Exposed: School Massacre Would’ve Been WORSE If Not For What These Staff Members Did- Libs Want It Quiet…

Killers who invaded a school in Pakistan sparked a debate over whether teachers should be armed; but if what happened during this would-be massacre is any indication, the argument has been settled.

The incident occurred at the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, Pakistan, on January 20. The university was attacked by a handful of machine gun-wielding Muslim extremists who apparently felt the university wasn’t sufficiently Muslim enough

Even as the gunmen were fighting Pakistani police and sill trying to kill teachers and students, university director Mohammad Shakil was able to have the police throw him a gun so that he could protect the 15 students hiding with him in a room of the building.

Shakil exchanged shots with the terrorists, and his ability to fight back likely kept the gunmen from getting any closer to where he and the students were holed up.

“We were hiding … but were unarmed,” Shakil told Reuters. “I was worried about the students, and then one of the militants came after us. After repeated requests, the police threw me a pistol and I fired some shots at the terrorists.”

Shakil wasn’t the only university employee who fired back. Reuters also reported that another armed teacher fired back at the militants. Chemistry professor Hamid Hussain had a pistol with him in his classroom; and when the militants got near the room, he returned fire, forcing the terrorists to turn elsewhere for easier targets.

Professor Hussain and some students hid in a washroom and got ready for death, but it was not to happen, fortunately. “They carried on heavy shooting,” Hussain said, “and I was preparing myself for death, but then they did not enter the washroom and left.”

Eventually, the school’s private security, local police, and army soldiers all worked together to kill all four militants. But the two teachers also helped keep the students in their charge safe.

Of course, the debate has erupted in Pakistan over whether it is proper for a teacher to walk around with a gun in the classroom; but the fact that the students in the care of Professor Hussain and the university president are still alive seems to attest to the efficacy of arming teachers.

Pakistan isn’t the only place where the topic of arming teachers is a hot discussion. Here in America, the question has fostered constant debate, especially after the 2012 attack at the Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Not long ago, for instance, NBC News reported that more American teachers every year are applying for concealed carry licenses–and schools are allowing them to carry in school.

One of the states to allow concealed carry in schools more recently is South Dakota. The Mount Rushmore State passed a law allowing teachers to carry guns on the job in March of 2013.

Several more states are trying to pass similar laws, including North Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming.

Breaking:Islamic State Destroys Pakistani Consulate In Jalalabad In Well Planned Terrorist Operation

Less than 24 hours after ISIS carried out its first attack against Turkey’s capital Istanbul, they did something that should ring alarm bells in the headquarters of the coalitions fighting the Jihadist group.

Three terrorists from the Islamic State’s Wilayat Khorasan entered the compound of the Pakistani consulate in Jalalabad and started a well-planned operation that lasted for hours and killed scores of Pakistani and Afghani employees of the consulate.

One ISIS terrorist detonated his suicide belt at the consulate entrance killing the security guards, while the other two entered the building and started to kill members of the consulate staff.

During the attack, a second suicide bomber blew himself up while the third terrorist apparently managed to escape after the killing spree.

Wilayat Khorosan issued a multi-language statement describing the attack. The English version of this statement said that “the operation lasted for approximately four hours during which the building was destroyed, and dozens of consulate staff were killed including a number of apostate Pakistani intelligence officers.”

English statement Wilayat Khorasan

English statement Wilayat Khorasan


According to Afghan officials, all three ISIS terrorists were killed during the attack and only seven members of the security forces of the consulate were killed. “A suicide bomber had tried to join a queue of people seeking visas to Pakistan and blew himself up after being prevented from entering the building,” Reuters reported.

Wilayat Khorasan is operating from Jalalabad, the capital of Nangarhar, the province that borders on Pakistan. The self-proclaimed Caliphate is fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan because it claims that the Taliban maintains a close relationship to the Pakistani government. ISIS sees the Taliban as a proxy of Pakistan and accuses Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour the emir Taliban of being an “apostate” who’s orders should not be followed.

“The Taliban and the Islamic State’s Wilayat Khorasan have clashed on multiple occasions. Late last year, for instance, Mansour’s men reportedly beheaded several of the “caliphate’s” men. “Voice of the Caliphate” denied this, however, saying the Islamic State’s followers are not so weak that they could be executed in such a manner,” the Long War Journal reported today.

Wilayat Khorasan also claimed the Taliban are collaborating with the hated intelligence service of Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI]. The claim could be partly true since ISI has a reputation of backing the Taliban in Afghanistan.

By attacking the Taliban and Pakistani governmental institutes, ISIS seems to be paving the way for a larger operation against Pakistan, a country that has always been a fertile breeding ground for Islamism.

At the end of December 2015, Western Journalism already reported the Islamic State was setting up camp next to the Pakistani border with the aim to destabilize Pakistan to the point that the regime in Islamabad will collapse.

The reason for the ISIS activities in the region could be the fact that Pakistan possesses nuclear weapons. Experts have warned that the Islamic State will “inevitably construct or acquire weapons of mass destruction.”

ISIS is already in the possession of the chemical agents Sarin and mustard gas. The Caliphate also develops sophisticated weapons in its capital Raqqa, and no doubt would want to get its hands on a nuclear weapon.

3 Pakistani Men Find Deaf Christian Woman Home Alone. What Happened Next Is Heartbreaking

Image for representational purposes only.

In Pakistan, violent attacks by extremist Islamist mobs on religious minorities are frequent, according to Human Rights Watch.

The country also has some of the most draconian blasphemy laws in the world, and “defiling the Prophet Muhammad” carries a death sentence. Damaging the Qur’an is punishable by life imprisonment.

Legal complaints from religious minorities such as Christians are often ignored.

Now, in an instance of terrible violence against a Christian, three Muslim men in Pakistan recently gang raped a deaf Christian woman in her home while the men in her were at work.

The woman reportedly screamed for mercy, but no one came to her aid.

The family of the woman is using the services of Christian lawyer Sardar Mushtaq Gill, who runs an advocacy group offering free legal assistance to religious minorities who are victims of abuse and religious persecution.

One suspect has been arrested, but the other two reportedly escaped.

Gill stated about the case: “It’s very difficult to get a punishment for those responsible. Often in these cases the police take no action or, worse, side with the rapists.”

He also spoke about the tough environment in Pakistan for Christians and other religious minorities:

Christian families or witnesses are pressured to withdraw complaints. Violence against women and children of religious minorities, the weak and vulnerable, is widespread in Pakistan and is often carried out in silence. The cases and the stories do not come to light and when victims talk about it they are intimidated.

Pakistan is ranked as the #8 country worldwide for persecution of Christians, according to the Open Doors organization.

About Pakistan, Open Doors writes: “Women and girls are experiencing violence every day; especially those from minority groups who are vulnerable and easy targets for rape, sexual abuse and kidnapping.”

Intelligence Officials STUNNED By Secret ISIS Plan That Calls Obama 4 Unbelievable Words

As authorities continue to investigate a deadly bomb blast in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand, that killed at least 19 people and injured more than 100 others on Monday — an explosion that had all the markings of a terrorist attack — a shocking terror manifesto has been uncovered in Pakistan. An independent, investigative news organization called the American Media Institute (AMI) says that U. S. intelligence officials believe the newly discovered Islamic State document is comparable to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, in which he clearly outlined his political ideology and future plans for Nazi Germany.

The 32-page document entitled “A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate (ISC), The Caliphate According to the Prophet,” blames Israel for creating conditions that led to the rise of the Islamic State. It also, unbelievably, refers to President Obama as the “Mule of the Jews” for supposedly supporting Israeli aggression in the region.

According to the AMI: “The document serves as a Nazi-like recruiting pitch that attempts to unite dozens of factions of the Pakistani and Afghan Taliban into a single army of terror.  It includes a never-before-seen history of the Islamic State, details chilling future battle plans and urges al-Qaeda to join Islamic State.”

The undated Islamic State manifesto also advocates triggering all-out war in India that would, according to the AMI analysis, “provoke an Armageddon-like confrontation with the United States.”

The battle plan to “end the world” is described in six phases (three of which have already passed) – ripping pages from al-Qaeda’s original plans to defeat the west, in a graphic illustration of how ISIS sees itself as the true heirs to Osama Bin Laden’s legacy.

In addition to targeting Israel and the United States as enemies of the Islamic caliphate, the document reportedly reads like a call to arms for terrorists and advocates the uniting of various terror organizations and factions to upend Arab governments friendly to the West.

The document urges followers of al-Qaeda and the Taliban to join the Islamic State in overthrowing Arab governments who have relations with the U.S. and Israel, unlike al-Qaeda, which believed it was “important to weaken the U.S before launching an armed revolt in Arab states and establishing a caliphate.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal center for human rights who heads the Center’s Digital Terrorism and Hate Project, argues that this explicit declaration by Islamic State radicals needs to be taken very seriously. Rabbi Cooper says we must avoid the terrible mistake made in the 1930’s when Hitler revealed his plan for world domination and people refused to believe that he meant what he said.

The American Media Institute, which was founded by veterans of The Wall Street Journal and Reader’s Digest. quotes Cooper as saying: “We did a lousy job predicting what Hitler was going to do in the 1920s, 1930s – honestly, we blew it. It’s hard to take seriously or believe that such hatred was real or would be possible.”

h/t: Breitbart

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Sharia-Loving Politician Just Blamed Women For Causing Earthquakes (Here’s How They Do It)

Late last week, Western Journalism told you about the shocking question Al Sharpton posed to his Twitter followers concerning the deadly and destructive Texas floods. Sharpton was looking for provocative material for his daily radio show when he suggested that one reason for the torrential rains wreaking havoc and taking some two dozen lives across the Lone Star State might be “God’s rebuke.”

Screen shot 2015-06-02 at 2.28.04 PM

The Reverend Al didn’t say why he thought God could be rebuking Texas. But in a bizarre rant that could easily remind one of Sharpton’s presumptuous reference to the Lord and the disaster that befell Texas, a Muslim cleric and influential political leader in Pakistan — a man who believes in Sharia law as inspired by Allah and handed down from Muhammad — has blamed another kind of natural disaster on a very specific cause.

Earthquakes, claims Maulana Fazlur Rehman, the chief of Pakistan’s Jamiat Ulema-e-Islami Fazl political party, are caused by women wearing jeans. Fox News reports that the outspoken member of Pakistan’s parliament is calling on the country’s military to do something about the women who supposedly bring death and destruction to the nation because of their blasphemous wardrobe.

Rehman, says the Fox News report, wants the Pakistani armed forces to crack down on the jeans-clad “missiles,” as he called them.

“Rehman reportedly said women who are not covered like a ‘sack of flour’ are weapons of mass destruction to Pakistan, and that the country has an abundance of such ‘missiles’ in all its major cities. He blamed their appearance for Pakistan’s troubles.”

A strong supporter of Islam and its extremely strict rules for women’s behavior and appearance, this Muslim leader went beyond blaming immodest females for earthquakes, as The New Indian Express pointed out in its coverage of the cleric’s Islamabad news conference:

“Rehman then blamed ‘immodest women’ for the Balochistan crisis [a long-running and bloody regional conflict], lack of energy supply and the deteriorating security situation in Pakistan.” He also argued that Allah has been delivering his clothing-provoked wrath against Pakistan in the form of the murderous Taliban.

And just what kind of popularity do women’s jeans enjoy in Pakistan? According to a UPI report in July 2013, Western fashion was gaining traction among Pakistani women and drawing sharp disapproval from Islamic fundamentalists. “Pakistani extremists are increasingly protesting Western influences and have attacked targets seen as un-Islamic or immodest although, so far, threats against women because of fashionable clothing have been only verbal.”

And as of this writing, the Muslim politician’s call for the military to honor Allah’s will and act as “fashion police” hasn’t resulted in any reports that arms will be taken up to make sure women’s legs are properly covered.

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