When He Saw What Was Happening On Subway, He Instantly Drags Stranger By Shirt To Police Department (Video)

It is a familiar TV plot. In the shadows of New York City’s subways, a woman ignored by others facers her attacker alone. Then a hero appears from nowhere just in time to save her.

Maurice Osborne made that script a reality last week when he left his subway car to take on an attacker, subdue him while suffering injuries himself, and then for good measure drag the would-be attacker by the shirt up the subway steps and to the nearest police station.

Osborne, 37, of Bedford Stuyvesant, was riding the next to last car in the No. 3 train at Bergen Street station in Brooklyn when he saw some kind of commotion in the shadows. Then he heard a scream.

“I just reacted,” said Osborne.

Asked if anyone else was going to help, Osborne said, “Nope. I wish someone else did. I wish the conductor stayed. The conductor didn’t even stay. The train left.”

Osborne ventured on.

“When I looked back, I saw he was on top of her. She said he was about to rape her. That’s when I beat him up. All he said was, ‘I didn’t do anything,’” Osborne said. In the struggle, Osborne suffered an injured hand. He also needed six stitches above his left eye.

“Once he submitted, I grabbed him by the shirt and dragged him,” Osborne said. He then hauled the accused attacker across the platform, up the subway stairs, and across Flatbush Avenue to the 78th Precinct. The victim followed and told the police what had happened. Alvaro Dennica, 40, was charged with attempted sexual abuse and assault.

Osborne said that he hopes other New Yorkers will follow his lead and help others when they are in need or in trouble.

“I Like helping people,” said Osborne, who is studying to be a medical assistant. “It makes me feel useful.”

After New York City media reported the story, several women in the neighborhood where the attack took place and others across New York City began a scholarship fund to help Osborne with the cost of his studies.

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As Trump Feuds With Fox News, Network’s Owner Makes THIS Startling Pick For President

You might call it the battle of the big shots, or, okay, the clash of the titans. GOP presidential pacesetter and provocateur Donald Trump’s front-and-center feud with the Fox News Channel (FNC) is certainly no secret. Now, FNC owner Rupert Murdoch is jumping into the political fray by sending an apparent signal that he’d prefer another New York-based mogul to be the next occupant of the White House.

Murdoch, the 84-year-old founder, chairman and CEO of News Corp — the parent of Fox News — has tweeted his pick for the powerhouse entry he’d like to see in the running for president, Michael Bloomberg:

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

NewsBusters points out that the Bloomberg endorsement by the supposedly ultra-conservative media titan would seem to many to be quite out of character:

While the liberal media love to frame Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch as a raging conservative, he certainly likes crossing that image on Twitter. On Sunday, Murdoch proclaimed Michael Bloomberg, the anti-gun, anti-Big Gulp liberal, should be the billionaire candidate running for president.

And after a number of negative comments about Bloomberg in response to Murdoch’s initial boost for his buddy who served for three terms as the mayor of the Big Apple, the News Corp. owner followed up his initial tweet with this:

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

About that cheerleading for Michael Bloomberg by the supposedly conservative Rupert Murdoch… In an opinion piece published by Forbes in May 2013, author Karen Harned pointed out how the former mayor of New York City drew the scorn of many conservatives and libertarians with his “nanny state” policies and programs.

Emboldened by his mayoral powers, Bloomberg has decided to methodically push his idea of good living by regulatory fiat — a grand social engineering project that presumes he knows what is best for each of us. From banning smoking and large soft drinks to regulating sodium and trans fats, if he thinks it is bad for you, it simply has to go.

Apparently, Murdoch got the message that he may have gone more than a bit overboard in suggesting that Michael Bloomberg should get in the 2016 contest as, possibly, a counter-weight to the flamboyant and feisty Donald Trump. Murdoch’s third tweet on the subject of his “friend” was as follows:

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

Image Credit: Twitter/Rupert Murdoch

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Planned Parenthood’s Goddess Of Death, Kali, Appropriately Lights Up Empire State Building

Image of Hindu Goddess Kali from "Projecting Change" Light show; image designed by artist Android Jones (https://www.facebook.com/AndroidJonesart)

Image of Hindu Goddess Kali from “Projecting Change” Light show; image designed by artist Android Jones (https://www.facebook.com/AndroidJonesart)

Recently, an elaborate lights show, “Projecting Change,” was beamed onto the south side of the Empire State Building in New York City to raise awareness about wildlife extinction.

Louie Psihoyos (Oceanic Preservation Society) partnered with Travis Threlkel (Obscura Digital) to portray colorful images of birds, snakes, and land and sea animals over a space of 33 floors, roughly 365 by 185 feet in dimension using 40 stacked, 20,000-lumen projectors.

Psihoyos and Threlkel, who began collaborating together four years ago, could never have foreseen the poignancy of the show’s timing to current human events. Most peculiar was their choice to conclude their show with an image personifying death: the Hindu goddess (or devil) of death, Kali. While some refer to her as the goddess of time and destruction, in Sanskrit, Kali means: “she who is black” or “she who is death.”

In many ways, the show quite literally highlighted the reality that in New York City, and sadly, in America, beauty often masks deception.

New York City is the only city in America where more Black babies are murdered than are born. They are not as fortunate as the snow leopard, snake, or bird whose images were projected across 33 floors of the Empire State Building.

Black New Yorkers didn’t receive $33 million in funding to protect their survival and weren’t even on the “Black Lives Matter” campaign’s radar. (In fact, the very organizations claiming to aid minorities, including Blacks, under the guise of “health” programs, are primarily committed to advancing eugenics-based population control among the poorest communities worldwide–in order to reduce them. Listen to Learn More.)

As disturbing as the plight of chained elephants is, nothing is more disturbing than the U.S. government legalizing and funding half of an organization’s $1 billion budget to dismember living human beings.

Even if the genocide of Black Americans was not a serious issue, of all the folklore to choose from to represent wildlife preservation, they chose a goddess who specifically personifies death.

Several traditions describe Kali:

  • She was born out of anger, after which “the black goddess went wild and ate all the demons she came across, stringing their heads on a chain which she wore around her neck. It seemed impossible to calm Kali’s bloody attacks…”
  • Her blackness symbolizes “eternal darkness that has the potential to both destroy and create.”
  • She was created to battle the demon Raktabija (Blood Seed). After attaining “all the divine weapons of the gods, Kali swiftly sought out Raktabija and his demons and proceeded to swallow them all whole.” Kali killed Raktabija by chopping his head off with a sword and drinking all of his blood.

Kali specifically wears “a necklace of heads, [a] skirt of arms, [a] lolling tongue, and brandish[es] a knife dripping with blood.”


Statues of Kali, often seen at burial sites, portray a pitch black woman with four arms. In each hand, she holds a scimitar, a demon’s head, a “blessings,” and either a spear or trident. She always wears a necklace of skulls and earrings of demon heads. Blood also streams from her tongue onto her body. Around her waist is strung a skirt made of hands.

She is the perfect choice to remind New Yorkers of whose heads Planned Parenthood is decapitating.

Like Kali, Planned Parenthood’s knives drip with blood from the tissue and parts of babies’ feet, hands, livers, eyes, skin, and other organs — in exchange for $23 million in “financial donations.” (Fetal liver cell prices, for example, range from $488 to $24,250.)

Rather than wield a sword to chop off heads, Planned Parenthood suctions off heads of living babies, after they have writhed in excruciating pain—feeling, even attempting to move away from and avoid their limbs being ripped from their body.

Instead of stringing babies’ heads on a chain to wear around their necks or wearing a skirt made of babies’ arms, Planned Parenthood employees prefer “financial compensation,” like a Lamborghini.

Like Kali, Planned Parenthood was born out of and continues to foster anger and division. Its roots date back to the early 20th century Negro Project designed “to breed out of the race the scourges of transmissible disease, mental defect, poverty, lawlessness, crime … since these classes would be decreasing in number instead of breeding like weeds.”

Like Kali, Planned Parenthood’s bloody attacks appear to be endless. Kali could not have been a better choice to represent what is overwhelmingly and deliberately occurring in New York City—and in every city in America—Black genocide.

Blacks are the only minority in America whose population is steadily declining—not because of police brutality, or violence, but solely because Black babies are being chopped up while they are still alive. Then they are sold to the highest bidder. Does that sound familiar?

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Pilots At NYC Airport On ‘High Alert’ After The Mysterious, Dangerous Thing Spotted In Sky

Image for representational purposes only.

Airline pilots flying into America’s busiest airports are faced with an increasing danger from buzzing drones, as shown by this past weekend’s events in New York City.

On Sunday, a drone flew within 25 feet of a jetliner preparing to land at JFK International Airport, days after the Department of Homeland Security warned police agencies of drones being used as weapons after two drone sightings at JFK last week.

Sunday’s close call took place when the pilot of Shuttle Airways Flight 5911, arriving from Richmond, Va., spotted a black, four-rotor “quadcopter” off his left wing as he approached the runway at roughly 100 mph. The jet was a mere 15 feet from touching down at the time.

On Friday afternoon, the FAA said Delta and JetBlue pilots each reported sighting a drone. The Delta pilot reported that the drone was flying about 100 feet below the aircraft. If a drone flies that close to an airplane, there’s a chance it can be sucked into a turbine, or strike the plane.

“While many of these encounters are not malicious in nature, they underscore potential security vulnerabilities … that could be used by adversaries to leverage (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) as part of an attack,” according to the federal memo.

Aviation experts say a larger drone with metal components could cause vast damage to a plane.

“Imagine a metal and plastic object — especially with (a) big lithium battery — going into a high-speed engine,” Jim Williams, the head of the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), has said. “The results could be catastrophic.”

Sully Sullenberger, the captain who brought down US Airways 1549 in the Hudson River six years ago after a bird struck the engine, said technology can be a menace if not properly controlled.

“It allows people to do stupid, reckless, dangerous things with abandon,” Sullenberger said.

Drones without official clearance are prohibited from flying within five miles of New York City-area airports.

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WATCH: Angry Allen West Unleashes EPIC Attack On ‘Weakling’ Obama For A ‘Damn Stupid’ Deal

“The United States of America is about victors. The United States of America is about champions. The United States of America does not surrender to a bunch of black-robed, crazed clerics that want to see us destroyed.” With red-hot, red-meat rhetoric like that, retired Lt. Col. Allen West fired up a huge crowd that assembled in New York City’s Times Square on Wednesday to protest the Obama-led Iran nuke deal.

Far from presenting himself as the soft-spoken political commentator you often see on Fox News, the former congressman from Florida delivered a highly-charged rant that was highly critical of a president whom West called a “weakling” and a “charlatan.”

Regarding the attack on two U.S. military installations in Chattanooga that left five servicemen dead, West didn’t mince words in addressing the current investigation about whether the Muslim attacker might have been a drug-afflicted young man suffering from depression.

“Hell, no, he was a dadgum terrorist, that’s what he was!” West asserted to the crowd’s approving roar.

“How dare Barack Obama, how dare John Kerry, how dare Valerie Jarrett, or any of these other charlatans that occupy Washington, D.C., surrender this great constitutional republic…?” West’s seven-minute speech to the crowd estimated at some 10,000 anti-nuke deal protestors was full of both passion and powerful criticisms of the Obama administration.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the fiery speech by the retired Army officer who once again proudly showed his true colors as he declared his unwavering commitment to making sure that “the enemies of America and the enemies of Israel are crushed and brought to their knees” — something he said the Obama administration is clearly failing to do.

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