Marco Rubio Plans NUCLEAR Option To ‘Take The GOP Nomination’- Voters Will Be OUTRAGED

The campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is reaching a critical period. As Donald Trump gains more supporters, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are struggling to keep up.

However, Sen. Rubio reportedly has a “Hail Mary” plan he hopes with provide him the GOP nomination. Two anonymous sources came forward to CNN after a meeting Wednesday in Manhattan to allege that Rubio is preparing for a contested Republican Convention.

Terry Sullivan, Rubio’s top campaign adviser, provided a blueprint for such a tactic at the meeting with top donors, the sources said.

Sullivan laid out two possible outcomes. Rubio might achieve the necessary delegates to win the election. It’s also possible that none of the three candidates will have the necessary delegates needed to win before the convention. In the latter scenario, a contested convention might be the outcome.

Sullivan said that if John Kasich and Ben Carson were to drop out of the election, Rubio may very well pick up votes from Kasich and Carson supporters and possibly provide him with the leverage to win the nomination.

Sullivan also expressed great confidence that Rubio would win in his home state of Florida.

The Manhattan meeting was attended by approximately 200 people, including some former supporters of Jeb Bush. If Bush supporters are willing to throw their support behind Rubio, Carson and Kasich supporters may do the same.

The Manhattan meeting took place at a time when Rubio has picked up recent endorsements from Bob Dole, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, North Carolina Sen. Thom Tillis, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, Joe Craft, and the Koch brothers, to name a few.

However, many people believe these endorsements have come in too late to quell the Trump campaign’s mobility and progress.

If these high profile endorsements are too late, a contested convention could be a real possibility — even though the last time it happened was during the 1952 presidential campaign.

BREAKING: Trump Receives Unexpected ‘Establishment’ Endorsement That Could Change Race

After ending his presidential bid in the wake of a sixth-place finish in the New Hampshire primary, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement became a topic of speculation among political pundits.

In a press conference Friday, Christie announced which GOP candidate has his support.

“I am proud to be here to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States,” he said.

The high-profile political endorsement came on the heels of Trump’s first congressional endorsements, which he received from Republican congressmen Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins earlier this week.

Within minutes, Christie’s announcement gained widespread traction among social media users. Several Twitter users suggested the endorsement was a step toward securing a cabinet position in a potential Trump administration.

“Attorney General then Supreme Court,” one user predicted.

“Woah!,” another replied. “I think I see a possible VP!”

Others recalled the bitter rivalry between Christie and Marco Rubio in the days leading up to the New Hampshire primary.

“Surprised he didn’t endorse Rubio,” a commenter wrote. “They are such good friends.”

A few more cynical social media users insisted the billionaire front-runner paid Christie for the endorsement.

Marco Rubio’s Strategy For Tonight’s Debate Was Just Revealed, And It May Backfire BIG TIME

Thursday night’s Republican debate may prove crucial for Sen. Marco Rubio.

This will be the last debate before Super Tuesday primaries and his final opportunity to pull supporters away from front-runner Donald Trump.

According to an article by Politico’s Alex Isenstadt, Rubio will implement a new strategy in an effort to diminish Trump’s lead.

Instead of attacking Trump, he plans to attack Ted Cruz.

“Going after Trump would accomplish little because the businessman’s supporters are deeply committed and unlikely to swing Rubio’s way,” Isenstadt writes. “Inciting a confrontation with Trump onstage would create drama but wouldn’t help the senator gain voters, something he badly needs as he looks for his first primary win.”

Isenstadt said the Rubio campaign believes attacking Cruz is its best bet for attracting more voters. “They think the Texas senator’s voters are less locked in and could swing Rubio’s way should Cruz fade. The only way to dislodge Trump, Rubio’s advisers say, is to turn it into a two-man race — meaning that they first need to get Cruz out of the way.”

During the previous debates, the rhetoric between Rubio and Trump has not been aggressive. But if Trump decides to challenge Rubio, then the senator’s campaign had better be ready to respond to the challenge.

That’s particularly important in light of Rubio’s disasterous debate performance prior to the New Hampshire primary.

But Rubio’s campaign advisers believe the only way to lessen Trump’s lead is to eliminate the remaining candidates and create a two-man race between Trump and Rubio.

Should this strategy have the intended results, then Rubio would feel free to launch his attack on Trump.

Of course, there is always the chance Rubio’s strategy will backfire. But with Super Tuesday being so close, Rubio may not have any other choice.

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Report: Romney Won’t Make Endorsement For 1 HUGE Reason That Will Have Trump Smiling

In order to get an endorsement from 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio will first have to prove he is a winner, according to one media analyst who says that is much easier for Rubio to say than actually do.

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters, who along with Michael Barbaro wrote a Times piece headlined “Marco Rubio Gets Party’s Blessing But Not Voters,’” said he believes Rubio’s showing is holding back any endorsement. The article suggests Rubio’s path to the nomination is possible, but extremely difficult.

“Even those who have sketched out possible paths for Mr. Rubio to win the nomination acknowledge that they are quirky and slender, dependent on forces mostly outside his control,” the article said.

Peters continued that theme in an interview with Breitbart News.

“There was a poll out the other day that showed Trump far, far ahead in Massachusetts. Now if an establishment candidate can’t win in a state like Massachusetts, I think that’s going to be a harbinger of where this election is headed,” said Peters.

Peters was asked if Rubio’s standing is holding back an endorsement from Romney.

“I had a source close to Mitt Romney tell me that is the reason, yesterday,” Peters said. “That he doesn’t want to … what does he gain by endorsing somebody who has a slim point of winning, from their point of view.”

Even Ruio’s supporters noted that Rubio’s odds are lengthening.

“It’s not going to be easy for Marco Rubio to do it,” said Rep. Peter T. King, R-N.Y. “There is no doubt that right now, Trump is the favorite.”

During an event Tuesday at Babson College in Wellesley, Mass., Romney was asked about who he will endorse, and when.

“The answer is, I’m not going to tell you,” Romney said. “I am very involved and will be increasingly involved. I’m involved now behind the scenes with a number of people who are running for president. And I did not anticipate endorsing but I probably will at some point. I don’t know who yet.”

h/t: Breitbart

Megyn Kelly Is About To Host Huge Event With GOP Candidates – Something About It Is Getting Attention

Over the last few months, Western Journalism has been extensively covering the apparent one-sided feud between Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly.

As was reported, the feud began with the first Fox News debates when Kelly asked Trump a tough question about disparaging comments Trump had made in the past about women. After the debate, Trump declared he had been treated unfairly by Kelly, and then implied Kelly was menstruating. Some time afterward, Trump posted photos of Kelly implying she was a “bimbo.”

Last month, Trump decided not to attend the Fox News GOP Debate in Iowa. It was seen by many as an attempt to avoid Kelly’s tough questions. Instead of going to the debates, Trump held an impromptu fundraiser for veterans, a move Trump later said was a mistake and probably cost him the win in the Iowa caucus.

Now Trump is at it again. This time, he’s skipping out on a town-hall style forum Wednesday evening with Kelly. The forum is part of Kelly’s Fox News show The Kelly File.

In a two-hour special called, “The Kelly File: Face to Face with Candidates,” Kelly will meet with every remaining Republican presidential candidate — except Trump, whose campaign has said he will not attend.

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks, in an interview with CNNMoney, said Trump will be attending next month’s Fox News debate in Detroit that will be moderated by Kelly, Bret Baier and Chris Wallace, but says Trump cannot attend the Houston forum which airs at 9 pm Wednesday on Fox News.

Hicks reportedly sent an email response to CNN which includes the following statement: “The campaign has a previous engagement in Virginia and then New York, which could not be rescheduled. Given this was just proposed at the last minute it was not possible to change our plans in order to attend. Mr. Trump looks forward to participating in the next Fox News debate.”