How Safe Are Your Freedoms, America?

Obama Forward SC 690x1024 How Safe Are Your Freedoms, America?

Whoever wins the upcoming election in November will be handed the opportunity to shape America for the next 25 years and beyond. FIVE Supreme Court Justices are already in their 70′s & 80′s, plus some are in ill health. This situation should be of concern to every freedom-loving American. Obama and the “Progressives” have shown their disdain for the Constitution and the laws that are based on that document. Obama picks and chooses which laws he will enforce and which ones he won’t because he personally doesn’t like them. Obama’s attitude flies in the face of the oath that he took as President of the United States. His cabinet members have also shown a huge tendency for disregarding the laws that they don’t like. Here are a couple of Obama’s favorite targets: the Second Amendment, The Defence of Marriage Act, and ALL the immigration laws of the United States. Obamacare, which was ruled a “tax” by the Supreme Court, originated in the SENATE, not the House of Representatives where ALL taxation is supposed to begin, as per our Constitution. Obama has flaunted the Hyde Amendment (which is law) that says NO taxpayer money shall be used to fund abortion.

When Barack Obama was an Illinois state senator, he successfully BLOCKED legislation to protect babies who were born alive after an attempted abortion. He was in favor of INFANTICIDE! The Born Alive Infant Protection Act was finally PASSED after Obama had moved on to Washington, D.C. What do you think he will do if he can pack the Supreme Court with his like-minded Progressives. What would be the next step…euthanasia for the chronically ill? The elderly, the disabled, the mentally challenged? What would stop Obama from effectively nullifying our Constitution through a judicial fiat? Obama has shown a tendency to find ways AROUND Congress instead of working with them, effectively neutering them and ruling by executive orders. I don’t believe that that is the way our founding fathers intended America to function.

The president would be able to destroy industries that he doesn’t like through regulatory dictatorship without even bothering to consult Congress. In fact, that is happening right now in the fossil fuel industry; and Obama would shamelessly continue to pour BILLIONS of taxpayer money into “green energy ” projects that are turning out to be nothing more than useless, unstable, and impractical payback schemes for chosen Obama supporters. Obama could use his Supreme Court appointees to silence his critics in all areas of the media and control who gets access to the Internet (and who gets rewarded or punished for what they do for him or against him politically.) The government could become totally intrusive in your life with no recourse on your part to stop it. Obama and his zombies would have the ability to control every aspect of your life and not have to worry about answering to anyone. He’s already shown a penchant for doing that.

It would basically take an armed revolution to take back control of the country if that scenario developed, and I really don’t think anyone really wants that…yet. Obama, himself, said “elections have consequences”; and they do, but the question becomes “what kind of consequences?” Do we get a President who believes that the United States is a country of laws and not men, or do we get a President so hellbent on totally changing America into his vision of “social justice” that EVERYBODY loses? The choice is yours, my fellow Americans, and this IS literally an election to decide whether we go on to greatness or we become a banana republic. We need people on the Supreme Court who will view new laws and legislation through the Constitution, not activism! We need justices who will hold those in power accountable, according to our Constitution.

We have an abortion issue in this country that has torn this country apart since it was ruled “constitutional” without a foundation for that ruling. 50 million of our unborn, partially born, and live born children have been murdered since that judicial activist ruling came down in 1973. Walk the ruling backwards and see if you end up on a “solid” legal precedent, or if it turns out to be nothing more than a “social justice adjustment” ruling.

Here’s a nightmare scenario for you. Barack Obama is re-elected, and names Attorney General Eric Holder as a justice to the Supreme Court!! This is the man who has consistently VIOLATED our Constitution in order to steer America on the course that he and Obama want to see our country take. Holder is the man who said that we should have two sets of laws, one for blacks, and one for whites! Holder is the man who has defiantly stonewalled Congress about who authorized an international gun-running scheme that went horribly wrong. Holder refuses to release documents that would say who is responsible for the deaths of two federal agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens. Holder is the man who has sued state after state for wanting to implement laws that would require a person to show a photo I.D. (which most states give away for free to the poor) in order to vote. The Democratic National Convention that just concluded a couple of weeks ago even demanded photo I.D. in order to get in, so why not to vote? Holder is the man who refused to prosecute the New Black Panther Party for violations of voting laws, begging the question whether his decision was “RACE” related! Is this the kind of person we want sitting on the bench of the highest court in our land? I think not; but then again, that’s just me.

Ask yourself this very serious question before you vote this November. Do I really know who I’m voting for and the people he will appoint for the future of our country? Am I satisfied where this country is at this moment, where it is going, and what it will be like in four years? I saw a cartoon of George W. Bush that said, ” Wow, if Obama gets re-elected he’s stepping into an even bigger mess than he did four years ago, so who is he going to blame this time?” I don’t know about you, and I don’t care what gender or skin color they are, but I want a leader. I do NOT want an ANTI-American world-appeaser. Think about it before you go into that voting booth November 6th. Adieu.

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obama speech 7 SC Demagogue In Chief

Demagogue is not a word that was used to describe Barack Obama in the campaign of 2008. Hope and Change were the mantra of his campaign, and voters who flocked to his side were eager to take up the call. But the Obama of 2012 is a different person, even more cynical, more narcissistic, and without a doubt more desperate for the Oval Office than ever before in his life. So much more desperate in fact that he has adopted a scorched earth policy.

In his first run for the White House, Obama claimed a link to the black community that he did not share, a link that could only come from a shared history and an equal struggle. Obama’s critics during his 2008 campaign, Al Sharpton chief among them, pointed out that Obama was not an ‘authentic’ black and not representative of the true black experience born out of the struggle to find a place in a post-slavery America. While many people have tried to equivocate and color the formative years of Mr. Obama, it does not negate the underlying question: Did he live a life that in any way compares to the life of an urban youth in the black community during the same period in his life?

The answer is no.

In 2008, voters heard about some of Obama’s youth: his life in Indonesia; his basketball efforts at Punahou School in Honolulu, HI.; and his penchant for eating at a local favorite spot, Rainbow Drive-In. What many did not know is that tuition at Punahou during Obama’s attendance there was more than $5,000.00 per year, hardly urban. In addition, he lived in Manoa Valley, a decidedly non-urban community; and while he may very well have been battling an inner turmoil, trying to develop his ‘black’ side, it makes no difference to the truth of his upbringing. Many people struggle with who they are or where they fit in even when they grow up with everyone around them being the same in skin, history, lifestyle, and convictions. There is nothing unique or edifying about Obama’s particular struggle; he learned what he did and used that insight to move him through life in search of his place in the world. It has taken him to the pinnacle of world power, and he took with him the hopes of community well-versed in turmoil.

The problem is, he does not share the same hopes as that community does…not entirely. The danger that lives in the black community is a militant anger that will not be sated. While not universal within the community, this anger is what links Obama to the black community- not because Obama shares this anger necessarily, but because he uses it to further his purpose.
Obama echoes the words of hope in the black community, but his actions feed the anger that festers within. He claims a kinship that he could not abandon all while using the anger to foment a racial divisiveness that will be unequaled in the history of America. He uses the successful efforts of others and claims them as his own. He calls for cooperation while he usurps authority not granted him by the decorum of his office. Obama called himself a unifier; yet America now finds itself more divided by race, means, and thought than ever before, a divide that will tear the country to shreds if not checked. His current campaign is rife with clichés, pandering, and dissembling. He foments anger at every opportunity by playing to the fears of his supporters with lies and half-truths, misrepresenting his record and those that do not share his vision. He claims success when failure is all the eye can see. He can do this because his only true success in his first term has been to enslave millions more to the teat of mother big government, making them dependant on the government he is running into bankruptcy.

Yet what of the community he embraced as his own (distantly I will say, a community that in some ways had no choice but to accede to Obama’s desires)? What happens to that community as true brother is turned against brother, father against son, and mother against daughter? How can any unification, in truth, be had by dividing people with rhetoric and dissembling? What ideal is served by claims that every discussion or criticism of Obama is guided by racism, a hatred of his skin? There is only one end to such designs, only one conclusion when the maestro at the podium brings his choir to the crescendo of his symphony: chaos, civil distress, and (ultimately) war. Not of a sort, but a real war in the streets. In recent days, the New Black Panther Party has made very disturbing comments regarding the upcoming election and what they see as their purpose in this country. The NBPP is fully supportive of the Obama reelection push, and their statements are designed to strike fear and confusion in the hearts of Obama’s opponents. Fear that will demoralize those who would end the capricious reign of a man bent on self-gratification and personal pleasure. They believe violence will force votes to Obama in order to end the threat, a threat I personally believe will be carried out regardless of how the vote turns out.

The threats are born of the anger that crawls under the skin of a cadre of people loyal to the idea that revenge is the only solace for a tortured soul. Revenge for past wrongs, present indifference, and a future made unclear by the very anger that is fueling the drive to attain that revenge. When anger such as this is given voice and purpose, it is almost impossible to contain it. There is no way to put the genie back in the bottle or close the lid on Pandora’s Box. What will follow such action? What will become of the black community should civil war of a racial nature become a reality?

It is my opinion that Obama is without consideration of what the black community will suffer if the NBPP carries out their promise of death and destruction of “Whitey” and the slaughter of new born “pink people” in an effort to eradicate this nation of whites. Such an act would be a full declaration of war unlike any seen in this lifetime, and the divisions that so far have been driven by rhetoric will become fixed and permanent with no possibility of redemption. The NBPP has been emboldened by a Justice Department that turned a blind eye on the intimidation and threats of violence perpetuated on voters in Philadelphia on Election Day 2008. They have been empowered by a media that drinks in ugly words and dismisses them as only words of frustration for centuries of slavery. And Obama sits smiling all the while, knowing that he has a group of unquestioning believers at his disposal…unwitting as well.

Obama has a thirst for power that cannot be satisfied, not even with a second term. He wanted to change America to suite his vision of the world, and he will not be satisfied until he has destroyed the very foundation that made this country the global power it once was. Violence is a means to an end in achieving that change. Obama will not have to lift a hand; those who believe he is their surrogate will act of their own accord, Obama will benefit, and America will suffer for it. The NBPP is only a part of the black community, but it is now the most visible part. Should this come to pass, it will be the black community that pays the highest price: they will never be forgiven.

That Obama is using the black community is no surprise. They are willing to serve him; they just do not know the price they will pay for doing so. The fact that he would do so without regard to the cost to the black community is unconscionable and a sad testament to the man who claimed to be the only person who could unify this country and the world.

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Are You That Dumb, Mr. Obama?

Barack Obama speech 4 SC Are You That Dumb, Mr. Obama?

Did you know, Mr. Obama, that since you became President, gun sales in the United States have at least doubled? You have negative job growth in the private sector, but the firearms industry sends you its best wishes! You and your Attorney General, Eric Holder, have created such an atmosphere of insecurity and violence that people are running, not walking to their nearest sporting goods store (or gun dealer) to do what your government administration cannot do….protect them!  An Arizona rancher was killed on his own land by illegal immigrants, and what happened? As far as the answer to that question goes, look at what you have done to the border and the Border Patrol. You have closed or are in the process of closing nine border stations. Your Homeland Security Department gives the personnel at the border new, politically correct operating procedures to deal with a shooter. They are: RUN, HIDE, THROW SOMETHNG, and if ABSOLUTELY necessary, take some defensive action. You and Holder run a botched gun running operation called “Fast & Furious” that results in over a thousand guns lost, a dead Border Patrol Agent, a dead ICE agent, and a couple hundred dead Mexican nationals. What do you do when someone blows the whistle on the operation? You hide related documents that were legally subpoenaed by Congress, which is charged with oversight, under a blanket of “Executive Privilege”……nice move!

Your “Justice” Department allows the New Black Panther Party to intimidate voters at a Philadelphia voting place. If  it were a couple of whites or Hispanics who did something like that, they would probably still be sitting in jail. Your “Justice” Department seems to refuse to prosecute black-on-white crimes but has no problem (nor do you) with injecting yourself into a non-black killing a black youth. Why?

The Department of Homeland Security goes out and orders 450 MILLION rounds of ammunition. What war are you going to start, and with whom? You had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton negotiate a UN gun control treaty, which started a firestorm that made you back down….for now.

It has been reported by very reliable sources that you signed an Executive Order giving you the power to declare Martial law in the case of major civil unrest…..why?  You and your Progressive minions never seem to tire of finding ways to nullify portions of the Constitution that you don’t like. You miscalculated how complacent the American people had become, but thanks to you and your policies over the last four years, we are wide awake now!

The Tea Party was born because of you and thrives with citizens of all colors, creeds, and political positions. The common denominator is that while we may disagree about the ideology, we are united behind our love of God, country, our freedom, and the guns that will maintain that freedom for future generations. A word of caution, Mr. Obama: your actions and policies are the reason for the huge spike in gun sales, which should tell you something.  Take heed, Mr. Obama, as Americans will NOT abide tyranny in any form. Thomas Jefferson once said: ” At times, the Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I never thought I would see the day when so many citizens have become so distrustful of our government that Jefferson’s quote would be talked about so much. Mr. Obama, you really wouldn’t be stupid enough to try and stay in power at any price, would you? Progressives aren’t really that dumb, are they?

Remember, Mr. Obama, the firearms and ammunition businesses are thriving because of your policies, so I guess you do have some job creation bragging rights. Adieu.

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Court Rips Holder’s DOJ For Handling Of Black Panther Case

Holder The Magnificent SC Court Rips Holders DOJ For Handling Of Black Panther Case

Shortly after the election of Barack Hussein Obama, Acting Assistant Attorney General Loretta King announced the Department of Justice would not prosecute 3 New Black Panthers for Election Day voter intimidation. The outrage of DOJ attorneys who had filed the original complaint later increased when the Department ordered them to not cooperate with an investigation launched by the Civil Rights Commission.

At the same time, the Obama Administration insisted that politics played no part in the Justice Department’s decision to drop the charges. In fact, the Department claimed it was career officials, rather than political appointees, who made the final call.

But in 2010, Larry Klayman’s Judicial Watch produced emails acquired pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request and lawsuit that clearly revealed “…the two top political appointees at the DOJ were involved in the decision to dismiss the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party.”

On May 10th of 2009, Associate Attorney General and Obama appointee Thomas Perrelli emailed DOJ colleague and former Democrat election lawyer Sam Hirsch, asking “Where are we on the Black Panther case?”  The email included the “current thoughts on the case” of another Obama appointee, Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, 2nd in command at the DOJ.

Just 2 days later, King—also one of Obama’s DOJ appointees—issued an email to Perrelli and Ogden that included “an update on a planned course of action in the NBPP (New Black Panther Party) litigation.” Judicial Watch shows that this email “was distributed to Attorney General Eric Holder” himself.

In 2010, Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez testified before the Civil Rights Commission. In response to questions about possible political motivation in dropping the New Black Panther prosecution, Perez stated “the decisions were made by Loretta King in consultation with Steve Rosenbaum,” later suggesting that dropping the case was simply a matter of “…career people disagreeing with career people.”

Prior to filing the lawsuit that forced the release of these emails, the DOJ had told Judicial Watch that the Department could find no records concerning David Perrelli’s “meetings with the White House on the Justice Department’s voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers.” Yet even the national media had reported “at least 9 meetings between Perrilli and White House officials…regarding the Black Panther case.”

And just yesterday, a federal judge finally agreed that political appointees of Barack Obama did indeed interfere with the Black Panther prosecution. His decision came as a result of the Justice Department’s claim that it owed no attorney’s fees and court costs to Judicial watch for its FOIA related suits because “…none of the records produced in [the] litigation evidenced any political interference whatsoever” by the Department. But Judge Reggie Walton disagreed, writing in his decision that “…the documents reveal that political appointees within DOJ were conferring about the status and resolution of the New Black Panther Party case in the days preceding the DOJ’s dismissal of claims in that case…”

Three years and countless legal fees have finally proven what the American people have known from the beginning—that the Regime is filled with liars who refuse to prosecute “Holder’s people.” Isn’t the DC legal system grand?!

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Racist Tweets Threaten Whites, GOP Convention


GOP SC Racist Tweets threaten whites, GOP Convention

Just days after nationwide reports of a Minnesota-based initiative known as the Unfair Campaign, which seeks to illustrate the percieved advantage of being born white, at least one group took to Twitter to double down on the white-bashing with a series of hate-filled, violent messages.

The St. Petersburg/Tampa New Black Panthers Party put the GOP Convention, scheduled for later this year in that area, in its crosshairs, promising a “showdown” with Republicans. A further study of the group’s Twitter account provides a deeper glimpse into what these blatantly racist thugs feel is acceptable fodder for the social media site.

Quoting Khalid Abdul Muhammad, the New Black Panther Party states, ”There are no good crackers, and if you find one, kill him before he changes.” Hmmm, that sounds suspiciously like this group advocates the murder of Caucasians!

If that quote was a bit nebulous, though, there’s also this gem: “”Kill these racist honkeys, these crackers, these pigs, these pink people, It has been long overdue!” Also, right there on the Twitter page.

One would rightfully expect the group to support such radical views, given it’s well-documented history of intimidating citizens with absolutely no consequences. I was rather shocked to see such vile filth broadcast across the Twittersphere, though.

Maybe the St. Pete NBPP is just overly animated because of the impending infiltration of the enemy (Republicans) into their camp. Alas, that’s not the case.

Conservatives have long shown the violent nature these villains have not tried at all to hide. The mainstream media, however, continues to ignore the trend, focusing instead on levying unfounded claims of racism on conservatives, specifically whites.

As with any problem, racism will only be dealt with effectively when it’s addressed honestly. The longer we go along as a country ignoring racism from minorities because it offends our collective sensibilities, the worse the aftermath will be.

Thank God Florida Gov. Rick Scott made the right call in allowing concealed weapons outside of the downtown convention site. Given their brazen disregard for law and order, there’s no doubt Black Panthers out for blood would pay no mind to a gun ban. At least potential victims of their violence will have the opportunity to defend themselves.

I sincerely hope this is just a bunch of vitriolic rhetoric. Violence, no matter the source, is the last thing this already heated campaign season needs.

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