United Against Obamacare


Dear Mr. President,

Thank you, thank you — sort of.

You have been able to do something my father was never able to do — bring my sister Patti and me together politically.

You remember my rebellious sister, Patti Davis? The liberal activist?

Maybe you saw her in Playboy in 1994. Or read one of many good books, or seen her latest, “The Blue Hour,” which is a ghost story.

But really, she’s most famous for publicly falling out with her father over his conservative politics.

Patti’s almost as liberal as you are, Mr. President.

We disagreed on my father’s presidency. We disagree on abortion. We disagree on gay marriage. We disagree on guns.

Heck, we’ve disagreed on every big and little political issue in the last 20 years.

But now, thanks to you and that train wreck of yours called the Affordable Care Act, Patti and I have been brought together.

She and I are both asking the same question about Obamacare:

Why are we losing our private health insurance when you promised over and over that we could keep it?

Patti generated some publicity for herself (and her latest book) last week when she tweeted what millions of other Americans would like to know:

“Could the president” — i.e, you, Mr. Obama — “please explain why I and others are losing our health ins. plans? Wasn’t supposed to happen!”

Poor Patti.

Now she knows what it feels like when you and your soul mates in Washington dump one of your sweeping, coercive, bureaucratic, socialist government programs on the rest of us.

She’s feeling the same pain as hundreds of thousands of people in Florida and Pennsylvania who’ve been dropped by their insurance companies.

Or those employees at companies like IBM that have decided to drop their company-provided health coverage and have their workers get coverage through state marketplaces.

Patti’s been hit upside the head by your pipe dream to turn us into Europe Lite. And it’s knocked a little sense into her.

She’s seriously disappointed in you, Mr. President. You’re apparently not as perfect as she thought you were when she voted for you twice.

Earlier this month, in an open letter to you on her website, she even expressed her displeasure to you for the way you dealt with the government shutdown:

“We all remember your campaign tag of ‘no drama Obama,’” she wrote. “Interesting that there has been one drama after another in your presidency, this last one really tipping the scales.”

I could have written that line myself.

That’s scary, Mr. President. You’re slowly turning my sister into a non-liberal.

She’s starting to emulate — or at least channel — her older brother. She even compared your “me-me” persona unfavorably with her father’s humbler, drama-free conduct.

I don’t want to rub it in, Mr. President, but Patti scored another point with me when she noted that for a saint, you had a bad attitude.

You seem to be “annoyed” when you talk to our fellow Americans, “as if this job you campaigned for is keeping you from something else you’d rather be doing.”

Did Patti mean golf, Mr. President?

Don’t worry, Sir. My sister is still a true-blue liberal.

Like members of the mainstream media, she thinks that Republicans were mostly to blame for that over-hyped, politically manipulated government shutdown you tried to scare us into thinking was a national crisis.

But I’m afraid you’ve lost Patti’s unconditional love, Mr. President.

She’s learned what we non-liberals have been trying to warn everyone about for years— that Obamacare is an absolute train wreck for the people of America.

So thanks again for your bad work, Mr. President. I hope this is a beginning of a new relationship between my sister and me. Next time I go on vacation, maybe I can get her to write one of my columns.

Eric Holder Condemning Black Students To Failing Schools

Photo Credit: European Parliament Creative Commons

In the name of diversity, the modern left will stoop to almost any level to achieve its goal. A number of prominent Republicans are accusing Attorney General Eric Holder of curtailing the educational potential of black youth in Louisiana based on his desire to impose racial quotas.

About two dozen senators signed a letter demanding an explanation for the Department of Justice’s decision to force at least 570 students to stay in underperforming schools despite the fact they received scholarships to relocate to better facilities.

One of the Republican senators named in the letter, Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey, said Holder’s decision to “block any child from obtaining a good education is bad enough,” adding “doing so based solely on the children’s race is inexcusable.”

Hundreds of kids were told they could escape their failing schools following Hurricane Katrina, he explained. Nine out of every 10 students given a scholarship were minorities.

Since then, however, the Justice Department ruled that many of the black students told they could transfer must remain in their current school to maintain racial quotas.

According to the senators’ letter, if the area’s racial makeup were different, students would not be held hostage in substandard schools.

“These children are not statistics,” the letter states, requesting a response from Holder by Nov. 6.

For all their posturing on the issue of racial equality, it is clear progressives care only about the perception of such ideals as evidenced by a minority’s representation in any given community. Conservatives, on the other hand, want to foster success for everyone — regardless of race.

Unfortunately, the left’s lip service regarding race has been so distorted that many Americans identify it as genuine concern. That perception is now showing deep cracks, however, as evidenced in the senators’ pointed letter.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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Photo Credit: European Parliament Creative Commons


Defending National Motto: Congressman Proposes Inspiring Bill

Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn (Creative Commons)

Amid the cacophony of leftists decrying “In God We Trust” as an unconstitutional religious promotion, plenty of patriotic Americans continue to make the case for our national motto.

Leading the charge is Pennsylvania State Rep. Rick Saccone, a Republican whose recent proposal to include the phrase on public school buildings in the state has been met with both praise and criticism.

Dubbed The National Motto Display Act, Saccone’s bill would mandate each government-operated educational facility in Pennsylvania would be required to add the invocative phrase in some highly visible way within 60 days after it is passed.

While those who feel God has been driven out of the school system with far too much vigor likely view the proposal as a positive step, Saccone indicates his bill has far less to do with religion than education.

The phrase was first included on a coin nearly 150 years ago by a former Pennsylvania governor who subsequently took over the U.S. Mint. As a way of commemorating that momentous event, Saccone wants to call attention to the four-word proclamation that eventually became the national motto.

He said he wants youth to learn about “an important but overlooked part of Pennsylvania’s heritage” and learn about “patriotism through the display of the national motto” should his plan be implemented.

Schools host an infinite variety of other special interest events, he added, wondering why “In God We Trust” is somehow unacceptable.

“It’s displaying our national motto,” he stated, adding schools “can have Harry Potter on the walls, zombies and witches on brooms but not the national motto?”

While Saccone said those in his district are overwhelmingly supportive of the bill, the usual leftist suspects are already clamoring to be the first to disparage the proposal.

“I know we would oppose it,” said American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania representative Vic Walczak. “The only question is if we would sue upon its passage or wait until a school district enacts it.”

The congressman, however, expects such backlash, calling it “par for the course.”

While conservatives reluctantly accept the fact any mention of a higher power will be met with significant leftist outrage, it is especially discouraging that just a couple of generations ago, the phrase “In God We Trust” was considered an integral reflection of the American experience. Today, however, it is seen merely as the basis for a frivolous lawsuit.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn (Creative Commons)

Church Ends 93-year Boy Scout Partnership Over Pro-Gay Stance

Joey Kalich, Steven Gime, Jonathon Grime

The recent decision by the leadership of Boy Scouts of America to allow homosexuals to join its ranks prompted many social conservatives to cut ties with the organization. For some, that decision was made more difficult because of a long relationship with the scouting group.

Such was the case with Aldan Union Church in Pennsylvania. Since 1920, the church has allowed local Boy Scout troops to meet at its facility and has maintained a close partnership with the organization in the decades since.

Rev. Paul Thompson realized, however, that the two groups now espouse very different views on the issue of homosexuality. As a result, church elders voted to discontinue their relationship with the Boy Scouts moving forward.

Calling the move “excruciating,” Thompson explained spiritual leaders sometimes must make such difficult choices in order to stay in line with the Bible’s teachings.

“As a church,” he said, “we have a responsibility to our convictions.”

He added that, while the church does not hate homosexuals, it is their position that such behavior violates God’s law.

“We try to have the authority being in the scriptures rather than ourselves,” he noted, adding the church cannot stand for any sinful behavior.

“We believe that among those sins is the sin of homosexuality,” he concluded.

One scoutmaster whose troop will now have to find a new home said he doesn’t agree with the decision but doesn’t “fault the church for their views.”

The fallout after scouting leaders announced gays would now be welcome in the organization was widespread among Christians. With homosexuality enjoying a favored status in our popular culture, more and more historically traditional now feel pressured to change their own policies in order to placate the minority.

In return, however, such updates alienate many of those who have long been supportive of their original mission.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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