Watch: Sheriff David Clarke Drops 7 Word Truth Bomb About Muslim Who Shot Philly Cop

Mayor of Philadelphia, PA Jim Kenney held a press conference to discuss the recent ISIS related terrorist attack on Philadelphia Police Officer Jesse Hartnett. Kenney addressed the public concerning the role that Islam may have played in the attack.

“In no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that Islam or the teaching of Islam has anything to do with what you’ve seen on the screen,” Kenney said. “That is abhorrent. It’s terrible and it does not represent the religion in any way, shape, or form or any of it teachings. This is a criminal, with a stolen gun, who tried to kill one of our officers. It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following Islamic faith.”

However, the criminal himself admitted that he was motivated to execute Officer Hartnett by his allegiance to the ISIS and Allah.

Mayor Kenney’s apparent attempt to downplay the incident has man outraged. Western Journalism reported the “fuming” response from Fox News guest Judge Jeanine Pirro:

How dare you take the sympathy away from the victim, Officer Hartnett? And the men and women in blue under siege in this country by the haters and turn it into sympathy and understanding for a different group? I don’t need you tell me or lecture me what I should be thinking because you want to suck up to the commander in chief. How about you drop your liberal, ideological nonsense and stop apologizing and start focusing on the threats to kill those in your department. I don’t know if you need to see an eye doctor, but the man is wearing Muslim garb! He has sworn allegiance to ISIS. He told the cops he did it for Allah and ISIS. His own mother says he’s a devout Muslim. Are you stupid?


Now, another high-profile critic has come forward to also directly contradict Kenney’s assertion that the incident was not an Islamic-inspired terrorist attack.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark contradicted Kenney’s statement saying, “As Ben Franklin said, ‘we are all born ignorant but one must work really hard to remain stupid.’ Apparently he had Mayor Kenney in mind when he said that …That is an idiotic statement [referencing Kenny’s comments]. This has everything to do with Islam as a political ideology.”

Clark stated that President Obama, and other liberals like the bureaucrats in Philadelphia, “continue to live in denial about the fact that war has been declared and now has reached the homeland.”

Shocking: Man Tries To ‘Execute’ Cop, Then Reveals His Chilling 5-Word Motivation

A gunman suspected of shooting a Philadelphia police officer multiple times in an “assassination” style assault is Islamic and pledged allegiance to ISIS.

The suspect, Edward Archer, 30, now in custody, “confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of Islam [emphasis added],” Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross said during a news conference, ABC News reported. “According to him, he believed that the police defend laws that are contrary to the teachings of the Quran.”

Archer allegedly opened fire with a 9mm handgun as he approached the squad car of Officer Jessie Hartnett, 33, at approximately 11:30 p.m. Thursday night. The man shot thirteen rounds at officer’s cruiser, as he drew closer, ultimately hitting Harnett three times in his left arm.

Harnett managed to return fire hitting the assailant three times. Archer fled the scene, while the officer called in the incident on his radio: “Shots fired! I’m shot! I’m bleeding heavily!” Hartnett yelled after the attack. 

Police captured Archer near the scene and both he and Officer Harnett were taken to area hospitals. The five-year veteran of the police force is expected to make a full recovery. There is no word on the status of the alleged attacker.

The 14th District of the Philadelphia Police tweeted out:

Commissioner Ross told reporters, “We’re thankful to God he’s here today because it easily could’ve been a police funeral,” according to CBS PhillyWhen you look at the video, this is one of the scariest things I’ve ever seen,” he said. “This guy tried to execute the police officer. The police officer had no idea he was coming. It’s amazing he’s alive.” Harnett’s arm suffered significant damage and he will likely face a long road to full recovery. “It’s going to be a tough road, but he’s a tough guy,” said his father, Robert Hartnett. “I told him I love him, and I’m proud of him and he is an excellent person.”

Cynthia Hartnett, the officer’s aunt related to the New York Daily News, “He’s OK. He’s going to be OK.” “Jesse you’re a super hero,” his sister-in-law Ashley Hartnett wrote in a Friday morning Facebook post announcing that the lawman was out of surgery.

“My brother in law, a police officer in West Philadelphia, was shot at 13 times point blank while sitting in his patrol car at a red light last night … But it’s harder than that to take down a Hartnett.”

Big U.S. City’s Mayor Just Made A Shock Announcement About Refugees Amidst Fallout From Paris Attack

As a rising tide of Americans is demanding a halt to President Obama’s Syrian refugee resettlement program because it has no reliable way to screen out terrorists, at least one city will be hoping for the best.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said Tuesday that the city will accept up to 500 Syrian refugees over the next 18 to 24 months.

“Terrorists work in a manner where they want fear and hysteria to reign, and it’s at times like this we truly test the words on the Statue of Liberty,” Peduto said.

The mayor’s wishes run counter to those of Pittsburgh-area citizens. A WPXI Twitter poll found 67 percent of respondents opposed to accepting Syrian refugees in Pittsburgh.

“Neither the City nor the Commonwealth should accept Syrian refugees given what happened in Paris,” wrote Val Finnell.

“open your eyes up!,” tweeted Nancy Adams. “This is not the time for it! Terrorists want American blood and this is their in!”

“You must want what happened in Paris to happen in Pittsburgh!” tweeted Alyce Winn.

One of Pennsylvania’s U.S. senators said sympathy must not compromise security.

“There is no reliable way of vetting those who come from these chaotic terrorist havens,” Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., said Tuesday. Toomey said the program should be suspended until it can properly screen out terrorists.

“I’m not comfortable admitting large numbers of people that we can’t check,” Mr. Toomey said.

“People in that part of the world can fly under the radar,” he said. “If there’s no obvious red flag raised like military history or their own social media posts, then the bad guys can hide their true intention. It’s very, very hard for us to identify the radicals.”

Toomey said accepting Syrian Christians might be able to go forward, if screening could augment that knowledge with other information to ensure a refugee does not have a criminal background.

“If we know with certainty that the person is a Christian, then I think we can be pretty clear that they’re not a jihadist. I’m not aware of any Christians that are joining ISIS,” he said.

h/t: WPXI

Pennsylvania Just Dropped The Hammer On Labor Unions In A Way That’s Long Overdue

With a new law, union strikers and activists in Pennsylvania lost what many argued they should never have had in the first place: legal cover to threaten their opponents with stalking, harassment, and even use of “weapons of mass destruction.”

Last week, Governor Tom Wolfe (pictured above), a Democrat, signed House Bill 874, a new law that would outlaw such harassment by union members involved in a labor dispute. Oddly enough, before this new law, unions had been allowed a free pass under Pennsylvania law to commit these acts without incurring the wrath of law enforcement if said harassment was conducted during a labor dispute of some type.

“I believe it is important to allow men and women to come together and their voices heard,” Gov. Wolf said in a statement. “I also believe that any form of harassment by employees or employers is unacceptable.”

“Under current law there is an exemption for a person who is involved in a labor dispute as defined in the labor anti-injunction act preventing a person to be charged with one of those three crimes.” Wolfe continued. “House Bill 874 simply removes those three exemptions and adds legislative intent to specifically say the legislature intends that the exemptions should not apply in labor disputes moving forward.”

In past disputes, union toughs had harassed the children and spouses of business executives–and at times threatened violence and even death to business owners–but those businessmen had no recourse under the law to prevent the harassment or have those who perpetrated the crimes arrested.

This represents a big win for the Keystone Chapter of the Associated Building Contractors.

“These loopholes have allowed for horrific activities disguised as legitimate labor disputes for years,” ABC Keystone President and CEO Kate McCaslin said at “Today, ABC applauds Governor Tom Wolf for signing this legislation into law that will provide for equal protection for employers and employees from hostile work environments.”

This new law will go into effect early next year.

The American People Just Sent Hillary A Brutal Message She Can’t Possibly Ignore

As her email scandal drags on, Hillary Clinton has increasingly been seen by voters as a less trustworthy candidate.

That is now confirmed by a recent Quinnipiac poll that found that voters in three key states — Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida — do indeed view her as the least honest and trustworthy of the current leading presidential contenders.

Donald Trump is considered the second-least trustworthy major presidential candidate, according to voters in those three states.

Clinton does continue to hold the lead among Democratic voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

In Florida, voters say that Clinton is not honest and trustworthy by 59-35 percent. In Ohio, voters split 61-33; and in Pennsylvania, they split 61-34.

Jeff Bechdel, spokesman for the conservative America Rising PAC, said in a statement: “After all the campaign resets and the millions poured into TV ads, Hillary Clinton still finds herself disliked and not trusted by the American people.”

Clinton is set to appear before the House’s select committee on Benghazi on October 22nd.

Trey Gowdy, head of that committee, said: “She’s going to be asked fact-centric questions, and my conclusion is that she will be convinced that this committee proves, for once, that a Washington investigation can be done the right way.”

“She was the secretary of state at all relevant times, so we’d be crazy not to talk to her,” Gowdy added.

What do you think of the latest poll numbers on Hillary Clinton’s lack of honesty? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.