SHOCK POLLS: Trump Just Scored Two HUGE Wins In A Way That Could Redefine The Race

When the home team suffers an unexpected and startling defeat on its own field, fans and commentators will most likely take notice. And that’s just what’s happening today as the GOP front-runner for the 2016 presidential nomination, Donald Trump, scores a big win in a state where a rival or two could certainly be considered favorite sons.

The website Florida Politics reports on what it calls the “shock poll” that finds Trump leading Jeb Bush by a significant margin in Florida, the state where George W.’s younger brother served as a very popular governor from 1999-2007.

According to the just-released St. Pete Polls survey of more than 1900 likely GOP primary voters in the Sunshine State:

For the first time this year, Donald Trump tops a state poll of GOP presidential candidates in Florida.

A St. Pete Polls survey released on Wednesday shows the New York businessman with 26 percent support, with Jeb Bush in second place with 20 percent.

And what about Marco Rubio’s standing in the newly released survey of GOP voters? The senator from Florida is also found to be trailing Trump. Rubio places fourth in the new poll with 10 percent of the respondents backing him. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker came in third with 12 percent.

What many observers and analysts of presidential politics might find equally if not more surprising are the results of a different voter poll — one conducted by the left-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP). In this national survey, Donald Trump has a higher favorability rating than any of his GOP competitors among Latinos who were questioned July 20-21 about their candidate preferences.

According to MRC-TV coverage of this survey of 1,087 registered voters of Hispanic heritage, Trump scored a favorability rating of 34 percent. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, who one might think would hold an advantage with Latinos because of their backgrounds, were close behind with 30 percent and 29 percent, respectively. Jeb Bush, whose wife hails from Mexico and who frequently delivers campaign messages in fluent Spanish, won 31 percent of the Latino vote in this PPP poll.

You may recall that, as Western Journalism reported, Donald Trump has confidently said he would win the Latino vote should he become the nominee of the party. Trump has made that prediction several times, despite the fact that he continues to generate heated controversy over his campaign-launching remarks about dangerous, criminal aliens illegally entering the United States.

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Dumb As Trump

Trump can’t help being Trump.

He says outrageous or dumb things about immigrants or his fellow Republican primary candidates five times a day.

But no one — not even the liberals of the mainstream media — really takes Donald Trump or what he spews seriously.

No one thinks the billionaire’s mix of egotistical bloviating and off-the-cuff policy positions represents the Republican Party or conservatism.

Mike Huckebee and Rick Perry are a whole other story.

They’re not clowns. They’re ex-governors. They’re supposed to be serious candidates for the Republican nomination for president.

Yet last week, they each said something dumb as Trump.

Perry’s statement, at least, was made, more or less, in defense of the Second Amendment.

But in the wake of last week’s theater shooting in Lafayette, La., he said that the way to prevent future shootings would be to encourage moviegoers to take their guns into the theaters.

I’m a fervent Second Amendment guy. And I agree with Perry that gun-free zones are always a bad idea because they attract the well-armed crazies who want to commit mass murders.

But even I wouldn’t want to go into a movie theater where everyone was packing — especially a John Wayne or Clint Eastwood movie.

Especially in West Texas.

Gov. Perry should have held his Texas tongue. All he did was make himself — and by extension the GOP — look like he was exploiting a tragedy to make a political point about gun rights.

Then there’s Mike Huckabee.

What he said about the effect the Obama administration’s nuclear deal with Iran was going to have on the state of Israel caused a national political hissy fit.

Huckabee was right on target when he charged that the president’s foreign policy “is the most feckless in American history” and that trusting the Iranians was “naive.”

Where he got himself in trouble was when he said the Iran deal was so bad it “will take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven.”

Huckabee’s Holocaust reference was not the real problem.

As the leaders of some Jewish American groups protested, the real problem was his premise that the state of Israel is a weakling that can’t defend itself from Iran.

Israel counts on our support, but it can take care of itself if it has to. It has a strong government, a strong leader and a strong military, not to mention lots of tanks, jet planes and scores of nukes.

Israel’s leaders also have something else — courage.

They’re not afraid to act decisively or preemptively when their nation is threatened, as they proved 35 years ago when their jets bombed Iraq’s nuclear research facility.

Huckabee’s Holocaust rhetoric was tut-tutted by some other Republican candidates who thought it was too strong.

Hillary Clinton and other phony Democrats, plus the usual liberal crybabies in the media, made faces and agreed that it was “offensive” and “out of line.”

What Huckabee said didn’t hurt his already slimmer-than-slim chances, but he hurt the GOP team.

He set up an easy layup for the Democrats so they could rise up in fake outrage and paint all the other Republicans as nuts as Trump.

Perry and Huckabee are desperately trying to boost their low poll numbers to qualify for next week’s “Top 10″ primary debate.

They tried to out-trump Trump. But all they did was cause trouble in their own ranks and give Democrats a boatload of fodder that will be used against the GOP next fall.

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Watch: Trump Was More Than Prepared When A Reporter Asked A Question He Didn’t Like

A group of reporters cornered Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump Thursday as he visited one of his golf resorts in Scotland. NBC News reported that the British journalists confronted him on his controversial immigration comments and “claims” that he is “a racist.”

When one reporter asked what section of the U.S. he thinks he represents, Trump shot back: “I think I represent a big section.”

He used recent polling data to bolster his claim.

“I guess the poll today with 16 or 17 candidates had me with 25 percent,” he said, “and the next person was 12 percent. So that’s a big difference. So we represent a very big section of the country.”

Trump was then pressed on his perceived unpopularity among Hispanic voters.

“Oh no, I did well,” he argued. “In fact, the Hispanics – a poll came out two days ago where I’m number one with the Hispanics. I know you’re surprised to hear that; but I’m number one with the Hispanics. And I said that if I get the nomination, I will win with the Hispanics.”

He went on to tout his popularity in specific primary states – and nationwide – before concluding that he is “very importantly … number one with Hispanics.”

One reporter from the “combative pack,” as NBC described it, initially asked Trump to address claims that he is a racist.

“Excuse me?” Trump responded.

The reporter rephrased, asking: “Why have you come here, Mr. Trump?”

He responded he made the trip because he loves the club and is looking forward to hosting the Women’s British Open.

“It’s going to be a really exciting week,” he asserted.

Will Donald Trump win the Hispanic vote? Share your predictions in the comments section below.

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Trump Will Be Feeling Even More Confident Than Usual After This Big Announcement

Many might consider him the “shock jock” of presidential politics who continues to leave the Republican establishment as well as his GOP rivals in shock…and in the dust. Now, a brand new survey from one of the country’s most respected polling outfits will do nothing to lessen the disruptive Trump effect in the 2016 race for the White House, even as it does much to bolster the hopes of the billionaire businessman’s growing legion of supporters.

Rasmussen Reports has just released the results of its first national survey of likely Republican voters, showing Donald Trump well ahead of the rest of the crowded GOP field. Trump’s new nationwide numbers are especially significant as the first presidential debate looms on Fox News.

Trump, the GOP presidential hopeful who has dominated the headlines in recent weeks, is well ahead with 26% support among Republicans. Walker, the Wisconsin governor best known for standing up to labor unions in his state, runs second with 14% support. Bush, a former Florida governor and the third member of his family to seek the presidency, is the first choice of 10%.

As Western Journalism reported on Wednesday, Fox News has modified the rules of its August 6th debates — one to be held in prime time with the GOP candidates polling in the top 10, another earlier in the day with the remaining declared contenders for the White House getting somewhat less impactful TV exposure.

Also on Wednesday, we told you how Trump sent shock waves through the party establishment in the key state of Florida, as he was shown to be comfortably ahead of both former Gov. Jeb Bush and current Sen. Marco Rubio, two Sunshine State favorite sons. A separate poll showed the real estate mogul the favorite GOP contender among Latino voters, despite Rubio and Ted Cruz being of Latino heritage.

A new report on taxpayer-supported National Public Radio (NPR) questions whether Trump has staying power in the race, whether he will be able to build a strong and sustainable organization that can energize solid, long-lasting voter support.

The NPR report claims that, though he is staffing up and showing well in the polls of early primary states, Trump’s popularity seems to be built on “saying as many outrageous things as he can.” In other words, the NPR coverage suggests that Donald Trump’s audience ratings, if you will, come from his bold and brash “shock jock” persona.

“The easiest thing in the world is to tell a pollster, ‘I’m for that person,’ ” said Stuart Stevens, who was the chief strategist on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential bid. “The hardest thing is to get that person to vote.”

Still, with an impressive string of positive poll results in various states plus this new national survey from Rasmussen, the Trump train certainly seems to be gaining and maintaining a real head of steam from a significant segment of a steamed-up electorate.

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Buchanan Says Trump Could Make the Final Four

If you’ve ever been involved in a political campaign, you know that, to the people in the war room, everything counts.

If the opposition says “boo,” the candidate has to call a press conference to say “yah!”

If a friend of the opposition says that the sky is blue, meetings must be held to define blue, ascertain whether or not blue has a positive or negative effect on the campaign, and carefully craft a response which says that red is better.

Talking points must be carefully crafted and stuck to.  If you win, you haven’t had much fun for six months to a year; and if you lose, you really don’t have much fun at all.

Unless, you are Donald Trump.

That’s why the political class hates him so much.

He is telling the absolute truth about money.  He gave a lot of money to a lot of candidates of all stripes so he could get things done in business.

One of the real reasons they hate him is because they can no longer tap his checkbook. And, as he, himself, says, that’s one of the worst parts of the system. Not that campaigns cost money but that money gives you special access—even to people like Lindsey Graham or John McCain whose public persona is such that you would think they would be happy to talk to everyone. They’re not. Trump brought that out, and they hate it.

It takes a really rich guy (or gal) who is financially invulnerable to tell the truth about the seamy side of American politics. Most everybody else is too worried about their pathetic careers.

One of the reasons the media has a love-hate relation with Trump is that they get a lot of copy from skyblue vs. skyred debates–and their bosses make a lot of money selling advertising to both blue and red candidates and their advocates.

So they love the show Trump creates, but they would rather get back to normal because they understand normal; and they really don’t understand it when their normally predictable viewers like someone they don’t.

Still, we went from a week ago where commentators—most of whom have never played the game—were insisting Trump was over to the very same people in the face of real polls saying he was really surging, suggesting that maybe it was real, after all.

Can Donald Trump actually win the Presidency?

Pat Buchanan told Meet the Press that it is possible Trump will get to the Final Four–or maybe even the finals, to use the March Madness metaphor. To extend that metaphor, when you get to the final game, anything can happen.  Ask the late Jim Valvano and his 1983 North Carolina State Wolfpack. Or, better than that, ask the Houston team that was widely expected to cruise to the title.

While the NCAA might cringe at Buchanan’s wordsmithing, the fact is that he may be right.

And here’s another interesting sidenote.

While polls—which have Trump at or near the top—are the stock in trade of the “political experts,” the fact is they often under-represent real people. The pollsters like to tell you how “scientific” they are, but the fact is that they have had serious sample problems in the past 15 years as the internet and cell phones have become a serious factor.

It’s possible that Trump’s real number is higher than the polls are reporting because it’s possible that people who normally wouldn’t vote will go out of their way to support a guy who they viscerally like–and who sticks it to the conventional politicians.

Which brings up the final question. Could Trump handle the Presidency?

I’m guessing that the entire Republican field would agree: certainly better than the clown occupying the office now.

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