NBC’s Nightly News Knocked From Its Pedestal

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ABC’s World News Tonight topped NBC’s Nightly News in the latest ratings, snapping the Peacock network’s 288-week win streak as the number one evening news broadcast.

WNT won in both total viewers, with 7.997 million to Nightly News’ 7.913 million, and in the 18-49 demo, by a margin of 1.952 million to 1.791 million, making it a complete victory.

Nightly News had been able to hold on to the number one slot, thanks in part to their recent decision to rebroadcast the program in the early morning hours in select markets and add those viewers to its total numbers for ratings purposes. But that strategy unraveled after media buyers told NBC not to air their clients’ ads during the rebroadcasts. Without those national ads, Nielsen won’t measure the audience, depriving NBC of an opportunity to inflate the real numbers.

Despite NBC News’ efforts to spin the post-Brian Williams results in a positive way, the facts are that this was NBC’s lowest first quarter in the news demo since Nielsen began tracking it in 1991, and the lowest total viewers since 2013. Season to date, NBC does lead ABC by 520,000 total viewers, but is barely hanging on to the demo lead with an advantage of just 29,000 viewers per week. The momentum at this time is clearly with ABC.

The fall of NBC Nightly News from number one caps a bad three-year stretch for NBC News, which has seen both the Today show and Meet the Press lose their grip on the top slot in their respective time periods. It also poses big challenges for new NBC News chairman Andy Lack as he tries to figure out how to get the division back on track.

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With An Eye On 2016, Gov. Jindal Announces Christians Need Protection From Governmental Force On Businesses

Bobby Jindal

Potential 2016 presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., joined host Chuck Todd on NBC News’ Meet the Press to discuss the growing topic of religious freedom laws.

“So you think it’s okay, based on religious conviction, for a business to deny services to a same-sex couple?” Todd asked.

“Chuck, we’re not talking about restaurants denying service to people who want to come have dinner, we’re not talking about day-to-day routine commercial transactions,” Jindal replied. “We’re talking about a very specific example here of business owners – of florists, musicians, and caterers – who are being forced to either pay thousands of dollars or close their businesses if they don’t want to participate in a wedding ceremony that contradicts their religious beliefs.”

“So in that instance, yeah, I think part of the first amendment means we allow individuals to obey their conscience, to obey their religious beliefs,” he added.

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Rifle Target Company Sues NBC News And Affiliate After Being Called ‘Bomb Makers’ On Today Show


An Oregon-based exploding target company is suing NBC News and one of its local affiliates for a report featured on the morning program Today which labeled its feature product “dangerous.”

03302015_Marc Tweet_Twitter

Tannerite, which has manufactured “safe binary exploding targets,” was itself the target of a report by NBC News National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen (pictured above) on Today. The segment initially aired March 23, according to Bearing Arms, which initially broke the story.

Entitled “Bombs for Sale” on his segment Rossen Reports, Rossen contended the product is “basically” a bomb when introducing the report, and said the key ingredient in Tannerite’s product, ammonium nitrate, was the same ingredient that was used in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Bearing Arms refuted several of the claims in the report, including the connection to the Oklahoma City bombing:

The primary use for ammonium nitrate is as an stable inexpensive, water-soluble high-nitrogen fertilizer to increase plant growth and increase crop yields. Without ammonium nitrate, you’d be paying a lot more for all your vegetables (from arugula to zucchini) and for grain products, such as breads.

This “same substance” is a shelf-stable and inflammable oxidizer, every bit as dangerous to handle and transport as sand from the beach.

You can view the NBC News report below. A print story also featured on the Today website was still up as of this publishing.

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WLEX, based in Lexington, Ky., posted an article along with the NBC News report asserting it was illegal to mix the two components of Tannerite, which Bearing Arms noted was factually inaccurate. Unlike the Today article, the WLEX posting has been removed from their website.

On behalf of the firm Mendelsohn, Drucker, and Dunleavy, Tannerite hit both NBC News Universal and WLEX with a civil lawsuit in the Southern District of New York last Thursday.



The suit contends the following:

  • On March 23, 2015, Defendant NBCU released a defamatory “report” that falsely claimed that Plaintiff’s rifle targets are “Bombs for sale.”
  • Defendant’s NBCU’s investigative reporter holding Tannerite products falsely asserted that “Right now I am basically holding a bomb in my hand.”
  • On March 24, 2015, Defendant WLEX published an Internet article that falsely asserted that Plaintiff’s targets are “ready made bombs [that] are being sold in sporting goods stores…..”
  • WLEX article states: “There is a federal law prohibiting people from manufacturing [Tannerite] products, but none preventing people from buying as much of it as they can carry.” As stated, WLEX’s article falsely asserts that the workers of Tannerite Sports, LLC are breaking federal law when manufacturing Tannerite® products.
  • NBCU’s report and video, and WLEX’s article, contain one or more written false statements that were intended to impugn Plaintiff’s rifle targets and Plaintiff’s reputation in the sporting industry.
  • Bombs are destructive devices that are strictly regulated by the federal and state governments.
  • Plaintiff’s rifle targets are not bombs.
  • Federal guidelines allow consumers to purchase Tannerite-brand rifle targets for personal, non-commercial use; and the consumer is allowed, under federal guidelines, to mix the precursors at the target-practice location and shoot the target.
  • Tannerite-brand rifle targets can be legally used for sporting activities.

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Mark Halperin: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Running Against Herself’ And ‘Losing’

Hillary Clinton

Mark Halperin, co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, joined NBC’s Today show and didn’t mince words discussing Hillary Clinton’s future presidential run.

“Republicans are running in a field of 13 or 14,” Halperin said. “She’s running against herself. And right now, she’s kind of losing.”

“She’s doing well in the polls but all these questions about her emails about whether she should face a nomination fight, means the Democrats are worried,” he added.

Halperin also alluded to the Democrats going all in on Hillary Clinton and now second-guessing whether or not she should run unopposed.

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NBC Fudges Ratings Numbers In Wake Of Brian Williams Scandal


In an effort to stay atop the ratings in the aftermath of the Brian Williams scandal, NBC has begun airing rebroadcasts of the Nightly News in select markets between 2 and 4 a.m., according to Politico.

The network has been including the numbers from the rebroadcasts in its total ratings reports, boosting the total audience for the program.

Laura Nelson, the chief communications officer for ratings company Nielsen, said that NBC was following standard industry practice and that they were “operating within their guidelines.”

It may be standard industry practice, but as of now, only NBC is taking advantage of the rebroadcasts—thereby gaining additional viewers for its ratings—while ABC and CBS stand pat with the numbers from their original broadcasts.

Politico also noted the curious timing of the rebroadcasts, with NBC starting in one market the same week Williams apologized for lying about his Iraq experiences, and then adding three more markets the week Williams was suspended for six months. Since then, according to a Politico source, NBC has added rebroadcasts of its evening news show in at least 10 more markets—including Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Denver—in “major urban areas.”

NBC may be claiming that the Nightly News is doing just fine without Williams, but any ratings that are reported for the program should be taken with a grain of salt, since they are padded with the rebroadcast numbers.

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