BREAKING: Obama Just Dropped The Hammer On Republicans In Congress With One Move

President Barack Obama vetoed legislation that would have repealed much of Obamacare, which marked the first time such a measure has reached his desk since the law was passed in 2010. The legislation would have also defunded Planned Parenthood.

The president wrote in a veto message to Congress regarding his decision, “Because of the harm this bill would cause to the health and financial security of millions of Americans, it has earned my veto.”

The president claimed, “Republicans in the Congress have attempted to repeal or undermine the Affordable Care Act over 50 times.”

The measure was passed using budget reconciliation, the means employed by Democrats in 2010 to pass the Affordable Care Act. Reconciliation measures are filibuster-proof in the Senate.

“Now, is someone named Obama going to sign a bill into law repealing ObamaCare? Of course not,” Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., said Thursday. “But we have now demonstrated that, if we elect a Republican president, we can use this same path to repeal ObamaCare without 60 votes in the Senate.”

“The idea that Obamacare is the law of the land for good is a myth,” Ryan added in a video he shared on Friday. “This law will collapse under its own weight or it will be repealed.”

“The veto was the eighth of Obama’s presidency and the sixth since last year, when Republicans took over both chambers of Congress,” The Hill reported.

The president in his veto message also acknowledged the reconciliation bill would also “effectively defund Planned Parenthood,” which he argued provides important health services.

The Alliance Defending Freedom, which has been a strong advocate for defunding Planned Parenthood issued the following statement from Senior Counsel Casey Mattox:

The president has chosen to continue funding for the abortion giant that helped get him elected rather than expand health care choices for women. All he has done is kill an historic bill that would have redirected existing funding from the scandal-plagued Planned Parenthood to thousands of better, low-cost community health care providers that serve women and families far more comprehensively.

It is past time to end the government’s immoral partnership with Planned Parenthood that has been forced upon the American people.

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Congress Is About To Take An Ax To Obamacare In A HUGE Way He’ll Despise

America’s long-simmering revolt against Obamacare will move into a new phase Tuesday as the Republican-led Congress is poised to take action to fulfill its 2010 pledge to repeal and replace the controversial health care law.

“We owe it to the American people to take our best shot at repealing Obamacare, and that’s what we’ll do,” Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Mo., said Saturday. “As a result, President Obama will soon have a choice: Does he support the people and women’s health, or does he support Washington mandates and tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood?”

“We were sent to Congress to fight for the American people. They do not want their healthcare dictated to them by Washington. And they don’t want their tax dollars going to abortion providers,” she said. “We have taken many votes to preserve health care choices and protect precious tax dollars in the House. If the president didn’t hear the people’s voices earlier, hopefully, he will through this bill. It will go directly to his desk by way of the reconciliation process, which avoids obstruction by Senate Democrats.”

Despite a foreseen veto from President Obama that would block any repeal or replacement of Obamacare, Congress is setting the stage to contrast the Republican vision for health care with that of the current Democrat president. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., has promised to unveil a bill that will replace Obamacare.

The mechanics of the Obamacare vote are part of a budget reconciliation process that allows Republicans to evade Senate filibustering that could delay any proposal indefinitely.

That process started last month, when the House quietly shipped the Senate a dual reconciliation bill that repealed Obamacare and de-funded Planned Parenthood. The Senate passed its version of the bill, setting up the need to reconcile the two bills.

The House may act as soon as Tuesday to vote on the Senate-amended reconciliation budget, which then goes to Obama’s desk for an expected veto.

“You’re going to see us put a bill on the president’s desk going after Obamacare and Planned Parenthood so we’ll finally get a bill on his desk to veto,” Ryan said.

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Paul Ryan Ticked Conservatives Off, And Now He’s Getting Blindsided With MAJOR News

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan has disappointed millions of conservatives after shepherding through what many feel is a disastrous budget deal. Now, the new House speaker just might come to rue the day he signed off on the deal if conservatives in his home district have their way.

Certainly Ryan has run the gamut among conservatives. Only a decade ago he was thought to be a budget wiz kid conservatives felt had the right stuff to take the lead on fiscally conservative policy matters. But once he set his eyes on leadership, he began to compromise and drift leftward in the eyes of his former supporters.

Now, as speaker of the House, he seems to have made the transition from conservative to left-leaning establishment party hack as far as many conservatives are concerned. And the budget deal is their final straw.

Angry conservatives back in Ryan’s home district are now searching for a more conservative primary opponent to challenge Ryan in his next election campaign after he ushered through the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill.

As Breitbart News reports, local Tea Party activists are planning to oust the speaker.

“There is a sympathetic ear to having someone beat him,” said James Murphy, the founder of the Green Bay Tea Party organization.

The Washington Times also found a conservative who hopes Ryan can be fired.

“These sellout Republicans have made a huge mistake voting for this on top of the huge surge in public anger at D.C. politicians that have betrayed their constituents,” said William Gheen, president of the Americans For Legal Immigration political action committee.

Finally, according to the “Primary Challenge Paul Ryan” Facebook page, a U.S. veteran is looking into the idea of running against Ryan, though the page did not divulge the name of this possible candidate.

All this after Ryan pushed through the spending bill that conservatives point out was so bad that Democrats universally praised the bill.

Among the many failures conservatives see in the bill is that funding for abortion mill-operating Planned Parenthood sailed through unscathed. Despite months of conservative attacks on Planned Parenthood this year, Ryan left in all funding for the organization beloved by anti-life liberals.

BREAKING: Obama Just Got The Exact Christmas Present He Wanted From The House

The House of Representatives easily passed the end of year Omnibus $1.14 trillion spending bill, with strong Democrat support: nearly 100 GOP members voted against it.

The final vote for the bill was 316-133, which was stronger than anticipated. Republicans backed it by a 150-95 margin, while the Democrats gave it almost unanimous support with a 166-18 tally; Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., got behind its passage. The measure funds the government through September 2016.

As reported by Western Journalism, House conservatives, led by the Freedom Caucus, opposed the Omnibus bill based on a number of factors, including its funding of the Syrian refugee program and Planned Parenthood and failure to defund “executive amnesty.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan defended the bill, noting “in a divided government, no one gets exactly what they want.”

Among the wins for conservatives were the lifting of a 40-year oil export ban; the permanent extension of several key tax cuts, which help working families and job creators; and an increase in defense spending.

Pelosi and many Democrats were not pleased with the lifting of the oil export ban, but pointed to victories beating back many conservative proposals.

“Democrats were able to cite the absence of more than 150 proposed policy riders they opposed, including provisions to restrict the Syrian refugee program, cut funding for President Barack Obama’s executive immigration action, and defund Planned Parenthood,” as their wins coming out of the negotiations, according to the Daily Signal.

Many saw the measure as the best they could get, given it still must gain President Obama’s signature.

“Overall on process, Ryan get high marks,” said House Freedom Caucus member Rep. Dave Brat, R-Va., who voted against the bill, “but the product here is an F.” He added: “This was a disaster that accumulated over a full year of not following regular order [regarding funding each major department separately]. Ryan just came in 6 weeks ago and had to be the coach while we cleaned the barn.”

The bill will now go to the senate, where it is expected to pass on Friday.

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House Conservatives Give Two Big Reasons for Opposing the $1+ Trillion Omnibus Bill

The House Freedom Caucus is not happy with the $1.1 trillion Omnibus spending bill, which funds the government through Sept. 2016. The conservative members main beefs center on security issues regarding the Syrian refugee program and the lack of pro-life reforms. President Obama promised to veto any measures which sought to block Syrian refugees from entering the country and any that defunded Planned Parenthood.

“Sadly, this bill does not adequately address the security issue, nor does it have the common sense, widely-supported pro-life riders that we suggested,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, in a statement to the Daily Signal.

“Many of my colleagues and I still believe the better choice for taxpayers is to redirect Planned Parenthood’s federal funding to the thousands of community health centers that are actually providing health services to women in need,” Jordan told TheBlaze

The Omnibus bill also does not include protections conservatives sought regarding the right of conscience for those religious organizations that, as a matter of conscience, oppose funding abortions through their health insurance.

We are told that the Republican Leadership fought hard for conscience rights and for that I am grateful,” Tom McClusky, March for Life Action Vice President of Government Affairs, said in a statement. “However…[w]ith this spending bill, Congress shoulders the responsibility alongside the Obama Administration for this gross violation of our First Amendment rights.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan defended the bill, saying on Wednesday, “in a divided government, no one gets exactly what they want.”

The speaker touted the victories for conservatives in the bill including: 1) Maintaining strong protections for life, with the Hyde Amendment banning federal funds being used for abortion remaining in place; 2) Lifting the 40 year ban on oil exports, which Ryan tweeted will add $170 billion to the GDP annually, and ultimately a million new jobs; 3) Strengthening the Visa Waiver program, requiring all to obtain visas who traveled to terror hot spots in the last 5 years; 4) Prohibiting any new funding for ObamaCare; 5) Increasing defense spending; 6) Reining in the IRS regarding the treatment of political organizations; and 7) Containing $629 billion in long term tax cuts targeted at job creators to spur economic growth.

Ryan seemed particularly proud of the tax provisions stating they will provide, “Certainty in the tax code so we can create more jobs. This is one of the biggest steps for the rewrite of our tax code that we have made in many years.”

“Democrats were able to cite the absence of more than 150 proposed policy riders they opposed, including provisions to restrict the Syrian refugee program, cut funding for President Barack Obama’s executive immigration action, and defund Planned Parenthood,” as their wins coming out of the negotiations, according to the Daily Signal. 

House Freedom Caucus members gave the process high marks, compared to the past, when members’ ability to offer amendment either non-existent or greatly restricted. “Overall on process, Ryan get high marks,” Rep. David Brat, R-Va., said, “but the product here is an F.”

The bill is expected to be brought up in two parts on Thursday and Friday: first the tax cuts, which will enjoy strong majority Republican support, and then the spending provisions, which may eek out a majority of Republicans, but may have to rely on Democrats for passage, USA Today reports.

The federal government is currently running on a short term spending measure, which runs out on Dec. 22.