Mysterious Signs Skewering Hillary And Stephanopoulos Are Popping Up Around NYC

Another display of street art taking aim at Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been spotted in New York City recently.

Western Journalism reported last month on a series of posters criticizing the Clinton campaign for suggesting certain adjectives used to describe the candidate should be off limits. Using selections from the list of descriptors one pro-Hillary group wanted banned, the resulting posters bore a sketch of Hillary Clinton surrounded by phrases such as “Don’t Say Polarizing” and “Don’t Say Secretive.”



These signs were spotted near Clinton’s Brooklyn campaign headquarters while the latest display – focusing on reports that ABC personality George Stephanopoulos donated a substantial amount of money to the Clinton Foundation – was hung near the network’s news headquarters in Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Similar signs and stickers were also found near the Times Square studio from which Stephanopoulos anchors Good Morning America.

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Western Journalism heard from one source who passed along several photos of the graphic with the phrase “Pay Pal” prominently displayed on top and a faux “Donate” button at the bottom.

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There is little more information available about the source or intention of these signs; however, this ad hoc campaign is just one of several that have bucked the leftist slant often associated with street art.

In addition to the aforementioned anti-Hillary artwork displayed in New York, Western Journalism also reported that artwork supporting Republican White House hopeful Ted Cruz began showing up throughout San Francisco earlier this year.

Is street art like this a threat to Hillary’s campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Watch This Sky-High 2-Minute Video That Will Drive America’s Terrorist Enemies Crazy

In just about a week, the observatory atop New York City’s One World Trade Center will open for visitors. Built on the site where the twin towers destroyed in the 9/11 attacks by Islamic terrorists once stood, the “Freedom Tower” is the tallest building in the United States and the fourth-tallest structure on the planet.

Construction of the 104-story Center began on April 27, 2006. On May 10, 2013, the final segment of the tower’s spire was installed, giving the building a total height of 1,776 feet — certainly a number appropriate for America’s Freedom Tower that stands as a proud symbol of the country’s resilience and stature in the world.

To witness the 8-year span of the construction of the One World Trade Center in just under 2 minutes, you can click on the remarkable time-lapse video above, courtesy of

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Obama’s Reaction To Freddie Gray’s Funeral Compared To Slain NYPD Cop’s Says A Lot

Tens of thousands of police officers, some from as far as California and Louisiana, lined the streets on Long Island Friday to pay their respects to slain officer Brian Moore. Moore, 25, was shot twice in the face by Demetrius Blackwell, a man who had previously served five years for attempted murder, while on duty and died from his injuries shortly thereafter.

Moore was remembered as an exceptional police officer and “every commanding officer’s dream.” Moore’s commanding officer at the 105th precinct in Queens, Deputy Inspector Mike Coyle, said if he “had an army of Brian Moores, there’d be no crime in the city.” He also remembered Moore as a person who “could walk into a room, and his smile would turn your day around if you were having a bad day. A real crime fighter, a true believer, a heart of gold.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio commended Moore, saying he “represents the best of New York City. He was brave for sure, but his bravery was matched by his compassion.”

But while countless officers and citizens showed up to pay their respects to Moore, notably absent were any officials from the White House.

While President Obama sent three White House officials – Cabinet Secretary Broderick Johnson, chair of the Obama administration’s My Brother’s Keeper Task Force; Heather Foster, an adviser in the White House Office of Public Engagement; and Elias Alcantara from the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs – to the funeral of Freddie Gray, a man with a history of run-ins with the law, and three to Michael Brown’s funeral in Ferguson, he did not feel the need to send any representatives to the funeral of the decorated young officer with over 150 arrests to his name who died in the line of duty.

At a time when tensions between citizens and the police force are running high, officers are being targeted and police, as Commissioner William Bratton said Friday, are “increasingly bearing the brunt of loud criticism,” the president seems to be sending a clear message about which side he stands on in the matter.

Do you think the lack of White House officials at Brian Moore’s funeral was an intentional slap in the face to America’s police force? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Black Thug Shoots White Cop In The Face… No Businesses Burned

A New York Police Department officer was shot in the head by a suspect on Saturday evening, reviving fears of random attacks on the NYPD.

Officer Brian Moore, 25, was listed in critical but stable condition at Jamaica Hospital after allegedly being shot twice in the face by Demetrius Blackwell.

Blackwell, 35, had been briefly questioned by Officer Moore and his partner, Erik Jansen, in the Queens Village neighborhood on Saturday night.

Sources say the two plainclothes officers saw Blackwell tugging on his waistband during their patrol. They stopped and asked him, “What are you carrying?”

After a brief exchange of words, Blackwell fired into their unmarked car, hitting Moore twice in the face. Jansen was unhurt and radioed for help.

Moore was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where he remains in a medically induced coma.

Blackwell was charged with attempted murder, assault, and two counts of being in criminal possession of a firearm.

According to press reports, Blackwell — who described himself as a “hellraiser” — has been arrested ten times before, with “five (arrests) on charges of robbery, grand larceny and criminal possession of a weapon.”

He has also served time in prison for attempted murder and was charged in 2013 after grabbing an NYPD officer’s badge and spitting on the officer. Blackwell’s attorney told reporters his client “has no particular animus toward police officers.”

Moore’s shooting was the fifth of an NYPD officer in five months. The most highly-publicized of these was the execution-style killings of officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in December.

Officers Liu and Ramos were killed by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, an African-American man who had expressed displeasure over the recent grand jury decisions in the Eric Garner and Ferguson cases on social media.

Shortly before those killings, Brinsley posted on Instagram, “They Take 1 Of Ours … Let’s Take 2 of Theirs.”

“It is a painful day for all of us,” New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said of Moore’s shooting. “It is a reminder of the dangers that all of our officers face every single day.”

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If You Believe You Have To Be A Citizen To Vote, You’ll Be Shocked At What This Big City Wants To Do

Images Credit: Wiki Commons/Twitter

It’s often been said, “As California goes, so goes that nation” because the Golden State has led the way in so many societal changes, trends, and fads — from automobile emission laws to the skateboard craze to the sexual revolution.

Now, it seems, that New York City under the leadership of leftist Mayor Bill DeBlasio and an ultra-liberal city council may blaze a trail that many Americans feel could lead the country over a dangerous political cliff.

The Guardian reports that the city council of the Big Apple is drawing up a proposal to give non-citizens the right to vote in local elections.

“Under the likely terms of the legislation, legally documented residents who have lived in New York City for at least six months will be able to vote in municipal elections.”

Advocates of voting rights for residents who don’t have legal status as U.S. citizens say the legislation now in development would mark a major milestone and push the boundaries of voting rights for millions of people who work and pay taxes but don’t get a say in their local elections.

“A few towns already permit non-citizen residents to vote locally, but New York City would be by far the largest jurisdiction to do so.”

The Guardian article points out that in some boroughs of New York City, such as in parts of Queens, non-citizens make up as much as half of the population.

“Supporters of the legislation claim that politicians can overlook the needs of entire communities if non-citizens don’t have voting rights.”

The push for non-citizen voting rights in New York City underscores the “slippery slope” argument raised by many who fear that President Obama’s executive amnesty could permanently change the political power structure in America by providing a way for illegal immigrants to vote.

The Washington Times recently reported on the testimony concerned state officials gave to Congress in mid-February.

“President Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty will make it easier for illegal immigrants to improperly register and vote in elections, state elections officials testified to Congress on Thursday, saying that the driver’s licenses and Social Security numbers they will be granted create a major voting loophole.”

As for the prospects that the New York City non-citizen voting legislation will pass, the Democrat-dominated city council certainly seems to be moving in that direction.

One of only three Republicans on the council has voiced his concern that giving non-citizens voting privileges may propel a wider movement that could do lasting damage to the country.

Said Councilman Erich Ulrich:

“The right to vote is a privilege and a sacred obligation that citizens have enjoyed. It should only be for United States citizens,” he told Newsday.

“It’s also a reason for people who are on a path to citizenship to aspire to citizenship. It’s something for them to look forward to.”

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