Watch: O’Reilly Tried To Tell Trump His Immigration Plan Is Bad- It Did NOT Go As He Planned

Fox News ratings powerhouse Bill O’Reilly invited GOP front-runner Donald Trump onto The O’Reilly Factor and tried to push him off his stance on deporting millions of illegal immigrants. But Trump didn’t budge, despite O’Reilly’s characterization of the idea as “brutal.”

During this week’s debate, the real estate mogul mentioned the fact that in 1954, President Eisenhower deported as many as one million illegals in a program called “Operation Wetback.”

Since Trump brought the 1950s policy to the discussion, he has been criticized for even saying the name of Eisenhower’s operation–as if just saying the title meant that Trump was endorsing the word “wetback.”

But Fox News’ O’Reilly went further; and during Trump’s appearance, the host slammed the 1954 policy, calling it “brutal.”

“Believe me when I tell you, Mr. Trump, that was brutal what they did to those people to kick them back,” O’Reilly said to Trump. “The stuff they did was really brutal. It could never happen today.”

But while he didn’t repeat the name of the policy, Trump did not back off from his central point that it is possible to deport large numbers of illegals. In fact, he cited yet another president who did the same thing as Eisenhower.

“And Bill, let me tell you,” Trump interjected, “Truman also sent 3.5 million people out, so you have to check on that. But Truman, before Ike, sent 3.5 million people out.”

Despite O’Reilly’s attempt to push Trump off his stance on immigration, Trump is finding that his position is one of the main reasons he is still the front-runner in the hunt for the GOP nomination for president.

A new YouGov poll found that Trump was far and away the most trusted Republican candidate on immigration, with 49 percent saying he is the best candidate on the issue.

A Good Republican Slugfest

A funny thing happened at the Republican primary debate in Milwaukee Tuesday night.

A debate broke out.

Episode 3 of the GOP’s presidential debates was the best yet — if you’re more interested in what the candidates think about the issues than what they think about each other.

Unlike the fiasco put on by CNBC last month, the moderators on the Fox Business Network didn’t try to get the candidates to fight among themselves or ask stupid liberal gotcha questions.

In fact, FNB’s classy and competent journalists — Maria Bartiromo, Neil Cavuto and the Wall Street Journal’s Gerard Baker — were the night’s biggest winners.

But what about the candidates? Who won or lost?

I did my duty to God and party and watched the so-called “undercard” debate, where Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Chris Christie slugged it out.

Santorum stuck up for the family and the workingman as usual, while Huckabee tried to sell his unsellable Fair Tax idea, which has no chance of becoming a reality — ever.

Rising New Jersey heavyweight Chris Christie clearly won the undercard debate on points, despite the pesky attacks of his fellow governor Jindal.

Christie fought off Jindal with one hand while throwing a dozen hard jabs at someone who wasn’t even in the ring — Hillary Clinton. He proved he deserves to be with the first tier at the next debate in Reno on Dec. 15.

In the main event Tuesday, there were no clear winners or losers.

John Kasich got in a good zinger about Donald Trump’s fantasy promise that he’d round up and deport 11 million illegal immigrants, but overall he was too angry-looking and yelled too much.

Jeb Bush, once again, acted more like an awkward wallflower at a seniors dance than a future president. He needed a memorable moment but didn’t get it.

Bush did get a chance or two to show he’s smart on foreign policy and realistic on immigration.

But in this silly primary season, he and Kasich are out of place. This time, it’s not just about having brains or experience. It’s about having style and personality — and being an outsider.

Speaking of which, Trump, except for his cheap verbal snaps at Kasich and Fiorina, behaved himself.

He did OK when he answered questions but seemed like he was there more in body than spirit.

He again promised to rebuild our military and kick everyone’s butt in the Mideast.

But his “Make America Great Again” bumper-sticker boasts are looking more dubious all the time. Maybe The Donald should ask Bush if he could sublease some of his position papers.

Dr. Carson didn’t hurt or help himself at the debate, either. But he also needs to start sharing some of his substantial policy ideas — if he has them.

Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina did great each time they had the stage.

Fiorina killed with her tough foreign policy stand and her rant on crony capitalism.

Cruz warned that if the Republicans join Democrats “as the party of amnesty, we lose” in 2016.

He had the best quip of the night when he said that the politics of immigration would be much different “if a bunch of people with journalism degrees were coming over and driving down the wages in the press.”

Rand Paul showed up to debate this time.

He made his libertarian points well and landed a sharp sucker punch on Marco Rubio’s chin by asking how his plan to spend $1 trillion on families and $1 trillion on rebuilding the military could qualify as a fiscally conservative position.

Anyone forced to single out a winner would probably pick the crowd favorite, Kid Rubio. He was smooth, quick on his feet and hit hard with both hands on foreign policy.

He, Cruz and Christie are the best debaters among the establishment candidates.

If they are going to get a chance to knock out Trump and Carson, however, the GOP bosses have to dump the undercard now and get the top five or six contenders on the same stage in Reno.

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Trump Just Got The Best News He’s Received In A Long Time- His Opponents Will Cringe

When it comes to the topic of immigration, you may not be surprised to find that a new poll discovered that Republicans trust Donald Trump more than any other candidate on the issue.

A new YouGov poll found that Trump was far and away the most trusted candidate concerning immigration among the still large field of GOP candidates for president.

About half of of those polled, 49 percent, said that Trump had the right ideas on immigration. These findings are significant considering months of attacks by the mainstream media trying to tear Trump down over the immigration issue. His ratings have only gone up, currently placing at 49 percent, up 14 points from July.

Perhaps what is most notable is that no other candidate surpassed 11 percent.

“Half of Republicans view Trump as the candidate who can best handle immigration, more than four times the percentage who name Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, the son of immigrants, who is in second place, far behind Trump. Only 5 percent believe former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush would do the best job on immigration,” poll analysis found.

The poll was particularly bad for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush whose rating on immigration cratered since July. In July, 11 percent of respondents thought Jeb was good on immigration, but now, four months later, only five percent feel he is good on the issue.

Meanwhile, Marco Rubio saw the opposite result. In July he hovered at 6 percent thought Rubio was right on immigration, but he has now reached 11 percent.

The issue took center stage at this week’s GOP debate as other candidates tried to attack Trump over the issue. But if these polls are any indication, attacking Trump on immigration is not going to help the candidates with Republican voters.

Still, the poll also found that Republicans are far and away more worried about immigration problems than other segments of the electorate.

“Republicans are far more likely than the rest of the public to view illegal immigration as a very serious problem for the country (70% of Republicans say it is, compared with 46% overall),” the poll said. “And many also believe illegal immigrants are more likely than others to commit violent crimes (49% of Republicans versus 29% overall). 57% of Republicans believe immigration from Mexico has a negative impact on the U.S. economy; 37% of all adults do.”

Drudge Report Reveals How These 4 Candidates Stood Out In A Big Way At GOP Debate

The political sector is abuzz with the news of Tuesday’s Republican debates on the Fox Business Network, and leading the conversation as always is the Drudge Report. With its poll on how well the candidates during the main stage debate performed, Drudge is a leading indicator of how Republican voters responded to the debates, and the results are gratifying to conservatives.

So, how well did the eight main event candidates do? Well, according to the over 300 thousand Drudge readers who voted, Donald Trump maintained his front-runner status, with 35 percent of the voters saying he “won” the debate.

But surging ahead in second place was conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who came in second place with 24 percent of the vote. This surge in popularity probably will make conservatives quite happy and will likely help spur the Texan to stay in the race while other candidates begin to drop out.

Cruz is perennially third or fourth in the polling, so his numbers are certainly solid enough to play the waiting game to see where he can go after some of these other, lower polling candidates finally give up the ghost.

In third and fourth place came Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and then Florida Senator Marco Rubio respectively. Next came Dr. Ben Carson at a mere 5 percent, closely followed by former HP CEO Carly Fiorina at 4 percent. Bringing up the rear, way back in the pack, were Ohio Governor John Kasich at 2 percent and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at a tiny 1 percent.

Others found similar results. An unscientific reader poll at the popular conservative website Right Scoop also put Trump in the lead but found Rand Paul second followed by Ted Cruz. Right Scoop also found Kasich and Bush far, far down the list at less than 3 percent each.

But it seems that much of the buzz centered around Ted Cruz, who continues to impress voters with his quick but considered answers to questions.

In fact, the Heritage Foundation recently rated Ted Cruz as its top, most conservative candidate.

Cruz was awarded high praise for his positions on the issues in the new Heritage Action 50-page 2016 presidential policy scorecard report. The report grades the candidates across six categories–growth, opportunity, civil society, limited government, favoritism and national security–and Cruz was tops in nearly every category.

Ben Carson Just Responded To Media Attacks With 4 Perfect Images That Say It All

A GOP front-runner, Ben Carson has been under the spotlight lately. Having experienced what he considers to be unfair criticism, Carson is firing back.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words; so instead of fighting a verbal battle with the media, Carson decided to let a few carefully crafted graphics send a message to the media and to voters.

According to TheBlaze, Carson posted several images on Facebook. In a CNN-style image, the headline reads, “In the Fall of 1962, Ben Carson checked out a library book and returned it two days late.”

Image credit: Ben Carson/Facebook

Image credit: Ben Carson/Facebook

In a POLITICO-style image, the headline is, “During his residency, Ben offended a cupcake by calling it a muffin.”

Image credit: Ben Carson/Facebook

Image credit: Ben Carson/Facebook

In a HUFFINGTON POST style image, the headline states, “BREAKING NEWS latest: In college, Ben Carson threw away a glass bottle in the ‘paper products only’ receptacle.”

Image credit: Ben Carson/Facebook

Image credit: Ben Carson/Facebook

The last one was for an “MSNBC Urgent Update Exclusive Interview.” The headline is, “A witness reported seeing Ben Carson putting an ‘X’ in the box when the instructions clearly said ‘check one’.”

Image credit: Ben Carson/Facebook

Image credit: Ben Carson/Facebook

The messages imply that the news agencies are digging up non-stories in an attempt to find some sort of scandal that would seem to contradict Carson’s good guy image. Western Journalism recently reported that POLITICO questioned Carson’s credibility when he stated that he had been offered a scholarship to West Point. The Carson campaign responded, and POLITICO changed the title to their story as a result.

CNN even ran a story reporting that they had tried to locate two individuals Carson described in his autobiography. Carson’s book detailed that he had a problem with anger and rage as a youngster, and that he hit one kid in the head with a lock and attempted to stab another. Western Journalism reported that Carson called CNN’s story all “lies” and said that the media was attempting to “distract” voters from the real issues the country faces.

Carson summed up his frustration with the media at Tuesday’s GOP debate when he said, “I have no problem with being vetted…What I do have a problem with is being lied about.”