Actually, ‘Trans-Racial’ Is Much More Reasonable Than ‘Transgender’…

Okay, okay, now hold your hate mail. I am not saying that ‘trans-racialism’ is something that should be normalized, accepted, or, hell, even given a second thought. Allow me to clarify my position before you read any further.

You are born with a specific sex and race. It is hard-wired into your DNA; you cannot change it. If you choose to identify as something other than as defined by your biology, you are delusional. Sociology does not supersede biology.

Okay? Good. Now, the left has absolutely freaked out over the Rachel Dolezal story. I predicted it; it was easy to see coming. It created a very difficult juxtaposition in forcing modern leftists to make an uncomfortable decision. Are they going to risk being ‘racist’ by supporting this black-face charade? Or would they risk being ‘trans-racial-phobic’ by not supporting the black-face charade? There’ve been leftists on both sides. Some called Rachel Dolezal out as a fraud, while some at MSNBC basically said that this whole trans-racial thing deserves a second look.

Hilarity ensued.

That being said, allow me to presuppose something here: ‘trans-racialism’ isn’t any more absurd – and I would argue is actually much more reasonable – than the modern transexual movement. I know, I know; some of you think that I’m taking a controversial opinion here simply to be the blockhead that I am. I assure you that’s not the case.

As opposed to sex, which differentiates humans by their organs, reproductive functions, hormonal profiles, bone-density, neuropsychiatry, and physical capabilities, many of the delineations surrounding race are merely cosmetic. Of course, I’m not suggesting that there aren’t noticeable contrasts between, say, a gentleman from Okinawa or a man off of the African Savannah. I’m also not suggesting that we all try and fake color-blindness here.

What I AM saying, however, is that what is required for someone to successfully become “transexual” is much more expensive, invasive, dangerous, and ultimately scientifically unfeasible when compared to what would be required to change one’s race.

Fallon Fox (Right) Transgender MMA Fighter


In order for a man to “become” a woman, he is required to undergo severe hormone replacement therapy, amputate his testicles/penis from his body, and create a massive wound in its place, which must constantly be re-opened as to prevent the male anatomy from instinctively closing it. In addition, the subsequent cosmetic surgeries to make one resemble a woman can number well into the six figures.

The end game: it usually still looks very much like a man wearing a dress. See: ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner.

Rachel Dolezal didn’t undergo any surgery, hormonal treatment, or psychiatric counseling. She slapped on a fake tan and got a perm. Her “transition” required less work than restoring grandpa’s Ford Fairlane.

The end game: Rachel fooled people for over a decade. She was believable enough that the freaking NAACP bought her schtick and put her in a position of black leadership.

So again I ask you… how is it any more absurd?

As a matter of fact, those arguing that ‘trans-racial’ is any less legitimate than ‘trans-sexual’ are unkowingly holding an inherently racist position. In order to justify said position, one must believe that men and women are fundamentally more similar, and ultimately inter-changeable, than people of different colors. Liberals are telling you that black and white people are so different, sooooo far apart, that it’s much more reasonable to change one’s gender than their race.



Of course, I don’t believe that. While there are obvious differences to be contrasted between ethnicity, I believe that on a fundamental level, a black mommy can do anything a white mommy can do.

I don’t believe that ‘Caitlyn Jenner’ can.

Yet in today’s America, my view is the one considered to be trans-phobic, bigoted, and anti-science, while leftists get to continue to hold their sexist, racist positions without ever being forced to defend or rationalize them on a national platform.


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Watch: Rachel Dolezal’s Brother Just Revealed 4 Incriminating Words She Told Him

The Fox News Channel’s program Fox and Friends had Ezra Dolezal on the show Tuesday. Ezra is the younger brother of Rachel Dolezal, the former leader of the NAACP Spokane chapter.

Although born to Caucasian parents, Ms. Dolezal told Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Tuesday that she identified as black. “As much as this discussion has somewhat been at my expense recently, and in a very sort of viciously inhumane way come out of the woodwork, the discussion is really about what it is to be human,” Ms. Dolezal said. “I hope that that can drive at the core of definitions of race, ethnicity, culture, self determination, personal agency and, ultimately, empowerment.”

But Ezra, who told the Fox and Friends hosts that he had not seen his sister since 2012, expressed a vastly different viewpoint after being asked by co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck what the one thing he could say to her would be. “Honesty is a really important characteristic and she should just be honest with everybody about everything,” Ezra said. “And also to not be so angry towards the family. I mean, she’s got some really built up anger against the family for some really confusing reasons.”

Despite the estrangement, he said he still loves her. Co-host Steve Doocy then asked Ezra: “Is that when she told you, ‘Don’t blow my cover?’”–referring to the last time they saw each other.

“Yes,” Ezra immediately responded, explaining that it happened when he and his younger brother were visiting Rachel while she was living in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. “She was basically telling me not to tell anybody over there about her family or Montana or her real parents,” Ezra said. “Like she was even saying that her dad was over in there in Coeur D’Alene with her.”

Doocy pointed out that Rachel would show a photo of the black “father” with her. “Well I never saw a picture until now,” admitted Ezra. “I didn’t really know who it was she was talking about,” telling the panel it was a person Rachel used to work with while living in Idaho.

I was kinda surprised about that because I didn’t actually know who it was until this past week that she was trying to pass him off as her real father.

Ezra brushed aside claims made by his sister that “any man can be a father; not every man can be a dad.”

“Well she changed her original statement, her original statement was actually her father,” Ezra pointed out. “It’s one thing to say ‘He’s your father figure,’ but saying someone is your biological father. That’s two different things.”

There’s multiple people that can be father figures, but I don’t know really why she would say that.

Is ‘transracialism’ a topic America should discuss? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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How To Become Black In Three Easy Steps (Satire)

By now, you’ve heard about Rachel Dolezal, the blonde, green-eyed head of the west coast NAACP chapter who claimed to be black. Unfortunately for her, her parents came forward to reveal that neither they nor she was, in fact, black. She also claimed that (1) a very dark-skinned black man was her father (he wasn’t), (2) she was born in a Teepee in Montana and grew up hunting with bow and arrow, (3) her mother beat her with something called a “baboon” whip because she was black, and (4) that she received hate mail from a racist group–even though the mail she turned over to the police turns out to never have been mailed in the first place (Ooops!).

Surprisingly, however, the liberal media is supporting her. After all, she is a liberal. This creates a tremendous opening; if a blonde, green-eyed woman can be black, anyone can be black! Given the advantages in jobs, schooling, and government contracts, the only surprising thing is that more people don’t do it!

That’s why you may be interested to know the three easy steps to becoming black.

Step 1: Get the hair right. If you’re light skinned, you’re going to have to do something to make yourself look at least ambiguously black. Remember on The Cosby Show, how one daughter was much lighter-skinned than the rest, and everyone was wondering what she was doing there? Well, at least she had the stereotypical curly hair. Look how Dolezal transformed herself: she started out looking almost like Hitler Youth material but quickly transformed into something more appropriate, akin to Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons.


Unfortunately, some time later, Dolezal went a bit overboard with the look. Too much braiding and rope coiling simply looks like a white lady’s parody of a black woman.


Step 2: Be Liberal. That’s easy enough. The reason so many people are sticking up for Rachel Dolezal is because she’s the head of a chapter of a far-left organization, the NAACP, the only organization I know who would be offended if outsiders called its members by its own name for them (Colored People). To be liberal, you don’t have to be involved with a black group per se; it can be an extremist environmental group, or a homosexual lobby group, or a criminal lobby group like the ACLU, or some wing of the Democratic Party, as long as it’s far left.

Note that while being white and leftist can make you black, the opposite is also true: being conservative and black can make you white. Just ask Clarence Thomas, who has endured decades of racist commentary on his character and the “authenticity” of his “blackness.”

Step 3: Act according to the worst stereotypes of blacks. If you’re Hillary Clinton–perhaps the whitest individual on the planet–you need to take on an offensive black accent and talk of blacks’ great love for fried chicken. If you’re BIll Clinton, you need to be sexually promiscuous. Or watch this training video from the “I speak Jive” lady from Airplane!

Don’t worry about being called ‘racist.’ If you’re liberal (see Step 2), the liberal media will approvingly equate your reprehensible behavior with “Blackness”, simultaneously giving you street credibility and defaming the entire black culture in one brush stroke.


Exit question: if America gave the special preferences in jobs, education, and business to Swedish people that it gives to blacks, do you think you would see millions of people suddenly declare themselves to be Scandinavian-American?

This article originally appeared at, the conservative news site.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Idiot MSNBC Host Hilariously Defends ‘Trans-Racial’ Issue

MSNBC is at it again. We couldn’t make this one up if we tried. Trust us, sometimes we do.

Everybody knows about Rachel Dolezal by now. She’s the NAACP chapter president who is white, but says she’s black. Transracial, and all that jazz.

Except being transracial isn’t possible. Neither is transgender, actually. But that’s another story…one filled with both science, hate-speech, and science-hate-speech.

Not so fast. An MSNBC host has been gracious enough to educate us all on how race actually works. And I quote:

I wonder can it be that one would be cis-black and trans-black, that there is actually a different category of blackness, about the achievement of blackness, despite one’s parentage?

Here’s the full video:

Wait, what? Now it doesn’t matter what color your parents are…you can be whatever color you most identify with? If she were elected someday, would this new revelation make Dolezal eligible to be a member of the Congressional Black Caucus? Because that’d be a – dare I say it – colorful story…

This is just another step down the slippery road of cis-this and trans-that. When boys are no longer boys and girls are no longer girls… when men and women choose to reject their heritage… everything, and I mean everything, becomes subjective.

MSNBC trans superheroBecause I tell you what… I’ve always secretly felt that I identify as someone much taller. And richer. And better-looking. And a yachting enthusiast. And generically ethnic in a way that’s mysterious but not too mysterious, just mysterious enough to be subversively magnetic. Deep down, I’ve always felt that that is who I am.

Yeah. From now on… you shall call me “Alberto.”


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Fake Black NAACP Chick Sued School Over ‘Race.’ Why It REALLY, Really Matters…

So I read this on a conservative site. It seemed too outlandish at first. I had to check the source. Then another, and then another.

Looks legit. Turns out that fake black NAACP chick, Rachel Dolezal, sued her former school over issues of ‘race.’ I can’t stop laughing. From TheSmokingGun:


Okay. Once you can stop holding your gut from laughing so hard, move that hand up a little bit. Now to the left. Right on the old ticker. Feel that pain? You should. Your heart should break for this country. Because this, right here, is emblematic of everything that is wrong with America, and particularly the modern “Social Justice Warrior” movement.

We’ve reached a point in this country where victim status has been so elevated, so revered, gone so far beyond any criticism, that it’s now become the goal to which young Americans aspire.

Gone are the days when young Americans dreamed of becoming inventors, investors, or employers. We’re now plagued with a new batch of Americans who aspire to take, take, take and ultimately, hopefully sue.

Get fantastic grades and knock the SAT out of the park… or put “African American” on your college application?

Become a world-class artist and create content that enriches the lives of millions across the world… or sue the school for not giving you an unearned prize?

Which would you rather do?

Young Americans are now not only taking the path of least resistance, but they’re deliberately creating new paths with even less resistance. In that sense, they’ve come full circle and are innovators in their own right!

Keep this story in your back pocket, because it’s a pivotal one. Conservatives have been saying for years – YEARS – that leftists are constantly seeking to play the victim card. The left denies it through and through.

“Oh you really think someone would put themselves through this oppression of patriarchal, white America just to get a leg up?!”

Yep. Yep, I certainly do.

Case in point: here we have a white girl, who claimed to be a black girl, who sued other Americans for not treating her enough like a black girl, who profited off of the alleged victim status of a black girl, and who ultimately made a living off of being a black girl.

Why? Because it was easier than just being herself.

Victim status achieved.

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth