Obama Believes Iran Could Be A “Very Successful Regional Power”


NPR recently posed questions to President Obama about Iran, specifically about opening a U.S. embassy in the country’s capital of Tehran.

Obama replied “never say never” to the question and said, “I think these things have to go in steps.”

He contrasted Cuba, which he called a tiny country that posed no threat, with Iran, which he called a large and sophisticated country.

Iran, he said, has a “track record of state-sponsored terrorism,” a history of attempting to build a nuclear weapon, and its anti-American attitude. He also said that its rhetoric has been incendiary when it comes to Israel.

Despite all of this, Obama believes that Iran could become a “very successful regional power.”

“That would be good for the United States, that would be good for the region, and most of all, it would be good for the Iranian people.”

Obama believes that the basis of improving relations over time with Iran is the country giving up on the development of nuclear weapons:

“If Iran recognizes that it is in its own interests, having already said that they’re actually not interested in developing a nuclear weapon, to go ahead and prove that to the world, so that over time as it’s verified, sanctions are removed, their economy begins to grow, they’re reintegrated into the international community — if we can take that big first step, then my hope would be that that would serve as the basis for us trying to improve relations over time.”

What do you think? Is reconciliation with Iran as Obama envisions possible, or is it an illusion?


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What Obama Just Said About Race Relations In America Will Cause A Lot Of Heads To Spin

Obama Race Relations

Shortly after Barack Obama clinched the Democrat nomination for the presidency in 2008, a poll released by the Washington Post-ABC News showed that most Americans believed Obama could transform race relations in America.

Almost six in ten people told the pollsters that they believed Obama’s candidacy had the potential to transform the country’s racial politics.

But as reported by bloomberg.com shortly after the recent midterm elections, people now believe that President Obama has indeed had quite an impact on race relations…though not in a positive way:

Early exit polling reported by CNN shows that 39% of Americans believe that race relations have gotten worse of late—the same percentage as believe they have stayed the same.

This is a discouraging turn of opinion since President Obama, the country’s first black president, took office.

Then, Bloomberg Politics conducted its own poll and found similar results on the negative side of the race relations question:

…a majority of Americans, 53 percent, say the interactions between the white and black communities have deteriorated since [Obama] took office, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll.

Those divisions are laid bare in the split reactions to the decisions by two grand juries not to indict white police officers who killed unarmed black men in Ferguson, Mo., and Staten Island, N.Y.

One hardly needs polling to see that racial tensions have lately been running extremely high in the wake of the Ferguson and Staten Island incidents. A number of community and civil rights leaders have been blaming rampant racism in America for the deep distrust and divisions between law enforcement and communities of color.

And now, in the midst of all this — despite the evidence that runs firmly against his opinion — President Obama declares that the United States is “less racially divided” now than it was when he took office.

As we learn from a post at weeklystandard.com, Obama made the head-spinning comment in an interview with National Public Radio (NPR):

The president was responding to this question, from NPR host Steve Inskeep, “Is the United States more racially divided than it was when you took office six years ago, Mr. President?”

“No, I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided. But I actually think that the issue has surfaced in a way that probably is healthy,” Obama responded.

And in a piece posted at nypost.com, there’s further compelling evidence that Obama appears strangely out of touch with racial reality in America — a worsening reality that many critics believe the president himself helped to create:

A Pew Research Center poll found that only 40% of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling race relations. Black approval is down to 57%, while approval among whites is down to 33%.

More young people under age 30, the age group who were most enthusiastic about electing the nation’s first African-American president, now disapprove of his performance on racial issues than approve.

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Obama May Have Destroyed The Democratic Party For A Generation


Although our Dear Leader is strutting around like a peacock, enjoying his last two years of lawlessness and his destruction of American foreign policy and security, there may be a silver-lining in his flurry of executive actions and coddling of dictators and rogue regimes around the world. I believe President Obama is destroying the future of the Democratic Party for the foreseeable future.

America, at it’s core, is a right-of-center country. The people are basically conservative and want sound government policy and decisions. This is why you hear so much in the mainstream media about “broken government” and the “do-nothing-Congress.” They know the people want to have adults in charge of the country. The Democratic Party has been devastatingly effective in manipulating the low-information-voters with their demonization of conservative politics and politicians. They have blamed the Republicans and “wing-nut” Tea Partiers for all of the country’s problems. If the country could just have progressive leadership, they say, then we would have a utopia.

Well, America has now experienced this leftist nirvana for six years now. The problem for the Democrats is that they can no longer blame Bush.

We have an incompetent (I prefer intentional) destruction of American security interest around the world. We have squandered the blood and treasure spent in the Middle East. Dictators and rogue regimes are rising that no one could foresee during the latter years of the Bush administration. The economy is finally starting to show some life six years into the recovery. However, this can be attributed to a drop in oil prices, not Obama’s policies. A drop in energy costs that Obama and his minions tried very hard to prevent (think Keystone Pipeline and no hydraulic fracturing on federal lands).

We have bureaucratic incompetence at every level. The IRS, FEC, Secret Service, VA, etc. been riddled with scandal and criminality, the level of which we may not know for years until a Republican administration can investigate thoroughly. The Obamacare disaster is another example. I don’t need to go on here. You know what I’m talking about.

The American public has seen all of this. They have seen how nothing works under Obama. They have seen the gangster behavior–and they don’t like any of it. They have seen cops shot in New York. They have seen the race baiting from senior officials and the president himself. In short, America has seen the socialist nirvana first hand. They see it will not end well.

That is why the Republican party is now more popular than the Democrats. That is why Republicans control Congress and most state governments. That is why people are moving from blue states to red.

I believe the Democratic Party has destroyed itself for a generation. I believe you will see a new, competent, adult leadership rise within the Republican Party. The country can no longer afford to allow a small group of communist extremists to dictate the future of our country. Soon, with Hillary’s defeat, they will be banished from power for a long time. I predict a new American century.


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Top Liberal Meltdowns Of 2014


Whether made by politicians, cable news commentators, or civil rights activists, there was no shortage of controversial remarks and full-blown rants captured on video this year. Western Journalism compiled some of the more memorable moments of leftist punditry from 2014.

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Is Obama Helping To Create An Axis Of Evil Against America?


The conjecture over the past seven years has been that Barack Hussein Obama, being raised in communist and Muslim circles, has a clear disdain for America. Although those of us who believe this have been called nut jobs and wacko extreme right wingers, the evidence speaks for itself. All one has to do is look.

There will be no specific order here in the examples, but they will clearly speak for themselves. In his tenure as POTUS, Obama has destroyed the American economy, spent us into oblivion, created the biggest welfare state that anyone has ever seen, and left our southern border wide open, allowing illegal CRIMINALS to cross into the United States in order to reap the fruits of OUR labor.

He has ignited new race wars across the nation, militarized civilian police forces, and decimated the strength of the United States military. All the while having secret talks with Iran, Cuba, and China and playing footsies with Russia. President John F. Kennedy saw the imminent threat from Cuba during the Cuban missile crisis, otherwise he wouldn’t have had his State Department draft UN memorandum number 7277 calling for the total disarmament of the world by turning all law enforcement over to the United Nations. Research the current UN small arms treaty which is the third stage of take over by the UN in Kennedy’s memorandum.

As it stands now, we as a country are now entering into another cold war with Russia, and a cyber HOT war with Communist North Korea, with barely a peep from the White House. Obama is currently discussing sanctions against our long time, mid-east ally, Israel, while lifting sanctions against Communist-run Cuba. Are these the actions of a sane man who claims to love America? He will stand up in front of the UN and cry out against offenders of Islam and put a filmmaker in jail over a YouTube video while allowing one of America’s largest corporations to get hacked and have limitations placed on their first amendment rights by an outlaw Communist nation. Again I ask, are these the actions of a sane man who loves America?

I am absolutely convinced that Barack Hussein Obama is finding solace and joy in watching the once-great American super power circle the drain of history, knowing that he has had a major hand in securing her demise. At this point, anyone who believes even for a second that Obama has not accomplished his agenda against America is clearly an uneducated FOOL.

As always fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.


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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.

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