, unconstitutional war is also party to war crimes. Notably, Rep. Ron Paul (R) has consistently refused to fund these wars. Rep. Peter Welch (D) has also begun to question the legitimacy of this funding, and has voted against it.

I understand that many of you here in Addison County had high hopes in the ‘changing of the guard’. I regret to inform you that those hopes of reform… have failed. We must maintain the moral high ground, even if this man has failed to represent us honestly.

My call to arms: Plant your gardens, relocalize your economy. Find your community. Join and support the Transition Towns movement, start one in your area if one doesn’t exist. Reskill yourselves. A better world is at hand.

What’s left? We are! You want to know who’s the most important branch of government? Go look in the mirror. Educate yourself, become involved in local government. Plant your gardens.

And stay tuned, I will bring you the news on Impeachment and how to get involved. Look for a new page here at!

Dan DeWalt’s Statement for the Impeachment of Obama

When George W. Bush and Dick Cheney acted against the Constitution in their illegal conduct of wars, wiretapping and torture, Vermonters called loudly for the logical remedy available to the Republic to correct these wrongs – impeachment.

The Democrat controlled Congress, craven and controlled by special interests, refused to act and instead said “just wait, we’ll soon have a Democratic President and these nefarious policies will be reversed”. *

Instead, President Obama has continued with many of the worst of these abuses and has further entrenched executive branch over-reach. These unconstitutional acts, unchecked and unchallenged are eroding the basic structure and hallowed tenants of our Republic.

Because our loyalties are to the Republic and not to any political party, we once again call upon our fellow Americans to recognize that this President must too be called to account and impeachment proceedings should be initiated against Barrack Obama.

Because the U.S. Congress has become dis-functional and serves only the interests of the moneyed interests and the two major political parties, we expect no such action to be taken. However, it is still our duty to demand that the principles of our Republic not be sacrificed for any reason by any President of any party.

The full legal argument for impeachment, as expertly outlined by constitutional lawyer Bruce Fein is included below. Any patriotic American is obliged to understand and accept the gravity of these charges and to advocate impeachment for the sake of the future of democracy, such as it is, in the United States.

Dan DeWalt
South Newfane VT
Patriotic Response to Renegade Government

Dan DeWalt initiated the impeachment of Bush/Cheney by organizing the Town Meeting Impeachment Drive, two years running that led to the 603 Impeachment Drive.

’603′ refers to Rule 603 from Jefferson’s Rulebook for the Congress, where (wisely) Jefferson extended the reach of democracy to the people, to defend the principles of the Republic, such that Articles of Impeachment could be forwarded to the Speaker of the House through State Legislatures. Dan’s leadership brought that movement through to successful passage by the Vermont Senate.

* John Conyers, speaking in Washington DC during an anti-war rally.