Watch: Planned Parenthood President Just Revealed The 1 Thing She ‘Agrees’ With Trump On

The president of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, and presidential candidate Donald Trump found one thing on which they can agree: Planned Parenthood does some “very good work.”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell showed Richards a clip of Trump on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, when he praised Planned Parenthood for its work related to women’s health.

“I have many, many friends who are women who understand Planned Parenthood better than you or I will ever understand it,” Trump told host Chuck Todd. 

“They do some very good work, cervical cancer, lots of women’s issue — women’s health issues are taken care of,” the candidate added. “Planned Parenthood does a lot of good job — a really good job at a lot of different areas but not on abortion. So, I’m not going to fund it if it’s doing the abortion.”

Trump repeated that he would not fund Planned Parenthood, but then speculated on how much of the organization’s business is based on abortion. “Now, they say it’s 3 percent and it’s 4 percent, some people say it’s 60 percent. I don’t believe it’s 60 percent by the way, but, I think it’s probably a much lower number. But Planned Parenthood does some very good work,” he said. 

“Well, this is one thing I agree with Donald Trump on, is that Planned Parenthood does amazing work for 2 1/2 million patients every single year,” Richards said after viewing the clip.

The Planned Parenthood leader went on to explain why she would not back Trump or the other Republican candidates. “I think the disturbing thing is that Donald Trump as well as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have said if they were president, they would end women’s access to family planning, to cancer screening, to basic affordable health care as well as overturning the Affordable Care Act, which is now covering family planning and other preventive care for 55 million women. That’s what’s really at stake here.”

“Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the lobbying arm of the nation’s largest abortion provider, has endorsed Clinton. Richards has been campaigning on Clinton’s behalf,” TheBlaze reported

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody last week ahead of the South Carolina primary, Trump stated if a bill came across his desk that defunded Planned Parenthood, he would sign it. Nonetheless, he still offered praise for the organization’s work in women’s health.

Brody followed up, “Alright but there are other groups as well not just Planned Parenthood that do that fine work.”

“That’s right, but they do a big job,” the candidate replied. “There are a lot of women taken care of by Planned Parenthood so we have to remember that but I am for defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they are involved with abortion.”

Indicted Planned Parenthood Whistleblowers: Consider Yourselves Honored

New documentation of Planned Parenthood selling aborted body parts for profit emerged from videos of the Gulf Coast, Texas, facility Jan. 29.

Such sales are illegal in every state. The new video shows a University of Texas official negotiating with PP director of research Melissa Farrell for human flesh priced per-item.

Farrell reveals techniques she uses to disguise invoices on camera. Worse than that, since the fetal tissue is sold to a public university, it is clear taxpayer money makes the purchases.

Yet when the district attorney of Harris County, Texas, is tasked with investigating this mess, she instead induces a grand jury to indict undercover journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt for using a fake ID, standard journalistic behavior since dinosaur days and never thought to be anything more than tools of the trade.

This is the same DA who subpoenaed pastors’ sermons and counseling notes in 2015 because they publicly opposed a gay rights ordinance. These gross violations of the pastors’ rights disappeared after a public outcry.

One might think Houston-area district attory Devon Anderson would now be mega wary of the appearance of more corruption – but no. Truth is these indictments should be worn like a badge of honor. Any American should long for such a proof of both courage and commitment – to human life and the God Who creates it.

Daleiden and Merritt face up to 20 years in prison if convicted, although the indictments fail the smell test miserably. For openers, a Planned Parenthood board member works for Anderson – forget unbiased investigation. The DA, tasked with investigating PP and not the journalists, managed to ignore the mountain of evidence against the abortion giant. Mainstream media analysts – no friends of the pro-life movement – conclude the indictments are more expressive of grand jury distaste for pro-life activism than serious suspicion.

Meanwhile, the case against Planned Parenthood is far more damning.

Beginning last year, the Centers for Medical Progress began releasing videos obtained undercover of Planned Parenthood officials laughing and bragging about how much money there was in the sale of body parts from aborted babies. The chief medical officer of one clinic spoke of the luxury car she could buy with her profits.

Another doctor spoke on camera of the demand for intact baby bodies and demonstrated the technique for withdrawing the unborn child from the womb without damaging the all-important brain. These revelations followed many exposures over the years of – for example – Planned Parenthood counselors hiding child molestation and underage prostitution in clients, advising pimps and perverts how to conceal these grisly acts.

But the release of the first two videos sparked – for the first time – sustained calls for defunding and investigations leading to criminal charges against the abortion juggernaut.

Let’s be clear: An organization that was spawned by the virulent racism of founder Margaret Sanger – her strong belief in the inferiority of blacks explains the presence of two thirds of PP facilities in black neighborhoods although blacks account for about 12 percent of the national population – cannot be expected to stand atop the moral high ground.

But the firestorm that greeted the release of the videos was shock-and-awe of the intimidation-by-the-schoolyard-bully variety. A national chorus of the rich, the famous and the powerful shrieked that the videos were faked.

When that was disproved the story morphed to creative editing. After even the New York Times admitted the uncut versions of the videos were released, a federal judge barred further publication despite clear violation of the constitutional prohibition of censorship by prior-restraint (speech and publication can be punished if libelous but cannot be banned prior to release).

The videographers released new footage anyway; they were not penalized because they acted within their constitutional rights and the judge knew it.

Daleiden and Merritt have a good legal team to defend them – at no cost to themselves. The rest of us need to ask whether the Lord Himself will defend us if we simply look on as spectators while His prophetic warriors suffer persecution at the hands of a corrupt prosecutor protecting her staff person.

He has this habit of reminding us that what we hear whispered we ought to shout from the rooftops; His justice and mercy meet at the Cross and join forces in the mouths of His people. And should we fear, let us recall He promises (Matthew 10, Mark 13, and Luke 21) to teach us in that very hour what we are to say and what we are to do. His speaking into us is more powerfully protective than any legal team.

Who wants to be first to call Houston and demand we be indicted alongside our brother and sister?


Watch: One Of The Funniest Super Bowl Commercials Has Liberals Freaking Out

One of the nation’s of most prominent abortion rights organizations is not pleased with a Doritos Super Bowl ad.

In the amusing ad, a woman in her third trimester is undergoing an ultrasound, with her husband standing close by eating Doritos. The wife is clearly upset by his insensitivity, but their baby in the womb is not. The baby in fact follows every move of the chip in dad’s hand.

As to not give away the punch line (literally), watch for yourself below what happens next.

NARAL Pro-Choice America was not happy at all with the ad’s content.

Many responded to the tweet. One woman asked the obvious question of NARAL, “Oh, so how do we have more humans?”  Christian radio talk show host Janet Parshall replied:

Another replied:

Still another offered a more lighthearted response:


NARAL Ohio also responded angrily to ads featuring babies:

As reported by Western Journalism, the issue of the humanity of the unborn has been front and center in the public debate over the last several months with a release of a series of undercover videos, which appear to provide strong evidence that Planned Parenthood has engaged in the sale of aborted babies’ body parts.

A question concerning abortion was posed to Sen. Marco Rubio at the Republican debate in New Hampshire Saturday night, with moderator Mary Katharine Ham asking the candidate how the GOP should speak to millennials about the topic.

Rubio replied by calling out the media and the Democrats:

Here’s what I find outrageous. There has been five Democratic debates. The media has not asked them a single question on abortion and on abortion, the Democrats are extremists. Why doesn’t the media ask Hillary Clinton why she believes that all abortion should be legal, even on the due date of that unborn child.

Why don’t they ask Hillary Clinton why she believe that partial-birth abortion, which is a gruesome procedure that has been outlawed in this country, she thinks that’s a fundamental right. They are the extremists. When it comes to the issue of abortion and I can’t wait to expose them in a general election.

h/t: ChurchPOP

Houston: The New San Francisco

I’ve been in the journalism business for almost my entire life.

I have never seen a travesty like the Harris County, Texas, grand jury’s indictment of the two people who made the undercover videos showing the baby killers at Planned Parenthood selling dead baby body parts on tape. I have to wonder if the result would have been the same had they been a crew from CBS doing a story on white cops shooting black kids.

They cleared Planned Parenthood, but indicted the undercover journalists on FELONY charges for 1) using fake California drivers’ licenses for ID, and 2) offering to buy the dead baby parts.

Even in Houston, Texas, the home of Enron, those charges are going nowhere. In fact, the Governor and the Attorney General are still investigating Planned Parenthood; and now, they can investigate the Harris County District Attorney. Who knew that Houston was auditioning to be the new San Francisco.

Reminds me of a line from a Doonesbury cartoon from a Texas courtroom.

“That’s two seeds.  He must be a dealer.”

Grand Jury Gives Planned Parenthood A Pass, Indict Makers Of Damning Videos Instead

Video Transcript:

Monday night, a grand jury in Texas chose to indict pro-life activists for their undercover videos – instead of Planned Parenthood.

Judge Napolitano says, “It’s a political hit job.”

NAPOLITANO: I’m beginning to think that it is a political hit job on the people who did the investigating. So you have bonafide journalists assuming identities … they’re really seriously pro-life people wanting to expose how government dollars are being used by Planned Parenthood. The Lieutenant Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, a fiercely pro-life person, asks this prosecutor to investigate. She investigates. You impanel a grand jury of 23 people, you tell them who your target is…

STEVE DOOCY: Planned Parenthood.

NAPOLITANO: Right, and you produce evidence. The grand jury does not turn around and indict your witnesses – the people who brought you the case – without the prosecutor wanting this to happen. So why would this prosecutor – appointed by Governor Perry, a former judge, a Republican woman – why would this prosecutor want to do this other than to send a message like: I might be a Republican but leave Planned Parenthood alone. Leave it alone? They’re using tax dollars to kill babies and sell their body parts!

The Judge also said this would have an adverse effect on investigative journalism.

DOOCY: So one of the, apparently one of the charges is purchasing human organs. Alright, how can you be indicted for purchasing human organs without indicting the entitiy…


DOOCY: Selling the human organs!?

NAPOLITANO: You know, this type of indictment will chill, will deter journalists who want to have conversations with people. If there’s a bad person out there, you find out how far they will go in their evil designs. The person having the conversation is not committing a crime because they don’t have the intent to commit the crime, they’re just trying to find out if the other is willing to do so.

Naturally, “Abortion Barbie” Wendy Davis was thrilled with the unexpected decision.

DAVIS: It is sweet justice coming from the perspective of someone like me and so many others who share my views on reproductive rights in the state of Texas. They got caught in their own malicious trap, essentially.

Are these an odd turn of events? How do you feel about the Planned Parenthood videos? Should Planned Parenthood be indicted? Share and comment below.