Mark Halperin: Hillary Clinton Is ‘Running Against Herself’ And ‘Losing’

Hillary Clinton

Mark Halperin, co-managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, joined NBC’s Today show and didn’t mince words discussing Hillary Clinton’s future presidential run.

“Republicans are running in a field of 13 or 14,” Halperin said. “She’s running against herself. And right now, she’s kind of losing.”

“She’s doing well in the polls but all these questions about her emails about whether she should face a nomination fight, means the Democrats are worried,” he added.

Halperin also alluded to the Democrats going all in on Hillary Clinton and now second-guessing whether or not she should run unopposed.

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NBC Fudges Ratings Numbers In Wake Of Brian Williams Scandal


In an effort to stay atop the ratings in the aftermath of the Brian Williams scandal, NBC has begun airing rebroadcasts of the Nightly News in select markets between 2 and 4 a.m., according to Politico.

The network has been including the numbers from the rebroadcasts in its total ratings reports, boosting the total audience for the program.

Laura Nelson, the chief communications officer for ratings company Nielsen, said that NBC was following standard industry practice and that they were “operating within their guidelines.”

It may be standard industry practice, but as of now, only NBC is taking advantage of the rebroadcasts—thereby gaining additional viewers for its ratings—while ABC and CBS stand pat with the numbers from their original broadcasts.

Politico also noted the curious timing of the rebroadcasts, with NBC starting in one market the same week Williams apologized for lying about his Iraq experiences, and then adding three more markets the week Williams was suspended for six months. Since then, according to a Politico source, NBC has added rebroadcasts of its evening news show in at least 10 more markets—including Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Denver—in “major urban areas.”

NBC may be claiming that the Nightly News is doing just fine without Williams, but any ratings that are reported for the program should be taken with a grain of salt, since they are padded with the rebroadcast numbers.

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NBC Suffering With Williams Off The Air


The debacle surrounding Brian Williams has not only cost NBC News much of its credibility, but based on the initial ratings since Williams was suspended without pay for six months, it is costing them a big chunk of their viewers.

According to Nielsen’s fast national data, viewership fell dramatically for the NBC Nightly News in the first week with Williams off the air.

Last Monday, Nightly News averaged 9.8 million total viewers, but by Thursday that had fallen to 8.6 million, a drop of more than 12 percent in just 3 days.

The main beneficiary of the tumult at NBC is ABC’s World News Tonight, anchored by David Muir. WNT beat Nightly News by 347,000 viewers on Wednesday, which was a huge difference from the previous week when WNT trailed them by 400,000 viewers.

NBC News has replaced Williams with Lester Holt for the time being, but he is facing the difficult task of not only replacing the top evening news anchor in America, but trying to restore the division’s credibility as more stories emerge about Williams’ long history of lying on the air.

In time, Holt may be able to regain some of the viewers lost during this debacle, since Americans tend to be creatures of habit in their television viewing. But restoring NBC News’ credibility will be a much longer process and can only truly occur if they fire everyone who enabled Williams to get away with lying for so long.

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Andrea Mitchell Slams Obama For ‘Crusades’ Remarks At Prayer Breakfast


On Sunday’s Meet The Press, NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell admonished President Barack Obama for his controversial remarks about the Crusades and missteps of religions outside of Islam at the National Prayer Breakfast. Ms. Mitchell told host Chuck Todd and co-panelist and New York Times columnist David Brooks that Obama needs to deal with the issues of today without leaning over backwards to invoke the “sins of the fathers.”

MITCHELL: You don’t use the word Crusades, number one, in any context right now. It’s just it’s too fraught. And the week after a pilot is burned alive, in a video shown, you don’t lean over backwards to be philosophical about the sins of the fathers. You have to deal with the issue that’s in front of you or don’t deal with it at all. Talk about faith.

TODD: There are a lot of politicians, conservative politicians, who invoke religion when talking about fighting ISIS.

MITCHELL: But he’s the president. He’s the president and you can’t really go back to 1095.

TODD: You think he made a mistake?

MITCHELL: I do, because it’s so out of context and it is so much in passing. If you’re giving a major speech about theology, perhaps. But this is the prayer breakfast. And remember, you know, the context of that. It’s very limited.

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Without Citizen Journalists, Would America Be Free?

When our Founding Fathers first came together, their goal was to form a government that was by the people and for the people, meaning that we all have a voice. The Declaration of Independence was their first official JOURNAL declaring their willingness to fight against a tyrannical government, with the United States Constitution being their second JOURNAL to lead and guide all future generations on the path of achieving and maintaining true Freedom and Liberty. Although this was not an easy task to accomplish, it was accomplished not only thanks to the Black Robe regiment (the clergy who preached for the cause of Freedom), but also the writings of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams, John Adams, and George Washington–just to name a few. Their words were fearless and helped give birth to a fledgling nation. There is no other reason why the right to free speech was listed as the first item in the Bill of Rights–and the right to keep and bear arms was listed as the second, in order to protect the first.

Now, over the course of time, mainstream journalism has grown into a multi-million dollar enterprise, where those who simply read the narration and talking points given to them by the government, on the nightly news, seek to squelch the voices of the citizen journalists through regulation and the push for political correctness. They have left most Americans with the feeling that they are being lied to on a daily basis (which, most of the time, they are). It was nice to see that citizen journalists, via Stars and Stripes magazine, held NBC anchor Brian Williams’ feet to the fire about the BIG lie that he told about his trip to Iraq. The mainstream media has omitted any and all TRUTH about Barack Hussein Obama, where he came from, and where he is leading America. It will be up to the citizen journalists to do the research and present the FACTS.

My point is this: our Founding Fathers guaranteed each and every one of us a voice in the execution of our government. For us to remain silent will only lead to our own demise as a free people. Tyranny is achieved when good people do nothing. Take a good look around you, my fellow Americans. Are we still living in the country that our Founders envisioned? We must find our still-small voice and exercise it LOUDLY if we are ever to get America back onto the path of righteousness. One great nation, one loud voice! The time is now to call out and stand in one accord against all un-righteousness; and together, we will guarantee Freedom and Liberty for generations to come.

As always, fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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