WATCH: Angry Allen West Unleashes EPIC Attack On ‘Weakling’ Obama For A ‘Damn Stupid’ Deal

“The United States of America is about victors. The United States of America is about champions. The United States of America does not surrender to a bunch of black-robed, crazed clerics that want to see us destroyed.” With red-hot, red-meat rhetoric like that, retired Lt. Col. Allen West fired up a huge crowd that assembled in New York City’s Times Square on Wednesday to protest the Obama-led Iran nuke deal.

Far from presenting himself as the soft-spoken political commentator you often see on Fox News, the former congressman from Florida delivered a highly-charged rant that was highly critical of a president whom West called a “weakling” and a “charlatan.”

Regarding the attack on two U.S. military installations in Chattanooga that left five servicemen dead, West didn’t mince words in addressing the current investigation about whether the Muslim attacker might have been a drug-afflicted young man suffering from depression.

“Hell, no, he was a dadgum terrorist, that’s what he was!” West asserted to the crowd’s approving roar.

“How dare Barack Obama, how dare John Kerry, how dare Valerie Jarrett, or any of these other charlatans that occupy Washington, D.C., surrender this great constitutional republic…?” West’s seven-minute speech to the crowd estimated at some 10,000 anti-nuke deal protestors was full of both passion and powerful criticisms of the Obama administration.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the fiery speech by the retired Army officer who once again proudly showed his true colors as he declared his unwavering commitment to making sure that “the enemies of America and the enemies of Israel are crushed and brought to their knees” — something he said the Obama administration is clearly failing to do.

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Star Model Just Dropped A One-Sentence Body Slam On NYC Mayor’s Insane Liberal Proposal

Several celebrities, including one of America’s most admired supermodels, have taken to social media to blast New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, over his attempts to regulate ride-hailing company Uber and other taxi services.

The de Blasio administration proposed legislation that would cap additional licenses for Uber drivers and other taxis, according to CNN Money. “Uber is a multibillion dollar corporation, and they’re acting like one,” de Blasio said. “They’re looking out for their corporate bottom line.” The outlet also pointed out that de Blasio reportedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars from New York’s taxi medallion industry during his 2013 mayoral campaign.

Uber has responded by flooding the Big Apple’s media market with ads featuring people who purport to be Uber drivers – all minorities – contending they would be disenfranchised if the proposed regulations become law. “Millionaire medallion owners don’t need help. People like us do,” said a man identified as an Uber driver in an ad. The ad is currently being run in the New York area.

Uber’s app also features a tab in the New York market that demonstrates how long passengers would have to wait for a ride if the regulations are passed:

Uber and its drivers are not the only ones upset. Kate Upton, Ashton Kutcher, and Neil Patrick Harris have all expressed their dismay toward de Blasio for his proposal:

The de Blasio administration has agreed to back off on its proposal “for now.” The New York Times gives further details.

The agreement brings a temporary end to a fractious struggle that had consumed City Hall for several days, and inundated parts of the city with mailers, phone calls, advertisements and even celebrity endorsements.

Under the agreement, according to three people familiar with the agreement, the city will conduct a four-month study on the effect of Uber and other for-hire vehicle operators on the city’s traffic and environment.

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Walmart Caught Sponsoring Shocking Events That Will Anger Countless Customers

Raucous gay pride parades and celebrations are nothing new; however, the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide has cast an even brighter spotlight on the often hedonistic public displays. As Americans for Truth about Homosexuality President Peter LaBarbera revealed in a recent report, some of the major corporations that rushed to celebrate gay marriage have also sponsored graphic parades recently held in New York City.

LaBarbera wrote that he attended a June 28 event, which he revealed was the first time Walmart served as a ‘Platinum’ level sponsor – the highest level of financial support attainable. The event, he explained, “featured nudity, lewdness, vulgarity and even a sadomasochism float – subjecting the many young children who either marched in or viewed the parade to behaviors and messages that are highly inappropriate for their age and emotional maturity.”

Western Journalism contacted LaBarbera, who shared his concern regarding Walmart’s increasing support of deviant lifestyles:

Recently Walmart stopped selling  Confederate flags as statement against racism. Yet the same Walmart sponsored at the top “Platinum” level a homosexual “pride” parade in New York — which included displays of open nudity, perversion, vulgarity, extreme gender confusion, and even sadomasochistic symbols — in front of the many children who participated in or viewed the parade.

We’re calling on Walmart to stop funding the agenda of proud homosexuality and gender confusion in our culture. The LGBT agenda, including counterfeit same-sex ‘marriage,’ is hostile to religious liberty, the moral innocence of children, and to God Himself. Any company, including Walmart, that professes to be for the family should not be celebrating immorality as epitomized by debauched gay pride parades.

One photo from the parade depicted a rainbow float prominently endorsed by the retail giant. Other photos provide a glimpse at the rampant nudity, profanity and other forms of vulgarity on full display.


It was another photo – one of a young boy participating in the event – that evoked a passionate response from LaBarbera.

“Homosexual parenting subjects innocent children to an environment that is not only intentionally motherless or fatherless,” he wrote, “but also one that teaches them that wrong is right. The idea of bringing a young child or even a teenage to a parade that is not only sexual in nature but one that celebrates deviant sex and extreme gender confusion is a product of the gay community [emphasis in original].”

LaBarbera wrote that he will publish even more photos from the parade in the near future. In the meantime, he encouraged like-minded readers to contact Walmart’s corporate offices to protest such corporate sponsorship.

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PANIC: Rep. Just Revealed Officials Expecting THIS Terror Attack On City July 4th

On Wednesday, Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that nuclear terror threats are “a big concern” in New York City headed into the Fourth of July weekend.

While the FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued a warning for Americans after terror attacks were carried out on three separate continents over the past week either by the Islamic State of Iraq and and Syria (ISIS) or someone inspired by their cause, White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday: “it is not uncommon for these kinds of joint information bulletins to be issued in advance of the Fourth of July.”

I can also say that there is no specific credible intelligence to indicate any threats against celebrations over the Fourth of July weekend.

But King dismissed Earnest’s statement Wednesday on The Kelly File. “This is for real. I’ve been at the meetings,” said King, who serves on the House Homeland Security and Intelligence committees.

I’ve gotten the briefings going back two and three weeks, how concerned they were. And you would not see the manhole covers being tightened down. You would not see the cameras being used the way they are. The nuclear explosive devices in New York, detection devices being used the way they are.The extra personnel being put on, the snipers, all of that. That wouldn’t be there if this was just a routine warning.

Kelly asked King if he said “nuclear,” which he confirmed. “It’s a big concern here in New York explosives, you know, the dirty bomb,” King said. “That’s why so much money has been put into explosive detection devices here in New York aimed at nuclear ones. The dirty bomb is a real concern we’ve always had here in New York.”

In a separate interview earlier in the day with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, King said he would not be seeking the 2016 Republican presidential nomination after previously dipping his feet in the water.

I would love to have the opportunity to run, to go all the way, and I think I can more than compete with any of those that are in there, but the reality is as far as money … the fact that I do have a full-time job now on the intelligence and homeland security committees – it’s just not in the cards. I don’t want to be taking up other people’s time. I don’t want to have 19, 20 candidates, whatever it’s going to be.

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Watch: That Flag Burning By Leftists In NYC Backfires Big Time As Proud Patriots Show Up, Do This

They got a lot of attention on Facebook and Fox News for the protest they planned at a Revolutionary War memorial park in Brooklyn; but when it came time for Wednesday night’s public burning of American flags, these radical leftists’ bark turned out to be much worse than their bite. In fact, you might say the anarchist group was virtually toothless in its attempt to express their disdain and disgust with an America they see as a racist, imperialist, terrorist nation. And the bite was, ironically, on them.

As the NBC affiliate in New York City reported about the planned protest by the group calling itself Disarm NYPD, only a few anti-flag agitators showed up, and they were far outnumbered by counter-protestors, patriotic military veterans, police, and media types intent on getting pictures of the event that was expected to be much bigger.

The TV report noted: “Several activists still showed up Wednesday evening to burn both the Confederate and American flags. A handful of people, their faces covered by scarves, set fire to one American flag near a grassy area, and then set fire to a Confederate flag and an American flag by the monument.”

Todd Starnes of Fox News Radio was at the event to see how the much-talked-about flag burning backfired as patriotic flag protectors turned out to stand firm in honor of Old Glory:

Image Credit: Twitter/@toddstarnes

Image Credit: Twitter/@toddstarnes

Image Credit: Twitter/@toddstarnes

Image Credit: Twitter/@toddstarnes

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the coverage by the local NBC TV station of the noisy confrontation in New York and see for yourself how patriots, including a bunch of bikers, took care of business.

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