Obama Spits On Every President’​s Grave

Pesidents Grave 300x229 Obama Spits on Every President’​s Grave

It’s been the goal of all U.S. presidents since the end of World War II to limit Russian influence in the Middle East…until today.

Now, Obama welcomes Russia in so that they can annul the results of his own foolhardy statements.

In the last week, our president first asked Congress to authorize acts of war against Syria because of the Assad regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons. Then, he spun 180 degrees and essentially said, “scratch that – Syria’s number one ally, Russia, has changed my mind.”

These endless verbal acrobatics are the result of one Obama sentence. During the heat of the 2012 campaign, when he was preening his tough guy image, Obama blurted out: “We have been very clear to the Assad regime, but also to other players on the ground, that a red line for us is when we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. That would change my calculus.”

Now, Obama’s inept foreign policy is being guided by a sentence most experts consider a gaffe. He didn’t set a red line so much as he painted the United States into a corner.

The outcome is increased Russian influence in a dangerous region of the globe. I expect frightening consequences.  Putin is now in charge of disarming chemical weapons in Syria… the same country Russia has spent the last half century arming. Meanwhile, Putin is actually escalating the shipment of conventional arms to Syria, ensuring that Syrian civil war continues.

While Obama has been pontificating about chemical weapons, over 100,000 Syrians have been killed by the conventional weapons that Putin continues pouring into Assad’s waiting arms.

In addition to what he’s doing in Syria, Putin is using the cover from Obama to double down in Iran. The Russians announced this week that they’re selling sophisticated S-300 air defense missiles to Iran and are also ready to help build a second nuclear reactor for the Bushehr nuclear plant.

Abject Failure at the Highest Levels

And yet, in spite of all that Putin is doing, my real revulsion is for Obama’s alleged opponents in D.C. John Boehner isn’t even a good foil for Obama, let alone a respected opponent that can force improvements in the governance of the country.

Every political leader can benefit from a well-matched opponent who constantly pressures an administration to improve policy. Ronald Reagan had Tip O’Neill, Bill Clinton had Newt Gingrich and Richard Nixon had Hubert Humphrey. These men made each other better politicians and statesmen.

But Boehner schemes to keep his job by not making waves. If he does nothing, then nobody can dislike him. Therefore Boehner rallied to Obama’s side during the Syria flip-flops.

As Congress returns to Washington this week, the issues are mounting up. In less than 17 days, the Federal Government will shut down unless appropriations bills for the new fiscal year, starting October 1, are passed.

For the last few months, the Ponzi schemes in the U.S. Treasury Department have had to be doubly complex to keep us from defaulting on our national debts. Unless radical spending cuts are enacted, another extension of the debt ceiling is now overdue.

Does anyone besides me think the United States is a three ring circus, and all the acts are clowns?

The congressional agenda now includes budgets way behind schedule, default or worse, and war. Obama and our dysfunctional government have given new definition to the words, “crisis management.” There isn’t a single issue plaguing America that’s being solved through dispassionate debate and cool-headed management.

My job is to help Capitol Hill Daily readers make sense of this madness, but sometimes the players are so maddening that even I can’t make heads or tails of the chaos.

Boehner is now pushing for a continuing resolution to keep Obamacare funded, and I expect him to help Obama get the debt extended again with nary a peep of resistance.

Meanwhile, the world is inching closer and closer to a bigger war. America’s finances are stretched beyond breaking, and while both Boehner and Obama may be retired before the reckoning comes, the pain suffered will be greater for their malfeasance.

Your eyes on the Hill,   Floyd G. Brown

This commentary was originally published at CapitalHillDaily.com and is re-published here with permission.

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Evil Never Sleeps

Obama Feeds America SC Evil Never Sleeps

Rush Limbaugh fielded a phone call the other day that even he couldn’t answer.

“What’s happened to the country I live in?” asked the frustrated woman. “And what do we do now?”

The Great Rushbo was understandably flustered.

Coming up with a cure for what ails America after five years of Barack Obama and decades of bigger and stupider and meaner Big Government in D.C. is not something you can do off the top of your head.

The woman’s question reminded me of a question Newt Gingrich posed to me about five years ago.

“Mike,” he said, “how is it that our side can elect great conservatives like your father and Margaret Thatcher but then after we win those elections everything seems to fall apart?”

What Newt said about conservatives squandering their biggest victories is true. My father’s glorious conservative revolution of 1980 is largely undone today, washed away by 30 years of higher taxes, more regulations, and a weak-kneed foreign policy.

Even Newt himself is an example of the problem conservatives have had in not being able to take full advantage of their greatest victories.

He was able to foment his own mini-revolution in Congress in 1994. For a while, as Republicans took control of the House for the first time since the Korean War, it looked like half a century of executive power and federal overreach were finally going to be checked, if not rolled back.

But then Newt’s historic and inspiring conservative resurrection fizzled.

The 54 new Republican rebels who helped Newt “take over” the House, as the liberal media liked to say, forced Clinton to reform welfare and kept federal spending in check — at least until Congress let Bush II and Obama open the floodgates and drown us and our grandchildren’s grandchildren in debt.

I think I’ve figured out what the problem with conservatives is. We don’t understand the rules of the political power game. We think after we win big elections or defeat the Soviet Union, we can go home and savor our victories.

We think after we win our big fights, it’s the end of the game. Welfare reform passes — game over. Berlin Wall falls — game over. We won, you lost — game over.

But liberals and progressives understand the power game. They know it never really ends. What conservatives see as a victorious ending — the takeover of the House or the election of George W. Bush — liberals and progressives see as just the beginning.

The other side never stops fighting. When Scott Brown won that special U.S. Senate election in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat in 2010, conservatives were dancing in the streets because they had won their 60th vote to stop Obamacare.

Conservatives thought Brown’s shocking win was the end and went home. The liberals knew it was just the beginning of a tough fight. What did we get in the end? Obamacare. Plus U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

If we conservatives want to win the day and prevent liberals and progressives from undermining our way of life, sinking us in a sea of debt, and turning us into a socialist Banana Republic, we have to never stop fighting.

Evil never sleeps. Nor do its practitioners in Washington and in our state capitals. If we want good to triumph over evil in the long run, we have to learn to see our big victories not as the end of the fight, but the beginning of the rest of the battle.

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CadillacCare, The Alternative To Obamacare

Obama Obamacare Obamalaw SC CadillacCare, the alternative to Obamacare

Let’s get real.  Repealing Obamacare is an exercise in futility.  It is like spinning your wheels and  achieving nothing. We now have a compelling case to present to the electorate CadillacCare, the  alternative to Obamacare.  We should create a situation where the people are given the option to choose what they need, not necessarily what the government wants.

This much is obvious: Opponents of Obamacare don’t have much courage. If they did, Obamacare would already be gone. In order to push Obama hard enough to induce full repeal, they’ll have to go to the mat and shut down the government, much like Newt Gingrich did to Bill Clinton.
CadillacCare consists of reality-based, solution-driven recommendations to create order in the American chaotic health care situation.  They are specific policy procedures to improve the health care delivery system in every state.  They are grounded policies that are more than patches and can serve as pathways toward a high performing health system throughout the United States.
CadillacCare proposals are like the starfish – they regenerate themselves.  They will provide health care coverage and at the same time generate income to every state
CadillacCare  is the ultimate health care reform for job growth and job creation.  It will provide universal primary coverage, no exceptions, and no exclusions to all men, women and children at no extra cost.  [FYI the United States is the only industrialized nation in the world without a health care system that provides universal primary coverage]. CadillacCare is comprehensive, innovative, and cost effective.
CadillacCare brings back patient care to doctors.  The medical facility/hospital comprised of physicians and other health care providers will call the shot and run the show. CadillacCare is cut to the chaise, straight to the point.  It will level the playing field when it comes to health care.  The 54 million Medicare beneficiaries will pay only $70 a month [prescription drugs included] to their HMOs.
We should not over promise and under deliver like Obamacare, which is being touted around.  Let’s not forget that the three bedrock requirements for real health care reform are to reduce costs, guarantee choice, and ensure affordable care for all.  These three benchmarks are what CadillacCare abide by.
The impact and ripple effect of CadillacCare will be immediate and expedient as the implementation process will take only three months in three stages:
1st month – providers’ registration (all medical facilities /hospitals, clinics in the state) will have to register with the state’s managed care office if they can provide or subcontract all the services provided in the plan.
2nd month – conciliatory meeting between providers and payers [Medicare, Medicaid and employers] regarding monthly contribution to the HMOs as well as the co-pay.
3rd month – open enrollment of members by zip code, or up to the 30-mile radius.
We should have an ironclad commitment to stop Obamacare dead in its tracks.   Let’s wear down the competition by its October 2013 large scale enrollment target date. We cannot be complaisant, happily sitting by from dawn to dusk, slacking off, unwilling to stand up to Obama’s pattern of deception about health care.
We have to work incredibly hard to reinforce the message in all Republican districts – CadillacCare is in town!  The message should be the main theme in your August 2013 town hall meetings.
Since the devil is in the details, I am open for questions.  Shoot me an e-mail at romana94538@yahoo.com,  call me at 510-922-9359,  or go to my blog  at romantomato.blogspot.com for more information.
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Why Republicans Are Abandoning The GOP

Republican Elephant SC Why Republicans are Abandoning the GOP
While the topic of conservatives potentially abandoning the Republican Party remains on the front burner, a new study has been released that explains why some have already bolted.
The study, commissioned by a conservative market research group, applied “scientific methods of qualitative research” to find out why some Republican-leaning voters are abandoning the GOP. For example, Mitt Romney last year turned out fewer whites, Catholics, and evangelicals than even John McCain did in 2008, and did worse with Mormon voters than George W. Bush did in 2004. To compensate for the loss of a sizable chunk of his base and win the election, Romney would’ve needed an unattainable 72% of that Hispanic vote currently getting so much attention.

After researching a sample of disaffected Republican voters, the study drew four conclusions that were strangely missing from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ much-hyped “autopsy” that basically any MSNBC commentator could’ve written. I’m sure it was just an accidental oversight on Reince’s part.

1) Voters are tired of “voting for the lesser of two evils.” This was actually true of both conservatives and moderates. These voters were no longer persuaded that supporting a bad Republican candidate over any Democrat was the right thing to do.

2) Voters lost hope in the Republican Party and believe the party can no longer deliver on its promises because its leaders lack courage and integrity. According to Anne Sorock, the author of the study’s conclusive report, “the lack of perceived leadership by principle was strongly connected to this sense of loss.”

3) Voters now preferred what the report described as an “affiliation with a new community” that would pursue its principles – which was primarily the Tea Party.

4) Voters feel what the report characterized as a “perceived betrayal by the GOP establishment.” Specifically, Sorock says that when party leaders attacked a candidate they liked, these disaffected Republican voters across the ideological spectrum took it as a personal slight and felt that they weren’t welcome in the party.

To bring these crucial base voters back into the fold, the report concluded that Republicans should “strive to create a community around shared principles” rather than attacking grassroots candidates with “lesser of two evil” (i.e. electability) arguments.” The report went on to say that the GOP’s problems are not only, or even primarily, philosophical but with the party’s leadership itself.

That is spot on if you ask me.

For years, I believed the divide in the party was conservatives versus moderates. Then I thought it was social conservatives versus fiscal conservatives. Then I thought it was conservatives versus libertarians.

Then I realized that’s all a distraction.

The divide in the party isn’t ideological at all – it’s based purely on control. All the ideological debates among us are intended to keep us distracted from the real problem. Oh sure, I disagree with libertarians and other conservatives all the time. But out here in the grassroots, we actually agree on the primary purpose of the Republican Party—to advance the general principles in the party platform and offer the country a stark contrast to the statism offered by the Democrats.

However, there are those like Karl Rove who would rather lose elections than lose control of the party, and they’re against anyone who threatens their power base by empowering the grassroots. So they don’t like Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, or even a moderate like Rudy Giuliani when they run for president. Despite the fact all of these men have various issue and ideological differences. That’s also why they despise grassroots champions like Sarah Palin and barely tolerate conservative talk radio.

They understand that an empowered grassroots threatens their control of the party apparatus, and they need control of the party apparatus because there’s no more room at the Democrat Party Inn. So if they’re going to use gangster government to line their own and their crony capitalist buddies’ pockets, they’ve got to reverse the jersey and control Team GOP instead.

I don’t agree with a Giuliani-type moderate on a whole host of issues. In a national primary, I would work hard to beat him (and did). But while he’s my ideological opponent, he’s not my political enemy. A Giuliani would actually take the fight to the Democrats on an issue or two—like defeating radical Islam, for example. A Giuliani-type moderate may philosophically disagree with you on lots of other things, but he sees himself as part of a broader coalition. Therefore, he’s not going to use the party apparatus to thin his own herd, like the Romulans tried to do at the rules committee prior to the convention last year.

The GOP ruling class believes in nothing but themselves, which is why they’re more ruthless in primaries against their fellow Republican than they are in general elections against Democrats. This also explains why they’re hemorrhaging their own voters, and why they just don’t seem to care about it as they allegedly pursue all voters except those who might actually vote for them. It’s why they lie, shamelessly repeat often-debunked fallacies, and are more comfortable talking to George Stephanopoulos than they are talking to you.

These people would rather lose elections than lose control of the party, so they’ll ignore studies like this. They want you to stick around, provided you shut your hole and know your role—which is to shut up and vote for their approved candidates.

If you threaten to leave the party, they pay it no mind because you’re just a booty call to them. It’s not like they’re in this for any higher calling like preserving freedom and liberty. They’re flat-out gangsters, and gangsters produce gangster government like TARP and scamnesty.

You can’t affiliate, partner, or reason with gangsters like this. You either replace them or start your own gang.


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The Incredible, Imploding Obamacare

Obama Obamacare SCOTUS Perfect Fit Constitution SC The Incredible, Imploding Obamacare

Last Friday, I wrote about the fragility of complex systems and how they can collapse. Currently, the most complex and fragile of our American systems is Obamacare. And it’s collapsing before it can even be implemented.

I’m frequently asked if Obamacare can be repealed. I like to respond by saying that Obamacare is destroying itself. It’s so complex and byzantine that the government is struggling to implement the law.

The next big challenge on the calendar is the deadline to have health insurance exchanges operational by October 1, 2013. The full implementation of Obamacare is supposed to happen January 1, 2014. But how are the 45 million uninsured Americans supposed to sign up if there isn’t a place to sign up?

This week, we heard from the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO). Their report on the exchanges was ugly. The health insurance exchanges being created by the federal government for more than 30 states will likely miss the October 1 deadline.

Houston, We Have a Problem

These health insurance exchanges are projected to provide health coverage for seven million people in 2014 and 22 million by 2016. But it’s becoming obvious that Obama’s crown jewel policy achievement is shattered and in ruins.

According to the GAO, vital parts of the computer systems running the exchanges remain unfinished. This means the government has no way to know who’s even eligible for the federal subsidies. They have no system to monitor insurance plans for compliance with the mountains of new regulations.

Health insurance rates are doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling. Any affordability in the Affordable Care Act was a mirage. In some cases, insurance companies are even suspending the sale of individual policies. Aetna has announced that it’s pulling the plug on California.

Worse yet, the existing healthcare system is also unraveling. The question is: Will Obamacare opponents be able to use this vulnerability to finally kill the beast?

A Lack of Courage

This much is obvious: Opponents of Obamacare don’t have much courage. If they did, Obamacare would already be gone. In order to push Obama hard enough to induce full repeal, they’ll have to go to the mat and shut down the government, much like Newt Gingrich did to Bill Clinton. Unfortunately, John Boehner is no Newt Gingrich. So I foresee a series of half-measures taking shape instead.

The House of Representatives may vote to repeal the individual mandate. The mandate is what makes the law unpopular with voters. But the House should also pass a bill proposed by Georgia Rep. Tom Price to cut off funding to enlarge the Internal Revenue Service. No IRS expansion, no enforcement of Obamacare. Americans never have liked the IRS. They like it even less under Obama’s aggressive tax collection policies.

Obama will never agree to a full repeal; but as the problems continue to mount, he could choose to come to the table and repeal the most onerous provisions of the law. Total repeal will have to wait until he’s out of office. He would veto any plan to fully repeal it.

The best plan of action is to not aid Obama and try to fix it piecemeal. Allow it to fail in full view so voters become committed to total repeal.  The current Obamacare system is unfixable; and the sooner the problems come to light, the sooner all will see that the entire system is broken beyond repair.


This article originally appeared at CapitolHillDaily.com and is reprinted here with permission.