BREAKING: One Well-Known GOP Candidate Just Did Something BIG That Could Signal A Shakeup

The first real test of electoral support among the crowded GOP presidential field doesn’t come for more than five months — the Iowa caucuses are set for January 18, 2016. But already those far-off gatherings of Iowa voters are becoming potential make-or-break events for at least one Republican hopeful whose campaign is said to be running critically short of cash.

The Washington Post reports that Rick Perry’s presidential campaign is so cash-strapped that it has stopped paying its staff. But while the former Texas governor is reportedly having a hard time with fundraising, the super PAC supporting his candidacy has millions in the bank.

Perry, who has struggled to gain traction in his second presidential run, has stopped paying his staff at the national headquarters in Austin as well as in the early caucus and primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, according to a Republican familiar with the Perry campaign who demanded anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation.

While he was given generally good marks for his debate performance in the early round last Thursday on Fox News, Perry failed to break out of the seven-person pack with the kind of rising-star status that Carly Fiorina has enjoyed. The latest Real Clear Politics average of polls finds the former governor stuck in lackluster land with a 1.8 percent standing that puts him behind John Kasich and just ahead of Rick Santorum.

Perry’s Twitter feed highlights the time he has spent in Iowa before the debate and since. Perry retweeted a post from a political columnist for the Des Moines Register in which the Texan is said to have emphasized his interest in The Hawkeye State.

Image Credit: Twitter/Rick Perry

Image Credit: Twitter/Rick Perry

As for the Perry-promoting super PAC’s ability to keep the former governor in the race as a viable candidate, the organization cannot legally coordinate with the Perry campaign, but it can spend generously on keeping hope alive.

“Austin Barbour, senior adviser to the super PAC, said the group would step up ‘to aggressively support the governor in a number of different ways.’” says the Post article on Perry’s cash shortage.

“We’ve got plenty of money,” Barbour said. “That’s what I know. And we’re going to put that money to use in Iowa to make sure the governor is in the top three there. The super PAC is not going to let Rick Perry down.”

Meantime, the campaign workers in Iowa who had been on the Perry payroll have reportedly decided to stick with the governor on a volunteer basis, at least for now.

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Dumb As Trump

Trump can’t help being Trump.

He says outrageous or dumb things about immigrants or his fellow Republican primary candidates five times a day.

But no one — not even the liberals of the mainstream media — really takes Donald Trump or what he spews seriously.

No one thinks the billionaire’s mix of egotistical bloviating and off-the-cuff policy positions represents the Republican Party or conservatism.

Mike Huckebee and Rick Perry are a whole other story.

They’re not clowns. They’re ex-governors. They’re supposed to be serious candidates for the Republican nomination for president.

Yet last week, they each said something dumb as Trump.

Perry’s statement, at least, was made, more or less, in defense of the Second Amendment.

But in the wake of last week’s theater shooting in Lafayette, La., he said that the way to prevent future shootings would be to encourage moviegoers to take their guns into the theaters.

I’m a fervent Second Amendment guy. And I agree with Perry that gun-free zones are always a bad idea because they attract the well-armed crazies who want to commit mass murders.

But even I wouldn’t want to go into a movie theater where everyone was packing — especially a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movie.

Especially in West Texas.

Gov. Perry should have held his Texas tongue. All he did was make himself — and by extension the GOP — look like he was exploiting a tragedy to make a political point about gun rights.

Then there’s Mike Huckabee.

What he said about the effect the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran was going to have on the state of Israel caused a national political hissy fit.

Huckabee was right on target when he charged that the president’s foreign policy “is the most feckless in American history” and that trusting the Iranians was “naive.”

Where he got himself in trouble was when he said the Iran deal was so bad it “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”

Huckabee’s Holocaust reference was not the real problem.

As the leaders of some Jewish American groups protested, the real problem was his premise that the state of Israel is a weakling that can’t defend itself from Iran.

Israel counts on our support, but it can take care of itself if it has to. It has a strong government, a strong leader and a strong military, not to mention lots of tanks, jet planes and scores of nukes.

Israel’s leaders also have something else — courage.

They’re not afraid to act decisively or preemptively when their nation is threatened, as they proved 35 years ago when their jets bombed Iraq’s nuclear research facility.

Huckabee’s Holocaust rhetoric was tut-tutted by some other Republican candidates who thought it was too strong.

Hillary Clinton and other phony Democrats, plus the usual liberal crybabies in the media, made faces and agreed that it was “offensive” and “out of line.”

What Huckabee said didn’t hurt his already slimmer-than-slim chances, but he hurt the GOP team.

He set up an easy layup for the Democrats so they could rise up in fake outrage and paint all the other Republicans as nuts as Trump.

Perry and Huckabee are desperately trying to boost their low poll numbers to qualify for next week’s “Top 10″ primary debate.

They tried to out-trump Trump. But all they did was cause trouble in their own ranks and give Democrats a boatload of fodder that will be used against the GOP next fall.

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BREAKING: Trump Just Made A HUGE Announcement About Where His Campaign Is Going

His fans on social media are eating it up — absolutely devouring the news Donald Trump just announced about where the GOP contender for the party’s 2016 nomination is personally going on Thursday. As of this writing, the brief Facebook post on Trump’s public figure page had been liked by more than 60,000 people in the course of a little more than two hours.

Image Credit: Facebook/Donald J. Trump

Image Credit: Facebook/Donald J. Trump

So, you could say that Trump will be putting himself where his fiery rhetoric has been since he first made his candidacy official — at the border with Mexico and in the thick of the action concerning illegal immigration. As has been reported ad nauseam, Trump’s remarks about illegal immigrants and Mexico’s supposed complicity in sending criminal aliens into America have lit a firestorm of controversy and brought the political pot of the presidential race to a high boil.

The billionaire businessman’s notice that he’s heading on Thursday to the country’s southern border — presumably to continue his high-profile criticism of the Obama administration’s border security and immigration enforcement policies — has drawn mixed reviews on both Facebook and Twitter.

What follows is a brief sampling of the positive and negatives reactions, quoted from a number of individual commenters on social media:

el chapo waiting

don’t come back

Please be careful. We need you!

This will be big. Looking forward to it.

This is why I love DONALD TRUMP!! Busy man, but not to busy to check the border. He is our hope to fix the mess that the USA is now in, GO DONALD TRUMP!!!

Finally someone who will make a difference in America. Go Trump!

I hope you’re going to the rio grande valley, it’s messed up as hell down there!

I am latino and I will vote for Donald Trump !

As he prepares to lead his campaign to the border tomorrow, reportedly making his appearance in Texas, Trump blasted out another social media message about the former Texas governor against whom he’s competing for the Republican nomination for president. It, too, has been well received by The Donald’s Facebook fans who obviously enjoy the candidate’s throwing a political punch or two.

Screen shot 2015-07-22 at 12.29.15 PM

Image Credit: Facebook/Donald J. Trump

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Rick Perry Threw A Big Jab At Trump, Who Just Hit Back With 21 BRUTAL Words – ‘He Should Be Forced To Take…’

Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry had an exchange of words online Thursday, setting the tone for next month’s first GOP primary debate.

Perry released a statement on his campaign website excoriating his opponent’s rhetoric:

Donald Trump continues to demonstrate his fundamental misunderstanding of border security. Make no mistake – border security is a federal responsibility, but when I met with President Obama last year and it became clear he would not act, I told him if he would not secure the border, Texas would. Rather than thanking Texas for stepping into a gap it shouldn’t have to fill, Mr. Trump has made clear that he believes the states should fend for themselves on border security. Not only is this wrong, it perpetuates the same failed policies that have left our southern border porous and vulnerable.

I have a message for my fellow Republicans and the independents who will be voting in the primary process: what Mr. Trump is offering is not conservatism, it is Trump-ism – a toxic mix of demagoguery and nonsense.

Not surprisingly, Trump responded with a tweet hitting back at Perry, who served as Texas’ chief executive for 14 years:

“Running for the presidency is not an IQ test,” Perry said in one of his final statements as governor in December. “It is a test of an individual’s resolve; it is a test of an individual’s philosophy; it is a test of an individual’s life experiences.” Perry was referring to a gaffe he made during a Republican presidential debate in November 2011 when he could not name the third federal department he would eliminate if elected president.

As of Friday, Trump is second in a RealClearPolitics average of Republican presidential candidates, all but assured a spot in the first GOP debate next month. Perry is tenth. The top ten candidates in an average of the four most recent national polls will be able to participate in the debate on August 4, televised on Fox News. The other candidates will feature in a forum the same afternoon.

h/t: The Hill

Would you prefer to see Perry, Trump, or someone else win in the primaries? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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After The Tragic San Fran Murder, Rick Perry Just Made A Game-Changing Announcement

While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continues to stir emotions with his brash comments regarding illegal immigration, one primary opponent recently announced his plan to deal with the issue. Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced this week that, in response to numerous U.S. cities openly flouting federal law to serve as sanctuary cities for illegals, he supports a punitive plan that would deny certain federal funds to these locations.

To address existing immigration law being ignored in cities like San Francisco, which was the site of a recent murder allegedly committed by an illegal alien with five previous deportations, Perry identified three relevant federal programs he thinks should be cut. Funding coming from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program and the Department of Homeland Security would be curtailed under his proposal, as would federal law enforcement resources.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, more than 200 governments, including cities, counties, and one state – North Dakota – are currently classified as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. A map depicts how these locations are dispersed across the nation.


“These sanctuary policies obstruct federal law authorizing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to administratively deport illegal aliens without seeking criminal warrants or convictions from federal, state, or local courts,” the organization stated.

Perry, who has publicly distanced himself from Trump’s remarks on the issue, has received mixed reviews since announcing his proposed immigration fix. Some reacted to his recent statement by suggesting his stint as governor exacerbated the immigration problem.

“Perry had a chance to fix Texas, but failed,” one Texan wrote. “Our current Gov. is a better governor than Perry was.”

Others looked to the White House when placing blame, suggesting a Perry administration would be able to undue many of the policies enacted during Barack Obama’s two terms.

Is Perry’s plan viable? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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