Auto Shop Vandalized After Owner’s Anti-Gay Comments

A Michigan auto repair shop has been vandalized after the owner posted on his business’s Facebook page that his shop would refuse service to people who were “openly gay.” Dieseltec’s owner, Brian Klawiter, found some broken windows and graffiti sprayed on his building and vehicles Tuesday morning. Mr. Klawiter’s Facebook posting was about appropriate behavior in his place of business.

But I did choose homosexuality as an example when I spoke about immoral behavior. But that’s definitely become the hot-button issue. I did speak about guns. They are welcome in my shop so much so that I have offered discounts for those that want to carry their weapon into my shop.

The harassment has gone beyond broken windows and graffiti. There have been inappropriate threats and messages against Klawiter, his employees, and their families on the company’s answering machine. Mr. Klawiter never experienced any problems before he posted his viewpoints about gun rights, dishonesty, thievery, as well as homosexuality. Klawiter said that he was compelled to post his opinions to make people aware of the changes that are happening in society.

This is a message that needs to be out there. People need to start looking around them. Ask me why and I say why not.

Mr. Klawiter is continuing to stand his ground even after the backlash. The very least his detractors can do is have the courage to speak to him directly rather than stoop to cowardly acts of vandalism and threats.

I believe that we need to stop being politically correct and start being correct. If I said something that offended you, call me out on it. But, let’s be adults about it.

Mr. Klawiter is expressing his views as a Christian and is exercising his First Amendment rights. He voiced his opinion because he is tired of society’s constant drumbeat in favor of immoral behavior. The homosexual community demands that everybody be tolerant of their lifestyle; yet when someone disapproves, there is an attempt to silence him. Isn’t tolerance supposed to be a two-way street?

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Marine Corps Just Finished Research To Lower Standards For Women To Join Officer Program

Another effort has been completed to see if women should be incorporated into combat military operations. The Pentagon has been attempting to normalize this for over two years.

The Washington Times reported Sunday that the United States Marine Corps has recently finished research to see if women can finish its Infantry Officer Course (IOC). An IOC diploma, the paper notes, is required to earn the designation of a military officer.

Out of 29 women who tried, none passed; and only four made it through the first day’s combat endurance test.

“The pressure is on the services from the White House’s politically correct crowd vis-a-vis Obama’s Pentagon appointees, who will force the services to accept degraded standards,” argued Robert Maginnis, a retired Army officer and author of Deadly Consequences: How Cowards Are Pushing Women Into Combat.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey and former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced in January 2013 that women would no longer be prohibited from serving in direct ground combat, The Washington Times noted.

“I absolutely agree that the military should have one standard from the beginning, and it should be the men’s higher standards,” wrote Jude Eden, a retired Marine, in a piece for Western Journalism last June.

Can we carry another man on our back with both our full combat load and his? These differences in ability are deal-breakers in combat.

The standards are not arbitrary. They’re designed to keep the weak out because accommodating the weak means lives lost and mission failure.

This is not just competitive sports; this is war. Infantry officers must not only be educated, brave, and highly athletic. They must be better at everything than all their men because Marine officers lead from the front.

Hence their motto: Ductus Exemplo, leadership by example. Which of these women is better than an entire infantry platoon?

Today, advocates for women in combat, primarily civilian feminists and a handful of feminist officers, are doing everything they can to see that the standards are lowered once more to accommodate women.

Men in the special operations community are also concerned that women cannot perform the same tasks they can, according to data collected earlier this month by the U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM). About 7,200 SOCOM jobs have been opened up to women.

h/t: Allen West

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Watch: Megyn Kelly Obliterates College Administrator Who Said ‘Sorry’ For Serving Mexican Food At ‘Intergalactic Night’

Fox News host Megyn Kelly slammed a college administrator who apologized for her school’s “mistake in judgement” by serving Mexican food during a monthly school event.

On The Kelly File Thursday, Fox and Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade appeared with Kelly to discuss several subjects, including Stevenson College’s regret over serving Mexican fare during its ‘Intergalactic Night,’ a space-alien themed evening. The college is located in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Kilmeade explained the event takes place once a month with a different theme. “Some Hispanic students became vocal and they protested this,” Kilmeade explained, reading some of the apology letter that can be found in full here.

“I am writing today to apologize for a mistake in judgement that took place in the planning of last night’s College Night,” wrote Carolyn Golz in her letter to members of the student body. “The theme was ‘Intergalactic”’and the decor included robots and space ships with aliens.”

Unfortunately, the program planners made a poor decision when choosing to serve a Mexican food buffet during a program that included spaceships and ‘aliens,’ failing to take into account how these choices might be perceived by others.

We would never want to make a connection between individuals of Latino heritage or undocumented students and ‘aliens’ and I am so sorry that our College Night appeared to do exactly that.

As a result of this incident, I will require cultural competence training for Programs staff, in addition to implementing mechanisms for future program planning that will ensure college programs are culturally sensitive and inclusive.

“As an ally for students of color and, in particular, undocumented students, I am committed to ensuring that student life staff receive the training necessary to make sure that this type of incident does not happen again at Stevenson,” Golz continued in the letter.

But Kelly had harsh words for Golz. “You can’t make this up…with all due respect, you are a moron,” asserted Kelly. “I’m sorry but Carolyn needs some help,” Kelly added after Kilmeade lauded Stevenson’s communications department for getting back to him in an efficient manner for the story.

“For French night… they knew what to do; for Harry Potter night, they served potatoes. I’m not really sure why,” Kilmeade said.

h/t: BizPac Review

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Watch: You Could Call It ‘The Revenge Of The IronPigs’ In This Crazy Bacon Vs Broccoli Battle

It wasn’t Muslims complaining about the bacon-themed game-time menu offered by the IronPigs, a minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. And it also wasn’t Michelle Obama insisting that the goodies sold to fans had to be healthier. It was the Washington-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that put pressure on the team to offer more nutritious fare to the folks at Coca-Cola Park.

As the website MILB notes, the Ironpigs decided to go ahead and add a little green to the pork-product food choices that included such fan faves as maple candied bacon on a stick. But they didn’t altogether abandon their proud bacon-rich tradition.

“…the club will begin to offer deep-fried bacon-cheddar broccoli bites filled with broccoli florets, real bacon and sweet onions in crisp potato breading….”

“We believe in bacon and think that as part of a balanced diet it is a tremendous healthy food option,” exclaimed IronPigs President and General Manager Kurt Landes. “Ultimately though, our organization is not in the business of dictating to people what they should or shouldn’t eat as that decision should be left to each individual and their family.”

Stuart Varney of the Fox Business Network spoke with Kurt Landes to learn more about the team’s preservation of the IronPigs’ tradition while giving fans a chance to score some veggies at the same time.

By the way, the theme for the IronPigs’ 2015 season is “Bacon, USA” that features a bacon-themed uniform as well as a bacon strip on-field cap. And of course, the Twitter hashtag promotional campaign is built around #SmellTheChange.

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This California Bike Shop Just Made A Far-Left Turn Into PC Paradise With No-Men ‘WTF Night’

First of all, let’s make clear that “WTF” in this post is a reference not to a commonly understood abbreviation for a three-word vulgarity, but to a different concept that may, in fact, seem vulgar to some: “Women Trans Femme” — those people who self-identify as women, no matter their physiological makeup.

We live in an age when disruptive claims and political narratives about homosexual rights and gender-identity protections mean that stories such as this take on a far more serious import than one might normally assign to them.

So when a small bike shop in what many describe as an ultra-liberal la-la-land promotes “WTF Night” every other Tuesday, it’s an avowed effort to welcome virtually anyone other than men into a “safe space” where they can learn the skills necessary to break up what the shop sees as the “male dominance” in cycling. As The Daily Caller notes about the bi-weekly WTF events at the Davis Bike Collective — a small outfit with close ties to the University of California-Davis where the use of bikes for basic transportation is widespread — the organization’s proudly proclaimed mission is all about “empowerment” of non-male riders.

“Our goal is to empower the female, gender queer folk of Davis and surrounding areas to learn more about bike mechanics and gender relations. WTF is a safe space for women, genderqueer, femmes –  those who are typically marginalized in the bike world,” the collective’s website says.

So, it would seem, the goal of the WTF nights at the collective named Bike Forth is to teach a select group of people how to choose, ride, and maintain two-wheeled equipment, as long as these folks are not, dare we say, endowed with certain distinguishing equipment of their own.

Image Credit: The California Aggie

Image Credit: The California Aggie

A publication called The California Aggie quotes a volunteer at Bike Forth who justifies the WTF events at which men — or those who identify as men — are not welcome. If you don’t identify with the WTF community, well, then you could attend a WTF Night–but you’d be made to feel like an ostracized outsider. You’d presumably be made to experience the very kind of feelings these special events are apparently meant to discourage.

“’At the shop it’s a very supportive community, but some people still feel intimidated about coming to work on their bikes, specifically women and people who identify as women. We want to empower them to work on their bikes, and if that means having a special night where they can come and not feel intimidated then that’s what we want to offer.’”

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