Chris Pratt Openly Mocks Politically Correct, Fake-Outrage Culture…

Good ol’ Chris Pratt. After seeing how easily outraged everyone was with the Avengers (cough::Jeremy Renner::cough) over comments made at various points of their press junket, Pratt decided to preemptively apologize. Boss.

Assuming that he’ll say something to offend liberal, social justice warriors, he took to Facebook to make amends…

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Pratt seems like a good guy. He’s openly Christian, which is a rarity in Hollywood. He also had a well-publicized Super Bowl bet with Captain America.

This shows he also has both a sense of humor and a low tolerance for the SJW outrage culture. I’m really starting to like this guy… no homo.

NOTE: Steven pre-emptively apologizes to both homosexuals and non-homosexuals offended by his “no homo” comment as seen in the previous paragraph.

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Foul-Mouthed Hollywood Leftist Attacks Ted Cruz Over Duggar ‘Quote’…Then This Happens


Parody or satire sites on the Internet are, in many cases, becoming harder to identify because they often present their content in a convincing cloak of apparent credibility. Even old-media publications are now getting in on the act of offering what first appear to be factual news stories that are identified as fiction only if you read beyond the headline, sometimes scrolling all the way to the bottom of the post.

Take, for instance, a piece that appeared yesterday on the website of The New Yorker, a widely read 90-year-old magazine published by Condé Nast. It wasn’t long before liberals willing to believe the outrageous headline of the post quickly circulated the “news” on social media, accompanied by their breathless expressions of outrage and indignation.

Checking out The New Yorker web version of the Andy Borowitz article, you can see how a quick glance at the top of the page gives no indication that the story is fake — a spoof concocted about a conservative governor after Ireland voted to approve same-sex marriage.

Image Credit:

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Fake news, spoofs and parodies often take on a life of their own because people believe what they want to believe and recklessly share it — they all-too-quickly embrace as fact a flimsy fiction that supports their pre-conceived notion or political point of view.

So it might be little wonder that a far-left Hollywood actress with a potty mouth has attacked conservative Texas senator and presidential candidate Ted Cruz for a comment he supposedly made in defense of Josh Duggar. And when it was pointed out that the alleged quote by Cruz was a fake — made up by those running a foul Facebook page called “Stop the World the Teabaggers Want Off” — that proudly profane celebrity basically responded, “so what?”

Rose McGowan, a 41-year-old actress whose credits include the TV series Charmed, Nip/Tuck and Chosen, was quick to declare to her 570,000 Twitter followers that Ted Cruz is a “blight on the soul of humantiy” for what he actually never said about the controversy now engulfing the elder son in the popular Duggar family of TV’s 19 Kids and Counting.


As mentioned, when commenters to McGowan’s original tweet pointed out that the Cruz “quote” was fictional, the actress offered no apology, only a contemptuous stand she seemed to think was strengthened by gratuitous profanity.

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No wonder that many people feel it’s truly a shame that this is what passes for acceptable political discourse in so much of the leftist entertainment industry.


h/t: Young Conservatives

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Political Correctness: Tyranny Of The Mind

In a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, dated September 23, 1800, Thomas Jefferson wrote: “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” By any definition that Jefferson could have envisioned, today’s political correctness can only be regarded as “tyranny over the mind of man.” Forget freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, or freedom of privacy; political correctness demands that we don’t even have freedom of thought or opinion.

If one does not have the freedom to live in good conscience with his own sense of morality, he or she is indeed the most enslaved of creatures. Listen to Jefferson again: “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”

Forcing men to pay taxes “for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors” is indeed sinful and tyrannical enough. But to compel a man to actively PARTICIPATE in ideas he disbelieves and abhors is even more so. And, that, my friends, is exactly what modern political correctness forces us to do–or at least tries to force us to do. Political correctness attempts to strip us of our own sense of right and wrong. It is not only tyranny of conduct and behavior; it is tyranny of the mind and heart.

For example, if someone says something critical of Israel, they are labeled “anti-Semitic.” If they say something critical of the homosexual lifestyle, they are labeled “anti-gay.” If they say something critical of the practices and policies of our politicians, they are labeled “anti-government.” And if they say something critical of Roman theology, they are labeled “anti-Catholic.”

There are only two things that it is politically correct to be “anti” about: it is perfectly acceptable to be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.” Not only is it politically correct to be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim”; it is all but REQUIRED that one be “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.” One risks personal friendship and professional employment if he or she is NOT “anti-Christian” or “anti-Muslim.”

For the record, I am none of the above. I am not anti-Semitic; I am not anti-gay; I am not anti-government; I am not anti-Catholic; I am not anti-Christian; and I am not anti-Muslim. About the only thing I am “anti” is this: I am “anti-TYRANNY.”

And tyranny can come in many shapes and forms. There are tyrannical Jews, tyrannical homosexuals, tyrannical politicians, tyrannical Catholics, tyrannical Muslims, and tyrannical Christians. Because there are those from any of the above groups who are tyrannical doesn’t mean that EVERYONE in those groups is tyrannical. When I resist the ACT of tyranny by someone–or a group of someones–of a certain label, that doesn’t mean I am “anti” everyone who wears that same label.

But I absolutely will not be intimidated by name-calling when I resist what is obviously an act of tyranny, regardless of the label the tyrant wraps himself in.

To illustrate: I firmly believe that God has established marriage as being between a man and a woman. That does NOT mean I am against homosexuals having the same civil rights as everyone else because I believe that ALL Americans enjoy the same protections under the Bill of Rights. Accordingly, all Americans have the right to enter into civil contracts with one another. But civil union is NOT the same as Holy Matrimony, which can be–and has been–defined ONLY by our Creator. Marriage is defined by both divine and Natural Law.

Any attempt to force me to participate in a so-called “marriage” between same sex couples violates my moral conscience and is, by definition, an act of tyranny. And by Nature, I cannot submit to such an act. I cannot and will not.

I wonder what all of the good Romans 13 pastors across America are going to do as civil authorities attempt to force them to marry same sex couples. This has already happened in one Idaho city. The city of Coeur d’Alene is threatening to incarcerate and heavily fine ministers and others who refuse to officiate over the marriage ceremonies of same sex couples. And as homosexual marriage becomes more and more vogue, Christian ministers across the country are going to be forced to come face to face with their own religious convictions–something many of them have not done for quite a spell. What will they do?

We know what many, if not most, of them will do. They will comply. They are like the pastors of Nazi Germany who taught their flocks to obey the government no matter what and who justified their cowardice and heresy with the misinterpretation of Romans 13. This is the same misinterpretation of that chapter that pastors are regurgitating today.

I highly encourage every reader who attends church to make a point of asking your pastor this Sunday what he will do when the civil authorities of his city or State demand that he marry same sex couples, because this demand is surely coming. Of course, how the pastor responds will then collapse a heavy weight of responsibility on the shoulders of parishioners, won’t it (which is why many Christians will simply not bother to even broach the topic with their pastor)?

Do you see how political correctness has become tyrannical? Political correctness demands that we accept a Police State in the name of the “war on terror.” Political correctness demands that we say NOTHING critical of the state of Israel, even when it attacks a U.S. naval vessel and kills dozens of American sailors and Marines. Political correctness demands that we fight unconstitutional wars of aggression against Muslim people who have committed NO act of aggression against us. Political correctness demands that we dare not criticize neocon foreign policy in Washington, D.C. Political correctness demands that Christianity be held up to every form of ridicule and mockery. And now, political correctness demands that people violate their own deeply-held religious and moral convictions. Thomas Jefferson and the rest of America’s founders must be turning over in their graves.

Concerning marriage specifically, in my opinion, the state has absolutely no authority or responsibility defining, regulating, or controlling marriage. The state had little or no authority regarding marriage until the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. For the church to allow itself to be joined to the state is the unholiest of unions.

This latest attempt of civil authorities to define and regulate marriage should serve notice to everyone, especially Christians, that it is probably time to completely abandon civil marriages altogether and take it back to the individuals, families, and churches, where it rightly has always belonged.

Political correctness is not merely an expression of opinion; it is the denial of anyone else holding a differing opinion–or even personally-held moral and religious convictions. It is exactly what Thomas Jefferson detested and personally opposed; it is “tyranny over the mind of man.”


P.S. As I noted last week, on Sunday, April 19 of this year, I delivered the famous sermon of Pastor Jonas Clark that was originally delivered on April 19, 1776, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the Battle of Lexington. Pastor Clark was the pastor of the men who fought that historic battle, which began America’s War for Independence. Obviously, this message was delivered just a couple of months before our Declaration of Independence was signed. I preached this message word-for-word. And I tried to deliver it with the same zeal and passion in which it was originally preached.

The vast majority of today’s Christians NEVER hear a message that remotely resembles the kind of sermons that the pastors of Colonial America delivered. And since April 19 fell on Sunday this year, I delivered Jonas Clark’s powerful message regarding the Battle of Lexington and American liberty so people could listen to the kind of preaching that Christians in Colonial America heard routinely. Pastor Clark entitled his message “The Fate of Blood-Thirsty Oppressors and God’s Tender Care of His Distressed People.”

My delivery of this awesome message is on DVD. I offer this DVD to my readers in the hope that many of you will purchase copies of the DVD and let your friends, relatives, fellow Christians, pastor, etc., hear true Colonial American preaching. Again, this is word-for-word the message of Jonas Clark delivered on April 19, 1776, concerning the Battle of Lexington Green and America’s fight for liberty.

I have never heard anyone deliver Rev. Clark’s famous message. As far as I know, this is the only verbatim recording of this historic message in existence–preached with the same kind of passion and fervor as it was said Pastor Clark delivered it.

To order my delivery of Jonas Clark’s message, go here:

Jonas Clark’s Famous Message Of April 19, 1776

© Chuck Baldwin

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WATCH: Dem Candidate RUN From Reporters After Making This Race-Related Sound Effect

Not only is Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez facing blowback for what many viewed as a racially insensitive gesture, she has attracted further criticism for literally running away from a reporter attempting to ask her about the incident.

Reports indicate Sanchez, currently a California congresswoman, was attending a recent Indian-American caucus meeting when she recalled an invitation she received from an individual in the Indian community.

“I’m going to his office thinking that I’m going to go meet with [Native American ‘war cry’], right?” Sanchez said. “He’s an Indian-American.”

Almost immediately, she began receiving criticism for her perceived insensitivity toward Native Americans by the Indian-Americans in attendance.

“I was shocked and appalled,” said Long Beach delegate Uduak-Joe Ntuk, “that she would make disparaging comments about Native Americans that way. It was very undemocratic.”

Her Democrat opponent in the Senate race, Kamala Harris, responded to the incident after she learned about it a short time later.

“I don’t know what to say to that,” she said, chuckling. “That, that, that’s shocking. That’s shocking.”

Perhaps the most surreal aspect of Sanchez’s gaffe came when a local news team attempted to follow up with her.

“I’m sorry,” she said as she sprinted away from the microphone and cameras. “Hey, hey, hey.”

Sanchez did respond at another time to what she described as a coordinated push to squeeze her out of the race.

“I will just say that there were plenty of phone calls asking me not to [run],” she asserted. “There were plenty of phone calls trying to sweeten the pot; and there were plenty of sort of threatening things.”

Should Sanchez respond to her critics? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Breaking: City Official’s Job In Jeopardy For Sharing A Steven Crowder Article On Facebook!!

Art Barrios is city planning commissioner for the town of El Monte in California. For now.

The former city councilman and mayorial candidate is under fire from CAIR, a Muslim “civil liberties advocacy organization”(yeah, right), and the local media for sharing an article from THIS website regarding China’s policy toward Islam. Now, he is paying a steep price.

For this posting, Barrios is now under fire and his job in question, thanks to pressure from, and demands by, CAIR:

“While Mr. Barrios has the right to his bigoted views, it is unacceptable for a person who holds such views to be in a position of public trust and authority,” the local CAIR agitator said. “Discrimination against building of mosques is widespread and well documented, and therefore it is unacceptable that a planning commissioner of any city, who ought to be fair and neutral, would hold such hateful views.”

Caving to the pressure, Barrios has been cornered into apologizing for sharing an article on his Facebook page in what appears to be a bid to save his job.


“I made a mistake. I wrote something that I didn’t mean to write,” the former city councilman said. “I read (the blog post). But I misinterpreted it. I was thinking Islamic terrorists, not the people of Islam, the religion.”

This attack on someone for sharing an article from our website comes in the wake of our recent article breaking the story on Osama Siblani, a Muslim businessman and activist based in Michigan who claimed, on television, that Pamela Geller is “worse than ISIS.” also broke the fact that Osama himself had voiced known support to terrorist organizations, and expressed anti-semitic views. The most offensive part? That we weren’t even shocked.

It follows our wildly successful expose on Muslim bakeries and the left’s hypocritical stand on gay marriage.

And it comes just ahead of our very important interview with a convert from Islam that will be airing tomorrow on the Louder With Crowder program.

Freedom of speech has been in the news a lot lately, and it is more than apparent that the once-hallowed and most fundamental freedom is less valued and treasured today than at almost any time in American history. Organizations like CAIR are the reason why. There is an active, designed, and coordinated campaign in America, supported wittingly or unwittingly by a cowardly and compliant media, to silence any who dare speak ill of the world’s most thin-skinned, backward, and barbaric religion.

But this should be no surprise. As you’ll hear in our explosive interview tomorrow, freedom and the constitution are not priorities for Muslim interest groups in America. Indeed, it is commonplace to circumvent not only American values and traditions, but our very legal structure, in pursuit of Islamist ideals.

Art Barrios shared a Facebook post of an article from our website. And because of that, he may lose his job. Will you be next?

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth