Military Expert Calls On Congress To Stop Infiltration Of Radical Islam Within Obama Administration

James Lyons Jr.

With the Republican Party in control of both congressional chambers, retired U.S. Navy Admiral James Lyons Jr. recently expressed his hope that lawmakers will work to stem the tide of Muslim extremists attaining powerful positions within the nation’s intelligence community.

“No question we’ve got a hell of a job ahead of us with the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies” he said during a January meeting of the National Press Club. “And, as has been reported by some, our lead intelligence agency headed by a Muslim convert [an apparent reference to rumors surrounding CIA Director John Brennan], this is not going to be an easy task.”

In a brief recap of the last several decades, Lyons explained that America has had “many opportunities … to change the course of history,” beginning with the Iranian hostage situation during the Carter administration.

Instead, he lamented, American leaders have repeatedly refused to act, leading to the dire situation he says we are currently in.

“Here we are today,” he said. “Political correctness has neutralized all our military leadership.”

A major factor in defeating the enemy is identifying it, something Lyons said too many are reticent to do.

“The threat is Islam,” he asserted. “Let’s make no mistake about it. There’s no such thing as radical Islam.”

He went on to ask for “a definition of moderate Islam,” concluding that “there ain’t any.”

While Lyons applauded the recent efforts of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to encourage an Islamic reformation, he said the Obama administration has yet to even acknowledge this development.

“It certainly tells you where their sympathies lie,” he said.

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Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Leave Qatar

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Qatar has expelled at least seven leaders associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. The removal of these leaders comes as an attempt by other countries in the region to pressure Qatar to stop supporting the radical group, which it traditionally supports, according to The New York Times.

Officials said Saturday that seven of its leaders have been told by Qatar to leave within a week “to spare Qatar embarrassment.”  Amr Darrag, a leader for the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), the political wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, said in an online statement on their website, “We appreciate the great role of the State of Qatar in supporting the Egyptian people in their revolution against the military junta, and well understand the circumstances faced by the region.”

The statement continues:

“In order to avoid causing any embarrassment for the State of Qatar, which we found to be a very welcoming and supportive host, some symbols of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing – the Freedom and Justice Party – who were asked by authorities to move their residence outside the State of Qatar, have now honored that request.”

With at least seven officials departing Qatar, more could be on the way out in the coming weeks and months.

Pressure to enforce the Riyadh Agreement, a pact between Gulf nations that bans terrorist activities, could have been a catalyst for the departure of the FJP leaders, as United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Egypt have pulled their ambassadors from Qatar.  All of these countries view the Brotherhood as a terrorist threat.  The UAE and the Saudis invested billions in ousting Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in July 2013.

Qatar had been a supporter of the Brotherhood, which angered the UAE and the Saudis, according to The Associated Press–with tensions mounting since Morsi’s departure.  Since the Brotherhood’s deposing in Egypt, other than being labeled a terrorist group, the FJP has been outlawed altogether; and Al-Jazeera’s offices in Cairo have been shut down.  The Qatari-owned network has been accused of aiding the FJP and the Brotherhood in the past.

A Qatari diplomat who spoke anonymously to The New York Times, however, said there was no official request for the Brotherhood leaders to leave Qatar; and they were free to stay if they wanted.

“Maybe for some of them, they saw from the media that the country is being pressed and they left of their own free will because they did not want to put the country in an embarrassing situation.”

Along with Qatar, The New York Times also reports that Istanbul and London are other locations for exiled Egyptian Islamists.

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This Alarming Evidence Shows Obama Could Be Trying To Restore One Of America’s Greatest Enemies

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The world is aflame, it is happening on Obama’s watch, the Democrats have been in power for eight years, and Americans are increasingly furious over serial failures by the regime in Washington. Talk of impeachment is a side-show. Many people say Obama should be tried for treason because he has provided aid and comfort to jihadists, our sworn enemies.

How credible is this accusation? Consider recent history.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood is now on the run and Morsi is in prison, but Barack Obama helped Morsi come to power and propped up his Sharia-based regime by funding the Brotherhood, paving the way by helping remove Mubarak from power.

Remember that the Brotherhood is the long-standing jihadist organization that gave birth to Al Qaeda. The Brotherhood, like Iran and many others, considers the U.S. the great Satan. The Brotherhood calls for our complete annihilation. Details of some of Obama’s direct support for the Brotherhood can be studied here, here and here.

Making matters worse, Obama has welcomed Brotherhood members into our government. Many of these Brotherhood operatives hold sensitive positions inside our security apparatus. This would be comparable to FDR allowing Nazis to serve in the Defense Department in 1942.

Additionally, in an almost hysterical attempt to cobble together a cease-fire in Gaza, the Obama Administration recently sought the favor of Qatar and Turkey, both totally hostile to our ally Israel, both firm supporters of Hamas, both nation states which fund Hamas. It is as if Obama is trying to save Hamas while talking tough about supporting Israel, more evidence of this regime’s pattern of corruption and deception. This report claims Kerry and Obama are not only trying to save Hamas, they are trying to restore the Brotherhood in the process.

Furthermore, you remember Obama’s red line in Syria, the one that turned pink, and then vanished? Guess what? Funding for jihadists including Al Qaeda in Syria is also part of the treasonous Obama legacy.

An excerpt from this article reads:

“The Syrian opposition groups are increasingly dominated by radical Islamists, many of them foreign fighters who, the UN says, are involved in numerous crimes committed in Syria. According to estimates of defense consultancy IHS Jane’s, more than a half of the forces fighting to topple President Bashar Assad government are jihadists.”

Now that an earnest investigation into Benghazi has commenced, many observers predict we will finally get confirmation the U.S. helped transfer Libyan weapons to jihadists in Syria with Turkish assistance and that a large part of the deterioration in Benghazi at the consulate had to do with those weapons transfers.

It should be noted as well that Obama’s illegal military action to topple Qaddafi turned Libya into a war zone where tribal rivalries play out in violence across the country and where terrorists find free reign to train and wage jihad.

Finally, Obama has consistently refused to support liberation movements in Iran and elsewhere, and, he has consistently funded and supported jihadist movements as noted, including Hamas and Hezbollah.   Please do not forget Obama purposefully pulled out of Iraq prematurely allowing ISIS to take half the country, slaughtering thousands.

The record is very clear. The man who would be king, one claiming to be a Christian, is in reality a jihadist sympathizer and collaborator who funds, helps and comforts our enemies, a man who therefore deserves to be charged with treason.

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Watch: Proof That Hamas Is Alive And Well In The U.S. And Could Be Planning Their Next Attack

Screen shot from clip

Warning: Clip contains rough language, threats of murder

To get the proper context before reading the rest of this article, please take a look at the above clip of a recent pro-Hamas demonstration in Miami.

A Brit in London was arrested recently for quoting Churchill on the subject of Islam.  American Christians are threatened and sanctioned for quoting the Bible on the subject of homosexuality.  Hamas supporters can threaten to kill American citizens, and there are no police in sight.

Years ago I met a remarkable man from Lebanon.  He grew up in Beirut with Arab youth.  He spoke Arabic.  He eventually became a pastor, and he had a stern warning for the West.  Jihad is an obligation, and Jihad is coming to the West.  He told me 30 years ago terrorist attacks would escalate.  He tried to warn the State Department.  No one would listen, that is, until 9/11.

He foretold the infiltration of America, noting that Hezbollah fighters years ago were marrying American hookers to acquire citizenship, take up residence, and plan.  We have Jihadist sleepers in great numbers throughout the U.S.

The Fort Hood shooter should have been a wakeup call to the snoozers seduced by political correctness.

And we have read much about the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration of the Obama administration.

The number of Muslims coming to America has doubled in the last 20 years.  We used to see about 50,000 Muslim immigrants per year.  Now, 100,000 come here to live as citizens every year.  Given the birth rate in Muslim communities, which is much higher than the average in the U.S., the Muslim community is growing even more rapidly.

Today, there are about three million Muslims in America, and by far, most are peace-loving citizens, but according to my friend from Lebanon, and the polling data, a substantial number are sympathetic to Jihad, and remain under an obligation to cooperate with Jihad.  According to reliable studies, about 10% of the Muslim population worldwide is radicalized. (Some argue they are not radicalized at all, only fundamentalists, ones who insist they practice pure Islam.)  This means there are now about 300,000 Muslims in America poised to participate in acts of violent terrorism, ordinarily characterized by mass killing.

FBI sources and intelligence operatives have known for years there have been significant movements of Syrians, Somalis and others into our country, and many of these men have traveled to Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere for training, returning to America to await orders.

Today, many of these fighters join others from around the world, swelling the ranks of ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Add the increasing numbers of terrorists within, the proliferation of mosques and homegrown radicalization, and the establishment of training cells here in America, and you have a recipe for disaster: serial attacks in various places perpetrated by infiltrators.

For perspective, take a look at the recorded number of terrorist attacks on American soil.  One American retaliated after 9/11, a felon who was arrested, tried, convicted and sentenced to death.

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Barack Hussein Obama: It’s Not As Simple As “Black And White”

Many people are excited because Obama is the first Black American President of the United States of America.

From my point of view, he is just another white man.

The truth is he is half black and half white. Recently, I realized it’s not that simple. Actually, Mr. Obama is neither; and I think I can prove my assertion. Before you criticize me and call me racist or politically incorrect, we need to look at the facts together and come to a logical decision. Try to keep an open mind as we ask why and sift through the truth and information.

Like Obama, I only know what I see on cable. Actually, I’ll give myself credit because I also know what I read. Unlike Obama, I don’t have access to all those intelligence people in our government who are serving him and who should have accurate, detailed information about current events. There is no reason for Obama to learn things from television news.

We will start with Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier freed from the Taliban illegally in exchange for five nasty terrorists. But anytime you bring home an American, it is a good thing, even though the information about Bowe is a little shocking. Seems like he might be a member of the very Taliban we are fighting. The military had a kill order out for him after he deserted. My, my, deserted. I feel the Muslim blessing Bowe’s father performed over the White House lawn on behalf of Allah is more upsetting. The smile Obama flashed showed he understood the Arabic words. We all saw with our own eyes and heard the father’s words with our own ears. Disregard that and thank God or Allah that Bowe is home.

I was most impressed with Obama when he said, “We must do what it takes to bring back our soldiers. We will not leave our American soldiers behind.” Actually, his last words hit me as though I had been slugged in the stomach (and I can tell you that is not pleasant.) Instantly, I had a question; but none of the news media asked the burning question that had formed in my mind. What made this different from Benghazi? The men in Benghazi weren’t prisoners, and they were alive and fighting to save other Americans. They could have been saved. Obama dismissed them AND…LEFT THEM ALL BEHIND! Ask yourself why?

Obama said he would leave no soldier behind. If he is telling the truth, then what about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, imprisoned in Mexico? I’m sure Obama has heard about him on cable. Even MSNBC had news about Andrew. Obama abandoned him. In other words, he was left behind. Why?

Remember the slaughter of American soldiers at Foot Hood, killed by a Muslim terrorist under Obama’s watch. I’m sorry, but Nidal Malik Hasan is a terrorist. He kept yelling “Allah Akbar.” Muslim terrorists yell that when killing infidels or Christians. Those words mean “God is great.” Hasan should be executed, but Obama has done nothing. Why?

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