Anti-Gun Group Sets Up Fake NYC Gun Store To Scare Customers From Buying Guns

States United to Prevent Gun Violence

Gun control group States United to Prevent Gun Violence set up a fake gun shop in New York City stocked with real firearms and accessories to dissuade first time buyers from actually purchasing a firearm. The phony gun salesman told a story about each gun to scare the customers.

This is a .22 caliber six-inch revolver. It’s also a gun that a five-year-old found in his parents’ bedroom. Went down and shot his 9-month-old baby brother with it.

Rather than address the real issue of gun safety, the salesman chose to blame the gun for each tragic story. Every gun had a disturbing tag attached that described its association to a particular mass shooting, homicide, or suicide.

The salesman was not there to help customers choose a firearm for self-defense. A real gun shop has knowledgeable salespeople who want to help customers find the right firearm and accessories to meet their needs. Guns are used every day in America for defensive purposes. Bad guys decide when they want to do bad things. Good people have to be prepared for the unexpected.

Watch the entire video here.

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BREAKING: Watch The Bombshell Al Sharpton Exposé That Has The Filmmaker Fearing For His Life

Image Credit: YouTube/Project Veritas

Al Sharpton is “all about the money.” So says a daughter of Eric Garner, the New York man who died in police custody after he was arrested for illegally selling cigarettes. Sharpton made a point of putting himself front-and-center in the protest over Garner’s death.

An article in The New York Post describes other harsh criticisms of the preacher, race agitator and MSNBC show host in a new investigative video from Project Veritas: “Sharpton is also criticized by leaders and supporters involved in the Michael Brown-police shooting case in Ferguson, Mo., and the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, according to the Project Veritas videotapes.”

Project Veritas, headed up by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe, is known for producing provocative and highly controversial videos created largely from secret recordings where the subject doesn’t know the camera is rolling.

In the latest bombshell exposé, Garner’s daughter, Erica Snipes, was apparently recorded with a hidden camera during a protest in January.

“You think Al Sharpton is kind of like a crook in a sense?” the investigator is heard asking Garner’s oldest daughter.

“He’s about this,” Snipes replies, rubbing her fingers together.

“He’s about money with you?” the undercover asks.

“Yeah,” Snipes responds.

The New York Post article quotes Sharpton as vehemently denying the charges, saying the basis of the criticism documented in the Project Veritas video is wrong.

“They’re splicing and dicing stuff together. It was a distortion.”

In advance of releasing this new video, conservative activist James O’Keefe told his Twitter followers that he felt this exposé to be so hot that he feared for his safety.
Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 8.22.41 AM
Then, after the video hit the YouTube channel of Project Veritas, O’Keefe noted the major media coverage in Sharpton’s backyard.
Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 8.24.48 AM By clicking on the video above, you can watch the results of the Project Veritas investigation of Al Sharpton and judge for yourself whether the charges that Rev. Al is in it for himself ring true.

h/t: The New York Post

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Random Thoughts

Twitter/STN News

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

Who says President Obama doesn’t promote bipartisanship? His complicity in Iran’s moving toward nuclear bombs has alarmed some top Senate Democrats enough to get them to join Republicans in opposition to the Obama administration’s potentially suicidal foreign policy.

Before the current measles outbreak, measles was once almost wiped out in the United States. But an article in a medical journal more than a decade ago had many parents afraid to have their children vaccinated, for fear that the vaccine causes autism. After scientific studies refuted that claim, the medical journal repudiated the article, and the doctor who wrote it had his license revoked.

If not a single policeman killed a single black individual anywhere in the United States for this entire year, that would not reduce the number of black homicide victims by one percent. When the mobs of protesters declare “Black lives matter,” does that mean ALL black lives matter — or only the less than one percent of black lives lost in conflicts with police?

In politics, never assume that because something is insane, it will not be done. The Holocaust was as insane as it was a moral horror. But it was done. Even after the tide of war turned against Germany and it faced invasion and devastation, Hitler continued to pour scarce resources into the mass killing of people who were no threat.

When someone tries to lay a guilt trip on you for being successful, remember that your guilt is some politician’s license to take what you worked for and give it to someone else who is more likely to vote for the politician who plays Santa Claus with your money.

So long as public schools are treated as places that exist to provide guaranteed jobs to members of the teachers’ unions, do not be surprised to see American students continuing to score lower on international tests than students in countries that spend a lot less per pupil than we do.

Would you go to a funeral if you knew that your presence would be unwelcome and would just add to the pain of the mourners? Probably not. But New York’s mayor Bill de Blasio went to both funerals for the two New York City policemen recently murdered — and gave speeches. That epitomized what a truly despicable human being he is, even by the low standards of politicians.

Demographic “diversity” is a notion often defended with fervor but seldom with facts.

Few things are more irritating, or more phony, than statements from various organizations about their “privacy policy.” What that really means is their invasion of privacy policies — how much information about you that your bank, hospital, or Internet service is going to pass on to other people without your permission.

Somewhere Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes says that the purpose of an education should be to produce a mind that cannot be humbugged. But today our educational system, from kindergarten to the universities, is engaged in the mass production of fashionable humbug — propaganda rather than education.

Some people see discrimination when schools punish black students more often than white students. But schools punish white students more often than Asian students. Lenders turn down black applicants for loans more often than white applicants — but they turn down whites more often than Asians. Most statistics on such things omit Asians, rather than spoil a politically correct story.

President Obama may have gained something politically or ideologically by recognizing Cuba, but just what did the United States gain? Like so much that has been done by this administration, the diplomatic recognition of Cuba demonstrates how safe it is to be our enemy, while our policies toward Ukraine and Israel demonstrate how risky it is to be our ally.

Despite radical feminist organizations’ frequent bursts of outrage, these same radical feminists’ response to the mass capture of school girls by Islamic terrorists in Nigeria, and turning those girls into sex slaves, has been strangely muted. Is this because there is no political mileage or lawsuit settlements to be achieved by expressing outrage at such unconscionable raw savagery in Nigeria?


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Fox Protester Fatally Shoots Self In Front Of News Corp Building In NYC


This post has been updated.

An incident that occurred outside of the corporate office of Fox network parent company News Corp building in New York City Monday morning was initially reported as a protest against cable news leader Fox News Channel. Subsequent reports, however, indicate the lone demonstrator was actually a disgruntled former employee of a Fox affiliate in Austin, Texas.

According to the New York Post, 41-year-old Phillip Perea stood outside the building Monday morning, telling passersby that the network had somehow ruined his life. Shortly after security guards asked the man to leave, they reportedly heard a gunshot and turned around to find him slumped over with a gunshot wound to his chest.

He was transported to a local hospital where he subsequently died from his injury.

One source confirmed the man had what appeared to be a suicide note in his pocket at the time of the incident.

Though Perea recently shared links to a video critical of Fox News, there is no indication he had any direct ties to the network.

Fox Television Stations CEO Jack Abernathy released the following statement regarding the incident.

This morning a former employee at Fox 7-KTBC (Austin) committed suicide outside Fox Television Stations’ headquarters in New York City. He was employed at our Austin television station for ten months and has not been with the station or FTS since June 2014. We are deeply saddened by this tragedy.

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NYPD Commissioner William Bratton: “Inappropriate” To Turn Back On Mayor De Blasio


The tension between New York City police officers and the mayor continues to build. After NYPD officers turned their backs on Mayor Bill de Blasio during the funeral for fellow officer Rafael Ramos this weekend, the department’s commissioner expressed his disappointment in what he considered an inappropriate display.

Speaking with CBS’s Major Garrett on Face The Nation, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton spoke out against the “inappropriate” actions of the protesting officers.

“I certainly don’t support that action yesterday. I think it was very inappropriate at that event,” Bratton said. “That funeral was held to honor Officer Ramos and to bring politics, to bring issues into that event I think, was very inappropriate and I do not support it.”

“He is the mayor of New York, he was there representing the citizens of New York – to express their remorse and their regret at that death – and it was inappropriate.”

He concluded the interview by saying that although he did not approve of their actions, the incident did show the attitude of the officers toward the mayor in these troubling times.

Bratton may not approve, but many Twitter users agreed with the officers’ decision to turn their backs on the mayor.

There are some, though, who didn’t approve of the display.


h/t IJReview

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