Cartoon of the Day: The Great Easter Egg Redistribution

Obama Stands By Rationer and Judicial Extremist Nominees Berwick and Liu

Ben Johnson,

Despite longstanding attempts to redefine Barack Obama as a down-the-middle centrist, Obama’s radical colors keep showing. Just today, the media announced he is standing by his nominations of the most conspicuous advocate of health care rationing, Dr. Donald Berwick, and a revolutionary in black robes named Goodwin Liu.

Most Congressional Democrats have given up on confirming Rationer-in-Chief Donald Berwick — but Barack Obama is keeping the faith. The White House put out the word that Berwick will not be thrown under the bus despite the mathematical impossibility of his being confirmed by the Senate.

“The president stands firmly behind the nomination of Don Berwick because he’s far and away the best person for the job, and he’s already doing stellar work,” according to Jay Carney, White House spokesman and trendy-word-user. Carney said Americans should support the “stellar” Berwick, because he is “implementing delivery system reforms that will save billions in excess costs and save millions of lives.” This tranquil-sounding phrase means Berwick is pressing forward with ObamaCare. A full 42 Republicans wrote a letter asking Berwick be withdrawn because of his….

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More Stealth Reparations: Obama Enacts Van Jones’ Indian Energy Plan

Ben Johnson,

The Obama administration’s actions last week proved, although Green Jobs Czar Van Jones is gone, his ideology continues to guide the White House. Barack Obama called the leaders of American Indian tribes to Washington to witness him sign a UN treaty that, if followed literally, would return the entire continental United States to tribal control. He is not prepared to go that far, but he has made a down payment on the pledge by offering stealth reparations to the tribes in exactly the manner advocated by Van Jones.

Last Thursday, Obama held a summit with the tribal elders of 565 federally recognized American Indian tribes to sign the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. The treaty stipulates, “Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.” In essence, the president signed away the entire country.

Even the few conservatives who paid attention to the treaty’s dangerous language missed a significant element of the pow wow. The Energy Department’s website announced “the establishment of an Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs in order to more effectively engage tribal governments in our national energy priorities and promote tribal energy development.” Specifically, the office will fund “projects to improve energy efficiency and develop geothermal, solar, bio-mass and wind energy on tribal lands.”

Compare that with Van Jones’….

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Obama’s Terrorist Pal: MLK was More Radical than Rev. Wright

Ben Barrack,

When Bill Ayers made the statement during a radio interview on December 1, 2010, that Hillary Clinton created Jeremiah Wright during the Obama campaign of 2008, the outlandishness of that portion of the interview is what got the most attention in the blogosphere. However, that wasn’t the claim that should have grabbed the headlines.

In an attempt to diminish Wright’s fiery rhetoric – which notoriously included shouts of “G** D*** America,” to his congregation – Ayers said that Barack Obama’s one-time pastor was “very moderate compared to say, the speeches of King Martin Luther King between ’65 and ’68.” In particular, Ayers pointed to a speech King gave in Memphis on March 18, 1968, called “America will go to Hell unless….”

Where is the uproar from the Left? A white male accused MLK of being more radical than a man who called for God’s condemnation of America from the pulpit. Ayers was saying that the rhetoric of Wright – an anti-Semite – was tame compared to that of the man whose legacy includes countless streets named after him….

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The “Justice Department” Man Behind the Panthers Dismissal and the Black Farmer Scam

J. Christian Adams,

At the Justice Department, one man has played a central role in two of the most controversial racialist policies of the Obama administration – Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli.  This bundler of huge campaign contributions for the Obama campaign is now the second highest ranking presidential appointee at the Justice Department.  Perrelli is best known for his central role in dismissing the slam dunk voter intimidation case brought and dropped against the New Black Panther Party.  But the leftist Perrelli has outdone himself.

This week, the House passed a $4.6 billion payout to American Indians and black farmers as part of a settlement of alleged race discrimination claims. has reported extensively, on the “Pigford II” settlement and how it promotes fraud.  Worse than fraud, it represents a race-driven political payoff by the Obama administration to a favored political constituency.

Nothing happens in Washington like the Pigford settlement without the Justice Department.  The DOJ, acting as the nation’s law firm, was intimately involved in piloting the Pigford settlement through Congress and reaching similar settlements with other identity politics plaintiffs.  Perrelli ran the show at Justice in all of these efforts.

In fact, a large portion of  the settlement windfall escapes Congressional approval entirely because Perreilli’s shop at DOJ also approved a similar but separate settlement with Hispanic farmers. Instead of a Congressional appropriation, Hispanic farmers will be paid out of an existing “judgment fund.”

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