It’s Time We Stop Ignoring Racism In America

Yesterday, Donald Trump said: “The shooting in Virginia is a mental health problem, not a gun problem.”

I slightly disagree. Yes, we need to consider the mental health concerns when it comes to gun violence; however, in this case, it is a racism problem.

Too many people want to ignore the giant pink elephant in the room, hoping it will just disappear. Well guess what? We have ignored it so much that it is bigger than the room.

America has a racism problem, but not the kind that the liberals, mainstream media and special interest groups want you to think we have. America has a reverse racism epidemic.

Liberals are pandering to their base, using division, false narratives of discrimination and wars on everything.

Victimization is the new normal. The new criminals are the victims; and if you’re White, you should feel guilty for your God-given pigmentation or lack thereof.

White people are not the only ones with a bullseye on their foreheads; Christians, Patriots, Conservatives, and free thinkers are enemies of the state.

It’s time we stop ignoring the real issue. So many people are afraid to broach the subject for fear of being called a racist. Racism exists, and it is getting worse. Not because of people, but because of policies that lead to division and special interest groups who promote it.

If we continue to ignore the problem, the pink elephant will turn into Godzilla. Politicians and churches, especially Black churches, have a responsibility to confront this problem. You know it’s there. Stop ignoring it because of political correctness or fear. Political correctness is what’s tearing our country apart.

Wake up! It’s time to come together and tell these zealots: your agenda is no longer welcome.

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After This Insane Comment About On-Air Killer, #BlackLivesMatter Activist Tries To Cover His Tracks

A self-proclaimed leader of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement who has played his hard line social activism and eager community agitation into a chance to peddle his race-centered views through left-leaning media, DeRay McKesson, many would say, is nothing if not an opportunist. And when the opportunity arose yesterday to whip the horses of his race-baiting bandwagon in the immediate wake of the horrific on-air ambush murders of two white TV journalists, McKesson wasted no time.

As pointed out on the Twitter-monitoring website Twitchy, McKesson had heard initially that “the man who shot and killed a WDBJ7 reporter and photographer…was a white man, and instinct took over.”

Image Credit: Twitchy

Image Credit: Twitchy

That “whiteness will explain away nearly everything” comment quickly drew sharp criticism from Twitter users who pushed back hard against McKesson’s presumption of “white guilt,” noting that the BLM race-baiter’s rush to judgment exposed his own deep-seated racial prejudice.





After the truth came out — that the fired TV station employee who shot and killed his former colleagues was a black, gay, Obama-supporter known for making trouble in the workplace — the prominent BLM activist tried to cover his Twitter tracks, as Breitbart News pointed out:

DeRay — who gained fame as social media activist and inserted himself into the Baltimore and Ferguson riots – then reportedly added his own comments [to earlier race-based tweets]. The tweet by DeRay has been removed from his Twitter timeline.

Since the social media episode in which the BLM agitator tried to jump on what he may have thought would be a way to divert attention from black-on-black killings, McKesson has tried to explain away his initial instinct to blame “whiteness.”

The latest backtrack came Thursday morning on his Twitter feed:


Of course, in the minds of many, all this effort to say he was simply reacting to initial news reports about the horrific TV killings only serves to underscore this black activist’s own prejudicial instinct to make everything — even a terrible tragedy such as the slaughter of two young TV journalists — about race. Clearly, not everything can be viewed and judged in such black and white terms.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Columnist’s Extreme Solution To ‘Ease’ Racial Tension Will Infuriate Every American

A columnist argued Friday the best way for racial reconciliation to take place in the United States is for black votes to be counted as five-thirds. This would be an alternative to monetary reparations.

Theodore R. Johnson, III, a former White House fellow and a 15-year veteran of the U.S. Navy, wrote in The Washington Post that, “Recognizing the original sin is simply not enough; we must also make moral and material amends for our nation’s treatment of African American citizens.”

A five-thirds compromise would imbue African Americans with a larger political voice that could be used to fight the structural discrimination expressed in housing, education, criminal justice and employment. Allowing black votes to count for 167 percent of everyone else’s would mean that 30 million African American votes would count as 50 million, substituting super-votes for the implausible idea of cash payments.

Johnson’s proposal would be an about-face from Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution which says, “Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons.”

This clause was later overturned by the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments which abolished slavery, granted equal protection for all citizens, and gave the right to vote to all men regardless of race. Still, Johnson argues his solution would mean that, “Politicians, finally, would have to truly compete for the black vote, or a substantial share of it, to attain or remain in office.”

This would provide an incentive, even for purely self-interested politicians, to prioritize African American policy concerns and act on them, or face a loss at the polls.

The former White House fellow acknowledged there could be an issue with anyone who claims to be black, a la Rachel Dolezal. Johnson also addressed how the U.S. would address biracial and black immigrant voters.

The government shouldn’t be the sole arbiter of who gets to be black — nor flirt with archaic prescriptions such as the one-drop rule in determining a voter’s race. The most straightforward approach would be to limit access to weighted voting to those American-born citizens who have demonstrated through government documents, such as drivers’ licenses or birth certificates, that they identify, and are identified by others, as black or African American.

h/t: Daily Caller

Is the five-thirds vote for African Americans a good idea? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Black Lives Matter Leader’s Family Just Revealed Some Facts That Will Disgrace Him

Just months after former NAACP official Rachel Dolezal’s family came out to expose her as a white woman falsely portraying herself as black, a strangely familiar narrative has emerged regarding a leader of the race-based Black Lives Matter campaign.

Western Journalism reported Wednesday that police reports and a birth certificate tell a different story of Shaun King’s life than his autobiography indicates. King rose to prominence in activist circles on the strength of his personal struggles – including what he said was a brutal beating at the hands of a high school classmate due to his supposed mixed race.

Documents subsequently cited by several sources, however, suggest King is fully white.

Those suspicions were apparently confirmed by both CNN and Breitbart this week after both outlets spoke to members of King’s family. The former’s Don Lemon explained during Wednesday’s CNN Tonight that the network’s source insisted “both King’s parents are white.”

Lemon went on to note that King continued to refer to himself as “biracial” in a subsequent interview. The host had not heard back from King regarding an inquiry into the race listed on his birth certificate.

A number of Breitbart readers were obviously upset with King’s apparent deception, as well as the current racially motivated activism affecting communities across the nation.

“Sooooo,” one critic wondered, “if white privilege is a thing, why are so many white posing as black to get ahead?”

King acknowledged on Twitter that he had become a popular issue for social media discussion. He posted a number of tweets on the topic – peppered in among complaints about perceived police misconduct – without specifically addressing the allegations against him.

Is criticism of Shaun King’s race warranted? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Watch: Trump Says What He’d Do If ‘Black Lives Matter’ Protestors Tried To Hijack His Event

The headline on the article posted by the far-left ThinkProgress website claimed that Donald Trump said something he really didn’t say: “Trump Vows To Beat Up Black Lives Matter Protesters If They Try To Speak At His Campaign Events.”

The hyperbolic headline was, of course, an exaggeration intended to put words into the mouth of the current front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination. If you watch the video clip embedded in the ThinkProgress article — the segment in which the feisty real estate mogul explained how he would handle potential Black Lives Matter (BLM) disruptors at a campaign event — you can see for yourself that Trump never said he would “beat up” protesters if they “try to speak.”

The outspoken GOP candidate did say he would never allow BLM activists to storm his stage, commandeer his microphone, and bully him into the background; and that yes indeed, there might be fighting involved if they tried to hijack a Donald Trump campaign event.

Trump made his forceful comments in response to a reporter’s question prompted by what happened at a campaign appearance by socialist Bernie Sanders in Seattle over the weekend. As Western Journalism reported, the Vermont senator who’s challenging Hillary Clinton for the party’s presidential nomination shrank into the background as a couple of demanding women screaming about the Black Lives Matter movement stormed the stage on which Sanders was trying to speak.

At his news conference Tuesday in Michigan, Trump said of Sanders’ allowing his own campaign rally to be taken over by belligerent BLM activists: “I felt badly for him, but it showed that he’s weak,” BizPac Review quotes “The Donald” as saying.

“I would never give up my microphone,” he added. “I thought that was disgusting. That showed such weakness, the way he was taken away by two young women. The microphone! They just took the whole place over!”

And if you’d guess there would be a social media firestorm over what many have suggested is Trump’s challenge to the Black Lives Matter movement, you’d be right. Below is just a small sampling of the Twitter explosion over The Donald’s saying there’d be a fight if BLM activists tried to take away his microphone.
Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 11.33.58 AM

Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 11.33.01 AM

Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 11.32.08 AM

Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 11.29.40 AM

Screen shot 2015-08-12 at 11.28.38 AM

By clicking on the video above, you can see the segment of the Trump news conference that set off the latest brouhaha to embroil the Trump presidential campaign.

What do you think? Should Donald Trump or his bodyguards physically prevent Black Lives Matters disruptors from storming his campaign stage? Weigh in on the conversation by commenting below.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth