Global Warming Brings Record Cold Temperature

Photo Credit: State Library of New South Wales (Creative Commons)

In the aftermath of brutal winter weather that recently ravaged much of the American south, global warming skeptics have more empirical proof on their side than ever before. For those seeking further vindication, however, NASA recently released a report showing that the Earth’s standing record for the lowest recorded temperature has been shattered.

Until 2010, the coldest reading ever captured was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Since then, the most frigid regions of the world have reached temperatures near -136 degrees Fahrenheit on at least two occasions.

Within the past three years, the Earth has experienced temperatures almost 10 degrees lower than at any time in recorded history. The readings were recorded in East Antarctica by a NASA satellite and, according to one expert, represent a cold “more like you’d see on Mars on a nice summer day in the poles.”

National Snow and Ice Data Center Scientist Ted Scambos went on to explain that the new record low is “50 degrees colder than anything that has ever been seen in Alaska or Siberia or certainly North Dakota.”

Several years ago, environmental activists predicted that the Earth’s frozen tundra would devolve into a melted wasteland within our lifetime. These forecasts came just a couple of decades after so-called experts predicted our planet was destined to enter a new ice age.

Regardless of their predicted effect, both apocalyptic prognostications share a common purported cause: humans. The real intention behind much of this activism lies in controlling people rather than saving the planet. For that reason, global warming minions have hedged their bets in recent years by referring to the nebulous phenomenon of “climate change.”

Nevertheless, Greenpeace showed a knack for unfortunate timing by releasing a video on the dangers of global warming just as this recent report began making national headlines.

In an outrageous ploy to engage young viewers, the organization made use of a dystopian Santa Claus surrogate bearing the sad news that Christmas has been cancelled. The reason, according to the actor portraying the grim St. Nick, is “melting ice here in the North Pole” that has “made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible….”

Truth be told, Santa would more realistically have to cancel his route because the bitter cold made it impossible to venture outside.

Of course, when compared to their own ideological motives, reality means little to those on the radical left.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: State Library of New South Wales (Creative Commons)

Record Heat And Drought Signs Of Solar Catastrophe?

Sun 3 SC Record Heat and Drought Signs of Solar Catastrophe?

NASA and the National Academy of Sciences has warned us of a coming 2012-2013 solar event that could possibly be the solar catastrophe that could spell disaster across the globe.

As the sun approaches the 2013 solar maximum, researchers say solar activity is just beginning, large solar flares are erupting on a regular basis with ever increasing strength. Recently, the Sun ejected an X-class flare on Friday.

NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spotted the summer’s first ‘X’ solar flare on Friday – a huge outburst from the sun right at the top of the scale.

This came on the back of 12 ‘M’ flares in just six days, with a M6.1 flare knocking out radio signals across the planet on Thursday – hinting at the destruction the sun could reign on our technology if Earth takes a full blast across its blow.

The sunspot group behind the flares – named as AR1515 – stretches across 118,681 miles (191,000km) of the sun’s surface.

This makes it’s width more than 15 Earths set end to end, said NASA solar astrophysicist C. Alex Young.


Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad (Creative Commons)

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