Watch: What The Air Force Is About To Do Will Launch A New Phase For This HUGE Mystery Project

Just last week, Western Journalism told you about the major milestone reached in the U.S. Navy’s new carrier-based drone program. Called the X-47B, the unmanned combat air vehicle was successfully refueled in mid-air for the first time. That means the tail-less, jet-powered drone is moving even closer to becoming the battlefield-ready aircraft that never has to land.

Now, fast on the heels of the Navy’s progress in proving the capabilities of the X-47B, the Air Force announces the next phase in the testing of its own super-advanced unmanned vehicle, the X-37B. Resembling a miniature version of NASA’s now-retired space shuttle, the X-37B military space plane is scheduled to launch on its fourth mystery mission on May 20th from Cape Canaveral. The website reports that the official Air Force line about the launch is that the vehicle will be subjected to “testing of experimental payloads.”

“The X-37B’s payloads and specific activities are classified, so it’s unclear exactly what the spacecraft does while zipping around the Earth.”

A recent CNN report noted that the Air Force mystery plane on its last flight spent some 22 months orbiting the Earth, sparking all sorts of speculation about what exactly it was doing high above the planet. You can watch the CNN coverage of the X-37B, or the Air Force Ortibal Test Vehicle, by clicking on the video above.

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Here’s The Message This Famous Astronaut Is Sending To The Cosmos With This Epic Stonehenge Pic

Image Credit: Twitter/Buzz Aldrin

As the new budget for NASA is being debated in Congress, it appears that the chairman of the subcommittee considering the space agency’s funding may be singing a tune that one of the country’s most famous astronauts would be happy to hear.

Republican Ted Cruz now chairs the Senate Commerce Space Subcommittee, and he’s none too happy with the direction NASA has been going since President Obama came into office.

As the website Space News reports, the Texas senator believes the agency has been spending way too much money on earth science — with a sharp focus on climate change — and not enough on its core mission of space exploration.

Putting more resources toward working on manned missions into space would certainly seem to be the preference of the second person to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin.

Now 85-years-old, the Lunar Module pilot for the Apollo 11 mission is still going strong, traveling the world and pushing hard for his country to invest in off-world adventures.

While visiting England’s mysterious, prehistoric Stonehenge a few days ago, Aldrin had a classic picture taken as he looked toward the sky and pulled open his jacket in a Superman-like pose. He tweeted the photo with a hashtag that he frequently uses — #GYATM.

Aldrin1If you take a closer look at Aldrin’s T-shirt, you’ll see what that hashtag represents — his passionate desire to see a manned mission to Mars, a desire expressed in what might be considered a somewhat irreverent way. But for those who know Aldrin, it’s classic Buzz: “Get Your A** to Mars.”

Image Credit: Twitter/Buzz Aldrin

Image Credit: Twitter/Buzz Aldrin

As an article in USA Today notes, “Aldrin’s been spotted before wearing the #GYATM T-shirt to highlight his ShareSpace Foundation, an organization geared toward encouraging children in science, technology, engineering, arts and math.”

You might recall that back in 2002, when he was then 72-years-old, Aldrin made quite a splash when he was accosted by a “lunar truther” conspiracy theorist who demanded that the astronaut swear on the Bible that the moon landing wasn’t a fake. Aldrin proceeded to punch the man in the face and walked away.

h/t: USA Today

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How ‘Bout A Little Less Muslim Outreach, And A Little More Science, NASA?

Photo credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Flickr)

One by one, they are falling like dominoes under the leadership of King Obama and his Rasputin.

Every well respected federal agency of these United States has been ruined by an agenda of political correctness and anti-American priorities. NASA is the latest agency to show its true cards of incompetence. Never mind that the rocket was using a Russian engine.

The fact that the United States can’t make a motor for a rocket is just appalling. We have now seen the dangers of relying on adversaries for our technological capabilities. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russians sabotaged the motor; time will tell.

The real issue is the sad fact that America’s greatness has been squandered in an effort to save the world from Obama’s dreamed up racial guilt. In his mind, every minority or anti-Christian group is owed a huge debt by the United States for its horrible past of atrocities and greed. Therefore, Obama’s priority has been to siphon off the awesome capabilities of this country to redistribute to the rest of the world.

Take Ebola, for instance. Now we hear that King Obama wants to import sick non-US citizens for treatment in the United States. If we want to help people, wouldn’t it be better to treat them in their own country?

Doesn’t it cost a whole lot of money to fly people here in bio-containment units? Use the money to build a hospital in Africa! I don’t think the American people would care.

In their hearts, Americans are generous.  But bringing more Ebola patients into this country and needlessly threatening the American people is just a really bad decision.  It’s beyond poor judgement; it’s irrational.

In 2010, reported, President Obama told NASA administrator Charles Bolden (pictured above) that his highest priority should be “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.” Well, who knows if they succeeded in this effort?

What we do know is that America can’t launch a rocket into space by itself, and we are blowing up rockets on the launchpad. It’s obvious NASA hasn’t been focusing on putting people and supplies into space and exploring the greatest frontier.

Now we can add NASA to a long list of incompetent, failed federal government agencies.

Photo credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Flickr)

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Are Russia And China Going To Kick America Off The Moon?

Since NASA is now a vehicle for Muslim outreach, other space powers are in a race to colonize and exploit lunar resources for their own gain.  Russian newspaper Izvestia has recently acquired a draft program written by the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Roscosmos federal space agency, and Moscow State University to achieve this colonization in a three step program beginning with mapping the Moon with robots in the next few years.   It will be a sad day to see the American flag removed from the moon.

It’s been over forty years since American astronauts walked on the lunar surface.  Our space budget has been steadily eroded over the decades, with NASA’s priorities being redirected especially egregiously by the current administration.  In a recent hearing in front of Congress, Republicans on the House Science Committee Space subcommittee berated the head of NASA, Charles Bolden, for deleting funds Congress allocated for heavy space launch vehicles, and redirecting them to a program to launch Americans into low Earth orbit and the scientific exploration of asteroids.

In 2010, Barack so famously told Bolden that NASA’s highest priority should be, “to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science … and math and engineering.”  With priorities like these, it’s no wonder that NASA pays Russia hundreds of millions of dollars a year–and the United States of America does not have a vehicle for launching humans into space.  It’s an embarrassment, and this administration should be held accountable.

Reducing the capability of our space agency is just one more way President Obama has reduced American power and prestige in the world.  As I have written before, I think this is a conscious plan.  It’s a plan to prevent America from being the leader in space exploration and advancing the human race into the worlds beyond.  By abdicating American space leadership, Obama has allowed other competitive and even hostile powers to fill the void.  There is possibly a plethora of strategic metals and other materials on the Moon’s surface.  In addition, the Moon could be colonized and then militarized, therefore preventing Americans from developing their own lunar colonization program in the out years.  The Moon will also be a launching point in the future for further manned missions into space.  We could be shut out of this business altogether.

Congress should enforce its power of the purse and force the administration to adhere to its allocation priorities that it has directed.  Allowing the Executive Branch to destroy the American space program and future capability is a crime and must not be allowed to continue.  We have to muddle through the next two plus years with this administration, but at least we can force them to follow the law.  The alternative is to further doom our children to a future dominated by other hostile powers “to infinity and beyond!”

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Global Warming Brings Record Cold Temperature

Photo Credit: State Library of New South Wales (Creative Commons)

In the aftermath of brutal winter weather that recently ravaged much of the American south, global warming skeptics have more empirical proof on their side than ever before. For those seeking further vindication, however, NASA recently released a report showing that the Earth’s standing record for the lowest recorded temperature has been shattered.

Until 2010, the coldest reading ever captured was -128.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Since then, the most frigid regions of the world have reached temperatures near -136 degrees Fahrenheit on at least two occasions.

Within the past three years, the Earth has experienced temperatures almost 10 degrees lower than at any time in recorded history. The readings were recorded in East Antarctica by a NASA satellite and, according to one expert, represent a cold “more like you’d see on Mars on a nice summer day in the poles.”

National Snow and Ice Data Center Scientist Ted Scambos went on to explain that the new record low is “50 degrees colder than anything that has ever been seen in Alaska or Siberia or certainly North Dakota.”

Several years ago, environmental activists predicted that the Earth’s frozen tundra would devolve into a melted wasteland within our lifetime. These forecasts came just a couple of decades after so-called experts predicted our planet was destined to enter a new ice age.

Regardless of their predicted effect, both apocalyptic prognostications share a common purported cause: humans. The real intention behind much of this activism lies in controlling people rather than saving the planet. For that reason, global warming minions have hedged their bets in recent years by referring to the nebulous phenomenon of “climate change.”

Nevertheless, Greenpeace showed a knack for unfortunate timing by releasing a video on the dangers of global warming just as this recent report began making national headlines.

In an outrageous ploy to engage young viewers, the organization made use of a dystopian Santa Claus surrogate bearing the sad news that Christmas has been cancelled. The reason, according to the actor portraying the grim St. Nick, is “melting ice here in the North Pole” that has “made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible….”

Truth be told, Santa would more realistically have to cancel his route because the bitter cold made it impossible to venture outside.

Of course, when compared to their own ideological motives, reality means little to those on the radical left.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: State Library of New South Wales (Creative Commons)