The American People Just Sent Hillary A Brutal Message She Can’t Possibly Ignore

As her email scandal drags on, Hillary Clinton has increasingly been seen by voters as a less trustworthy candidate.

That is now confirmed by a recent Quinnipiac poll that found that voters in three key states — Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida — do indeed view her as the least honest and trustworthy of the current leading presidential contenders.

Donald Trump is considered the second-least trustworthy major presidential candidate, according to voters in those three states.

Clinton does continue to hold the lead among Democratic voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida.

In Florida, voters say that Clinton is not honest and trustworthy by 59-35 percent. In Ohio, voters split 61-33; and in Pennsylvania, they split 61-34.

Jeff Bechdel, spokesman for the conservative America Rising PAC, said in a statement: “After all the campaign resets and the millions poured into TV ads, Hillary Clinton still finds herself disliked and not trusted by the American people.”

Clinton is set to appear before the House’s select committee on Benghazi on October 22nd.

Trey Gowdy, head of that committee, said: “She’s going to be asked fact-centric questions, and my conclusion is that she will be convinced that this committee proves, for once, that a Washington investigation can be done the right way.”

“She was the secretary of state at all relevant times, so we’d be crazy not to talk to her,” Gowdy added.

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Donald Trump Just Got Some Very Good News From These 3 Humongous States

Donald Trump has garnered huge media attention for his leads in critical primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, although his lead has lessened some as of late.

Now, Trump has another reason to be more confident: the latest Quinnipiac University poll shows Trump leading among Republican voters in three critical states with large populations: Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton leads among Democrats in these three states.

In Pennsylvania, Trump beat out other Republicans, garnering 23% of the Republican vote in the state.

Ben Carson followed with 17% of the vote, followed by Marco Rubio at 12%, and Carly Fiorina at 8%.

Trump held similar leads in Florida and Ohio.

Peter Brown, Quinnipiac’s assistant director, said in a statement: “Those who were waiting for Donald Trump’s campaign to collapse will need to wait longer – at least in the three key states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania.”

Trump’s lead is critical for another reason–it holds despite three local candidates being in the race. Namely, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush hail from Florida, and John Kasich hails from Ohio.

Brown did note that both Trump and Clinton performed poorly among general election voters, saying that the two candidates “continue to have the worst overall favorability ratings among all voters of any of the leading candidates, and the lowest scores for being honest and trustworthy.”

Brown went on to write: “Trump, despite his strong showing in mock Republican primaries, fares worst among the GOP candidates matched against the three Democratic aspirants – giving some credence to pundits who say the billionaire could be every Democrats’ favorite GOP nominee.”

What do you think of Trump’s lead in these three important states?

BREAKING: Man Who Scaled White House Fence Earlier This Year Killed By Police For Doing This

The same Pennsylvania man who jumped the White House fence in March was shot and killed at a suburban Philadelphia courthouse after attacking one of its guards.

ABC 6 News reports that Curtis Smith, 34, charged right through the entrance security checkpoint at the Chester County Courthouse just before noon. Witness Reiley Aikman recounted that the crazed, knife-wielding man yelled: “I’m gonna get ya, I’m gonna get ya.” And shortly thereafter: “I hear ‘POP, POP.’ And it was the sheriff shooting him.”

The assailant died from the gunshot wounds he received. The deputy attacked by Smith was being treated for injuries to his arm and hand. There were no other injuries reported during the incident.

District Attorney Tom Hogan stated: “In Chester County, we have trained intensively to deal with the threat of an attacker in the Justice Center or any other public building. Today, that training paid off. The armed attacker was immediately neutralized by the Sheriff’s Deputies. Law enforcement responded to make sure that all of the citizens, judges, and court staff were safe. This was a model response to a violent incident.”

On March 1 of this year, Smith jumped the White House fence. The Secret Service apprehended and chose not to press charges on the stipulation that he stayed out of trouble.

However, he faced burglary, assault and harassment charges stemming from a domestic assault incident in May. His next court date was scheduled for October.

h/t: Daily Mail

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Watch: Two Thugs Tried To Rob Store Using Machetes – But Had No Idea What The Clerk Had Up His Sleeve

Surveillance footage showed two would-be armed robbers attacking a Pittsburgh, Pa., convenience store clerk, only to leave in a hurry when confronted by an even more intimidating weapon. The two subjects, both identified as teens, entered the store dressed in all black, ninja-style clothing and carrying knives believed to be machetes.

WTAE published the security video Saturday, the day after Perry Market employee Jewad Hayih squared off against the duo. In it, Hayih can be seen brandishing a large sword while chasing one suspect down multiple aisles.

Caught On Cam: Sword Vs. SwordWould-be robbers armed with a sword stormed a Pittsburgh convenience store, but were stopped by a cashier…with an even bigger sword.Read more:

Posted by KOAA 5 on Monday, August 17, 2015

“He came here to attack me,” the clerk said. “He took something to protect himself. I only like to make him scared.”

An apparently unarmed patron detained the other suspect as the first took his knife and ran away. Both teens had fled the scene by the time Hayih had returned from the rear of the store with a handgun.

During the struggle, at least one of the suspects grabbed some merchandise in an apparent attempt to defend himself; however, authorities report that nothing was stolen and that no one was injured in the incident.

After watching the footage, several KOAA readers applauded the clerk’s action.

“Fight fire with fire,” one Facebook user wrote. “I love this. Put the dirtbags in their place.”

Another, however, wondered what happened “to the days of cahiers having a 12 gauge under the counter.”

Should employees be allowed to defend themselves? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Watch: Police Accuse 75-Yr-Old Marine Of Stolen Valor. There’s Just One Problem…

On Memorial Day, 75-year-old Robert Ford started his day the same way he has for years now. He dressed in full military uniform and regalia and headed out to attend the Harrisburg, Pa., memorial wreath-laying ceremony. Every year, a wreath is laid on the Susquehanna River; and Ford plays Taps on his bugle.

Ford is a fourth-generation veteran. He served in the Marine Corps from 1958 to 1964. His father served in World War II, his grandfather served in World War I, and his great-grandfather played the bugle at General Lee’s surrender to General Grant at Appomattox.

After playing for the ceremony, Ford, still in uniform, decided to stroll through the Arts Fest that takes place in downtown Harrisburg. He was walking when he was approached by a Harrisburg Police detective.

Detective John O’Connor asked if Ford was a Marine and also asked which boot camp he attended. After O’Connor asked those questions, he left. Ford continued walking. He claimed that 15 minutes passed before the officer returned.

When the officer returned, he claimed that he was investigating a case of ‘stolen valor.’ Ford stated that he “felt it was kind of insulting.”

Stolen valor is when a person falsely claims he or she was in the military. It is a federal crime to impersonate anyone who served in any of the branches of military.

Ford stated: “It was humiliating, a nightmare.” He even showed the detective his veterans ID card. The detective promptly dismissed it as a fake.

According to city spokesperson Joyce Davis, “The officer himself did not instigate or incite any accusations,” but “simply responded and attempted to ask a few questions.”

All Ford wanted was an apology, which he still has not received. Ford said: ”I’m here standing up for every veteran, that hopefully it doesn’t happen to them…in my case, they picked the wrong person.”

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