BREAKING: Ben Carson Just Got Some Gigantic News That Could Strike Fear Into Trump’s Heart

They’re both considered “anti-establishment” candidates, favored by folks who don’t like, and want to send a powerful message to, the “political class.” But the fiery and flamboyant Donald Trump is very different in style, and frequently in substance, from the generally calm and soft-spoken Ben Carson, whose prospects in the early-causus state of Iowa just got a huge boost.

Monmouth University has just released the results of a new poll showing that Carson has climbed into a head-to-head tie with Trump for the top spot in the opinion of Republicans in The Hawkeye State. A release from the polling organization points out that this is the first time in more than a month that “a poll in any of the first four nominating states has not shown Trump with a nominal lead.”

“When Iowa Republicans are asked who they would support in their local caucus, Ben Carson (23%) and Donald Trump (23%) tie for the top spot,” according to Monmouth pollsters.

This marks a significant shake-up in the race for the Republican nomination for president. “In mid-July, [Scott] Walker was the front runner in Iowa, with Trump and Carson following behind. Since then, Walker’s support has dropped by 15 points, while Carson’s has increased by 15 points and Trump’s by 10 points. Support has also increased for [Carly] Fiorina by 7 points since Monmouth’s last Iowa poll.”

This stunning news for Ben Carson comes only days after another voter survey found him moving up substantially in the eyes of likely GOP caucus-goers in Iowa.

The Des Moines Register reported that its new poll, conducted in conjunction with Bloomberg Politics, showed that the retired neurosurgeon has made impressive gains among Iowa voters and is now within easy striking distance of the pack-leading billionaire businessman.

A new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll finds that Trump, the flamboyant real estate entrepreneur, has 23 percent support here. But Ben Carson…has been a submarine, quietly cruising into second with 18 percent, just 5 percentage points from the front-runner.

One of the more impressive aspects of the new polling that puts Carson at the 18-percent level with likely GOP caucus-goers in Iowa is his favorability rating. As the new voter survey notes: “Carson has the highest favorability rating of the 17 Republican candidates, with 79 percent who view him positively. Only 8 percent have negative feelings about him.”

This puts the political outsider Carson in sharp contrast to the bombastic boat-rocker Trump, who has nonetheless improved his favorability among Republicans, as pointed out by Bloomberg Politics: “The real estate mogul is rated favorably by 61 percent and unfavorably by 35 percent, an almost complete reversal since the Iowa Poll in May.”

Bloomberg reporter John McCormick also takes note of Carson’s slow but steady efforts to put together the kind of ground game in Iowa that would be needed to grow the stature and sustainability of his campaign: “Although he isn’t generating the headlines enjoyed by Trump, Carson has quietly built a dedicated network of supporters in Iowa. During the past month, he also aired more ads than any other presidential candidate in Iowa.”

Another big plus for Ben Carson is his appeal to Christian conservatives looking for a non-politician, but not an unpredictable wild card like Donald Trump. The article by McCormick underscores Carson’s high favorability among Iowa Republicans as a kind of shield against potential attacks from his rivals for the GOP presidential nomination.

Christian conservatives, who represent nearly 40 percent of likely caucus participants in the poll, may be starting to coalesce around the former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins.

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What This Hollywood Actress Just Said About Actors Who Play Gay Characters Is Catching On

Western Journalism recently reported on the impromptu debate between Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz and outspoken gay actress Ellen Page. While many on the right bristled at her comparison of Christians to Islamic terrorists, some conservative news outlets are heralding her recent comments regarding the way actors are perceived when they accept roles as gay characters.

In a recent interview with Time, she dismissed the notion that her recent performance as a lesbian in the upcoming film Freeheld was an act of bravery.

“Maybe this is a bad thing to say,” she replied, “but I have a hard time when people call actors brave. I don’t really get that, because our job is to read something on a page.”

She went on to call it “borderline offensive” to assert that anyone is brave merely for portraying a gay character on screen.

“I’m never going to be considered brave for playing a straight person,” she reasoned, “and nor should I be.”

The interview eventually navigated toward Page’s criticism of the Republican Party and ostensibly out-of-touch Americans who do not endorse her lifestyle.

“It still happens everywhere,” she said of “disdain and cruelty” against gays. “There hasn’t been one GOP candidate, I don’t think, who’s outwardly spoken to a gay rights activist.”

She further lambasted the “shame and toxicity that exists in people” who she asserts make life uncomfortable for gays.

Page concluded by taking a stab at Americans of faith, pointing out that gays are treated better in her home country of Canada because “religion is way less intense.”

Insisting that “you can’t even have a conversation” with religious individuals, she complained that so many people are concerned about her eternal soul.

“Everyone’s typically quite polite,” she acknowledged. “But they’re telling you who you are is wrong and at some point you will find God, and I’ll be with a man.”

She ended the interview with a direct message for anyone who fits that bill.

“Well, not gonna happen, but you enjoy your time in heaven. I’ll be down in hell.”

Should Christians evolve to embrace Ellen Page’s views on sexuality? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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John Boehner Just Called Ted Cruz This 1 DISGUSTING Word At A Fundraiser, And It’s Turning Heads

Multiple sources said U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, called Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas a derogatory name while speaking at an event in Colorado Wednesday.

Appearing at a fundraiser for Rep. Scott Tipton, R-Colo., at the Ghost Ranch in Steamboat Springs, two people in attendance said Boehner approved of Cruz’s presidential campaign because it keeps “that jackass” out of Washington. The leader of the lower chamber also reportedly said he enjoys Cruz no longer telling him how to do his job.

“I don’t think it’s terribly speaker-like, and I think it kind of goes against everything that Reagan ever said about disparaging Republicans,” Ed MacArthur, president of Native Excavating, told The Daily Caller. MacArthur attended Wednesday’s event.

“It’s becoming very disturbing to me that we can’t have good, polite conversation,” MacArthur continued. “It all has to be at the throat.” 

“I do believe he’s got the right to say it,” he added.  

“I about fell on the floor,” said a woman in attendance who was not named.

“To build coalitions to work together in Washington, D.C., you don’t start it out by calling your colleague a ‘jackass,’” she added.

There has already been rapid reaction on social media since the story broke earlier today:

Was Speaker Boehner out of line? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Watch: How Cruz Just Compared Megyn Kelly To Obama Could Bring A Big Smile To Trump’s Face

Ever since Donald Trump declared that the United States should end its practice of granting birthright citizenship to children born in the U.S. to parents who are illegal immigrants, the GOP 2016 front-runner has been blasted in the liberal media. The far-left Mother Jones, for example, cites “experts” who say that doing away with rights afforded so-called “anchor babies” would “lead to disaster” by creating millions of “stateless children.”

Of course, Mother Jones also grossly mischaracterizes Trump’s campaign-launching claim about the problems created by criminal aliens illegally entering the U.S. The Trump-bashing publication charges that the billionaire businessman began his quest for the presidency “by calling Mexican immigrants ‘rapists.’” In making this exaggerated claim, Mother Jones purposefully blurs the critical distinction between legal and illegal immigrants.

On her Fox News show Tuesday night, Megyn Kelly put another Republican presidential contender on the hot seat, grilling Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas about his views on birthright citizenship. The GOP candidate has indicated that he agrees with Trump on many issues surrounding illegal immigration and the problems it presents. When Cruz was asked on The Kelly File about his views on the controversial practice of automatically granting U.S. citizenship to anchor babies, the conservative senator said:

What that does, it serves as an incentive encouraging people to break the law and come here illegally and we ought to change that policy.

Kelly pressed for a “yes” or “no” answer from Cruz — would he propose deporting the children of illegals who have been granted birthright citizenship under the 14th Amendment? Again, Cruz sidestepped the question, calling it a “distraction.” He said there are serious legal disputes as to the best way to undo the longstanding practice — by congressional action or by constitutional amendment. “We should change the policy so that we’re not rewarding and incentivizing and encouraging more illegal immigration,” he argued.

“You’re dodging my question,” interjected Kelly, the Fox News anchor whom Donald Trump has repeatedly and, in the opinion of some, crudely criticized.

That’s when Ted Cruz shot back, telling Megyn Kelly she was asking “the question every mainstream media liberal journalist wants to ask…. It’s also the question Barack Obama wants to focus on.”

By clicking on the video above, you can see the complete exchange between Ted Cruz and Megyn Kelly that brought fireworks to the Wednesday edition of The Kelly File.

h/t: TheBlaze

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‘Make America Great Again’ – A Promise Donald Trump Cannot Keep

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” – Anon.

After entering Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Alabama, on Friday, August 21, 2015, what followed were a personal pronoun fest and the now familiar story of the conversion of a government building to a plush hotel. Trump used the pronouns I, me, and my about 300 times (give or take); but nothing much new was offered.

After bashing China, Mexico, Democrats and a good number of Republicans, the rest of the speech took on the nature of a road to riches rally led by a financial guru who verily promises that everyone will emerge rich and prosperous if they only follow the plan – and the leader.

The crowd cheered to the promise of a mighty revival of military might and the oft repeated campaign slogan and promise to “Make America Great Again.”

It is here that I am forced to start with a paragraph from my last article; it is a statement that undoubtedly I will have to make for the next year and a half until the election period is finished

“God never separates our economy and our morality – they are inextricably linked forever. We are at our all-time low in morality; what is concomitant is an economic crash – you can count on it!”

What is our definition of greatness? What is God’s definition?

Let’s start with a passage that applies to both individuals and nations and work out from there.

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Mt 16: 26)

If increasing wealth and producing jobs was all it would take to make America “great” again, I would be the first person to vote for Donald Trump.

What is not on the list of any Democrat running for president is what is at the bottom of the list for the Republicans running for president. The two issues that Trump refuses to face are at the top of God’s list for the future survival of the nation.

God will never judge this nation because of a bad relationship with China or Mexico; he also will not cause our economy to fail because of oil, outsourced jobs, taxes or any other problems imagined or real.

Our insistence on perverted “gay marriage” and our continuance of the slaughter of unborn babies will bring us to a reckoning day we will all rue.

Trump has skirted and copped-out on these issues.

What’s the best you’ve got, Donald?

Trump has offered no more than Democrats Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders on both issues.

On abortion, Trump has declared that he will stop abortions after twenty weeks.

Not good enough, Donald!

It is still murder or genocide at one day or twenty weeks; this Divine rule was in place before you drew your first breath, and the arbitrary assignment of time limits for when an abortion can legally or morally be performed are not yours to make.

On “gay marriage,” Trump has resigned to the “it’s the law of the land” nonsense that all those who have given up resort to.

As a nation, the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling is what may be safely referred to as the last straw in God’s patience.

Greatness is not what follows such a ruling, but only judgment and a long intense series of national difficulties, otherwise known as judgments–campaign slogans notwithstanding.

It is a hundred times more likely that America will be facing an economic fall rather than a Trump-led windfall for everyone.

In Trump’s America, the borders are sealed, the military is big and the economy is booming, even while the nation becomes the playground for perverts and the slaughter capital for unborn human beings. This is naiveté and absurdity all rolled together; and to use one of Trump’s favorite words – it is stupid.

We don’t need a degree in divinity to understand the basic theology of the biblical law of reciprocation (Reap and sow). God is not going to allow the Trumpian vision of America – it is a veritable impossibility.

When does a simple scriptural admonition become a prophetic warning?

Two major prevailing conditions have converged in America – one is our economic might; the other is our moral decline. We are at the height or the extreme of both, but they cannot coexist together for long.

God simply will not allow it!

The rule for individuals and for nations is the same, to wit:

“And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry. But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?” (Luke 12: 19-20)

The time is short.

Mr. Trump can promise us “greatness,” but leaving these two issues alone will render his promise so much dust in the wind.

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