WATCH How Top Defense Analysts Just Devastated Obama’s Failed Policies In An Unforgettable Way


Barack Obama is coming under withering and sustained fire from U.S. military experts who say in no uncertain terms that the president’s defense policies are a failure.

Before Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn retired in the summer of 2014, he was the top guy at the Defense Intelligence Agency. So Flynn’s stinging criticism of the Obama administration’s sputtering terror-fighting efforts carries significant weight.

The Daily Beast says that Gen. Flynn leveled his harsh charge against the administration’s anti-terrorism policies at a Washington industry conference. He reportedly told the gathering of special operators and intelligence officers that, under Obama’s leadership, U.S. efforts to combat al Qaeda and the Islamic State have been paralyzed by the complexity of the fight.

Flynn further blasted the Obama administration, saying, “You cannot defeat an enemy you do not admit exists.”

He said the administration is unwilling to admit the scope of the problem, naively clinging to the hope that limited counterterrorist intervention will head off the ideological juggernaut of religious militancy.

He also slammed the administration for refusing to use the term “Islamic militants” in its description of ISIS and al Qaeda.

And on Fox News Tuesday night, another highly decorated U.S. military veteran and defense analyst lit into the Obama administration with a similar charge of incompetence in the war on terror.

Retired four-state general and former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army, Gen. Jack Keane, told Megyn Kelly that Obama lacks a comprehensive strategy to protect America from the very real threat of radical Islam.

Earlier in the day, Keane had testified about terrorism before the Senate Armed Services Committee. In his appearance on “The Kelly File,” Gen. Keane said, “This administration has been paralyzed by the fear of adverse consequences in the Middle East driven by the realities of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

You can watch Megyn Kelly’s summary of Gen. Michael Flynn’s harsh criticism as well as the eye-opening interview with Gen. Jack Keane by clicking on the video above.


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WATCH: Bill Clinton Just Said Something Big Obama Won’t Say About Islam…Gutfeld Goes Off


It’s certainly reasonable to wonder why he said it — he felt compelled to speak the truth, he was talking as a surrogate for Hillary as she approaches go-time for a presidential run, or maybe he couldn’t resist taking one of his occasional well-aimed shots at Barack Obama.

For whatever reason, Bill Clinton said something you don’t hear from the current administration about radical Islam and its brutal practices that represent “the world’s greatest double standard.”

The former president took the occasion of his appearance on the comedy show “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to lay out a compelling case that intolerant Islamists demand tolerance from all-too-submissive Western societies.

On Fox News‘ “The Five,” Greg Gutfeld vigorously applauded Clinton’s truth-telling, cheering the former president for “saying publicly what wimps say privately” in a way that made him sound like “a right-wing extremist.”

You can see Bill Clinton’s remarks and Greg Gutfeld’s reactions by clicking on the video above.


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Krauthammer: Republicans Should Tell Obama To Bring On The Veto


Before the 114th Congress has been sworn in, President Obama told National Public Radio that he will veto any bills the Republicans send him that he does not like.

“There are going to be some areas where we disagree. And, you know, I haven’t used the veto pen very often since I have been in office, partly because legislation that I objected to was typically blocked in the Senate, even after the House took over, Republicans took over the House. Now, I suspect there are going to be some times where I’ve got to pull that pen out.”

Now that Democratic Senator Harry Reid will no longer be the Majority Leader running interference for the president, he may be using the veto pen during the next two years.

Conservative Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer told guest host Kimberly Guilfoyle on Monday’s On the Record w/ Greta Van Susteren the Republicans should say, “Bring it on, Mr. President.” The syndicated columnist said that this is an opportunity for the GOP to enact its agenda. 

“Now that it controls the House and the Senate, and now that Harry Reid is not there as the blocking guard for the president — that’s the reason he didn’t have to use the veto, he had Harry Reid — but with Harry Reid gone and Mitch McConnell running the Senate, they are able to enact agenda. They have an agenda. And they should be willing to pass whatever they can and to dare the president to go ahead and to veto.”

Krauthammer recommended that the Republicans begin the new year by passing legislation they know the president will sign, such as trade negotiating authority, which Reid was holding up. This will give Obama a victory.

“But then they should begin to work on stuff and challenge the president — Keystone Pipeline, tax reform, repealing the medical device tax, repealing the employer and individual mandates in health care reform. Let the president show where the party stands and let the country know that with a new president, a Republican president, this stuff, which is very popular, will be able to get through.”

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Allen West: Obama Creating Myth Of Modern-Day Racism


Charles Payne asserted to Lt. Col. Allen West on Fox News Live Sunday that many people believe President Barack Obama is the central reason why race relations seem to be getting worse in the United States. Colonel West commented that he grew up in the inner-city of Atlanta and remembers what race relations used to be like. West said that racial division is what Obama wants.

“For President Obama, when you look at it from his perspective as a progressive socialist community organizer, he believes that race relations are fine, because of the impact they’re having on what they believe is social justice. So when you have this incredible divide amongst us, because that is the aim and the goal of collectivism, which is what the president believes in, then everything is fine for him.”

Colonel West pointed out that the president and Al Sharpton are perpetuating a mob atmosphere:

“When you have someone like Al Sharpton visiting the White House and providing him counsel eighty-two times and standing and putting pressure on Sony and other individuals, and this angst that has happened, and this mob atmosphere that is going on, this is really what the president would like to have – this vomiting of dissension. But that is not what the inner-city needs right now. We need economic growth. We need better education opportunities. But that’s not the focus.”

Payne added that President Obama is stoking racial division because he is unable to improve the economy.

“I would actually argue that a lot of times the president’s fallback position with respect to stoking the anger and anxiety with race is because of an inability to move the economic needle … It feels like at every turn that he could blame or hint or suggest that racism was at the fault of criticism, the fault of failure, he took that.”

West responded that, although the nation has a black president and many other black people serving in positions of authority, it still is not good enough for Obama.

“Well, one of the things is that they created that atmosphere back early in 2009. Eric Holder said that we were a nation of cowards when it came to race. And you look at the fact that we have elected and re-elected the first black president, but yet he still believes that that’s not enough. We have the National Security Advisor, the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t know what more else you need to have.”


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What These Hack Attack Experts Just Said Means Obama & The FBI May Have Jumped The Sony Gun

Obama Sony Hack

As Western Journalism reported 10 days ago, The FBI has officially named the North Korean government as the culprit behind the hack attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Even President Obama laid the blame for the massive cyber-security breach at the feet of Kim Jong Un’s authoritarian regime, a presidential move that led to North Korea’s pushing back hard against the accusation, escalating the war of words, as NBC News reported:

North Korea on Saturday accused the U.S. of shutting down internet service to the country in retaliation for its alleged hacking attack on Sony, and referred to President Barack Obama as “a monkey” in blaming him for the release of “The Interview.”

Now there’s a new development in the Sony saga that could support North Korea’s claim that it was not involved in the security breach or the posted threats related to the movie “The Interview.”

A number of news outlets, including, are reporting that web experts from a leading cyber intelligence company have presented an alternate theory of the attack to FBI agents investigating the Sony security breach.

According to these experts, the Sony hack was likely an inside job:

FBI agents investigating the Sony Pictures hack were briefed Monday by a security firm that says its research points to laid-off Sony staff, not North Korea, as the perpetrator….

Researchers from the cyber intelligence company Norse have said their own investigation into the data on the Sony attack doesn’t point to North Korea at all and instead indicates some combination of a disgruntled employee and hackers for piracy groups is at fault.

As of now, though, the FBI is standing by its rather rapidly drawn conclusion that North Korea was behind the devastating attack that has been so costly for Sony and its management.

“The FBI has concluded the Government of North Korea is responsible for the theft and destruction of data on the network of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Attribution to North Korea is based on intelligence from the FBI, the U.S. intelligence community, DHS, foreign partners and the private sector,” a spokeswoman [for the FBI] said in a statement.

Officials for the security firm Norse say they have uncovered evidence on six individuals primarily involved in the attack, including an ex-employee of Sony with detailed insider knowledge of the company’s IT network:

…a former decade-long Sony veteran who “worked in a technical role” and was laid off in May.

Norse previously identified the ex-employee as “Lena,” and said she claimed to have connection to the “Guardians of Peace” hacker group that took credit for the attack against Sony, which has so far resulted in leaked employee information, executives’ emails, unreleased films and the limiting of “The Interview” theatrical release in response to a terrorist threat.

And as the story of the Sony Hack attack continues to develop like the plot of a spy movie, questions are now being asked as to why President Obama and the FBI would rush to the public with their conclusions about an ongoing investigation and unsolved multi-faceted mystery that intrigues numerous cyber detectives outside of government.

Security expert Bruce Schneier called the evidence “circumstantial at best” and considered a number of other possible explanations.

CloudFlare principal researcher and DefCon official Marc Rogers wrote that the FBI’s indicators seem to rely on malware that is widely available for purchase and IP addresses easily hijacked by any bad guy.

Errata Security’s Robert Graham also noted the hacker underground shares plenty of code, calling the FBI’s evidence “nonsense.”


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