Revealed: The 1 GOP Candidate The Establishment REALLY Wants Out Of The Race

In one of the latest strategies from a Republican establishment trying to find the right combination of factors to stop presidential candidate Donald Trump, subtle and public pressure is being applied to convince Ohio Gov. John Kasich to drop out of the race.

The concept is that with fewer candidates, Trump foes will outnumber his loyalists and Trump will not win the nomination

There’s one problem: Kasich isn’t going away.

“I’m going to stay in for a long time,” Kasich said. “I’m going all the way.”

In keeping with the tongue-in-cheek tone Kasich often projects, his communications director sent a tweet Thursday calling on another mainstream candidate to quit.

“.‪@JohnKasich is the ONLY candidate who can beat @realDonaldTrump on 3/15. @marcorubio needs to do the right thing & suspend campaign,” tweeted Chris Schrimpf.

For others, it’s not a laughing matter as the establishment tries to coalesce votes behind Sen. Marco Rubio.

“I think it is not helpful to have more than one mainstream candidate in this race,” said Bobbie Kilberg, a prominent Republican fundraiser,

“If at some point John were to decide not to go forward with his campaign, Marco would be the primary beneficiary of that decision,” former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty said. “It’s not for me or anyone else to say when John should stay in or get out but … John’s decision to stay in or get out could have a marked impact on the race.”

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who endorsed Rubio earlier this week, said Kasich’s exit would help Rubio.

“It would be, but that’s up to John and John’s got every right to stay in the race,” Hatch said. “But sooner or later, it’s got to come down to Marco if people really look at it carefully.”

Polls in the upcoming Super Tuesday voting show Kasich trailing. However, Kasich’s home state of Ohio votes March 15. If Kasich were to win the winner-take-all contest, he would amass 66 delegates.

“They thought we would have a nominee by some point in March. This is going to be a race that’s going to go much deeper into the calendar,” Kasich strategist John Weaver told reporters Saturday. “The Kasich brand of being uplifting and inclusive, of having a conservative reform agenda that can be enacted and can be positive is a growing force in national politics.

“We do believe that it will be a one-on-one race with Donald Trump.”

As the establishment pushes Kasich, he is pushing back. He recently told a crowd at George Mason University that he’s bucking the establishment.

“I’m not gonna shut something down because a bunch of people in the inner city of Washington who frankly never liked me from the beginning are going to tell me what I’m gonna do,” Kasich said.

“I think it’s funny. I think it’s ridiculous,” he said when asked about efforts to nudge him to the sidelines. “I don’t take orders from K Street, from inner rooms, from lobbyists, I’ve challenged the establishment my whole career.”

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Watch: Megyn Kelly Asks Carson This Blunt Question, His ‘Odd’ Response Is Getting Attention

On a special edition of The Kelly File, Face to Face with the Candidates, Megyn Kelly’s guest was Dr. Ben Carson.

Kelly addressed the audience by reading a statement from Carson stating his presidential campaign was just beginning after he finished fourth in the Nevada caucuses. Kelly’s first question for Carson was, “Really, just beginning?”

Carson laughed a bit and then responded, “Absolutely. Five percent of the delegates have been selected already. We’ve got a long way to go. It’s like a baseball game. Everybody wants to call the game after the first inning. I think we have a way to go yet.”

Cason continued, “The good thing is with fewer candidates, I think maybe there’s a possibility, I’m not sure it’s going to happen, there’s a possibility that people may actually start getting interested in the real solutions to the problems and not so much the gladiatorial spectacle.”

Kelly then discussed Carson’s Christianity and the contention by David French — in a piece he wrote in National Review — that as a man of faith, Carson should be humble and realize his remaining presence in the race may actually “destroy the Republican Party.” Kelly asked for Carson to respond to the suggestion that it’s time to step out of the Republican race.

“The political establishment, the pundits, like to think that they’re in control,” Carson replied. “And it’s really we the people who should be in control,” Carson said.

That comment drew applause from the audience. Carson continued by saying, “I believe there’s still a possibility that we can break the spell that they have over the people.”

Carson said much the way someone would do anything to prevent the loss of their child, he believes he must do everything he can to prevent the tragic loss of the nation.

“I feel like we’re in the process of losing our country,” Carson said. “It’s in critical condition right now. We’ve had so many people who are controlled…as a result of that, things that are done are not necessarily the most beneficial things for we the people.”

Right After Trump’s Landslide Nevada Win, Something BIG Was Revealed That’ll Have Rubio Fuming

Amid Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in the Nevada Republican caucuses is strong support from one group other candidates might have thought was already in their pockets.

Exit polls show that 44 percent of the Latinos who voted supported Trump.

“This is the ‘wow’ number of the night,” said David Chalian, a CNN political expert. “It is just unbelievable.”

Sen. Marco Rubio finished second among the Latino vote with 29 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz finished third at 18 percent. Both Rubio, who has been counted on to draw Latino voters to the GOP, and Cruz are Latino. The next closest candidate was Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 4 percent.

“You know what I am really happy about? I’ve been saying it for a long time: 46 percent with Hispanics, No 1. with Hispanics,” Trump said Tuesday, speaking before final total were released.

Although Trump opened his campaign with a salvo at immigrants illegally entering the country through Mexico, he has predicted he would succeed among Latino voters.

“They’re unbelievable people,” Trump told Jimmy Fallon in December, talking about the Latinos who work for his various companies. He told Fallon he plans to have a “big, beautiful door” in the wall he plans to build between Mexico and the U.S. to allow in those who want to enter the U.S. legally.

“If you look at the polls that come out on the Hispanics,” he said then, “the people that are here and have gone through the process, they’re here legally, I’m doing great. I mean, I’m gonna win the Hispanic vote, in my opinion. I mean, we’re gonna see what happens. I’ve developed a great relationship with the Hispanics for a very simple reason: I’m gonna create jobs.”

in an analysis on Breitbart, Neil Munro noted the Latino vote is split along generational lines.

“In general, Democratic candidates win the vote of immigrant naturalized citizens, and of their grown children. But the GOP can evenly split the votes of prosperous third-generation and later Latinos who view themselves as core Americans. Most of those established Latinos have long family histories in the United States, back to grandparents or further,” Munro wrote.

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Cruz Staffer Goes Rogue, Makes SHOCKING 6-Word Statement About Campaign No One Expected

An unnamed staff member for GOP candidate Sen. Ted Cruz told CNN Monday that, in his assessment, the campaign is “done.”

“The Cruz campaign has to focus on getting basic campaign techniques right,” an unnamed “Republican operative” working for the Cruz campaign told the news outlet. “I don’t think Cruz can win the nomination at this point. I think his campaign is done [emphasis added].”

The staffer’s pronouncement comes in the wake Cruz’s disappointing third-place finish in South Carolina, “where evangelical or born-again Christians made up 74 percent of the GOP electorate. Making things worse for Cruz, Trump captured all 50 delegates up for grabs. If Cruz can’t win one delegate with demographics like that, the fears are Super Tuesday won’t be much better without a change in tactics,” CNN reported. 

The assessment also comes after Cruz announced Monday he had fired campaign spokesman Rick Tyler. Tyler pushed a false story on social media that GOP rival Sen. Marco Rubio made derogatory statements about the Bible, when the opposite was actually true.

As reported by Western Journalism, Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., became very angry with the Cruz campaign and its allies for engaging in “outright lies” and “underhanded tactics” in the days leading up to Saturday’s South Carolina primary. The former federal prosecutor, who has endorsed Rubio, said there has been a “systematic effort by Sen. Cruz and his allies to spread false information.”

Rubio adviser Todd Harris added, “There is a culture of dishonesty from top to bottom in the Cruz for president campaign. It is reflected in what Ted Cruz himself says, it’s reflected by phony Facebook pages that his supporters put up, it’s reflected by calls to Iowa voters saying Ben Carson dropped out.

“Ahmed Diab, a 24-year-old grassroots Cruz supporter from Virginia, said the senator ‘really disappointed me’ in South Carolina,” CNN reported. 

“To be honest, I don’t see any path for Cruz to the nomination at all,” Diab said. “The way I see it is that the only scenario where Trump doesn’t get the nomination is if Cruz dropped after Super Tuesday and Rubio started winning in a two-man race.”

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Right Before South Carolina Primary Trump Gets This HUGE News That’ll Have His Rivals Furious

An overwhelming majority of Republican voters responding to a new poll think front-running presidential candidate Donald Trump can win the November election.

The poll found almost two-thirds of Republicans say Trump represents their positions on the issues very or somewhat well, making him the leader among all candidates in that area.

A whopping 86 percent of Republican voters believe Trump can win the general election, a 15-point lead over his closest rival. The poll also found that 78 percent of respondents considered Trump somewhat or very decisive, 21 points above the rating of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

The poll also found 63 percent of respondents said Trump was competent, while 62 percent found him inspiring. Both ratings were higher than those for any other GOP candidate.

“This country is in trouble,” said Joan Brewer, a 70-year-old retiree from Garden City, South Carolina, an evangelical Christian voter leaning toward casting her ballot for Trump. “I want it to be Trump. We need it to be Trump.”

“I don’t think he represents a particular side of the aisle,” said Susan Simon, of Bluffton, South Carolina, a Democrat who intends to vote for Trump on Saturday. “I hope he can get rid of that gridlock and get things accomplished and not fighting that it has to be a Republican win or a Democratic win. It should be a U.S.A. win.”

Ed McMullen, a Trump co-chairman in South Carolina, explained Trump’s broad-based appeal.

“He understands what the problems are and he conveys that in a way that attracts blacks, whites and Democrats and Jews and Christians and independents and a lot of conservatives and a lot of evangelicals,” he said. “When you really assess the base of who’s out there for Mr. Trump and why it’s there, it’s there because he’s got the message that they’re looking for.”

“The moment he started having events that brought 5,000 or 10,000 people in a room, you had African-Americans, you had independents,” he said. “I mean, it was always 50-50 men-women.”

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