Listen: Hot Mic Catches Trump’s Off-Air Conversation With MSNBC, People Instantly Notice This 1 Thing

Several off-air moments were caught on a hot mic during Donald Trump’s town hall with Morning Joe co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough last week. What was heard is adding to the perception, by some critics, that the media personalities are too friendly with the candidate.

Early in the leaked recording, Brzezinski refers to a Trump rally in South Carolina last week when the candidate called an Iraq War veteran and another supporter to the stage. The latter spoke of how he went from being a disbeliever to a full-on Trump backer in the race. The former reality TV star wanted to thank both for getting a protester, who was shouting profanities, out of the room.

You know what I thought was kind of a ‘wow’ moment, was the guy you brought up on stage,” Brzezinski tells Trump. 

“We played it several times this morning,” Scarborough told the candidate.

“I watched your show this morning,” Trump responded. “You have me almost as a legendary figure, I like that.”

After that, Brzezinski thanked Trump for agreeing to the interview. “You, you get great ratings and a raise,” he told her. “Me, I get nothing.”

“This will make us all look good,” Trump said, to which Scarborough replied, “Exactly.”

Listen to the leaked audio here starting at 21:25:

The candidate then asked Scarborough what he thought of his performance during the CBS debate, the day before. “The next morning when I saw the CBS poll, I knew that the people who mattered didn’t think you lost it,” Scarborough said. “I mean, you came in a strong second. And I’ll tell you what was the most revealing thing was [Jeb Bush] came in last, the guy you attacked.”

Between one of the commercial breaks, Brzezinski tried to ask Scarborough discreetly, “Do you not want me to do, the um, the ones with, um, deportation?”

“We really do have to go to some questions,” Scarborough responded.

“That’s right. Nothing too hard, Mika,” Trump joked. 

“Okay,” Brzezinski can be heard saying to someone.

Callum Borchers of The Washington Post does not believe the MSNBC pair was doing anything that made them appear to be getting too cozy with Trump. “[T]hese exchanges sound more like slightly awkward small talk than a conspiracy to lob softballs. Should Scarborough and Brzezinski really have said, ‘No, Donald, we’re going to ask super-hard questions and make you look awful?’”

“It’s worth remembering that the Morning Joe co-hosts are analysts, not straight-news reporters; they shouldn’t be held to the same standard of total neutrality. Scarborough is a former Republican congressman from Florida; he’s on TV for his insight and also as a counterweight to MSNBC’s often left-leaning roster of commentators,” the Post added. 

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Watch What Happens When MSNBC Catches Trump By Surprise With Trick Question He Doesn’t Like…

Only MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski knows whether or not she was proposing a trick question to Donald Trump, but she did indeed turn the tables him during a recent town hall meeting with the billionaire and presidential candidate. The question is as follows:

The candidate is considered a political outsider by all the pundits. He’s tapping into the anger of the voters, delivers a populist message. He believes everyone in the country should have healthcare, he advocates for hedge fund managers to pay higher taxes, he’s drawing thousands of people at his rallies, and bringing in a lot of new voters to the political process. And he’s not beholden to any super PAC. Who am I describing?

Trump added to the question and then answered by saying, “Or any special interests, or any donors. You’re describing Donald Trump.”

Brzezinski then stated: “Actually, I was describing Bernie Sanders.”

Appearing unfazed by the question, Trump went on to describe what he perceived were similarities between himself and Sanders. Trump said, “He knows that our country is being ripped off, big league.”

Trump then said that Sanders wouldn’t be able to do anything about trade issues because the latter wouldn’t know what to do about companies leaving the United States or how to stop them. “He doesn’t understand it,” Trump stated.

Then, Trump was asked who he’d rather run against. Trump seemed to contemplate this for a few seconds, but then quickly responded, “I’d think I’d rather run against Hillary just because I’d love to beat Hillary. I think I can beat Hillary … I don’t know. I mean, I’m pretty good with the legal stuff and I don’t know how she gets out of that quagmire.”

Trump was apparently referencing the fact that Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for her handling of classified information while she served as secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Fox News Just Got Handed HUGE Win From The American People That Says A Lot About The Network

As Western Journalism has reported, the top three news and commentary programs in the United States are found on Fox News. Bill O’Reilly’s program The O’Reilly Factor leads the nation as the most watched news program, followed by Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File, and in third place is Sean Hannity’s show Hannity.

Now, in a recent poll, Fox News was found to be the most trusted news source among several news channels.

The poll was conducted by Suffolk University, and was not specifically asking about news channels. However, as part of one of the questions related to the presidential campaign of 2016, the following question was asked: “What TV news or commentary source do you trust the most?”

Fox News came in first with 27.5 percent. CNN was in second place with 13.4 percent. CBS was in third place with 8.7 percent. NBC was in fourth with 7.9 percent. ABC was in fifth with 7.1 percent.

MSNBC came in sixth with 5.9 percent. Strangely enough, Comedy Central came in seventh with 4.8 percent, followed by CSPAN with 3 percent. Of those polled, 21.7 percent said they were undecided.

The survey had a sampling size of 1,000 people with 49.1 percent male and 50.9 percent identified as female. Other factors from the survey that may be of interest to some is that 93.7 percent of those polled indicated they were very likely to be voting in the general election for president this year. As for political affiliation, 37 percent of those surveyed identified themselves as Democrats, 33 percent as Republicans and 25 percent reported as Independents.

Journalists Notice Problem For Hillary Clinton In Her Shouting

Video Transcript:

After observing Monday’s Iowa primary and her previous speeches, journalists noticed a weakness in Hillary Clinton’s loud delivery style.

HILLARY CLINTON: What a night! An unbelievable night. What a great campaign … For the democratic party and the United States of America … I know that we can finish the job of universal healthcare coverage for every single man woman and child.

MSNBC’s Morning Joe sees deficiencies in her bluster.   

BOB WOODWARD: I think a lot of it with Hillary Clinton has to do with style and delivery, oddly enough. She shouts. There’s something unrelaxed about the way she is communicating and I think that just jumps off.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Last night I was watching her and I said to myself, “Has nobody told her that the microphone works?”

WOODWARD: There is something here, where Hillary Clinton suggests that she’s almost not comfortable with herself. And you know, self-acceptance is something that you communicate on television.

SCARBOROUGH: But you were right though. Hillary’s always up here and again, it’s just not natural to her.

WOODWARD: She could make a case for herself if she would just kind of lower the temperature and say, “Look, this is what I’ve done, this is what I can do, this is what I believe in,” and kind of get off this screaming stuff.

Howard Dean was then shut down trying to claim people only criticize Hillary because she’s a woman.

HOWARD DEAN: If she were a male and she were making these kinds of speeches, would people be criticizing her for…

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: No, oh my God, that’s desperate.

DEAN: I’m sorry to say it, I didn’t want to but…

SCARBOROUGH: I promise you if there was a man who always talked like this on stage, I would make fun of that man a lot faster than I would have to a woman.

Do you think Hillary Clinton struggles in communication? Do you think it’s off-putting to voters? Share and comment below.

Watch: MSNBC Host’s Appalled Reaction When He Learns WHERE Hillary Just Held A Fundraiser

Hillary Clinton may have given Bernie Sanders enough ammunition to sabotage her hopes to win next week’s Iowa caucus with a decision to attend a fundraiser Wednesday night.

She certainly drew the consternation of the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Clinton left Iowa, days before the caucus, to attend a fundraiser in Philadelphia. Sanders pounced on Clinton’s actions by stating to a crowd of his supporters, “I am delighted to be here with you tonight in Mason City,” he said. “My opponent is not in Iowa tonight, she is raising money from a Philadelphia investment firm.”

That announcement was immediately booed loudly. “Frankly, I would rather be here with you,” Sanders stated and received a roaring applause.

Apparently miffed, MSNBC commentator Joe Scarborough said, “So let me get this straight, Hillary Clinton had a fundraiser at a bank in Philadelphia yesterday?”

Franklin Square Capital hosted the fundraiser. The firm runs a $17 billion investment fund. Bon Jovi was invited to play for the event.

Scarborough continued, “Did she give a speech? I’m just curious, because I mean if you can pick up a quarter million dollars in an afternoon, that must be nice.”

“She certainly handed Bernie that line on a silver platter,” co-host Willie Geist noted.

Another co-host, Mika Brzezinski, sounded stunned to hear Clinton was originally scheduled for another fundraiser tonight in New York City, even though the event was cancelled at the last minute. “She was going to be in New York tonight raising money?,” Brzezinski asked. “Three days before Iowa? Four days – what?”

Scarborough concluded, “Wow. She must be very confident that the people of Iowa don’t care whether she’s there, or with bankers raising money on the east coast. That’s a big fundraiser. Must be a really, really wealthy investment bank to be able to afford Bon Jovi. Wow.”

Clinton has been heavily criticized for her ties to big money. The strongest of arguments against electing Clinton come from her acceptance of large sums of money from Wall Street firms for speaking at such meetings, giving her political opponents like Sanders ample evidence to distinguish themselves from Clinton.