Poll: Clinton’s Trustworthiness Takes Hit In Wake Of Emailgate

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Hillary Clinton’s image among the American people has taken a hit following the revelation she used her own personal email server exclusively as Secretary of State and has refused to allow an independent party to inspect the server to see if she complied with the law.

A new CNN poll found that only 50 percent of Americans now view her as “honest and trustworthy”, down from 57 percent last March. The poll further discovered that at least 51 percent of Americans believe Clinton has a “somewhat serious problem” in the wake of the ongoing email scandal, while 31 percent believe the email issue is “very serious.”

Clinton’s press conference last week, after weeks of silence following the New York Times breaking the story about her private email use, seems to have raised more questions than it answered.

Fifty-one percent believe the former Secretary “has not done enough” to explain her decision to use her private email account, which at the very least appears to be a violation of federal guidelines, very likely a violation of federal law.

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, after an uncomfortable interchange with AP reporter Matt Lee yesterday regarding whether Clinton had signed a required separation document affirming she turned over all official records, admitted today, “Well, we have reviewed Secretary Clinton’s official personnel file and administrative files and do not have any record of her signing any of the 0F-109.”

Lee did not relent until Psaki fully answered his question:

“So, when you say that you do not have any record of her signing it, does that mean that there is no such document with her signature on it in the file?” Lee followed up.

“That we have found access to? Yes,” Psaki said.

“So, in other words, you’re not sure that she did — or whether you’re still not sure if she did or didn’t?” Lee asked.

“I think we’re fairly certain she did not,” Psaki admitted. “We don’t have record of it.”

The survey also found that support for Clinton regarding the email controversy falls along party lines, with Independents evenly divided:

About a quarter of Democrats (27%) think Clinton did something wrong by using the personal email system, along with 53% of independents and 74% of Republicans. And 30% of Democrats say Clinton has not done enough to explain why she chose to use the personal email system. That climbs to 79% among Republicans and 50% among independents.

The CNN poll further indicated that former President Bill Clinton remains popular among Americans, enjoying a 65 percent approval rating. Former presidents normally enjoy a bump in their popularity after stepping down.

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Even As Obama And Holder Race-Bait, Americans Know It’s Not The Cops – It’s Black Culture

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The Department of Justice and the White House have been doing their level best recently to hype race problems in the Ferguson police department and make it seem like there is this huge problem with police in the United States targeting blacks. If you listen to the administration and the media, you would think that America is a totalitarian police state with poor blacks getting shot on every corner in their neighborhoods by white police officers and the KKK running rampant through every inner-city in America. We all know this is not true.

Although it IS true that blacks are getting killed every day in large numbers by other blacks, recent polling shows that Americans understand what is really going on. The problem is not the police; it is black culture.

In a recently released poll, Rasmussen reports:

The fallout continues in Ferguson, Missouri, following a Justice Department report accusing the city government of a widespread pattern of racial discrimination. But in most inner city communities, is racism the real problem?  Not according to 70% of Likely U.S. Voters who say the level of crime in low-income inner city communities is a bigger problem in America today than police discrimination against minorities. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 20% think police discrimination is the bigger problem.

Few Americans expected white police officer Darren Wilson who killed black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson last summer to be charged with murder, and most opposed the Justice Department trying to prosecute him after that. Wilson was not charged by a local grand jury, and the Justice Department also failed to find any civil rights violations by the police officer.

Americans are solidly convinced that their local police are their protectors and give them high marks for the job they do. Most also believe deaths that involve policemen are usually the fault of the suspect, not the cop.

America needs a president and a justice department that can deal with the reality on the ground in black neighborhoods instead of laying blame away from where it actually lies. There must be accountability on this issue within the black community itself, or there will be no progress economically for millions of blacks stuck in bad neighborhoods drowning in violence. We need an administration and a leader who can bring America together racially instead of the racist policies of the Obama administration.

This poll also showed that most Americans, black and white, consider race relations to be much worse under Obama. That is the reality of the situation.

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Obama And The ‘Anything But Bibi’ Campaign

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Tomorrow, March 17th, Israel will hold elections for the twentieth Knesset. Twenty-six parties will compete for 120 seats in the Israeli parliament. Most opinion polls predict a narrow victory for the Zionist Union, the joint list of the leftist Labor party and Tzipi Livni’s HaTnuah party–which is left of the center. The Zionist Union is expected to win between 23 and 25 seats.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s rightwing Likud party has been slipping in the polls for weeks. The party went down from between 23 and 25 seats at the end of February to between 20 and 22 now.

But polls in Israel can be wildly off the mark.  For example, in the month leading up to Election Day in the last three national elections (in 2006, 2009, and 2013), the polling firm Teleseker gave the Labor Party, on average, 2.5 Knesset seats more than what the party would go on to win at the ballot box — an error equal to 17% of the party’s final showing.

The current election’s campaign has been a very nasty one and, for a long time, lacked any serious debate on the important issues that Israel faces. Instead, the campaign was centered around only one theme: “anyone but Bibi” (Netanyahu’s nickname).

Zionist Union leader Tzipi Livni set the tone for the campaign in early December last year when she used the term “impotent” to describe Netanyahu’s leadership. She also said that she decided to form a single list with Labor leader Yitzchak Herzog to “take out the garbage together,” hinting at Netanyahu.

What followed looked pretty much like a crusade against the Prime Minister by the Israeli media. For weeks, every news show on the commercial channels Arutz 10 and Arutz 2 opened with “news” about his high household expenses, the costs of garden furniture in his residency, and rebates on recycled bottles. When that didn’t help to bring Likud down in the polls, the media brought in Meni Naftali, a former employee of the Prime Minister residency. He claimed that he had suffered from abuse while working for the Netanyahus.

The media omitted the fact that the expenses in the residence of former President Shimon Peres – who is a member of the Israeli left – were 20 times higher than those in Netanyahu’s residence. They also tried to whitewash the fact that Meni Naftali had given contradictory testimonies about the reasons he quit his job as facility manager at the PM’s residence. Naftali was later accused of sexual misconduct by a woman who used to work in the Prime Minister residency.

The media campaign against Netanyahu is led by the paper Yediot Acharonot and TV Channel Arutz 2. Noni Mozes, the publisher of Yediot Acharonot, is known for his visceral, personal hatred of Netanyahu and his wife Sarah, who has been portrayed by the media as a witch and as somebody who abuses her employees. Only last month, The Jerusalem Post finally published an article that painted an entirely different picture of Sarah Netanyahu.

Last week, Netanyahu finally responded to the “Anything but Bibi” campaign. In an interview with Arutz 2 TV and later with The Jerusalem Post, he talked about “a global campaign to bring him down.”

The Prime Minister said that there is a massive effort, with tens of millions of dollars according to some estimates, to mobilize the Arab vote – because they know they will support Herzog to from a blocking coalition. “It’s a massive effort, and we only see a small part of that glacier.”

Netanyahu then said that the effort is not limited to individuals or Israelis. “Some governments are involved that are supporting various efforts. There is V15, an effort to mobilize left-of-center voters with huge investments. Foreign consultants are here in droves, and the money is flowing here. All is intended to make Likud lose,” Netanyahu added.

One of the foreign governments that are meddling in the Israeli elections is the Obama administration.

On Sunday, Fox News reported that “A powerful U.S. Senate investigatory committee has launched a bipartisan probe into an American nonprofit’s funding of efforts to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Obama administration’s State Department gave the nonprofit taxpayer-funded grants…

“…a source familiar with the matter confirmed for Fox News that the probe — undisclosed until now — was both underway and bipartisan in nature.

“According to the source, the probe is looking into ‘funding’ by One Voice Movement – a Washington-based group that has received $350,000 in recent State Department grants, and until last November was headed by a veteran diplomat from the Clinton administration.”

“A subsidiary of  OneVoice is the Israel-based Victory 15 campaign, itself guided by top operatives of Obama’s White House runs, which seeks to ‘replace the government’ of Israel,” Fox News reported

Because of its tax-exempt status, One Voice is legally prohibited from campaigning against Netanyahu directly.

NGO Monitor in Israel reported earlier that One Voice is the “legal-organizational channel” for Victory 2015 (V15), a campaign seeking to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the 2015 March elections.

NGO Monitor quotes One Voice Israel’s Executive Director Polly Bronstein as saying: “We believe that it’s critical that the majority of Israelis who are concerned about the numerous security and socio-economic challenges we face have their voices heard in the next election. We need a prime minister and a government who will be responsive to the people.”

NGO Monitor also reported that V15 posted a statement on its website saying: “Among those that donated are Daniel Lubetzky, Alon Kastiel, Uri Weiss and S. Daniel Abraham. Some organizations also donated, among them OneVoice.”

In its 2014 Annual Report, One Voice said its Israel branch would be “embarking on a groundbreaking campaign around the Israeli elections.” In partnering with V15, the two groups have operated from offices in the same building in Tel Aviv.

In Israel, V15 has been assisted by Jeremy Bird, President Obama’s deputy national campaign director in 2008 and national campaign director in 2012.

Political commentator Barry Shaw wrote on his blog at the Jerusalem Post that One Voice was formed in 2003; its inaugural board of advisers included Gary Gladstein, who used to be the chief operations officer of Soros Fund Management. The American philanthropist George Soros is funding anti-Israel groups.

“The major consulting firm working on the Israeli elections is ‘270 Strategies’ that is also headed by Bird. This company operates in elections on the principle of grassroots community organization, dividing the countries into local zones and working them incessantly and efficiently. It was the tactics that drove Obama into the White House in 2008 and kept him there in 2012,” Shaw wrote.

The Obama administration has tried to influence the outcome of the Israeli elections in other ways, too.

At the beginning of February, Obama’s Middle East mediator, Martin Indyk, openly declared his desire for regime change in Israel: “If there is a government in Israel after these elections that decides to pursue a two-state solution, then there is a way forward (in the negotiations with the Palestinian Authority).”

Indyk’s statement was followed by Obama’s response to the announcement that Netanyahu would address Congress on March 3rd. He declined to meet with Netanyahu, citing “long-standing practice not meeting foreign leaders close to polling day”. In 1996, however, the White House met an Israeli Prime Minister close to the elections. Shimon Peres was Prime Minister of Israel then, and the invitation was a clear attempt to boost Peres’ chances for re-election. Just as Clinton did then, Obama tried to influence the Israeli elections. In both cases, Netanyahu was the target.

Herzog has repeatedly claimed that Netanyahu is destroying the special bond between Israel and the United States. Obama sent his National Security Advisor Susan Rice to tell the Israeli voter that Netanyahu’s speech to Congress would be “destructive to the fabric of the relationship” between the two countries.

The standing ovations in Congress told a different story, but the Zionist Union supported by much of the Israeli media stubbornly continued to claim that relations were now destroyed and that Israel needed a new Prime Minister to restore them.

62% of the Israeli public thinks that the Obama administration is interfering in the Israeli elections, according to a poll published on March 3.

On Sunday, Netanyahu again said that “a massive fortune” of foreign money had flowed into Israel from abroad with the goal to remove him from power.

He told participants in a Right wing rally that because of this, currently the Right does not have enough votes to put together a strong governing coalition–but that closing the gap with the Zionist Union is achievable.

“If we don’t close the gap, there is a danger that a left-wing government will come into power, despite the fact that most of the public wants me as prime minister,” Netanyahu said. According to all polls, Israelis prefer Netanyahu as Prime Minister. He continues to top Herzog in public approval ratings.

There is, however, a public fatigue with Netanyahu. “After 22 years in the headlines the magic has gone”, wrote Nachum Barnea, a well know Israeli columnist, last week.

Whether the unease is enough to unseat Neatanyahu remains to be seen. In Israel’s complicated electoral system. the largest party is not always able to form a governing coalition. Israel’s president. Ruby Rivlin. will have to decide which party has the best chance of piecing together a coalition of at least 61 lawmakers. While Likud will gather only a few seats less than the Zionist Union, Netanyahu seems better positioned than Herzog to secure a majority.

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Poll: Hillary Clinton Favorable Rating As Low As It Has Been In Years

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s favorability rating has significantly decreased in the midst of the news she used personal email accounts on a private server based at her home in Chappaqua, New York, during her time in charge at Foggy Bottom, a new poll finds.

In a poll conducted by Gallup, 50 percent of Americans have a favorable view of the former first lady, while 39 percent of Americans have an unfavorable view.



Conducted between March 2-4, the poll asked about several potential 2016 presidential candidates – both Republican and Democrat alike. At 89 percent, more people were familiar with Clinton than any other candidate candidate asked about in the survey.



While Clinton was more popular than every other candidate asked about on the list except for retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, the would-be 2016 Democratic presidential nominee has seen her favorable numbers slip more significantly since her tenure as secretary of state, as noted by Philip Bump of The Washington Post.

“It’s about as low now as it was before she took that job — precisely the wrong sort of momentum a presidential candidate wants to see,” he said.


Gallup/The Washington Post

Gallup/The Washington Post

Bump added:

The odds are good that Clinton’s favorability will stabilize as the campaign begins/gears up. Clinton had better hope it does. And she should probably also hope that people who aren’t sure how they feel about her get back on board. At least until next November.

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Gallup Reports Sharp Drop In Democrats’ Favorability Toward Israel

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The percentage of Democrats who favor Israel above the Palestinians dropped ten points this year to 48 percent, according to a Gallup poll.

The number of Democrats who looked at Israel favorably dropped from 74 percent to 60 percent.

In contrast, the percentage of Republicans who favor Israel above the Palestinians rose to 83 percent, which has risen from the low 50s in the late 1990s.

Americans overall sympathize with Israel more than the Palestinians (62 percent), while 70 percent of Americans look at Israel favorably.

Why are Democrats becoming less favorable toward Israel? CNS News writes that it is because of tension between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama over the Iran nuclear negotiations:

In recent months relations between the White House and Netanyahu government have become increasingly strained, as the Israeli leader continues to argue that a proposed nuclear agreement with Iran will be “dangerous.”

Netanyahu stated:

“It is astonishing that even after the recent IAEA report determined that Iran is continuing to hide the military components of its nuclear program, the nuclear talks with it are proceeding,” he said. “Not only are they continuing, there is an increased effort to reach a nuclear agreement in the coming days and weeks.”

In a Gallup poll last month, the number of American Jews who identify as Democrats has dropped since Obama’s election in 2008. In fact, 71 percent of American Jews identified as Democrats in 2008; and by 2014, that number had dropped to 61 percent.

What do you think of the Democrats’ less favorable attitude toward Israel? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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