Watch: O’Reilly And Black Lives Matter Advocate Get So Heated O’Reilly Cuts His Mic Off

On Thursday night, even Bill O’Reilly had heard enough from the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Fox News host opened up his show with video footage showing Black Lives Matter events in which protesters marched down a street chanting, “pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon”, referring to the police and another clip where crowds called for “dead cops.”

He also castigated an invitation by the Democratic National Committee to Black Lives Matter to host a presidential town hall event.

O’Reilly then turned to guest Keith Boykin, a BET host and Black Lives Matter spokesman, who said he believed it was important for the Democratic Party to work with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“You believe that the Democratic Party is correct in embracing a radical group, a group that calls for police officers to be killed, do I have your opinion correct?” O’Reilly asked.

Boykin defended the movement as O’Reilly honed in on the issue of whether the movement supported killing police officers. A heated exchange followed as O’Reilly tried to ask a question and Boykin continued to talk.

“Mr. Boykin, you’re either going to stop talking or I’m going to cut your mic off,” O’Reilly finally said.

In the silence that followed, O’Reilly asked the question he had been trying to ask before.

“Did anybody in the Black Lives Matter movement repudiate ‘we want dead cops’?” O’Reilly said. Boykin did not respond.

“Thank you,” snapped O’Reilly, who then turned to his other guest, law professor David Goodfriend.

When Boykin then decided he wanted to get back into the fray, O’Reilly took action.

“Your time is done, Mr. Boykin,” O’Reilly said. “Cut him down.”

Boykin’s microphone was silenced. O’Reilly returned to his discussion of the Democrats’ invitation to Black Lives Matter.

“You would think if you have an organized group in America saying we want dead cops, that all decent people would reject that group,” he said. “The Democratic Party is actively embracing Black Lives Matter.”

He asked Goodfriend, “Would you be comfortable with the Republican party bringing in the Stormfront, the Nazi people, and saying we’d like our candidates to talk to you guys?”

Goodfriend responded in the negative.

“They’re an extreme group, the Nazi party. But the Black Lives Matter is also an extreme group as you’ve heard, as we’ve proven,” O’Reilly continued. “They’ve just this week interrupted a town meeting in Los Angeles…where the mayor couldn’t even speak to the folks, where they stormed in.”

Boykin, who O’Reilly had given another chance to speak, said he was outraged at the comparison. He insisted no Black Lives Matter leader called for the deaths of police officers.

“I’ve asked you to give me one name of a person who’s repudiated that and you couldn’t…The group is judged by its behavior,” O’Reilly replied.

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Black Lives Matter Leader Warns: Replace The Constitution Or Else This Will Happen

An activist’s racially motivated attack on the U.S. Constitution included a direct threat of violence against those who disagree with him. Blake Simons, identified as a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, wrote an editorial with a message made clear in its title: A New Constitution or the Bullet.

Simons wrote that “the Constitution is the root of virtually all our problems in America,” going on to ridicule the nation’s founders as genocidal rapists.

“A Constitution written by only white men,” he asserted, “will never serve the interests of Black people. The Constitution was written for the ruling class of white men which constructed whiteness to be more valuable than any other race.”

In an apparent attempt to further clarify his article’s frank rhetoric, Simons wrote that “it is our human right to defend ourselves by any means necessary” and “overthrow a government that has been destructive to our people.”

He cited failed extremist efforts of decades past, proclaiming that now is the time for blacks to “pick up where the Black Panthers left off and declare a new constitution or it will be the bullet.”

The article was shared in a Free Republic post, prompting a number of replies lambasting Simon’s piece.

“Sounds like a terroristic threat to me,” one reader responded.

Another said the editorial represented the “[b]latherings of an idiot.”

At least a few advocates made their support known via social media, however, including one individual who posted a corresponding article in an attempt to get Simons’ attention.

What do you think of these threats of violence and revolution to destroy the U.S. Constitution? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Police Chief Says This About Black Lives Matter On Facebook- Days Later, He’s Out Of A Job

The recent murder of an innocent Texas Deputy caused  North Carolina police chief Mike Halstead to tell the world about what police face every day. In doing so, he has now been pushed into retirement by town leaders of  Surf City, N.C.

Town Manager Larry Bergman said that town leaders and Halstead met Tuesday concerning a post Halstead had made Sept. 3 on his personal Facebook page. An emergency meeting was held, called by the town’s officials, leading to Halstead’s immediate retirement with 60 days severance pay.

Bergman said that the Aug. 28 slaying of Deputy Darren H. Goforth, who was killed while pumping gas, triggered the post by Halstead, which began with the words, “Open letter from a Police Chief.”

“This Black Lives Matter group is nothing more than an American born terrorist group brought on by the lie of the hands up don’t shoot during the criminal thug Michael Brown incident,” Halstead wrote. “The FBI and other Government Law Enforcement groups need to step up and put a stop to this. The Government and blacks would not tolerate the White Supremacist group to march through the streets and call for the murders of a race of people and a group of public servants.”

“I agree there is a race problem in this country. It is not brought on by police officer doing their sworn duty,” he wrote, citing activists Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, President Obama and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan as among the culprits.

I have been a Police Officer for 35 years. I do not judge anyone by the color of their skin, but by their actions,” he wrote.

Halstead said the media is partly to blame for abysmal race relations.

“When a black thug is killed by the police they are all over it as is Mr. Barack Obama. However when a police officer white, black or any race is murdered for doing his job the media is short with it’s reporting or not at all. When a white person is killed by a black officer you hear nothing,” he wrote.

Halstead then discussed his local department.

“This is not a threat but common knowledge,” he posted. “I have instructed my officers to be vigilant, if threatened take appropriate action. If that means shoot a thug, then do it and answer for it while you are still alive not dead. Law Enforcement is fed up with this murderous society who want to take out those who protect and serve.”

Halstead closed his post on a ringing note.

“As for the New Black Panther movement who wants to kill whites and cops, go for it, we are ready for you. You take one of us and there will be 100 who will step up and end you. This letter is not meant to offend anyone, just the feelings of a man who has spent the last 35 years of his life serving and protecting, for what so a thug can take it or to be treated as a criminal by the very people I swore to protect.”

Bergman said the post, while on a private page, did not conform to town police guidelines on social media use. Halstead has not responded to media requests for comment, but did react after Tuesday’s meeting.

As Halstead left, a resident who showed up to voice support for him called out, “We’re behind you cheif!”

“Well apparently nobody is,” Halstead replied.

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Watch: Guest Tried To Feed Megyn Kelly Lies About ‘Black Lives Matter’- HUGE Mistake

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly recently slammed the media for its blatant double standard on how it has reported on the tea party movement–constantly calling it “dangerous”–and how it is now reporting on the race-based “Black Lives Matter” by calling it a righteous social justice movement–even though it has spawned riots, property destruction and murders.

As the body count of murdered policemen continues to grow across America and as riots and violence spreads, many are starting to see the connection between the hate-filled rhetoric of the “Black Lives Matter” movement and this wave of crime and violence. But many in the media have refused to even question the overheated rhetoric of Black Lives Matter, even as those same pundits viciously attacked the tea party despite a total lack of negative actions by its members.

Kelly called out this absurd reaction by the media establishment when liberal Fox News contributor Richard Fowler gave excuse after excuse on Kelly’s show for the Black Lives Matter groups.

“Richard,” Kelly began, “the people on the left we just showed were very quick to blame violence that happened in the country on what they alleged were a couple of tea party comments that they found to be racist or incendiary. Why are they not as outraged now when, as you point out, ‘Okay, maybe it was just Minnesota, maybe it was just those new black panthers–maybe it’s just that one roasted pig,’ but suddenly, the actions of a few do not apply to the many. Why the double standard?”

Fowler refused to entertain the point and went on to claim that Black Lives Matter operatives are “non-violent” and that “all they want to do is end the disparities.”

But the fact is no tea party group ever sponsored a riot, ever destroyed their neighborhood, ever chanted that they wanted to kill cops or fry them like “pigs in a blanket,” or ever said that only the lives of one race matter.

Kelly is exactly right, of course. Nearly everyone in the old media establishment slammed the tea party, calling them racist (despite the fact that no race-based comments were made by tea partiers), saying they were dangerous (despite the fact that no riots or destruction were ever sponsored by the tea party), and attacking them as disruptive to the nation and our political system (even though the tea party groups endeavored to organize and do things within the political system and not act like a rioting, angry mob).

And yet, we have real, tangible violence – even murders – tied directly to Black Lives Matter and the media refuses to even suggest a link.

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Watch: Heavily-Armed Black Panthers Caught Chanting 4 Shocking Words Just FEET From Police

Outside the Texas jail where Sandra Bland apparently hanged herself following her controversial arrest after a traffic stop, heavily-armed members of the New Black Panther Party insulted and taunted law enforcement personnel on Wednesday. Breitbart News reports that some fifteen Black Panther protestors were met by a far larger force of deputies, many mounted and outfitted in full riot-control gear. There was no violence, unless you consider the insult-filled verbal assault on the law enforcement personnel by armed protestors to be “violence.”

On video of the march posted by Breitbart, you can hear the Black Panthers chanting provocatively, using words and phrases directed at deputies outside the Waller County jail that many might believe to be threatening.

“Oink, oink, bang, bang!” the group says loudly. In addition, with many holding “shotguns, hunting rifles, and AR-15 style assault rifles” at the ready, the Black Panthers chant, “The revolution is on… Off the pigs!”

There was such a large law enforcement presence at the jail because of a disturbance last weekend where people protesting about the Sandra Bland case stormed the facility, invaded the foyer of the sheriff’s office, and confronted authorities in a scuffle that left several deputies injured. Despite the taunts and shouts on Wednesday calling for “pigs” to be killed, there were no reported arrests stemming from the military-style march by the New Black Panther Party.

By clicking on the video above, provided courtesy of Breitbart, you can see for yourself what authorities in Waller County, Tx., had to put up with outside the jail on Wednesday.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth