Liberation Means Making Peace With America

Nadra Enzi Liberation Means Making Peace With America

There are a lot of cultural cliches American Blacks must navigate.

One, the one I specialize in as a matter of fact, is escaping the cliche where we somehow are obligated to be “professionally angry” at White people ad infinitum.

My “Making Peace With America” emphasis addresses this unpleasant reality head-on. I note for community critics’ sake that Making Peace With America isn’t synonymous with making excuses for her shortcomings.

My activism includes copious complaints against Whites I or others alleged were racially biased. These complaints involved both the public and private sectors.

But, filing complaints against one group of people can’t be the extent of one’s relations with other Americans.

Common traditional values and an inclusive grassroots conservative culture has expanded my Make Peace With America coalition beyond anything professionally angry Black liberals could fathom.

I chuckle when these leftists accuse me of ignoring racism. The record speaks loudly to the contrary- plus, I address liberal racism too, which they don’t like.

One of many myriad forks in the road from progressives is my conclusion that being perpetually peeved is a poor substitute for acknowledging nigh miraculous progress in some areas and coalition building with like-minded souls who happen to be wrapped in different packaging.

Making peace, and keeping it, constitutes the one ingredient the absence of which no civilization can withstand.

Black culture, especially its lower income end, is awash in societal noise. Gunfire, raised voices, loud music, and sirens blaring drown out contemplation and serenity.

Extending this deficit to the outside community means a combative posture where crime and rudeness are considered today’s sad equivalent of civil rights activism.

Those who have yet to make peace with America content themselves to blame White Conservatives for all our ills.

Not all progressives fall in this category.

One progressive spokesman who I think has made peace with America is Dr. Cornel West, a Democratic Socialist who unfailingly calls everyone “brother” and “sister” (opponents Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck included.)

His liberal supporters ought to note this as they fume on camera at yet another “Blame Whitey!” press conference.

Absent staging an armed coup, being professionally angry is a poor substitute for effective problem-solving. It sells tickets, books, and videos but accomplishes nothing!

Making Peace With America for me means operating as an individual free of the limitations of a captive past.

As such, I take Americans (regardless of color) on a case-by-case basis as individuals, instead of tentacles from some collective.

It also means I don’t pull to my proverbial bosom human vipers I call chocolate Klansmen (urban thugs), sun-tanned socialists (Black liberal mouth pieces in office and out), and other enemies because of ethnicity.

Black liberals who run the phrase “Black liberation” into the ground should realize that liberation in its truest form means making peace with America.

If Congressman John Lewis, a liberal icon who was savagely beaten by police throughout his 1960s civil rights career, can make peace with America, what’s the excuse of younger blacks today?

Absent peace, our community and the country surrounding it falls from within.

That doesn’t seem very liberating to me.


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Video: Obama Is Not The Legitimate President Of The United States

On election day, we know there were major problems of voting machines switching votes from Romney to Obama—voting machines, by the way, owned and operated by a former company of Obama crony Chuck Hagel.

We know Obama suppressed the traditionally conservative military vote.

We know thousands of military absentee ballots were “lost”—in one case supposedly burned to a crisp in an airplane crash—although no one seems to know the details of which plane it was, where it crashed, whether anyone was killed, etc.

We know there were dozens of precincts across the United States where Obama received an “astronomical” amount of votes—99-100%. Or counties where there were reportedly more votes cast than the total of actual voters registered— St. Lucie County, Florida had a 141.1% turnout!

We know GOP polling inspectors were thrown out of democratically-controlled precincts in fourteen wards—just in Philadelphia. This was endlessly duplicated throughout the United States.

And we know Eric Holder’s shock troops, the New Black Panther Party, were out in full force doing what they do best—intimidating anyone not planning on voting multiple times for Barack Obama.

But this country, supposedly a nation of laws, under the corrupt Barack Obama Administration did nothing to prosecute the massive amount of voter fraud.

Until now.

Officials in Hamilton County, Ohio are mounting a massive voter fraud investigation, already issuing twenty-eight subpoenas, which is just scratching the surface of a massive Obama voter fraud operation. Dead people voting. Multiple votes by one person. Forged absentee ballots. Poll workers hiding ballots. Just to name a few of the irregularities.

The Obama fraud poster girl in Hamilton County is Melowese Richardson, alleged to have cast six votes for Barack Obama.

In true Barack Obama victimology fashion, she claims she filled out absentee ballots for her granddaughter, brother, and others because they needed “help” in voting—not to mention it being Barack Obama’s right to receive these votes.

This is only one small district in Ohio. We know the Obama campaign was engaged in massive voter fraud throughout the United States. Given that Obama squeaked by with barely two percent of the popular vote and that he was engaged in massive voter fraud, it is a foregone conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama did not win the election.

Christopher Dorner: Racist Time Bomb

Christopher Dorner SC Christopher Dorner: Racist Time Bomb

In declaring his one-man war against the LAPD, etc. Christopher Dorner became the tactical equivalent of a Crip or Blood, ironically his opponents (we assume) while a Los Angeles police officer.

His litany of civil rights abuses isn’t license for a chocolate Klansman killing spree, where he terrorizes others for his own benefit!

I wonder if this self-deluded racial “crusader” has given a millisecond thought to how his rampage endangers other Black men.

If LA is as racist as his manifesto purports, his rampage means Black men will now feel even more racist wrath than before.

Our generation was force-fed a steady diet of Marxist garbage under the guise of Black “liberation.”

One consequence of this force-feeding is a seething anger toward American Whites, which the Left won’t readily admit.

I don’t think the 1990s vintage “Black Rage” defense will be trotted out in this case, but you never know!

The liberal paradigm dictates that the conservative White man is the author of our despair. That explains the hero worship Dorner’s rampage is getting from homeboys and hippies from coast-to-coast.

They see him as a “freedom fighter” instead of a super-thug using his police and military training to terrorize others.

I see nothing to applaud here as an American Black man. Advocates as diverse as the civil rights movement and even the Black Muslims under the late Elijah Muhammad agreed that attacking police was wrong.

Black men waging war against law enforcement obviously thrill pork chop revolutionaries like the New Black Panther Party.

For those of us attempting to contribute to society, Dorner’s rampage is a tremendous step backward.

Black liberal police reform activists should ask themselves what the blowback of this case will be.

Police departments may begin scrutinizing Black officers who protest too loudly about injustice. On the street, Dorner’s hero worship may translate into increased wariness toward Black male subjects.

The last thing Black male/police relations in America needed was yet another reason for officers to view us as high security risks.

That usually doesn’t end very well in use-of-force cases.

Christopher Dorner is the racist time bomb sixties radicalism set in the American Black subconsciousness.

Like a real-life character from the 1969 Black nationalist revenge novel “The Spook Who Sat By The Door”, Dorner infiltrated law enforcement and the military with a chip on his shoulder as volatile as plutonium.

Defusing racist time bombs within Black people and Black culture is why I call my dialogue with urban men “Make Peace With America.”

The absence of said peace writes bloody inner-city headlines daily and also scripts crossover carnage like Dorner’s.

Stay tuned.


Please sign and share petition, ” Christopher Dorner Isn’t A Celebrity ” to counter balance the hero worship his groupies give him.

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Shhh- It’s OK To Hate Your White Friends!

Obama Running Low On Fuel White Guilt SC Shhh  Its OK To Hate Your White Friends!

Hating White folks is quite popular in our ranks. Our Klan behavior is mostly self-inflicted, so we’ve yet to see American Whites running for their lives from Black lynch mobs.

White nationalists argue that Black-on-White violence rates describe a more operational hatred than what I’m alluding to. Feel free to visit their sites and judge for yourselves.

There is, however, an attitude among American Blacks that it’s often acceptable to privately denounce Whites as ‘devils”, ‘crackers”, and other epithets. Liberal sisters and brothers hasten adding this happens among White folks too.

Point noted. Racial epithets directed at Blacks such as the N-word aren’t foreign in some White households, but that’s not my subject. Mimicking their wrong doesn’t magically make ours right.

My overriding concern is the erosion of moral high ground in my segment of America. Payback politics is the order of the day, eclipsing Kingian (as in Dr Martin Luther King) emphasis on character over skin color.

I can’t address internal negatives afflicting the Black community by using my past in the 80s as the only frame of reference.

While the past provides context for present conditions, it can’t be used in a one-size-fits-all manner.

Slavery can’t explain today’s Black homicide rate. Jim Crow doesn’t answer why our two-parent family unit has ceased to exist.

Blaming Republicans is a fun exercise, but it isn’t Republicans busy tearing the inner city down from within. Do-nothing Black Democrats get re-elected by accusing White Republicans as the problem- not non-performance.

Obama is seen as payback for slavery and discrimination. The fact that our unemployment and middle class loss skyrocketed on his watch doesn’t shake this mass delusion of inclusion.

Hating White Republicans, White conservatives, and non-liberal Whiteness period seems to be their holy grail. The rage, vulgarity, and even documented violence inflicted upon Romney supporters of all colors speaks volumes. As does the deafening silence from the White House when this occurs.

American Blacks borrowed the best practices from the Democrat Party’s segregation-era playbook and reloaded it: blind loyalty, dissenter intimidation via social media, and an inability to accept other ideologies as valid.

The lessons of the past seem lost upon us. Being morally superior to White racism gave way to dipping bias in chocolate and declaring it chic.

Is this our victory? Acting like those we fought for generations?

A financial recession is bad enough. Compounding it with a moral one is intolerable.

Ritual recitals of White Republican racism rings hollow while so many American Blacks comfortably discriminate just like distant bigots they blame for everything under the sun.

By today’s low standards, were I a Black liberal, I’d hate my White friends too- just not to their faces. At least the New Black Panther Party is honest about their racism.

Being open about it brings too much heat, as the New Black Panther example illustrates. That’s why Black liberals who feel this way are so covert about it.

Like ‘upstanding” White Citizens’ Councils of old, such hatred is quietly deployed at the voting machine (and, some suspect, the jury box.)

I don’t hate White people- not even liberal ones. I disagree with policy and behavior- not pigment. Taking Americans on a case-by-case basis, as individuals, works for me.

Hating White people is beneath me.

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How Safe Are Your Freedoms, America?

Obama Forward SC 690x1024 How Safe Are Your Freedoms, America?

Whoever wins the upcoming election in November will be handed the opportunity to shape America for the next 25 years and beyond. FIVE Supreme Court Justices are already in their 70′s & 80′s, plus some are in ill health. This situation should be of concern to every freedom-loving American. Obama and the “Progressives” have shown their disdain for the Constitution and the laws that are based on that document. Obama picks and chooses which laws he will enforce and which ones he won’t because he personally doesn’t like them. Obama’s attitude flies in the face of the oath that he took as President of the United States. His cabinet members have also shown a huge tendency for disregarding the laws that they don’t like. Here are a couple of Obama’s favorite targets: the Second Amendment, The Defence of Marriage Act, and ALL the immigration laws of the United States. Obamacare, which was ruled a “tax” by the Supreme Court, originated in the SENATE, not the House of Representatives where ALL taxation is supposed to begin, as per our Constitution. Obama has flaunted the Hyde Amendment (which is law) that says NO taxpayer money shall be used to fund abortion.

When Barack Obama was an Illinois state senator, he successfully BLOCKED legislation to protect babies who were born alive after an attempted abortion. He was in favor of INFANTICIDE! The Born Alive Infant Protection Act was finally PASSED after Obama had moved on to Washington, D.C. What do you think he will do if he can pack the Supreme Court with his like-minded Progressives. What would be the next step…euthanasia for the chronically ill? The elderly, the disabled, the mentally challenged? What would stop Obama from effectively nullifying our Constitution through a judicial fiat? Obama has shown a tendency to find ways AROUND Congress instead of working with them, effectively neutering them and ruling by executive orders. I don’t believe that that is the way our founding fathers intended America to function.

The president would be able to destroy industries that he doesn’t like through regulatory dictatorship without even bothering to consult Congress. In fact, that is happening right now in the fossil fuel industry; and Obama would shamelessly continue to pour BILLIONS of taxpayer money into “green energy ” projects that are turning out to be nothing more than useless, unstable, and impractical payback schemes for chosen Obama supporters. Obama could use his Supreme Court appointees to silence his critics in all areas of the media and control who gets access to the Internet (and who gets rewarded or punished for what they do for him or against him politically.) The government could become totally intrusive in your life with no recourse on your part to stop it. Obama and his zombies would have the ability to control every aspect of your life and not have to worry about answering to anyone. He’s already shown a penchant for doing that.

It would basically take an armed revolution to take back control of the country if that scenario developed, and I really don’t think anyone really wants that…yet. Obama, himself, said “elections have consequences”; and they do, but the question becomes “what kind of consequences?” Do we get a President who believes that the United States is a country of laws and not men, or do we get a President so hellbent on totally changing America into his vision of “social justice” that EVERYBODY loses? The choice is yours, my fellow Americans, and this IS literally an election to decide whether we go on to greatness or we become a banana republic. We need people on the Supreme Court who will view new laws and legislation through the Constitution, not activism! We need justices who will hold those in power accountable, according to our Constitution.

We have an abortion issue in this country that has torn this country apart since it was ruled “constitutional” without a foundation for that ruling. 50 million of our unborn, partially born, and live born children have been murdered since that judicial activist ruling came down in 1973. Walk the ruling backwards and see if you end up on a “solid” legal precedent, or if it turns out to be nothing more than a “social justice adjustment” ruling.

Here’s a nightmare scenario for you. Barack Obama is re-elected, and names Attorney General Eric Holder as a justice to the Supreme Court!! This is the man who has consistently VIOLATED our Constitution in order to steer America on the course that he and Obama want to see our country take. Holder is the man who said that we should have two sets of laws, one for blacks, and one for whites! Holder is the man who has defiantly stonewalled Congress about who authorized an international gun-running scheme that went horribly wrong. Holder refuses to release documents that would say who is responsible for the deaths of two federal agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens. Holder is the man who has sued state after state for wanting to implement laws that would require a person to show a photo I.D. (which most states give away for free to the poor) in order to vote. The Democratic National Convention that just concluded a couple of weeks ago even demanded photo I.D. in order to get in, so why not to vote? Holder is the man who refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for violations of voting laws, begging the question whether his decision was “RACE” related! Is this the kind of person we want sitting on the bench of the highest court in our land? I think not; but then again, that’s just me.

Ask yourself this very serious question before you vote this November. Do I really know who I’m voting for and the people he will appoint for the future of our country? Am I satisfied where this country is at this moment, where it is going, and what it will be like in four years? I saw a cartoon of George W. Bush that said, ” Wow, if Obama gets re-elected he’s stepping into an even bigger mess than he did four years ago, so who is he going to blame this time?” I don’t know about you, and I don’t care what gender or skin color they are, but I want a leader. I do NOT want an ANTI-American world-appeaser. Think about it before you go into that voting booth November 6th. Adieu.

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