Boom: The GOP Just Dropped An Absolute Hammer On NBC That’ll Leave Them Reeling

During the Republican debate hosted by CNBC in October, presidential candidates were incensed by the contemptuous attitude they perceived from the event’s moderators.

The fact was most obvious when Ted Cruz called out the moderators. “The questions that have been asked this far in the debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media,” Cruz said. “Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain? Ben Carson, can you do math? John Kasich, will you insult two people over there? Marco Rubio, why won’t you resign? Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen.” Cruz added the candidates were there to “talk about the substantive issues people care about.”

The Republican National Committee (RNC) hasn’t forgotten either. The RNC officially severed its ties Monday with NBC for any and all upcoming debates hosted by the network.

Reince Priebus wrote NBC in October with his concerns. “The RNC’s sole role in the primary debate process is to ensure that our candidates are given a full and fair opportunity to lay out their vision for America’s future,” Priebus wrote. “We simply cannot continue with NBC without full consultation with our campaigns.”

As to the continued relationship with NBC, the final word was given today. The Debate Committee of the RNC voted unanimously to cancel its partnership with NBC as a debate host for the RNC.

NBC responded in a statement, “This is a disappointing development…However, along with our debate broadcast partners at Telemundo we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the Republican Party.”

It is unclear whether the debate, previously scheduled on NBC for Feb. 24, will be rescheduled with another network or who the moderators will be.

Watch: Trump Just Eviscerated The Media With 2 Words- Then Set His Sights On 1 Lone Reporter…

As a billionaire who has spent 30 years in the media spotlight and as a Republican presidential candidate whose bid for the White House has been a media sensation for months, Donald Trump has a unique insight into the workings of the news media.

On Monday night, stung by the latest inaccuracies about his campaign, Trump lashed out the media pack, calling the media “absolute scum.”

“The mainstream media want to surrender the Constitution,” Trump also declared Monday.

Speaking Monday at a rally at the USS Yorktown in Charleston, S.C., Trump recalled a false report made by NBC that Trump had been forced to cut short a rally in Raleigh, N.C., after Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted him. Trump has often battled the media to correct alleged inaccurate or biased reporting regarding his campaign.

“So we talk about the media, and by the way some of the media’s terrific. But most of it, seventy percent, seventy-five percent is absolute dishonest, absolute scum. Remember that–scum! They’re totally dishonest people,” Trump said.

Trump then explained the issue that bothered him.

“I had one the other day where I finished a speech and they said, “Oh, Trump was interrupted and he left early.” Like, uh, I spoke for forty-five, fifty minutes. I then answered questions. And then I went around to –you know, everybody knew it was false,” he said.

“She’s back there–little Katy–she’s back there. What a lie it was, no, what a lie, Katy Tur, what a lie it was from NBC to have written that, it was a total lie…And then other people pick it up, you know it’s NBC so somebody picks it up,” Trump said

Trump has called out media members before.

“The press has a lower approval rating than Congress,” Trump told a New Hampshire crowd in October.

Media attacks against Trump make The Donald stronger, one analyst noted.

“Whether it’s the media trying to fact check Trump, or whether it’s establishment Republican trying to figure out how to stop Trump, all that provides more oxygen for the Trump fire that burns in his supporters,” said Matt Strawn, former chairman of the Iowa Republican Party.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit

When Donald Trump Went On Saturday Night Live, Something BIG Happened To NBC

If Saturday Night Live is a window into the soul of the American voter, Donald Trump has just proven himself far more popular than Hillary Clinton.

In analyzing SNL‘s ratings for Saturday night’s show hosted by the Republican presidential candidate, Entertainment Weekly contrasted Trump’s numbers with those of the season’s opening show, hosted by Miley Cyrus with a guest appearance by Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner.

“According to NBC, SNL had a whopping 6.6 household rating on Saturday night, easily beating the season’s previous high…In fact, Trump’s overnight rating was 47 percent higher than the Miley/Hillary episode,” Entertainment Weekly wrote.

“For point of comparison, the season premiere delivered 6.3 million viewers, so Trump’s episode could be close to 10 million,” it added.

Saturday’s episode with Trump gave SNL its highest ratings since January 2012, according to the Associated Press.

Trump himself said the episode was “very well received and probably got very good ratings, who knows.”

Donald Trump won,” wrote James Poniewozik in the New York Times.

“Whatever one can say about Donald Trump, he’s shrewd about the TV business. He knows what pressures producers work under, he knows what he can deliver in ratings and he knows the leverage that gives him,” Poniewozik wrote.

“He’s used all that to his advantage in the campaign. He’s not only availed himself of free media, he’s often set the terms — for instance, phoning into to news shows that usually prefer candidates to sit in person for questioning. He’s even used television savvy as a political point,” he wrote.

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“Trump probably left SNL with another such victory. The episode is not likely to hurt him among any voting group. He can take credit for the high ratings — adding that he delivered for a network that recently had cut ties with him over his comments about Mexican immigrants — and lay any criticism on the writing staff,” Poniewozik wrote.

h/t: Breitbart

NBC And A Culture Of Corruption

The CNBC television network set a new mark for non-professionalism covering the October 28 Republican debate. The moderators – Carl Quintanilla, Becky Quick and John Harwood – asked such inane questions as, “Are you running a comic book campaign?” and, “Are you planning to insult two candidates?” They frequently interrupted and argued with the candidates. They were nastier than Candy Crowley, the infamous 2012 CNN moderator who lectured Mitt Romney on addressing a president and corrected his “wrong” statements that Iran and Russia were threats to the US. But the larger issue is not corrupt journalists. It is a culture of corruption in media. That culture peaks in the NBC family that includes CNBC and MSNBC.

Former Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams lied about being shot down, seeing a dead body in New Orleans, and coming under fire from Hezbollah. He never flew into Baghdad with Seal Team 6, which does not embed reporters. He was even busted for claiming to be at the Brandenburg Gate the night the Berlin Wall came down.

NBC admitted recutting the 911 call from George Zimmerman the night Trayvon Martin died to make him sound racist. They hired Chelsea Clinton – with zero credentials – for $600,000.00 just to gain access, and gave Al Sharpton his own program on MSNBC. Sharpton, let’s recall, made his name by abetting the Tawana Brawley rape fraud. He presided over the “What do we want?  Dead cops” campaign and lied repeatedly on the air about being an FBI informant on his mobster friends.

This culture is not limited to NBC. Dan Rather blew his CBS career when he lied about George Bush’s military service. When John Kerry was outed for fraudulent claims about his own military service in 2004, all the networks covered for him, even inventing the term “swift boating” to disparage and discourage political whistle-blowers. More recently, Hilary Clinton admitted to Congress she lied about an anti-Mohammad video causing the Benghazi massacre – later retracting her confession – and is hailed as heroic by media. I did not like Walter Cronkite’s politics, but I sure miss his integrity; he reported the news without manufacturing it.

Nobody ever suggested Barack Obama resign from the senate when he set a record for being absent during votes, or voting simply “Present” before and during the 2008 campaign. He was again not asked to resign when it was revealed the President skipped his national security briefings – there are a record number of events he says he hears about only on CNN. Yet Senator Marco Rubio was asked if he ought to resign over votes missed while campaigning. The senator replied that the media is the biggest SuperPAC there is. He is right.

What should a good citizen do? How about if that citizen is a Christian?

We can accept the reality that ordinary people have no access to the big media types – whether on-air or in board rooms. Likewise for the fat cat donors who really call the shots in both major political parties. But we can also recall the reality that the God-man who changed the world was born in a manger. He worked with His hands and walked from town to town. Taking His example in the present instance, we can cultivate relationships with local media types and their bosses. We can help them see they need to break the mold and hold the network big guns of the world up to the ridicule they deserve. We can ask our neighbors to think it a star in the crown of candidates ridiculed by the supposedly objective commentators – to actually vote for those despised by this shamming and shameful elite. We can reflect that Jesus – He who came, served and died so humbly – said there was abundant life in following Him, both in Person and in Style.

It seems impossible. But after some discouraged Jews came to see if Jesus was really the One (Matthew 11:2-12) – and Jesus showed them how the Kingdom was manifesting before their eyes as He worked and others worked with Him – He said the Kingdom was being taken by force and forceful men laid hold of it. What He meant was that God Himself has no defense against our simple cry of need. A weak man can successfully arm-wrestle the Father while the strong man hasn’t got a prayer – pun intended.

We can re-engage with our neighbors instead of letting the talking heads do our thinking and our talking and our acting for us. We can take back our nation by being once again our nation. And we can take back the world by becoming the Body of Christ.

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Watch: The Stunning Thing That Just Happened Could Cause ‘Terror’ For Dems- Even NBC Admits It

Kentucky voters made a resounding statement Tuesday, sending reverberations across the political establishment.

In a state where only one other Republican has served as governor over the past 40 years, Republican Matt Bevin defied the polls and defeated Democratic opponent Jack Conway 53-44 percent in the race for governor of Kentucky.

Bevin campaigned strongly against Obama administration, making his victory a possible bellwether of the national mood as America heads toward the 2016 presidential election.

“I think the terror for the Democrats is, is that a metaphor for the national election?” said NBC commentator Tom Brokaw, appearing with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC. “Because Bevin ran kind of a classic Tea Party race against the establishment down there.”

Brokaw cited political expert Charles Cook’s statement on the election.

“If it goes this way, it’s radioactive for the Democrats because it’s a rejection, again, of Obama and what the Democrats are standing for at this point,” Brokaw quoted Cook as saying.

Bevin campaigned strongly against Obamacare, saying he would shut down Kentucky’s health care exchange and reduce Medicaid. One of his campaign ads said Bevin would “protect” Kentucky from Obama’s “war on Kentucky.”

Elisabeth Pearson, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association, said the Democratic candidate “ran into the unexpected headwinds of Trump-mania, losing to an outsider candidate in the year of the outsider.”

Shortly before the election, the New York Times called Bevin “a loose cannon capable of alienating voters from both parties.”

Bevin had given his critics a succinct reply: “You watch.”

h/t: TheBlaze