Trump Just Got Huge News Right Before The Debate That Might Have Him Worried

It may be too soon to dub this week’s surge as “Marco-mania,” but the polls coming out of New Hampshire in recent days point to a dramatic rise by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in the Republican presidential contest.

Polls also show Donald Trump remains in the lead, but has seen his margin erode. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz  has seen little gain in New Hampshire after his victory in the Iowa caucus Monday .

A Boston Globe/Suffolk poll published Friday had Trump on top at 29 percent, with Rubio second at 19 percent, Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 13 percent, former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush at 10 percent, and Cruz at 7 percent.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll also shows Trump leading with 30 percent support, but shows Rubio moving past Cruz. That poll showed Rubio’s support at 17 percent; Cruz polled 15 percent support.

The web site FiveThirtyEight compared top GOP candidates’ overall poll standings as of Friday with their standing as of Monday.

That analysis showed frontrunner Trump’s percentage of support down 2.1 percentage points, while Rubio rose 6.1 percentage points. Cruz rose less than a percentage point while Kasich and Bush each slipped less than one percentage point.

In spite of Trump’s slip, he’s still on top. In fact, a CNN poll asking respondents who they expect to win found that 61 percent of respondents expect Trump to win Tuesday’s contest.

Rubio’s rise has made him a target.

Christie called Rubio “the boy in the bubble,” noting how he is “scripted and controlled.”

“His 60-second memorized speeches, all of which we’ve heard over and over and over again, are getting stale and tired,” Christie said.

Bush has attacked Rubio for having no experience beyond politics. The pro-Kasich super PAC, New Day for America, has slammed Rubio for opposing reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

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WATCH: Bobby Jindal Just Made An Eyebrow-Raising GOP Endorsement That Many Say Is Unexpected

Sen. Marco Rubio picked up another endorsement Friday from the field of unsuccessful Republican presidential candidates.

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, whose campaign for the White House folded in November, endorsed Rubio while speaking on Fox News Channel’s On the Record, hosted by Greta Van Susteren.

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who ended his campaign after Monday’s Iowa caucuses, has also endorsed Rubio.

Jindal explained his endorsement to Van Susteren.

“The reality is, these are very dangerous times. This president’s weakened our standing on the foreign stage. Our enemies don’t fear us. Our friends don’t trust us. Marco’s been consistent about strengthening America’s foreign policy,” Jindal said.

“This is the most important election of our lifetime. We’ve got growing dependence on government. We’ve got more and more debt being piled on our children’s backs. Marco can unify our party. He is — his optimistic message is bringing voters from across the party lines from across different demographic groups, he can unify our party,” said Jindal, who called Rubio “a principled conservative.”

Although Santorum this past week stumbled when asked on one talk show to cite specific Rubio accomplishments in the Senate, Jindal had several points to offer.

“He’s got a great record of accomplishment,” he said. “I think too many people in DC get caught up on, well, how many bills do you have your names on. He’s done several things here. For example, he led the fight for sanctions on Hezbollah. He led the fight against the Obamacare bailout for insurance companies. He led the fight to give the VA the power to fire executives not doing their jobs.”

Writing on Young Conservatives, John S. Roberts called the endorsement “unexpected.”

Others commenting on Young Conservatives had less kind words.

“No respect for Jindal. I like to refer to him as the guy who sold out his culture so he could be electable among the Republican party,” wrote Devan Goswai Anand. “I do not like him, Nikki Haley, or Dinesh D’Souza. I have very many Indian friends and relatives and they all look down upon them. Still voting Trump, as I believe he will make change within this country.”

“…Thirty pieces of silver!” was the succinct verdict delivered by a poster using “marcus tullius cicero” as his name.


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Stacey Dash Just Dropped A BOMB On Libs Who Say She’s Not ‘Black Enough’ – ‘Wake Up…’

Actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash responded to those who charge she is not being loyal to her race, countering that “white liberals are the most racist people I’ve ever met.”

In a blog post on Tuesday, Dash wrote, “I don’t hate Twitter — I love it. And I love hearing from all of you…  well, most of you…  because it’s important to talk about these issues of race.” 

The actress recounted some of the unfriendly comments that have been tweeted at her, including: “Why do you hate the skin you’re in?,” “You’re a whore dealing with self-hatred,” “Coon,” and “Let’s trade Stacey Dash for Rachel Dolezal.”

As reported by Western Journalism, Dash has taken a lot of heat after stating a few weeks ago she believes the time for BET and NAACP Image Awards has passed. She added, “There shouldn’t be a Black History Month. We’re Americans, period. That’s it.”

Dash made clear in her Tuesday blog post, “I’m not ashamed that I’m black. I’m half black and half Mexican. I don’t hate my skin.”

“What I hate is the stereotypes that so-called ‘black entertainment’ has created,” she continued. “I hate they say that I am not ‘black enough’ once I open my mouth. I hate that liberals make the rules – white liberals are the most racist people I’ve ever met. They demand that black people act a certain way, vote a certain way, and think a certain way.” 

Dash encouraged her fellow African-Americans to “wake up” and not play into the stereotypes and molds liberals and others try to put them in.

“Do not listen to liberals who try to limit you, to put you into a box, to tell you that you must believe one way or another, that you cannot think for yourselves, and that the government can ‘give’ you a ‘special month,’” the commentator exhorted blacks in a blog post last week.  

Dash went after the notoriously liberal New York Times in a Twitter post Wednesday. The post featured a link to an article pointing out 60 percent of the votes in Iowa from whites went to Republican candidates who are either Hispanic or African-American, yet the Times describes the GOP’s main message as being filled with “anger, xenophobia, fear and hate.” 

Trump Is The King Of The Dispossessed

Donald Trump has never once made a claim that he would play nice. Not one time that I am aware of has he stated he intends to avoid mudslinging.

Why then is Trump able to continually cast doubt on his attackers? How is he getting away with it when everybody else withers under attacks from the press?

It’s very simple. His campaign strategy is not geared towards groups that adhere to the politics of cultural Marxism.

Obviously, it’s easier to control a mish mash of tiny disparate groups all competing for influence with each other. This concept has infiltrated the upper ranks of the Republican establishment as well. Both the Democrats and the Republicans pander to special interest groups who practice identity politics. It has been this way for quite some time.

Cultural Marxism has dominated the government elite, and academic elites, for years. The primary mode of operation for these groups continues to be the destruction of any kind of cohesive cultural identity. The political drum through much of 2015 was beaten continuously to the tune that white Americans will only comprise 50 percent of the electorate by 2045 or 2050. The obvious message is, “You politicians better be nice to minorities because we are your future.”

This inability to see the mass disregard for the reality of today’s electorate has been a major weakness within both parties which the Trump campaign has taken advantage of. Trump has turned the game on its ear because he is playing identity politics just like everyone else, and It is very simple: He is pandering to people who self-identify as white and working class.

The irony? It’s working with Republicans and Democrats.

In an article in the New York Times published Dec. 31, a poll by Democrat polling firm Civis Analytics showed likely supporters of Donald Trump were comprised of a specific kind of voting segment: White southern Democrats who like to vote Republican. Does this sound familiar? It should, because that’s the group that brought us Ronald Reagan. It’s well known that if white, blue-dog Democrats had not voted for Reagan he would never have been president.

Why is it working again with Trump? Because this particular segment of the electorate has been ignored for quite some time.

You might say, “But Clifton, white people win every election.”

To which I would say, “Not these white people.”

These white people have been ignored repeatedly for decades. The white, blue-collar, non-union and union workers are who we are talking about. The primary group that wants illegal immigration contained, and offshoring of jobs to stop. They have watched massive bank bailouts, their home values destroyed, and the disintegration of the automotive industry in this country (the bread and butter of union workers for years).

Of course, they are going to vote for Trump. Nobody else is listening and they are a big enough voting block to put Trump in the White House.

This also happens to be the same group that wants to know why the United States is giving money away overseas when its infrastructure is crumbling and it’s carrying a gargantuan national debt. You should ignore these people at your own risk because together they comprise a very large section of the American electorate. They are tired of being lied to and being told what to think by the media — and when I say the media, I mean Fox News as well.

This works out for Trump because he has a massive pool of support coming into the election that is immune to talking heads and pundits. The general assumption this group makes about news personalities is that If their mouths are moving, they are lying.

His support for single-payer healthcare, tough immigration enforcement, and action against offshoring companies is going to be extremely hard to top among his support groups. If you think he seems unstoppable in the Republican primaries, just wait until the general election. Hillary ‘the felon’ Clinton and Bernie the ‘Marxist troll doll’ Sanders are a snack for the ‘Shark of Atlantic City.’

Those who decry Trump as a fascist have only themselves to blame if he turns out to be one. Especially when the term “fascist” has been beaten ragged by left-wing media as a term for Republicans they really dislike. Is it really a surprise a group largely demonized by the mainstream media pays them no attention at all?

You cannot ignore a core portion of the electorate to take care of small minorities and then seem surprised when they pick their own man.

It’s hard not to agree the changing electorate is going to be important by 2045. It is, however, time for a reality check. It is currently 2016, and the way I understand reality,  you can’t get elected in 2016 by people from 2045.

Obama Just Said Something About Trump That Could Give The Donald A Huge Boost

With a clear focus on Donald Trump’s campaign, President Obama expressed a yearning Monday for Republicans to move away from the “unrecognizable” place they now inhabit.

He also said he looks forward to the day when Republicans are done venting their frustrations and drop their support of Trump or Sen. Ted Cruz.

Obama’s comments may not have the power to change the dynamics of the Republican race. Former Obama operative David Axelrod Monday called Trump “a perfect counterpoint” to Obama and the “antithesis” of the president.

Or, as a poster named Lee told the New York Times, “Want to know why Trump resonates? For every complaint about Trump, compare him to Obama. Trump is the mirror image one-up to Obama. ”

Obama was interviewed by Politico correspondent Glenn Thrush. In looking at this year’s presidential election, Obama said the critical contrast is not between Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but between the Democratic candidates and their Republican counterparts.

“When I ran against John McCain, John McCain and I had real differences, sharp differences, but John McCain didn’t deny climate science,” Obama said. Trump has questioned the research surrounding climate change.

“John McCain didn’t call for banning Muslims from the United States. You know, John McCain was a conservative, but he was well within, you know, the mainstream of not just the Republican Party but within our political dialogue,” Obama said.

“And that’s where, ultimately, any voter is going to have to pay attention is the degree to which the Republican rhetoric and Republican vision has moved not just to the right but has moved to a place that is unrecognizable.”

Obama said he hopes for a more “constructive” candidate than either Trump or Cruz.

“Well, my hope — not just for me or the Democratic Party but for the Republican Party and for America – is that this is an expression of frustration, anger that folks like Trump and, to some degree, Cruz, are exploiting. It’s real within the Republican Party and the Republican base, but that after this venting, Republican voters will settle down and say, ‘Who do we want actually sitting behind the desk, making decisions that are critical to our future?’” Obama said.

Trump was also on the mind of former Obama advisor David Axelrod, who penned a piece for the New York Times of the billionaire.

“Relentlessly edgy, confrontational and contemptuous of the niceties of governance and policy making, Mr. Trump is the perfect counterpoint to a president whose preternatural cool and deliberate nature drive his critics mad,” Axelrod wrote.

“So who among the Republicans is more the antithesis of Mr. Obama than the trash-talking, authoritarian, give-no-quarter Mr. Trump? His bombast allows no room for nuance or complexity. He proudly extols his intolerance as an assault against ‘political correctness,’ and he vows to bring the world to heel, from Mexico to China to Syria and Iraq.

“The robust condemnations Mr. Trump has received from media and political elites have only intensified the enthusiasm of his supporters, many of whom feel disdained and forgotten by the very same people who regularly mock and chide their man for his boorishness.”

h/t: Business Insider