Wisconsin School Under Fire For Assigning Outlandish Anti-Republican Test


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Students at Shattuck Middle School reportedly received an assignment recently that has some parents up in arms. According to EAG News, students at the Neenah, Wis., school were given a worksheet depicting two laborers, one of whom is laying bricks along a pathway while the other is removing them. Scroll down for video.

The former man was shown with the Democrat Party’s jackass symbol on his shirt, while the latter’s clothes bore an elephant associated with the GOP.

The eighth grade class was then instructed to analyze the photos and answer a series of questions about their behavior, culminating with the query: “What might this mean to us about immigration and citizenship?”

As it turns out, the two men reportedly signify the Democrat’s effort to build a so-called pathway to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants contrasted by the position of many Republicans that America’s immigration laws should be enforced.

One parent, Scott Radies, was taken aback by the assignment, explaining he initially checked the back of the sheet “to see if the opposite view” was expressed. It wasn’t.

He then perused his son’s answers – for which he was given a perfect grade.

“When I saw his answers to the questions,” Radies explained, “and realized that the teacher gave him five out of five so apparently those answers that he gave were the ones she was looking for because he got them all right.”

Some of the answers he wrote to earn the grade included his analysis that “the Democrat is building [and] the Republican is destroying” and “that the Democrats want immigrants to come in and Republicans don’t.”

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Michelle Obama Has Just Told America How To Keep Government (Her) Out Of Their Lives

Image Credit: Cooking Light magazine

There’s an unavoidable irony in a big cover story in the new issue of Cooking Light magazine — a gushy homage to Michelle Obama and her advice on eating and exercise.

Entitled “The First Lady of Food,” the puffy piece offers advice from Mrs. Obama on how Americans can keep big government out of their lives…by following the healthy living habits promoted by someone in government — her — the Big Mother of the American family.


Image Credit: Cooking Light Magazine

Image Credit: Cooking Light Magazine

Western Journalism has often featured posts about schools, students and their parents complaining about Michelle Obama’s school lunch program and its restrictive food guidelines.

Now, in this Cooking Light story — reportedly the first time in the 30-year history of the magazine that a person has been featured on the cover — the first lady offers advice on how to keep the federal government from meddling, as she has, in people’s lives.

The Washington Times reports, “Mrs. Obama said the best way to avoid dealing with ‘the system’ is to take care of one’s own body. Doing so, she said, will eliminate trips to the doctor and the need to deal with Obamacare.”

So, according to Mrs. Obama, if you eat right — following her guidelines — and keep fit — using her “Let’s Move” advice — you can increase the odds of not being caught up in the “system” that she and her husband have helped to impose on America.

“If you don’t like the doctor, if you don’t like government, if you don’t like folks messing with your life, the best thing to do is make sure you’re healthy. Because that’s going to increase your odds for making sure that you don’t have to deal with the system.”

Acknowledging that her healthy eating directives have been the target of angry school kids, the first lady believes the protest will eventually give way to acceptance, as Breitbart observes in this quoted Obama passage from the Cooking Light article:

“Because we’re really thinking about the kids who are kindergartners today. If all they know are whole grains and vegetables, by the time they’re graduating from high school, this will be their norm; they won’t know anything different.”

So, essentially, Michelle Obama seems to be suggesting that if you do what she says, she’ll be more likely to leave you alone.

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Concerned Mother Noticed Strange Symbol Built Into Local School Buses


According to a recent WMC report, one Memphis, Tenn., parent is calling out the local school district for including a demonic symbol in the tail lights of some of its buses. Scroll down to see a full image of the offending lights.

The mother, who initially wished to remain anonymous because of threats she had received, explained that she stopped behind one of the buses and noticed the offensive symbol. She was later identified as Robyn Wilkins.

“Anyone who fears a god, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged,” Wilkins said, noting that if the district would not be allowed to display a Christian cross on a vehicle, it “cannot put a pentagram on it.”

The network spoke to a Wiccan, Jo Applewhite, who confirmed the symbol was “technically” a pentagram and said the shape is used in the practice of the pagan religion. She went on to encourage anyone upset about the lights to research whether their installation was intended to depict the symbol.

Another local said she saw the mother’s point, adding that people “should be upset if that is against their feelings, religion, et cetera.”

The complainant said it is unlikely any other religious or offensive symbol would be permitted on a public school bus.

“Would we allow a swastika, for instance, to be on the back of the bus?” Wilkins asked.

Twitter/KSLA News 12

Twitter/KSLA News 12

Reaction to the story was varied, with several commenters asserting that the mother was likely overreacting to the situation.



Others, however, used this incident to identify an ostensible attack on Christianity in America through the promotion of pagan faiths.



Given the mother’s reluctance to identify herself after allegedly receiving death threats, it appears passions on both sides of the issue run deep.

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Colorado School Requiring Girls To Wear Islam-Compliant Clothing During Trip To Mosque

Facebook/Douglas County School District

A public school district in the Denver area is attracting criticism this week after local reports that students in a world religions class will be required to abide by a specific dress code during a field trip to a nearby mosque later this month.

The trip is inclusive of the three major monotheistic faiths, with students set to visit a synagogue and Greek Orthodox cathedral in addition to the Denver mosque. It is only the Islamic house of worship, however, that warranted a specific dress code. Some of the standards apply only to girls taking part in the trip.

“Public schools are forbidden from holding girls to different standards than boys,” explained KNUS broadcaster Peter Boyles.

The Douglas County School System, however, is “holding these girls to a different standard,” he said, adding the restrictions are for “a religious reason.”

According to a handout describing the Jan. 13 outing, all students must wear long pants covering their ankles with additional regulations dictating dress for girls. 

“Girls must bring wide scarves or hooded sweatshirts for the mosque,” the notification states.

Boyles acknowledged that Muslims are free to include restrictive dress codes in the practice of their faith; however, he asserted such beliefs should not be imposed on public school students.

Western Journalism made multiple attempts to contact district officials for comment. As of this writing, those calls have not been returned.

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Arizona Educators Bring Back Anti-White Curriculum After Judges Struck It Down

Photo credit: shutterstock.com

The Mexican-American studies curriculum offered in Tucson, Ariz., public schools in years past has been described by at least two federal judges as a program that promotes resentment against whites. As a result of the ruling, education officials passed a law in 2010 banning such lessons.

In 2013, however, reports indicate the city’s school board opted to resurrect the same courses determined to discriminate against Caucasians. Materials including Occupied America and Chicano! were among the offending books ordered as a result of the board’s vote.

Some individual educators took the initiative even further by introducing hardcore rock and hip hop songs with an identifiably prejudiced message. Pueblo Magnet High School Principal Augustine Romero proudly announced the return of the controversial curriculum and was caught on tape offering a profanity-laced defense of the program.

(Warning: Strong Language)

Reports also indicate he was removed from a conference last summer after nearly engaging in fisticuffs with a parent.

Then-Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal issued a letter to the district offering an ultimatum regarding its decision to implement the banned lessons.

“I am deeply concerned by the fact that the noncompliance appears to extend beyond classes taught from the Mexican American perspective and now also includes classes taught from the African American perspective,” he stated.

The district is in “clear violation” of the law by bringing back the educational materials, he added, and will lose 10 percent of its state funding if officials do not return to compliance within the next two months.

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