Watch: Trump Announces Stunning Plan For N Korea- Liberals’ Jaws Drop Instantly

Donald Trump said during an interview on Wednesday that the best way to deal with an increasingly belligerent North Korea is to make its leader “disappear.”

As reported by Western Journalism, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday that the rogue nation has restarted a plutonium reactor and could begin to recover weapons grade nuclear material within weeks.

Pyongyang continues to produce fissile material and develop a submarine-launched ballistic missile,” Clapper said. “It is also committed to developing a long-range nuclear-armed missile that’s capable of posing a direct threat to the United States, although the system has not been flight tested.”

North Korea launched a satellite on Sunday, which defense experts believe was a front for its continued development of intercontinental ballistic missiles. The satellite reportedly flew right over the Super Bowl in Santa Clara, Calif.

In light of Clapper’s testimony, CBS Morning’s Nora O’Donnell asked Trump what he would do to deal with North Korea.

“I would get China to make that guy disappear in one form or another very quickly,” Trump said referring to the country’s 33-year-old leader Kim Jong Un. (See minute 6:44 below)

The candidate did not specify whether he meant assassinating the dictator, but when further questioned, he shrugged his shoulders and replied, “Well, I’ve heard of worse things, frankly.”

“I mean, this guy’s a bad dude, and don’t underestimate him,” Trump said. “Any young guy who can take over from his father with all those generals and everybody else that probably want the position — this is not somebody to be underestimated.”

The candidate emphasized that he would make China deal with him. “China has control — absolute control — over North Korea. They don’t say it, but they do,” he said. “And they should make that problem disappear. China is sucking us dry. They’re taking our money. They’re taking our jobs. They’re doing so much. We have rebuilt China with what they’ve taken out.”

Trump noted that the U.S. trade imbalance with China is a major point of leverage that he would use to force the Chinese to act.

The topic of discussion then turned to the Middle East, and the candidate emphasized that dealing with ISIS would be a priority, but also made clear he believes the United States has made several missteps that have destabilized the region, including removing Iraq’s Saddam Hussein and Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. Trump said that taking out Syria’s Bashar al-Assad, which is the Obama administration’s policy, would likely be a continuation of what he believes to be past failures.

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BREAKING: Days After Launching Satellite, N. Korea Just Did Something Terrifying

Only two days after North Korea launched a satellite, which reportedly traveled directly over the Super Bowl, one of America’s top intelligence officials stated that the rogue nation has restarted its plutonium reactor.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated that North Korea may be very close to being able to recover nuclear weapons grade material. “We further assess that North Korea has been operating the reactor long enough so that it could begin to recover plutonium from the reactor’s spent fuel within a matter of weeks to months,” Clapper said according to the BBC

In 2007, North Korea agreed to suspend its nuclear weapons program in exchange for an aid package. However, in 2013 and reportedly in January of this year, it successfully conducted underground nuclear weapons tests.

Clapper also indicated that the communist nation has taken steps towards developing its intercontinental ballistic missile capability.

Defense experts believe North Korea’s real purpose for Sunday’s satellite launch was front for a intercontinental ballistic missile test. ABC News reports that the satellite the Asian nation deployed on Sunday traveled right over the Super Bowl venue in Santa Clara, California an hour after the game ended.

CNN reported:

At an emergency meeting Sunday, members of the [UN] Security Council “strongly condemned” the launch and reaffirmed that “a clear threat to international peace and security continues to exist, especially in the context of the nuclear test.”

It vowed to undertake punitive actions against North Korea, announcing plans to “adopt expeditiously a new Security Council resolution with such measures in response to these dangerous and serious violations,” according to a statement read by Venezuela’s ambassador to the United Nations after the meeting.

Additionally, President Obama spoke “in depth” with South Korean President Park Geun-hye by phone on Tuesday, with both leaders agreeing that further bi-lateral and multilaterial sanctions must be brought to bear against Pyongyang. 

Park called the North Korea’s satellite launch a “challenge to world peace,” while her government announced it would begin talks with the United States to deploy a defense system called Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, which can intercept missiles in flight, according to CNN

A U.S. defense official told the news outlet that plans to implement the missile defense system had been accelerated in response to the launch, and it could potentially be deployed within weeks.

North Korea’s National Defense Commission announced in 2013 that it would continue to develop the nation’s ballistic missile and nuclear technology as part of an “upcoming all-out action” that would target the United States, “the sworn enemy of the Korean people.” 

Watch: The Two Moments From The Debate That Sent Fox’s Focus Group Through The Roof

According to a group of viewers assembled by Fox News Channel pollster Frank Luntz, two Republican candidates known for their brash rhetoric scored big points in Wednesday’s debate.

First, a large majority expressed support for Chris Christie’s populist message, which began when he directed cameras to pan the audience rather than focus on the candidates on stage. His high point, many in the focus group said, came when the New Jersey governor addressed fellow candidates Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina during a discussion of their respective business acumen.

“I gotta tell you,” he said to the pair, “they could care less about your careers. They care about theirs. Let’s start talking about that on this stage.”

He then turned the discussion to America’s middle class, which resonated with many in Luntz’s group.

“You’re both successful,” Christie told Trump and Fiorina. “Congratulations. You know who’s not successful? The middle class in this country whose getting plowed over by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.”

Almost everyone in the focus group identified as a member of the broadly defined middle class, with one viewer concluding it is “what the debate should be about.”

Trump’s views on North Korea also earned praised from the focus group.

Acknowledging that there are “bad actors” in Iran, the real estate tycoon said even more attention should be paid to a nation that already possesses – and threatens to use – nuclear weapons.

“Nobody ever mentions North Korea,” Trump said, “where you have this maniac sitting there and he actually has nuclear weapons.”

Drudge Report asked its audience to weigh in on the debate, which resulted in more than 630,000 votes as of this writing and a decisive victory for Trump. The front-runner earned more than half of the votes while second-place finisher Fiorina received nearly 22 percent.

Who do you think won Wednesday’s debate? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

North Korea Makes Big Announcement No One Wanted To Hear- Then Threatens USA In Huge Way

In what has been a pattern for many years, North Korea is making new threats of nuclear retaliation against its neighbors and the United States.

The rogue regime is backing up its threats by announcing it restarted production of nuclear material at its top secret Yongbyon complex, which had been shut down since 2007, according to the BBC.

The director of North Korea’s Atomic Energy Institute said his country was ready to counter any U.S. military aggression with “nuclear weapons any time.”

He highlighted that his nation’s scientists “made innovations day by day” to “guarantee the reliability of the nuclear deterrent… as required by the prevailing situation.” 

He added: “In the meantime, the U.S. anachronistic hostile policy toward the DPRK [North Korea] that forced it to have access to the nuclear weapons has remained utterly unchanged and instead it has become all the more undisguised and vicious with the adoption of means openly seeking the downfall of the latter’s social system.”

It is unclear exactly what U.S. policy to which the North Korean official is referring.

CNN reports that North Korea is also planning a rocket launch next month to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the communist regime. These launches have been banned by the U.N. Security Council, but North Korea remains defiant.

In 2012, the rogue regime reportedly successfully launched a satellite into space after multiple failed attempts.

“The UN said [the launch] was a banned test of ballistic missile technology and imposed sanctions. Experts say that [weaponized] ballistic missiles and rockets in satellite launches share similar bodies, engines and other technology,” the Daily Mail reports.

“Space development for peaceful purposes is a sovereign state’s legitimate right … and the people of (North Korea) are fully determined to exercise this right no matter what others may say about it,” the director of its Atomic Energy Institute told the Korean Central News Agency. The world will “clearly see a series of satellites soaring into the sky at times and locations determined” by the Workers’ Party.

North and South Korea have remained in a technical state of war since an armistice, not a peace treaty, was signed in 1953. The United States has maintained a troop presence in South Korea since that time. The current U.S. strength is 28,500 military personnel, down approximately 10,000 in numbers from a decade ago. 

The U.S. Ambassador to South Korea, Mark Lippert, told CNN that Washington is working with South Korea “to ensure that other allies in the region as well as the U.S. homeland are protected from threats posed by North Korea.”

“We’ve moved, over time, a good deal of missile defense capability to the region,” Lippert said before North Korea issued the statement about its nuclear program. “Ground-based interceptors to Alaska, surface combatants to the Western Pacific, a THAAD battery [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] on Guam, another radar in Japan in order to be ready and vigilant for anything the North Koreans may or may not do.”

David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector, believes North Korea likely has between 10 to 15 nuclear weapons now and could have anywhere from 20 to 100 by 2020.

Intelligence agencies believe North Korea is developing the technology to miniaturize its weapons, so they can be mounted on ballistic missiles.

The Wall Street Journal reports: “There’s no hard evidence to show North Korea can make a nuclear device small enough to mount on a long-range missile, but U.S. military officials believe it probably has the ability. Another major technical challenge would be to deliver the bomb to its target successfully using a long-range missile. Experts are generally skeptical that North Korea has solved this problem.”

Watch: MSNBC Is So Desperate To Bury Trump That They Just Accidentally Buried Themselves

The noted political analyst seemed so pleased with himself for the “discovery” he was about to share on the MSNBC show — a tweet that would surely reflect very badly on the leading candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, Donald Trump.

The segment on Morning Joe was, according to The Washington Post, devoted to how the media keep getting it wrong about Trump and other notables in the news, how headline-seeking outlets continue to jump to conclusions as they offer their take on fact and “truth” in politics.

How ironic… And how embarrassing for the left-leaning cable network that’s been struggling so desperately for audience share.

As the Post article notes: “On Monday morning, in a segment devoted to how the media is overhyping the supposed implosion of Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, MSNBC’s Morning Joe pointed to one supporter that the American businessman and Republican 2016 hopeful had apparently retained: North Korean state media.”

The problem, however, was that the evidence presented to show that the regime of communist dictator Kim Jong-un was coming to the defense of Trump and bashing Fox News was bogus — it was drawn from a hoax news site. And the man presenting that fake evidence on Morning Joe was no slouch — it was cited by a regular and generally respected contributor to the show, Mark Halperin of Bloomberg Politics, who referred to a tweet that was shown on-screen:

Image Credit: Twitter/DPRK News Service

Image Credit: Twitter/DPRK News Service

The Washington Post article on the MSNBC goof noted that the parody account behind the false information about North Korea’s supposed support for Donald Trump is well-known for its fakery:

…even a cursory online search for @DPRK_News will yield a large number of articles that reveal that the account is fake and that mock the news outlets that take it seriously. “This North Korean Twitter account is fake, but journalists keep falling for it” is how Vox put it in December.

So, apparently, in their haste to link the hard-charging Donald Trump to the oppressive regime in North Korea, the MSNBC folks called into question and put a burning-bright spotlight on their own judgment…or lack thereof.

By clicking on the video above you can watch the embarrassing blunder from MSNBC that will, quite possibly, knock the network’s flagging credibility down another notch or two.

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