Ben Carson Identifies The Biggest Challenge America Faces In 2015

Retired neurosurgeon and possible presidential candidate Ben Carson traveled to Kalipsell, Mont., recently, where he addressed a crowd at Stillwater Christian School. When asked what he believes is the most pressing issue impacting the U.S. today, Carson did not hesitate to attribute the nation’s decline to an increasing disassociation with America’s founding principles – specifically faith.

“I think the biggest issue is that we have abandoned God,” he said. “We need to bring spirituality back to this country.”

He credited America’s unparalleled prosperity and freedom to founding principles rooted in God’s word – values that were protected by subsequent generations but have largely been relegated over the past several decades.

“It was our Judeo-Christian values that allowed this to be an exceptional country,” he asserted. “It allowed us to move forward so incredibly quickly.”

On the other hand, he said the opposite effect can be seen as the nation moves away from those roots.

“As we abandon God,” he continued, “you can see we’re spiraling downward just as quickly.”

Carson has found a home within the GOP’s socially conservative wing as he explores a possible White House bid, earning support among evangelical Christians and other likeminded believers while sometimes turning off moderate and liberal voters.

As one recent example, Carson asserted last month that homosexuality is “absolutely” a choice, citing the fact that some inmates engage in gay sex behind bars as evidence. He clarified that he does not support discriminating against gays; however, he noted that providing same-sex couples with certain rights “does not require changing the definition of marriage.”

Do you think faith in God is the key to America’s success? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Watch: Imagine If A Conservative Commentator Said This About A Liberal Hispanic Politician…

Yes, far-left comedian and political commentator Bill Maher has aimed some of his super-edgy criticism lately at Democrats, as Western Journalism has noted. However, it seems that the aggressively sarcastic Mr. Maher simply can’t help but return to his old ways and launch the kind of ugly, vicious attack on Republicans for which he’s gained a reputation on his HBO show Real Time.

What Maher let fly on the latest edition of his program was the kind of shocking insult and demeaning affront that, had a conservative said such a thing about a liberal Hispanic politician, there would certainly be relentless charges of mean-spirited racism leveled amidst the demands for an immediate firing, if not a public flogging. You can just imagine how fast the protest groups and Hispanic advocacy organizations would form massive picket lines outside the HBO studios. You might even wonder if Eric Holder would launch a formal Justice Department investigation.

What did Bill Maher say that many decent people would certainly find repugnant? Paul Bedard of The Washington Examiner points out the short segment in which Maher made a demeaning and derogatory comment about newly announced GOP presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio. Bedard quotes the Media Research Center’s Brent Baker, who offers a scathing observation about liberal hypocrisy:

“Imagine the reaction if a conservative made such a stereotypical, derogatory and racially-tinged joke about a liberal Democrat who is Hispanic. Saying it was just a joke would not allay the outrage. It sure is nice to be a liberal so you’re able to get away with such things.”

By clicking on the video above, you can watch for yourself what Bill Maher said that demonstrated no apparent awareness of the abject hypocrisy of his so-called “comedy.” You see, it wasn’t that long ago that Maher delivered a stinging on-the-air rant against liberals who bully and demean people when it suits their agenda.

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What Jeb Bush Just Told Republicans To Do Shows How Much He Agrees With Obama and Reid

At a political event in New Hampshire, the man many people think may be the Republican nominee for president just said GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill should do something that many in the party, especially conservatives, are firmly against. The former Florida governor told the town hall-style forum that the Republican-controlled Senate should go ahead and confirm President Obama’s choice for the country’s next attorney general, Loretta Lynch.

Bush’s advice to Republican senators who stand opposed to Lynch’s becoming the nation’s top law enforcement officer puts him squarely at odds with a number of GOP senators, including the two who have announced their run for the White House — Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Florida’s Marco Rubio.

The New York Times reports that Bush told the Thursday night gathering in Concord, N.H., that when it comes to such nominations, “there should be some deference to the executive.”

“’I think presidents have the right to pick their team,’ Mr. Bush said, in response to a questioner who asked where he stood on the nomination of Ms. Lynch, now the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York.”

However, at the same time that he said President Obama should be granted his choice for attorney general, Bush launched into a stinging criticism of the current head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder. It would not be a stretch to observe that, in addition to being at odds with widespread GOP sentiment about Loretta Lynch,  Bush’s position seems to be at odds with itself. He suggests that the president’s nomination should be okayed, even if that results in the installation of a powerful department head with whom he strongly disagrees.

Breitbart News notes that Jeb’s call for Lynch’s confirmation aligns him with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats in the upper chamber. Senate Republicans who fiercely oppose the president’s pick have cited their objections to Lynch’s expressed support for Obama’s executive amnesty that would grant millions of illegal immigrants certain rights and privileges traditionally enjoyed by U.S. citizens.

Essentially then, because of Loretta Lynch’s endorsement of Obama’s executive action on amnesty, Jeb Bush is aligning himself with the president’s position on the highly controversial policy that angers many conservatives.

Breitbart also points out that Bush’s contrary position on the Lynch nomination comes at a time when polling is moving against him.

“Bush’s move comes as he’s lost his frontrunner status–despite all the money he’s raking in–in the 2016 GOP primary to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who opposes Lynch’s nomination and now leads Bush in polls in all three early primary states.”

And just today, Friday, Politico reports on a new poll of 400 registered Republican voters in Florida who put Rubio ahead of his former political mentor in the Sunshine State.

“Rubio garnered 31 percent support from Republicans and essentially tied Bush’s 30 percent, according to a Mason-Dixon Polling & Research survey conducted Tuesday through Thursday and shared exclusively with POLITICO.”

Thee is still no date announced for the full Senate’s consideration of the nomination of Loretta Lynch, who, if confirmed, would be the country’s first female African American to become attorney general.

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Nebraska Republicans Join Effort To Repeal Death Penalty

A bipartisan effort among Nebraska state senators this week advanced a bill that would end the death penalty in that state. On the strength of a 30-13 vote – enough to override an expected veto by Gov. Pete Ricketts – supported by seven Republicans, the bill will now be subject to legislative debate before it can be sent to the governor.

While Democrat State Sen. Ernie Chambers – who came under fire recently for comparing police officers to ISIS terrorists – sponsored the bill, concerns over certain aspects of the death penalty led the seven Republicans to lend their support. In fact, nine of the bill’s original cosponsors were Republicans; however, State Sen. Brett Lindstrom removed his name amid the controversy surrounding Chambers. Upon removing his name, Lindstrom nonetheless confirmed he would ultimately vote for it.

“You have to look at the bill itself,” he said, “not who brought the bill.”

The Republicans on board expressed varied concerns, specifically over those wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death and the high costs associated with enforcing the death penalty, in announcing their support of repeal.

“I may be old fashioned,” added State Sen. Tommy Garrett, “but I believe God should be the only one who decides when it is time to call a person home. The state has no business playing God.”

Another GOP leader in the push to repeal the death penalty, State Sen. Colby Coash (pictured above), insisted that such punishment “is not justice, it’s revenge.”

The Nebraska chapter of Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty joined the effort; and the organization’s national coordinator, Marc Hyden, was on hand to address the issue during a recent press conference. Western Journalism reached out to Hyden (pictured below), who offered his thoughts on the development:

Nebraska conservative leaders are joining Republican lawmakers from across the country who are voicing their opposition to the death penalty. Similar groups have also organized in Montana, Kansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Increasingly, conservatives everywhere are realizing the death penalty risks innocent lives and costs more than alternatives, while failing [to] serve the swift and sure justice that murder victims’ families deserve.

Image Credit: Courtesy/CCATDP

Image Credit: Courtesy/CCATDP

Do you support the death penalty? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Candidate, If You Don’t Pass This Checklist, You Don’t Deserve My Vote

The jury is out regarding a new potential Democratic nominee for President of these United States. Many questions are traveling media circuits such as, “Can a woman lead the country? Can a Saul Alinsky Democrat heavily steeped in the corruption of China Gate of the 90s, and the current failed policies of the Obama administration, lead the country?”

Ted Cruz, who I had the opportunity to share the stage with in January, asked this question on Twitter: “Is the world a safer place because Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State? No.”

Jeb Bush followed with “We must do better than Hillary. If you’re committed to stopping her, add your name now.”

Rand Paul was probably the most clever with his short video of Hillary’s cell phone messages from contacts like the Bank of Saudi Arabia stating there was a deposit made, then the State Department message subject “Benghazi”, and personal texts from Obama saying how great Hillary is doing, and finally a message from Bill Clinton.


Well, as you may know, I am a minister; and since I represent no “party,” I would like to hold the Biblical, American standard up to all previously mentioned candidates because most of their rhetoric has no mention of the two foundations that our country’s peace and prosperity rest on: the Bible and the Constitution. Furthermore, these assertions encourage no one in America to pursue the inestimable truths laid out in America’s founding documents.

So, will any of these candidates change the current rise in anti-Christian, counter-Constitutional American public policy? In my unpretentious view, we will know by the following checklist:

Will any of these aspiring Chief Executives have their Attorney General take action to stop the murder of the unborn in America? Will funding for Planned Parenthood be eliminated?

Will Obamacare be repealed? Will the new administration respond to the clearly expressed will of the people and the clear wording of the Constitution, which does not allow the federal government to be involved in health care regulation nor in health care financing?

Will the Department of Education, which also is not authorized in Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution, be defunded?

Will the Federal Reserve be eliminated? Will it even be audited?

Will any of the new candidates who have described climate change as a “hoax” follow through and eliminate all legislation related to it?

Will the out-of-control spending in Washington, DC really be reigned in?

Will these candidates recall the American military from the unconstitutional and immoral, wasteful wars for empire?

Will the national government do its duty under Article Four, Section Four of the Constitution and defend the borders of America?

Will this new administration respect the God-given, constitutional right of the people to keep and bear arms?

Will the holy institution of marriage be defended?

These are some ways we will know if each candidate’s vision is what America needs.

If these things do not occur, then, despite all the hoopla and headlines about the right and wrong vision for America, “we have eyes but see not.”


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