Piers Morgan Just Dropped A Truth Bomb On The UK For Debating Trump Ban- ‘I’m So Embarrassed…’

Piers Morgan has some harsh words for his homeland today. Morgan wrote an op-ed piece for the Daily Mail titled, “Why I’m so embarrassed today for Britain. The same parliament that hasn’t banned a single UK citizen from returning after fighting for ISIS is seriously debating banning Trump from its shores.”

Morgan wrote, “As I write this column, members of the UK Parliament are debating whether or not to ban Donald Trump from entering Britain.”

Incredulously, Morgan continued, “Time that could have been spent debating terrorism, famine, nuclear weapons, the Middle East refugee crisis or the Syrian War. But no, instead British law-makers have concluded their own time is best served seriously considering a proposal to ban a man who may end up being the next President of the United States.”

The reason they are doing so, Morgan writes, is because of Trump’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States. Morgan, who disagreed with Trump so strongly that he wrote Trump an open letter saying so, wrote, “to ban a foreign politician for expressing an opinion is utterly absurd. Particularly a foreign politician who stands an increasingly good chance of becoming leader of the world’s biggest superpower and Britain’s supposedly closest, most powerful ally.”

Morgan continued by pointing out Britain’s hypocrisy.

King Salman of Saudia Arabia can allow 50 people to be beheaded last month and nobody in the corridors of British officialdom batted a public eyelid. Yet he is treated like some kind of deity when he arrives in Britain in his fleet of gold-plated jets.

Russian President Vladimir Putin commits and spouts all manner of despicable, murderous, bigoted things and Britain welcomes him with State dinners at Buckingham Palace and handshakes outside Downing Street.

As for Chinese President Xi Jinping, there is barely enough room in my expansive sick bucket to cope with my involuntary spewing at all the sycophantic grovelling that goes on when he swings into my home country.

In contrast, Morgan stated that the British parliament is going to punish Donald Trump for exercising his freedom of speech, all while they welcome despots into their country without a second thought.

Morgan summed up the nature of the problem: “Can you imagine a situation where President Trump, if he is elected, is actually banned? It would make Britain the laughing stock of the world, and confirm to Americans that we’re just as pathetically petty and small pond in our thinking as you’ve always suspected. It would also cause serious, probably irreparable damage to Britain’s relationship with the United States.”

Piers Morgan Just Released A Totally Unexpected Statement About Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s strident anti-ISIS rhetoric fills a void created by the lack of anything worthwhile emanating from President Obama, commentator Piers Morgan has written in a Daily Mail piece headlined, “Trump’s Muslim travel ban may be dumb but laid-back, do-nothing Obama is even dumber.”

Morgan, an outspoken liberal, says he loathes the policy aspect of Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslim entering the United State but deeply admires that way Trump uses controversial issues to boost his candidacy.

“The more Trump gets attacked for his controversial opinions on Islamic fundamentalism, the more airtime he gets and the more his ratings soar. That’s why he does it,” Morgan wrote.

Trump’s language is not all empty talk, Morgan said.

“It is undeniable, as he claims, that a significant number of Muslims, or rather twisted jihadists who’ve hijacked Islam, hate America and want to destroy it with more attacks like 9/11,” he wrote, noting that no one really knows the extent of the threat.

Americans “see a very dangerous medieval enemy in ISIS that is marauding around the world beheading, stoning and setting fire to anyone that stands in their way,” Morgan wrote. “And now, since San Bernardino, ISIS and its sympathizers are seen to be living and plotting on Americans’ own doorsteps, and it’s freaking everyone out.”

Trump’s strong words are in contrast to everyone else, especially President Obama, Morgan wrote.

“As Obama is seen to be fiddling while Rome burns, Trump is seen, whether you agree with him or not, to at least have an understanding of the immediacy and scale of the threat and a clear determination to try and deal with it,” Morgan wrote. “Trump just takes a firm position and smashes it into the public consciousness in brusque, simple, uncompromising language that everyone can understand.”

Morgan contrasts Trump’s aggressive resolve with Obama’s listless response

“I watched President Obama’s address to the nation from the Oval Office a few days ago and thought it was dreadful. He sounded utterly devoid of any real new ideas on how to tackle ISIS, whose military and economic power strengthens every day,” Morgan wrote.

“He spoke in weary tones of how we were going to beat them but nobody listening to him could have felt remotely convinced that he has a clue how this will actually happen,” Morgan added.

Morgan predicted the worst of attacks is not yet over.

“America and Britain will both be hit by ISIS on a Paris scale, sooner rather than later, and when we do, our collective resolve for this fight will be put to its biggest test,” he wrote.

Although Morgan stresses his disagreement with Trump’s policy, he said it may be a necessary catalyst.

“By taking such an extreme position, he may force more timid politicians like President Obama to finally confront this ISIS menace properly – before it’s too late,” he wrote. “Saying all Muslims are potential terrorists is stupid and dangerous. But pretending none of them are is even more stupid and dangerous.”

h/t: The Daily Mail

SURPRISE: What Piers Morgan Just Said Could Signal The End For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton will never be president because the American people simply do not trust her, former CNN host Piers Morgan wrote in a column published Tuesday by The Daily Mail.

“The email scandal that engulfed her several months ago is still raging as ferociously as it was back then, in fact more so,” Morgan wrote. “It won’t go away because it all stinks to high heaven and nobody believes almost anything she’s said about it.”

The question of using a private email server for public documents, many of them classified, cannot be easily explained away, Morgan stated.

“This wasn’t an accident, nor the work of some poor naïve little lady on her first trip to the presidential race rodeo. It was a quite deliberate attempt by someone whose own husband had been President for eight years to circumnavigate the strict rules about such conduct in high public office,” Morgan said.

“The more Hillary has protested her innocence, the more guilty she’s looked,” he added. “We now know that at least 189 of these emails were classified, but she and her aides insist they were not considered so when she sent or received them.”

The nuances of hair-splitting over what became classified when are lost on the public, Morgan wrote.

“The indisputable fact is that Hillary was using an insecure private email server to trade very sensitive State department information in a manner that could have been easily hacked by foreign agencies and indeed might well have been,” he wrote.

Morgan noted that the scandal remains focused on Clinton, and will not let go.

“This scandal has turned into a never-ending torrent of damage for Hillary, and she only has herself to blame,” he wrote. “Her repeated attempts to dismiss it as irrelevant to the electorate (‘Nobody asks me about this except the media’ is her frequent disdainful claim) are totally disingenuous. This was a woman who promised ‘transparency’ but has delivered the complete opposite. She looks like every other dodgy politician in Washington … .”.

Although Morgan expressed personal admiration for Clinton, he said the Democratic Party should turn to Vice President Joe Biden and accept the inevitable.

“Hillary’s private email server has become her personal Nemesis. It will drag on and on and on, dragging her further down with each new revelation,” Morgan wrote.

His bottom line was succinct: “It’s over.”

h/t: The Daily Mail

Do you support an investigation into Hillary’s “private” emails which could blow the Benghazi investigation wide open? Send an email to Rep. Trey Gowdy telling him what you think.

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Listen: Obama Just Said A Stunning Racial Slur During An Interview, Massive Debate Ensues

President Obama said “n*****” on a podcast Sunday, leading to an argument as to whether he should be using the word at all.

Speaking to Marc Maron on The WTF Podcast released Monday, the two individuals got into a conversation on the issue of race in the United States. “The legacy of slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination in almost every institution of our lives, you know, that casts a long shadow, and that’s still part of our DNA that’s passed on,” Obama told Maron. “We’re not cured of it.”

“And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say ‘n*****’ in public,” the president continued. “That’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. It’s not just a matter of overt discrimination.”

There are actions that could be taken to make events like this less likely, and one of those actions we could take would be to enhance some basic, common-sense gun safety laws.

‘N-word’ has been trending on Twitter across the U.S. since the interview was released Monday, generating passionate thoughts on the issue, including from Piers Morgan, formerly of CNN:

Morgan’s words generated some mixed responses:

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Embarrassing: Piers Morgan Just Received A Distinction That Is Any Celebrity’s Worst Nightmare

Photo credit: RoidRanger / Shutterstock.com
RoidRanger / Shutterstock.com

Twitter users, able to send messages to high-profile pages and respond directly to celebrity posts, are often exceptionally candid in expressing their disdain for notable personalities.

U.K. firm Demos recently seized on this phenomenon in conducting a study to find out which of the nation’s prominent citizens are the most hated. After poring over two million posts, The Sunday Times reported that the think tank awarded Piers Morgan with the dubious distinction.

The Brit’s foray into U.S. media included a transition from snarky reality show judge to an inauspicious stint as the host of his own CNN program. He was roundly criticized by Americans for interjecting his opinion on issues – primarily as an advocate for stricter gun control – in this country while maintaining his ties to his England.

As it turns out, though, his unpopularity is not confined to this side of the pond. Nearly nine percent of the tweets directed at Morgan are abusive, the study found, noting that the leftist mouthpiece’s willingness to lambaste others has likely contributed to his status as most hated user.

Compared to the least hated users, for whom negative sentiments comprised less than half a percent of all incoming tweets, the level of animosity many hold toward Morgan is clear. He seemed to embrace the status to some extent, however, offering a number of tweets apparently in response to the study’s results.

For good measure, he continued to liberally sprinkle anti-gun posts as per usual.

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