Ben Carson Just Got Some Mind-Blowing News That Will Have Trump Looking Over His Shoulder

As the race to become President of the United States heats up, Republican voters are still trying to unify behind their nominee, and the latest poll stats are in. According to a Marist poll, Donald Trump is leading in Iowa with 24%, trailed by Ben Carson at 19%, Carly Fiorina at 8% and Jeb Bush at 7%.

Polls from New Hampshire mirror the Iowa polls with one major difference. Carly Fiorina is in second place behind Trump, with the former Hewlett-Packard CEO commanding 16% of the NH vote, behind Trump’s 21%.

Looking a lot less like an elephant stampede and more like a good horse race, the places are continually shifting. While the race may only be in the first turn, the next few quarter miles will undoubtedly be exciting to watch.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic front, the race reflects the democratic donkey that it is. The donkeys aren’t doing a lot of kicking or braying. A lot remains to be seen. The frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, is in apparent hot water with the Justice Department with rumors floating around that she may need to lawyer up in case criminal charges are filed.

“Hillary needs to secure the services of an expert legal counsel — preferably a big-league defense attorney from the Republican side of the aisle,” a Clinton legal adviser said. “She needs someone to find out whether the FBI and Justice Department are likely to conclude that she’s violated federal laws governing national security.”

Even with her supposed legal troubles, Clinton’s lead of 48% is nine points higher than Bernie Sanders’ 39%. Joseph Biden, playing the role of the back up jockey, has yet to enter the race, leaving many to question why there are so few choices on the Democratic side of the race.

Do you think Fiorina will overtake Trump’s lead in the primaries?

Donald Trump Just Revealed The One Thing That Would Make Him Drop Out

While appearing as a guest on NBC’s Today on Tuesday morning, Trump revealed the one scenario under which he would leave the presidential race.

Host Matt Lauer pointed out to the billionaire candidate that his unrivaled place atop the GOP field seems to have changed with Ben Carson pulling within one point. A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll released this week finds Trump at 21 percent support, Carson at 20, and Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio also gaining ground, both polling at 11 percent.

Trump noted that even in that poll, he is still leading. Furthermore, “I’m leading every poll,” he said. “In Iowa, I’m leading substantially. In New Hampshire, I’m leading substantially. In South Carolina, I’m leading substantially.” 

“This is going to be an ebb and flow, how can I continue to lead by such wide margins?” the candidate asked. 

Lauer followed up, asking: “If the polls change and you are no longer the person everybody is talking about, Donald with all the great things going on in your life in other areas, do you have the stomach to stick this out?”

“I’m a practical person,” Trump responded. “If I see things aren’t going well, like for instance there are people right now in the Republican Party who are not doing well I don’t think it’s going to change for many of them, at some point you have to get out. Right now, I’m leading every poll…I get the biggest crowds by far. I had 20,000 in Dallas I had 35,000 people in Mobile, Alabama, you know so far it’s looking good…So I will go and if I think for some reason it’s not going to work, I’ll go back to my business.”

h/t: ABC News

Watch: Trump Just Called Out NBC Like Only He Could During A Live Interview On NBC

Donald Trump was recently on a phone interview with Today co-anchor Savannah Guthrie when he called out the network for promoting a CNN poll over their own NBC poll. Trump had a significantly higher margin in the NBC poll.

Trump stated: “The only poll you didn’t put up was the NBC poll where I’m way at the top, I’m much more than double.” He added: “I don’t understand why NBC is using a CNN poll, which was also a good poll, I’m leading by a lot.”

Guthrie said: “I should have mentioned the NBC poll by name.”

Trump went on: “You put up the CNN poll, you didn’t put up NBC poll and you’re the ones that are paying for the NBC poll so I don’t get it other than in the NBC poll is a very good poll for Trump.”

The CNN poll had Trump at 24 percent, dropping eight points, and Carly Fiorina at 15 percent, gaining twelve points.

The NBC poll, on the other hand, had Trump at 29 percent, gaining 7 points, and Fiorina at 11 percent.

Nearly a third of Republicans in that poll said they expected Trump to be the nominee.

What do you think? Is this an instance of Trump being unfairly singled out by the media?

White House Responds To Trump’s ‘Muslim Obama’ Controversy, Says THIS About Trump Supporters

The Obama administration lashed out against both GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump and his supporters regarding comments from a Trump fan that the president is Muslim and not an American citizen.

“What’s also unfortunate is that Mr. Trump isn’t the first Republican politician to countenance these kinds of views in order to win votes,” said White House Secretary Josh Earnest.

Earnest said the majority of Trump’s supporters maintain “offensive” views.

The comment regarding Obama’s background came as a Trump supporter posed a question about Muslims to Trump during a rally on Sept. 17. Trump glossed over the offensive comment and answered the question, saying his team is “going to be looking at a lot of different things.” A second supporter publicly stated he believed the comments stated earlier. Trump listened and quickly moved on to another question.

A Public Policy Poll finds that 66 percent of Trump supporters believe Obama is Muslim, with only 12 percent believing he is Christian. The poll also indicates that 61 percent of Trump fans believe Obama was born outside the United States.

Earnest said in his statements on Sept. 18 that the problem extends deep into the Republican Party. He tried to back up his position by stating that that Republicans haven’t condemned Trump for his response. In actuality, both Republicans and Democrats have criticized the billionaire for not taking his supporters to task over the comments.

The press secretary also accused Republicans of other actions he deemed racially motivated. He said the GOP defended the Confederate rebel flag, blocked immigration reform and wanted to change the Voting Rights Act.

In reality, several Republican governors opted to removed Confederate battle flags from state grounds in the wake of a church massacre in South Carolina. The Senate has considered several immigration bills, approving bipartisan S.B. 744 in 2013. It died after failing to pass the House, which was primarily Republican. Several states have pushed for mandatory identification laws in voting procedures, but only a handful have implemented them.

New Post-Debate Poll Shakes Things Up With Some BIG Surges At The Top

Certainly, America is still at the earliest point in the GOP primary for 2016–and anything can happen. But the polls right now are showing some very interesting things. For instance, all three of the non-politicians are up big time, with Trump, Carson and Fiorina leading all the elected officials in the race. Now, a new poll says that after the debates, both Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson have surged.

On the night of the latest debate and during the next day, Rasmussen asked likely voters who they thought the likely nominee for the GOP would be. Interestingly, Jeb Bush is far down the list in this new Rasmussen poll.

Carly Fiorina had the biggest surge; 41 percent of voters think she might be the next nominee. That is up from a mere 16 percent when the same question was asked in May.

For his part, the new poll of likely voters shows that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has surged to a statistical tie with real estate mogul Donald Trump. Carson stands at 59 percent today. He was only at 25 percent a few months ago.

In fact, in this new poll, he just barely edged Trump out with Trump’s 58 percent.

Notice what these results are saying, though. It is saying that at this time, the voters are rebelling against the elected class. All three of the candidates who have been surging in the polls are non-politicians. Trump is a businessman, Carson a retired doctor, and Fiorina a retired CEO.

As to Bush, the once assumed leader has been stuck at 40 percent in this poll for months; and while the others surge, Bush has merely treaded water–not a good sign for his campaign. In fact, 53 percent told Rasmussen that Bush is not likely to win the nomination. This shows Bush is underwater.

Now, whether this love of the outsiders continues all the way to Primary Day and thence to the General Election, one can’t say. But right now, voters seem to be sick and tired of anyone who has been walking the halls of America’s capitol.