Will U.S. Let U.N. Rename NFL Team?

Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Creative Commons)

Among those whose lives are ruled by the irrational demands of political correctness, the past several months have been dominated by one fabricated outrage in particular. Many leftists have exerted considerable time and effort in an as-yet futile effort to convince Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder to change the name of the legendary NFL team.

By trotting out a few select Native Americans willing to testify that the name offends them, the PC police are hoping to pressure the team to embrace a different moniker. With little success on the domestic front, one of the most prominent opponents of the Redskins name recently announced he will be meeting with the United Nations’ human rights assistant secretary-general in an apparent attempt to further intimidate Snyder.

Oneida Indian tribe lieader Ray Halbritter announced he will sit down with the representative at the U.N.’s Manhattan headquarters.

While limited protests of the Redskins – along with countless other mascots along the way – have cropped up in previous years, this ongoing effort to force a name change is taking the fight to a new level of absurdity. For the vast majority of Americans, the name, which has been used for decades, is not only inoffensive but actually celebrates the strength and dedication of Native Americans.

As Snyder himself has long maintained, the name was chosen as “a badge of honor,” not as a slight against any nationality or race. Even many Indian leaders, including Navajo Code Talkers Association Vice President Roy Hawthorne, believe the team reflects a uniquely patriotic sentiment.

“My opinion,” Hawthorne said late last year, “is that’s a name that not only the team should keep; but that’s a name that’s American.”

Any amount of evidence to the contrary, however, will be insufficient to convince those who thrive on issuing accusations of bigotry and racism. Considering the left’s overwhelming proclivity towards allowing the U.N. to influence domestic policy, it might be just a matter of time before the Redskins find themselves facing a foe more dangerous than any gridiron rival.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Keith Allison (Creative Commons)

Pop Star Defends Pro-Duck Dynasty Tweet


There are few musical acts more popular among the coveted teenage market than boy band One Direction. That soaring fame, however, did not preclude one member from spending the weekend defending an innocuous social media post.

Singer Liam Payne took to Twitter Saturday in an effort to show his support for A&E’s hit reality program “Duck Dynasty.” Of course, given the recent outrage over cast member Phil Robertson’s biblical view of homosexuality, leftists consider any fan of the show to be an intolerant bigot by association.

Payne’s tweet was directed toward cast member Willie Robertson and merely expressed his appreciation of the Robertson family’s “business prosperities” and “family values.”

Still, the utterly inoffensive message was blown entirely out of proportion by those driven by a radical homosexual agenda. One of the band’s biggest fans – and an Internet star in his own right – posted a response claiming Payne’s tweet “literally changes everything…”

Such hyperbole is common among radical leftists. Outspokenly gay blogger Perez Hilton was among many who claimed the tweet showed support for homophobia, while others predicted the message would cost One Direction to lose fans.


Unlike many who choose to simply absorb – or ignore – such absurd rhetoric, Payne decided to defend himself in a series of subsequent tweets. The sometimes profanity-laced responses included his assertion that merely enjoying a television program does not mean he endorses everything its cast and crew believe.



Furthermore, he chastised the “lazy” journalists who took one comment out of context in an attempt to portray him as a villain.

Just as with the original scandal involving Robertson, though, it seems Payne had plenty of public support behind him. While not reported by mainstream news sources, the original tweet – along with his follow-up responses – received tens of thousands of retweets.

Willie Robertson was among those who expressed appreciation for the kind sentiment, congratulating Payne on his success and urging him to “Stay strong in this nutty world.”

Political correctness has so transformed this nation that merely watching a television program can earn someone the hate of intellectually dishonest leftists everywhere. Fortunately, this 20-year-old superstar is mature enough to see the absurdity in such generalizations and is not afraid to speak out against them.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Virtue, Venality, And Victory

Christian cross SC

“The diminution of public virtue is usually attended with that of public happiness, and the public liberty will not long survive the total extinction of morals.”    Samuel Adams, Revolutionary Founding Father

“To suppose that any form of government will secure liberty or happiness without any virtue in the people, is a chimerical idea.”       James Madison, Father of the U.S. Constitution

The word ‘virtue’ is practically meaningless in our culture.  This should not surprise since it is so rarely seen anywhere, especially in ruling elite.  We’ve become a nation of operators working angles across a landscape strewn with lies.  We’ve fallen so far, we see little kids shooting up schools, women dumping babies in trash cans, and men raping children.

And then, thankfully, we see virtuous men being raised up to speak out, men like Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty”, Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, and US Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

Virtue.  It once meant something honorable, admirable, praiseworthy.  It’s come to mean success in gaming the system, getting away with crime, insisting on government handouts, or piling up wealth through corruption and licentiousness. Consequently, this experiment in liberty is failing.  The people are increasingly infected with things like political correctness and moral relativism, both hailed virtuous. In reality, they are the enemies of virtue.   The people, like stray sheep, are encouraged by their leaders in the ways of selfishness and indulgence.

The Pope tells us to stop focusing on the abortion holocaust and to downplay biblical admonitions to behave virtuously in our sexual lives, as if the two are disconnected.  He is hailed ‘man of the year’ by a magazine committed to the destruction of virtue, no wonder.

Leaders in Protestant churches emphasize ‘personal growth,’ the healing of infantile memories, and prosperity, ignoring the heart of the Gospel, which is repentance leading to virtue by the power of the Spirit.  Consequently, we see one scandal after another, church splits, and general morass celebrating the ordination of professional sinners in the pulpit.

A complete misrepresentation of the 1st Amendment by hordes of media and political operates insist that separation of church and state is salvation; when in truth, cultural salvation depends upon virtue, delivered by our Judeo-Christian traditions.  We have a President who actively works to destroy those traditions, claiming virtue the centerpiece of his administration, one marked by the greatest corruption and lawlessness ever seen.  The traitor in chief funds terrorists and denies  they exist.  He then goes on to insult our men and women in uniform, sending them to fight in causes he does not support.  He is the enemy within; and yet, 40% of the people still worship the hollow man at his wax altar.

Politicians bought by powerful interests no longer blush, their lies becoming truth in their own eyes. Conscience is dead.  The President speaks about income disparity as his net worth quadruples in the last four years.  He makes empty promises to help the middle class, even as ObamaCare destroys it.  He whines about the privileged, then caters to them, accepting their praise and their campaign contributions.   He beckons the poor, then makes their plight worse.  He demands support from the black community, then ignores them as they decline economically.

We have a majority leader in the Senate competing with Caligula. The Speaker of the House appears a double-minded tear jockey.  The Secretary of State, a Vietnam-era traitor, is found on his knees again in the face of the enemy while he insults allies. The Secretary of Defense can’t articulate a complete sentence. He specializes in gutting the military and losing wars.  The Attorney General breaks the law instead of enforcing it. The Chief Justice of an incoherent Supreme Court rules without regard to the Constitution or the Lawgiver. A woman with presidential ambitions responsible for decades of corruption and demoralization launches a speaking tour on the theme of ‘restoring good government.’

The high and mighty commit felonies without consequence, but let some commoner steal an apple and it’s prison time.  WWII vets and grandmothers are beaten to death in the streets; but the main topic of conversation among talking head liberals is a traffic jam in New Jersey, not the latest Hollywood or D.C. scandal.  Four dead in Benghazi:  ignored.  IRS targeting private citizens: ignored.  The imperial presidency and illegal domestic surveillance: ignored.

The pulpits are silent.  Politicians say nothing, loudly. Soldiers, alive and dead, weep.  Real heroes like Navy SEALS are denigrated; real cowards and traitors like Obama and Kerry and Clinton and Reid are celebrated.

Still, take heart.  Spiritual revival is coming, the counter revolution is growing, and the King of the Universe will have the final word.

Governor’s Brilliant Speech Compares Abortion To Slavery

By Hammel (US Senate Photo Studio) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In today’s politically correct culture, even solid conservatives often shy away from making principled proclamations based on an irrational fear of offending some protected class. A select few elected officials, however, believe moral truths remain so, even if they are unpopular among certain segments of the population.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback is one such individual.

In his recent State of the State address, Brownback made a reference to the 1991 “Summer of Mercy,” a demonstration in which thousands of pro-life protesters demonstrated near the abortion clinic of George Tiller.

The abortionist was one of a small number of doctors willing to murder an unborn baby in the days just prior to its scheduled birth. This barbaric practice led to public outrage even greater than that against abortions conducted on less developed babies.

Brownback praised those involved in that effort, and an anniversary demonstration conducted in 2001.

“The Summer of Mercy sprung forth in Kansas as we could no longer tolerate the death of innocent children,” he said.

Recalling stories of his state’s fight against slavery, the Republican governor said Kansas has long engaged in an effort to “blaze the trail for America out of the wilderness.”

The fight against abortion, he indicated, is another step in that direction.

Of course, leftist proponents of abortion on demand responded with the vitriol usually reserved for those who dare seek to protect the weakest among us. Radical abortion lovers somehow believe that, since Tiller was fatally shot in 2009, Brownback should be prohibited from bringing up a positive pro-life rally held nearly two decades earlier.

“That event brought thousands of extremists into Kansas from around the country,” asserted regional Planned Parenthood executive Peter Brownlie.

He called Brownback’s defense of life “insensitive.”

Apparently, his definition of sensitivity involves callously stopping the heartbeat of a living, viable human. For millions of other Americans, however, Brownback’s address was a refreshing infusion of basic morality that was once the basis of our society.

–B. Christopher Agee

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By Hammel (US Senate Photo Studio) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Holder’s Latest Move Could Aid Terrorists

Holder Not Your Father's DOJ SC

Attorney General Eric Holder is once again handcuffing the federal agents tasked with fighting terrorism. Reports indicate the Justice Department developed changes to racial profiling rules that will prohibit the FBI from using a number of factors – including religion – in pursuing criminals. These rules could apply to cases against Islamic extremists dedicated to destroying our way of life.

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While there was no official announcement made following the meeting in which these amendments were reportedly made, an anonymous source close to Holder confirmed many details. Holder released a vague statement Wednesday evening indicating he had just met with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to discuss “preventing crime while protecting civil rights and civil liberties.”

The shift is a huge step from incremental changes implemented by George W. Bush more than a decade ago. While that administration banned only the use of race, it did not prevent agents from using even that factor in national security investigations.

Holder’s latest move is sure to placate the radical leftists who demand law enforcement remain willfully blind to obvious indicators of potential terrorist activity. Despite the fact that an overwhelming percentage of terrorism in today’s world stems directly from militant Islam, too many Democrats prefer to ignore facts in a misaligned effort to spare the feelings of law-abiding Muslims.

As Illinois Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin claimed a few years ago, existing laws were “a license to profile American Muslims and Hispanic-Americans.”

Holder, proven to be as radical as any leftist demanding stricter profiling laws, was apparently happy to oblige. Still, some activists want even more unequivocal language ensuring these same new rules will apply to national security.

National Network for Arab American Advocacy Director Linda Sarsour called Holder’s announcement “irrelevant” if investigators are still able to consider religion in the fight against Islamic terror. The left’s absurd logic would remove the only common denominator among the vast majority of such attacks.

This administration is once again proving its desire to elevate political correctness above the safety of American citizens.

–B. Christopher Agee

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