This GOP Leader Just Joined The Amnesty Bandwagon

Immigrant Tuition

Despite the fact that a majority of Americans oppose rewarding those who live in constant violation of our immigration laws, leftists continue to push for legislation bestowing legal status on illegal immigrants.

As is too often the case, many Republicans are either unwilling to stand up to such demands or actually subscribe to the same belief. In a recent statement, U.S. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy indicated he belongs in the latter category.

The California representative, serving as the third-ranking Republican in the House, said he supports legalizing criminal inhabitants.

“The principles aren’t written yet,” he said of as-yet unreleased immigration proposals drafted by GOP leaders, “but in my personal belief, I think it’ll go with legal status that will allow you to work and pay taxes.”

These reform ideas are expected to be released by House Republicans within the next few days, prompting McCarthy to make a statement about their potential contents. While he stopped short of supporting a pathway to citizenship for the countless illegals currently living within our borders, he and other Republicans are merely playing into the Democrats’ hands by supporting legalization.

The vast majority of illegals are already living with little fear of arrest or deportation. The fact that both political parties are now in a race to legitimize them will only embolden existing illegals and encourage future lawbreakers.

The left’s end game, of course, involves creating a permanent Democrat voting base populated by poor, government-dependent immigrants. Each small victory the GOP hands them furthers their goal by damaging an already fragile republican system of government.

Conservative candidates must already be prepared to face voter fraud brought on by the left’s refusal to support voter ID laws. Adding tens of millions of newly legal immigrants will create even more confusion and chicanery.

The most upsetting aspect of the entire situation is the unequivocal willingness of numerous Republicans to placate a criminal population by ignoring existing laws.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Craven Cowards In The Senate

Obama Feeds America SC Craven Cowards in the Senate

It has been clear for the past five years that conservative politicians are a bunch of craven cowards. Fear of being called racists (or even “mean-spirited”) sets them to whimpering, trembling, and hand-wringing, eyes rolling as they desperately search for the nearest hole to hide their heads in. They have lost the ability to use words like “liar,” “abuse of power and/or office,” and “criminal acts,” much less “treason” and “traitor.” They cower in the background, literally letting Obama, Holder, H.R. Clinton, Jarrett, Axelrod, Jay“The Mouthpiece” Carney, Rahm Emanuel, et al. get away with murder.

The current rash of “scandals” is but a continuation of the lawlessness that has characterized the Democrats for the past 60 years. The craven cowards seem to have totally forgotten that it was Democrat Lyndon Johnson who completely fabricated from whole cloth – made up a huge lie, for those of you who were “educated” in government schools – the so called Gulf of Tonkin Incident, a supposed attack on U.S. naval forces by the North Vietnamese that he used to justify the massive insertion of American troops into Vietnam. Bush’s supposed lie regarding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq doesn’t even come close (even assuming he did lie), nonsense only far-left Marxist Democrats believe; yet the craven cowards in Congress utter not a peep.

Nor do the cowards have the backbone to bring up the fact that in 2009, the bailout of Chrysler resulted in 789 dealerships being closed, nearly all owned by Republicans (or Democrats who opposed Obama.) Leftist apologists like Snopes and others bent over backwards to spin this as an unintentional coincidence; but given Obama’s abuses of power, before and since, this sure looks like more of the same. Nixon appears a rank amateur compared to Obama & Co.

This despicably craven behavior has allowed Obama and the self-avowed Marxist revolutionaries he has appointed to dozens of positions of power within the administration to move forward, virtually unobstructed, with their looting of the treasury, emasculation and hobbling of the military, undermining of national security, persecution of Christians, and the vilification of conservatives (especially those who believe in government by the Constitution.) The craven ones have allowed the border of our once sovereign nation (and our immigration laws that served us so well for so long) to be turned into a memory. They have said nothing about elections like the blatantly fraudulently one in Minnesota that foisted Al Franken on We the People, or the one in Nevada where the votes of thousands of criminal invaders from Mexico let fascist Harry Reid steal the election from solid Tea Party conservative Sharon Angle and continue his reign of corruption as Democrat Senate Majority Leader. It allowed leftist political hack Sherrod Brown to steal the Ohio Senate election from solid Tea Party conservative Josh Mandel.

The Senate clearly should have had a Republican majority, but the craven cowards can’t object when their heads are…er…uh…buried in the sand. The radical racist who runs the Injustice Department has totally refused to even consider investigating, much less bringing charges. No surprise since, with the unequivocal approval of his boss, he has decided that he and the administration are above the law and can do anything they darn well please.

The chances of any serious resistance to B. Hussein’s selling us out to radical Islam, at home and abroad, are not even slim; they are none. We have a taqiyya Muslim in the White House, a Muslim running the CIA, a Muslim sympathizer running the Department of Homeland Security, and numerous radical Islamists in the State Department and other positions of power in federal agencies. The Benghazi debacle was, among other things, about gun-running to Obama’s al-Qaeda allies who have taken over the anti-Assad forces in Syria. Yet the taqiyya Liar-in-Chief had the temerity to publicly announce – again – that al-Qaeda has been defeated and that Muslims are a “fundamental part of the American Family.”

The corrupt Senate Foreign Relations Committee has just voted 15-3 to approve S. 960 to fund the sending of weapons, money, and American troops to “aid” the al-Qaeda dominated Syrian “rebels.” Strangely, Rand Paul was joined by uber-liberal Democrats Udall (D-NM) and Murphy (D-CT) in voting against it. The rest of the Republicans on the committee turned traitor. It looks like our traitorous Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and his bloodthirsty rubber stamps in the Senate are about to get us into another war in the Middle East, a war in which we have zero, zip, nada national interest.

Our country is being sold out, our Constitutional republic is being undermined, and We the People are being set up for life under a collectivist, totalitarian police state. Unfortunately, We the People, through our neglect of our civic duty to be active in the affairs of our towns, counties, states, and nation, have allowed this to happen. The question is: do we have the necessary backbone ourselves to stop it?

Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)

Are We Living In The Twilight Zone?

us capitol building SC Are We Living in the Twilight Zone?

At least Esau got a bowl of lentil soup for selling out his birthright. What will Republicans get?

It’s amazing how events in politics seem to repeat themselves more often than Charlie Brown and the football. It seems like it was yesterday that we were advocating against Boehner’s trial balloon vote to raise the debt ceiling at the end of July.

Back in 2011, it was Republicans who had the superior leverage buttressed by the midterm elections, and it was Obama whose approval rating was in the toilet. Yet everything was the same it is today. In fact, part of the reason we are in this debacle today is because of the failure to articulate principles last July.

At the time, Republicans stood firm with the pledge never to raise the debt ceiling unless we would implement a plan like Cut, Cap, and Balance – one which would ensure that it would be the last debt ceiling increase. On July 29, 2011, Boehner forced a vote to raise the debt ceiling for a deal that jettisoned Cut, Cap, and Balance. On the surface, the deal sounded reasonable because the second installment of the $2.1 trillion debt limit increase was tied to passage of a balanced budget amendment. However, it was clear that Boehner had no intention of even standing by this fallback plan. The vote was merely a way of breaking their Cut, Cap, Balance pledge to pave the road for wholesale capitation. A number of good guys bought into this subterfuge, with only 22 members voting no.

Four days later, the House voted to completely abjure their values and give Obama a blank check that would take him past the 2012 election in exchange for a vote on a balanced budget. Oh, and we also got the super duper committee and the sequestration that Boehner now seeks to eliminate. Although 44 more Republicans voted against the final debt ceiling increase, they had already paved the road for the jail break.

Read More at . By Daniel Horowitz.

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Washington Times Columnist to Obama: Resign!

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

The pages of The Washington Times today reflect the nation’s disenchantment with Barack Obama’s presidency. The op-ed section contains an article by Jeffrey T. Kuhner, president of the Edmund Burke Institute for American Renewal, entitled, “Don’t Go on Vacation — Just GO.”

Last September, Kuhner called for Obama’s impeachment. This year, he’s taken a new tack: Telling Obama to quit:

Mr. Obama is the most arrogant, self-absorbed and self-obsessed president in U.S. history. Nothing is ever his fault. He blames everyone and everything for America’s economic woes – Tea Partyers, Wall Street, Japanese earthquakes, insurance executives, oil companies, millionaires and corporate jet owners. He lashes out at imaginary enemies without ever taking personal responsibility. In his mind, he is – and always will be – the Anointed One.

There is only one solution: Drive him from office. Americans should forge a mass grassroots movement demanding that Mr. Obama step down – immediately. Through bumper stickers, picket signs, posters, T-shirts and rallies, tens of millions of citizens should express the same message: Leave. It is highly unlikely he will step aside, but such a movement would cripple the president’s authority and possibly blunt him from doing further harm. It also would puncture his boundless ego. A widespread manifestation of no confidence would break him – politically, morally and psychologically – in order to save America. Mr. Obama is out of his depth. He lacks the character, intelligence, skills and experience – the basic competence – to be the leader of the free world.

Resign, Mr. President.

Of course, Obama resigning is as likely to occur as Bill Clinton entering a monastery; they both love the thrill they get from their self-indulgent pursuits too much to forsake them for their own good, much less the nation’s. However, there is some value in his analysis.

A growing number of Democrats are sick of Obama, too. Contrary to what some people believe, political parties are not primarily dedicated to promoting ideals or ideologies. They are dedicated to power: getting it, exercising it, keeping it, and denying it to their enemies. Democrats understand this better than Republicans, in part because Democrats are the statist party, in part because Republicans believe in the transcendent values the Left denies. Democrats are happy Obama is president; they generally agree with him even when they are afraid to say so; and they hope he will be re-elected in 2012. But they saw the monumental butt-thumping the American people gave them in 2010, and they aren’t willing….

Read more.

The Dirty Dozen Democrats Who Could Have Prevented the Downgrade

William E. Been,

While watching the debt ceiling increase by $2.4 trillion just to cover spending until the next presidential election, the scam perpetrated on the American people could not have been any more obvious. While the Republican-controlled House of Representatives negotiated with itself for weeks in an attempt to propose something that might save our great nation from financial disaster, neither the U.S. Senate nor the White House proposed any plan at all. Even worse, while listening to Barack Obama’s rhetoric about the need for a bipartisan solution, the Majority Leader of the Democrat-controlled Senate announced that bills coming from the House were “dead on arrival.” In fact, nothing coming from the House was even allowed to be debated by the overly partisan Senate leadership. This resulted in another crisis-not-to-be-wasted. As the administration-imposed deadline of August 2 approached, the Democrats’ rhetoric followed a familiar pattern as they attempted to frighten the American public with false accusations that grandma won’t get her medical care, seniors will lose their Social Security, sick children will be turned away, and that a major calamity will occur if no increase in the debt ceiling is approved by August 2.

In attempting to understand how and why our government has become so blatantly irresponsible, I heard an interview with Orrin Hatch on FOX News. Senator Hatch spoke of his past attempts to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment, specifically one in 1997 that failed to pass by a single vote. I could not help but wonder what that one vote would have meant to the current situation. With the debt being $5.4 trillion in 1997 and heading for $15 trillion in 2011, it is clear that holding at the 1997 levels would have assured that no crisis would have occurred and that the spending being generated by the Obama administration would have been dramatically reduced. As a result, it is important to understand who those senators were who accounted for the missing vote that would have facilitated financial soundness.

A familiar pattern was again evident. The vote was 66-34, with a super majority of 67 votes required to pass the Amendment. Upon review of the senators’ vote, it was once more aggravating to see the partisan politics that has ruled this country since the early 1990s. The “one vote” that killed the bill was cast by 34 Democrats as a block. They collectively killed the chance for financial sanity. Even more remarkable, every GOP senator voted for the bill, joined by 11 Democrats. Yet, the 34 Democrats blocked a bill that could have prevented the debt ceiling crisis of 2011.

Sadly, 18 of these 34 senators are still in the Senate, and still blocking all attempts to reduce spending and debt. This Group of 18 has destroyed the financial stability and strength of the greatest nation in history. Every American needs to know these senators, who will be listed as the “Dirty Dozen plus 6” at the end of this document.

Having documented the Democrats’ destruction of mortgage lending standards during the 1990s, this irresponsible destruction of a bipartisan Balanced Budget bill in 1997 coupled with the mortgage lending debacle should be an indictment of the entire Democratic Party. No theft of wealth at any level can even begin to approach what the Democrats and their allies in the Progressive movement have committed against our country. The Democrats have destroyed our financial reputation, the reserve status of our dollar, and are continuing reckless spending at the….

Read more.