Watch: What Defiant Rick Perry Just Said About His Indictment Shows Why He’s Texas Tough


Rick Perry may no longer be the governor of Texas, but he’s still very much in the legal spotlight in the Lone Star State…and still moving ahead with plans for a possible 2016 presidential run.

That bright legal spotlight following Perry has to do with his felony indictment that a judge has once again refused to dismiss. That indictment, which Perry claims amounts to the “criminalization of politics,” was filed after the then-governor pulled state funding from a county district attorney after her refusal to leave office following a drunk-driving conviction.

In an appearance on “Hannity” Wednesday night, Perry told the Fox News host that he’s not worried about the indictment and wears it as a “badge of honor,” saying the Constitution will ultimately protect him.

You can see why Rick Perry said that — and what else the former governor told Sean Hannity about his legal troubles — by clicking on the video above.

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Rick Perry’s Gift To Texas’ Governor-Elect…A Bible Verse?


For this week’s commentary, I just want to say that I love Jesus Christ! He is not only the greatest Teacher to ever live, but also the best political leader.

His statutes and judgments were always perfect! People, not himself, were always the top of His priority. He knew when to give harsh critique of the self righteous, and when to give necessary justice in times of political hypocrisy.  He acknowledged the need and legitimacy of the state when He taught “Render under Caesar that which is Caesar’s.”  Then He limited that political power by saying “Render unto God, that which is God’s!”  He distinguished the two powers, placing the emphasis on God’s authority.

This January, part of that biblical, civil government authority was passed from one governor to another in the state of Texas.

Outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry, while keeping in tradition of the state of Texas, handed over a very coveted copy of the Bible to Governor-elect Greg Abbott. As has been tradition in Texas, Perry underlined a scripture inside of the book for the incoming governor to meditate on.

First of all, I want to compliment the tradition of the state of Texas–and secondly, compliment the verse that Governor Rick Perry chose to pass along.  I am so grateful for the former governor’s decision to keep this tradition alive.  I believe it is traditions like this that cause these United States to remain a Republic, where authority is derived from our Creator and that all law is subject to the laws He has given us in Nature and the Bible.

The purpose of government in the U.S. is clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence: “…that to secure these (God-given) rights…  governments are instituted among men.”

Don’t you wish every governor in this Union would subscribe to the American View of Government: “there is a Creator God; our God-given rights come from Him; and the purpose – the only purpose – of government is to protect our God-given rights”?

This American View can very easily be extracted from Governor Perry’s admonishing Scripture…

“But Jesus called them unto Him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20: 25-28)


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Texas Officials And Healthcare Workers: “Imminent Ebola Epidemic Is A Certainty” In America

Flickr: Georgia National Guard

Author’s note: The first version of this article contained a mistake stating that Thomas Eric Duncan had been moved from Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas to Texas Health Presbyterian in Plano two days after arriving at the hospital via ambulance. The sentence should have stated that he was moved from the Plano facility to the one in Dallas. The correction has now been made. The miscommunication occurred during an early morning conversation between the author and an administrator at Texas Health Presbyterian. Both are residents of Texas and are under an incredible amount of stress due to their personal involvement in the Ebola outbreak. We sincerely apologize for the error and ask that our readers be understanding of the fact that the situation in Texas is a developing one. As whistleblowers continue to come forward, we will continue striving to maintain the highest degree of journalistic integrity. 

Texas officials and healthcare workers from around the state are urgently warning friends and family that an “imminent Ebola epidemic is a certainty“.

This is not a test.

The above quote is drawn from a conversation between the author and a Texas healthcare professional with over 39 years of experience in many areas of medical care (including ICU, ER, labor & delivery) and currently works as a director for a hospice organization. The individual quoted also has direct relationships with members of the Texas State Legislature and staff within the Texas Governor’s office.

This is a developing story, and more details are pending–but here are some facts:

As of noon today, the CDC has concluded a meeting with Texas Health and Human Services, recommending that all hospital employees who interacted with Thomas Duncan be confined to the hospital under protective order. Reportedly, Dallas health officials are resisting this recommendation. This comes as officials announced that a second nurse in the Dallas area has been confirmed to have Ebola. She flew on a commercial airline flight only the day before being diagnosed and is currently being flown to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.

Thomas Eric Duncan was treated at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano for two days before being transported to the hospital in Dallas. This information comes directly from a hospital administrator.

Hospital employees have been threatened with termination if they are caught revealing this information. Those who are financially invested in the Dallas hospital fear that the facility will be forced into bankruptcy because of the Ebola outbreak there. Investors are trying to maintain secrecy about Duncan’s stay in Plano in order to protect their investment in that facility.

Patients are not being admitted to the emergency room at Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas and are being directed to Texas Health Presbyterian in Plano. The Plano facility is now at maximum capacity.

The same pool of hospital staff are working at both facilities on an alternating basis.

Healthcare workers who were on scene when Duncan was taken into quarantine report that they were not physically equipped to deal with the situation and that their necks were not covered at all during the process, though some may have wrapped their necks with medical tape.

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Watch: Obama Could Finally Realize The Danger Of Radical Islam After What Rick Perry Said

Rick Perry

“Workplace violence” — that’s what some law enforcement agencies as well as liberal media are labeling the gruesome beheading of an Oklahoma woman slaughtered allegedly by a recent Muslim convert.

The suspected killer, Alton Nolen — who calls himself Jah’Keem Yisrael on a Facebook page filled with posts about radical Islam — is scheduled to be charged later today with first-degree murder in the killing of a middle-aged female employee of a Moore, Oklahoma food processor.

In an approach to this case that sounds similar to President Obama’s claim that ISIS is not an Islamic organization, some are arguing that Nolen’s ISIS-like display of purposely beheading his victim is only “workplace violence” and not an act of terror.

ISIS has recently been calling on its followers to commit such acts throughout the United States.

On “Fox and Friends,” Texas Governor Rick Perry observed that the American people know better — they aren’t fooled by the political correctness. You can see what the plain-speaking Perry had to say during his visit to Fox News by clicking on the video above.


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DISGRACEFUL! Look How A Kind And Courteous Rick Perry Is Treated By A Drunk Liberal

Perry arrow

Despite the criminal indictment against him and the resulting tidal wave of abuse by political adversaries and liberal critics quick to take a cheap potshot, Texas Governor Rick Perry has certainly not taken to hiding under his desk. Perry continues to maintain a high public profile.

While out for dinner in Dallas recently, the governor was approached by a young woman and asked if she could take a picture with him. Perry agreed and the photo was snapped. It then appeared online, courtesy of an anti-Perry website called Juanita Jean’s.

(How does one know this particular site is “anti-Perry?” Simple — it slanderously refers to the governor as “Indicted Felon Rick Perry.” Yes, the Republican Governor may be indicted for alleged abuse of power, but he is far from being a convicted felon.)

As for the picture, the woman who posed with Perry and the website that gleefully published the photo both apparently think the “gotcha” moment was oh so cute and clever.

Amanda went to dinner in Dallas Thursday night and guess who she ran into at the restaurant? She tells me that this is a Sangria fueled photo. I believe it because Sangria also makes me do hand signals.


In commenting on the incident, observes:

No doubt Gov. Perry won’t think anything of this photo or make a big deal out of it because unlike this young lady, he’s a class act.

As for Governor Perry’s far more consequential legal battle, The Texas Tribune reports:

Gov. Rick Perry’s legal team was quick to challenge the criminal indictment against him in August, making its position known within days of the governor’s booking.

“Continued prosecution of Governor Perry on the current indictment is unprecedented, insupportable and simply impermissible,” the governor’s attorneys wrote in their brief. “This court should not hesitate to dismiss both counts of the indictment and bar the prosecution, immediately if not sooner.”

One month later, they have yet to get an answer from special prosecutor Michael McCrum, the man who secured the indictment against Perry.


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