Obama Voters Bring EU-Style Riots to Wisconsin

Doug Book, FloydReports.com

On August 4th, around closing time at the Wisconsin State Fair, “dozens of black youths attacked white people as they left the fair, punching and kicking people and shaking and pounding on vehicles.”

“These black kids were running in between all the cars…pounding on my doors…and they didn’t do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us,” recalled an Iraq veteran who said the attacks “reminded him of war.”

“They were looking in everybody’s windshield…seeing who was white and who was black.”

But on Friday, though fair attendance suffered a bit, there were no fights, no beatings and no race riots. For that, credit Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Milwaukee police chief Ed Flynn, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and fair CEO Rick Frenette.

Walker sent State Police to patrol and secure the Fair, Flynn and Barrett increased police presence at all weekend events citywide and for the first time in a 40-year career, fair CEO Frenette required any fair goer under 18 be accompanied by an adult.

In addition, some Milwaukee officials were not afraid to alert the public by describing events for what they were.

In an official statement, Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Dudzik said the riot had been….

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Angry Flash Mobs, Brought to You by Obama

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown, FloydReports.com

Some of the best TV in America comes and goes too quickly. This past year we enjoyed the short-lived FOX police drama, Chicago Code. The show featured the battle for police resources in a city run by corrupt politicians with little more desire than to milk the system for perks, money, and power. However, we didn’t expect to watch its sequel as a reality horror show on the nightly news.

The specter of mobs of marauding youths beating random Chicago residents and visitors makes us all feel vulnerable. With apprehension, citizens watch over their shoulders when on the street to see if they are next. The issues raised by this early summer nightmare are serious and need to be addressed.

First, this Obama recession/depression has devastated inner city job creation. Only 54,000 jobs were added in May as the Obama recovery is in slow-motion, turning to the Obama double dip recession. There are still at least 14 million U.S. workers who can’t find jobs. When you add part-time or underemployed workers who want full-time jobs, the total rises to 30.6 million who want more economic opportunity.

Blacks and inner city youth are the….

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Convicted Felon Sets Up Nationwide Shop for Obama

Joel B. Pollack, BigGovernment.com

Convicted fraudster Robert Creamer, husband of Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL), has announced that he is opening a nationwide political consulting firm, Democracy Partners.

Democracy Partners already “has offices in eight cities including Washington, D.C., Chicago, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego, and Portland, Maine”–and, presumably, a budget running into many millions of dollars.

Schakowsky & Creamer at the White House, November 2009

Creamer is not alone. His “partners” include Heather Booth, who founded the Midwest Academy, which Stanley Kurtz describes as “the hidden key to Barack Obama’s political career.”

Heather Booth (Chicago Weekly)

Booth also founded Citizen Action, the left-wing organizing body that included Creamer’s Illinois Public Action Council (IPAC), which gave Rahm Emanuel and other Chicago “progressives” their start in politics before collapsing in the 1990s as a result of Creamer’s financial mismanagement and fraud.

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GOP Senators Block Obama’s Extremist Judicial Nominee

Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com

Senate Republicans blocked the confirmation of Goodwin Liu, Obama's extremist judicial nominee.

The Senate votes today against a motion by Senate Democrats to cut off debate on Goodwin Liu, a pro-abortion law professor President Barack Obama selected to become a judge on a federal appeal court.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Liu’s nomination for the federal appeals court in the western United States in April on a 10-8 party line vote. Liu, a liberal University of California law professor, faced opposition from Republicans while getting support from each of the Democrats on the committee and Republican lawmakers have filibustered his nomination, calling him too extreme to be approved.

Today’s vote saw Senate Republicans uphold their filibuster 52-43 with Republican senators Lindsey Graham, Dick Lugar, John McCain, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, and Scott Brown all voting to stop the nomination from moving forward. Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska joined them while “pro-life Democrats” Bob Casey and Joe Manchin voted to allow the nomination of the abortion activist to move ahead.

Lisa Murkowski, a pro-abortion Republican, was the lone GOP vote for ending the filibuster.

During the debate leading up to the vote, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, a member of the committee, outlined his strong opposition, saying Liu has “activist judicial philosophy is fundamentally at odds with the principles on which our system of government is based.”

…As a law professor at Berkeley, Liu has spent the last few years lecturing about his disdain for the U.S. Constitution. “‘[S]trict construction,’” he wrote in the Stanford Law Review, “[doesn’t] make a lot of sense.

Meanwhile, Curt Levey, executive director of the conservative Committee for Justice, called Liu “the worst of Obama’s nominees at all levels of the federal courts.”

Obama picked Liu for the open federal appeals court seat a year ago, but Republican filibusters kept him from receiving approval in the full Senate — forcing Obama to renominate Liu this January. With Democrats controlling fewer seats now, at 53, they are seven short of the 60 votes needed to stop a filibuster assuming no Democrats peel off and side with Republicans, which may not be the case for some moderates or those facing tough election battles in 2012.

Liu is a liberal abortion supporter who conservative legal guru Ed Whelan observed was so left-wing that former “White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel initially vetoed” his candidacy for the Ninth Circuit “on the ground that Liu’s left-wing record made him too controversial.” But Whelan says new White House counsel Robert Bauer “eager to please the Left, successfully pushed back.”

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Blagojevich Retrial: Obama Pushed Jarrett To Fill His Senate Seat

Judicial Watch

Chicago—Rod Blagojevich’s onetime chief of staff, John Harris, testified about negotiations between his former boss and President Barack Obama to fill the U.S. Senate seat once held by the commander-in-chief.

Obama’s top aide, Rahm Emanuel, called Harris in 2008 to suggest the then-governor appoint Obama’s close friend Valerie Jarrett, according to Harris’s testimony. Harris was the second witness to take the stand in Blagojevich’s corruption retrial, which is taking place in the same Chicago federal court where he was tried last year. In that eight-week circus the impeached two-term governor got convicted of only one count (lying to the FBI) and the jury deadlocked on all others.

The government dropped a couple of charges the second time around, but Blagojevich is still facing 20 counts, among them attempting to sell Obama’s old Senate seat. Shortly upon taking the stand Tuesday, Harris testified that he and Blagojevich discussed the Senate appointment in October 2008 and Blagojevich asked him “What do you think I can get for this?”

In the first trial Harris testified that Obama sent Blagojevich a list of “acceptable” Senate candidates to fill his old seat. The list included then Illinois Department of Veterans’ Affairs Director Tammy Duckworth, Illinois State Comptroller Dan Hynes, Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

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