MSNBC Can’t Believe The Pope Is Pro-Life

Photo credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales) (Creative Commons)

Since Pope Francis’ inauguration less than one year ago, the political leftists have increasingly attempted to claim him as one of their own. In reality, he has made certain comments – primarily regarding social reform and homosexuality – that lend a certain amount of credence to that assertion.

Underneath his somewhat progressive exterior, however, is the heart of a true believer who, like most Catholics, believes human life is sacred. During the recent March for Life in Washington, D.C., he made that fact abundantly clear.

“I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers,” he wrote on his Twitter page this week, “may God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable.”

His comments, though only buttressing a fundamental belief of Christianity, were actually met with surprise by at least some who apparently thought he would usher in a new age of radical leftism within the Catholic Church.

Leftists love trashing faithful Christians for their traditional beliefs and “intolerance” toward women who only want the right to murder their own unborn children. While Pope Francis is certainly more popular in such circles than other faith leaders, some political radicals cannot understand why he chooses to stand up for the sanctity of life.

Among the most indignant was Chris Jansing, who dedicated a segment of her MSNBC morning program to the tweet.

She was apparently flabbergasted that the pope would make such a statement, classifying it as “reflective of ways in which the church certainly has not changed.”

Leftists are generally suspicious of those who refuse to change their own values based on external pressure. This is likely a major factor in their overwhelming disdain for religion. While Pope Francis – along with billions of Christians around the world – realizes that God’s plan for mankind has not and will not change, the left wants to foist political correctness onto His followers.

MSNBC is certainly doing its part to propagate the PC position on this issue. In addition to Jansing’s report, other hosts recognized the March for Life not by speaking to those taking part in it, but by inviting pro-abortion activists to ridicule the pro-life position.

As more and more Americans join the effort to eradicate – or at least restrict – the massacre of babies in this country, one can expect abortion lovers everywhere to become increasingly shrill in voicing their absurd justifications for the murderous act.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Catholic Church (England and Wales) (Creative Commons)

MSNBC Botches Report Suggesting Conservative’s Retirement

MSNBC Joe Miller

Cable news network MSNBC recently announced its addition of a new position, an executive whose sole duty it is to scour pending reports for glaring inaccuracies. Apparently, that firewall is an incapable match for the routine errors stated as fact by network personalities.

A perpetual ratings loser, MSNBC frequently airs blatant ideological partisanship, outright factual inaccuracies, or a combination thereof. Sometimes, such as in a recent report on MSNBC Live this week, it is unclear what, if anything, motivated a glaring error.

Whether based on wishful thinking or the network’s longstanding pattern of ineptitude, a photo of Tea Party-backed Senate candidate Joe Miller was shown during a piece signaling the retirement of California Democrat Rep. George Miller.

Despite their common surname – which happens to be America’s sixth most popular and is shared by more than 1.1 million people in this nation – there seems to be little common ground between the two politicians.

The elder Miller has served in elected office since the Alaska Republican was in elementary school.

George Miller is a Democrat in a deep blue state, while his younger counterpart is a proud conservative in a reliably red state.

Though a cursory review of either man would expose the error, MSNBC chose instead to air a photo of a much younger rising star in the Tea Party movement while announcing the retirement of a man Politico called “Nancy Pelosi’s strong right arm….”

The mistake could have easily been the result of human error; however, the network’s history of extreme partisanship and inattention to detail cast all of its missteps in a shadow of suspicion. When staffers selected an image of Joe Miller, it seems no one found it odd that such a young politico – with no evidence of a brewing scandal plaguing his career – would be announcing his retirement.

In retrospect, it is obvious that he has no intention to give up his current campaign, which pollsters believe he has a good shot of winning. Researchers, it would seem, went no further than ensuring the candidate shared a common last name with the actual subject of the report.

Of course, to many MSNBC hosts, Joe Miller’s status as a white Republican makes him immediately and irrevocably responsible for this and any other problem they wish to pin on him.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Some of the stories we covered this week were Melissa Harris-Perry’s tearful apology to the Romneys, the 50 year War on Poverty, the unemployment problem, and Chris Christie’s BridgeGate Scandal.

Those Racist Hypocrites

Melissa Harris-Perry

Ahh, the inhumanity!!

One has to wonder what credibility the left has anymore. They claim to be the party of tolerance, the big tent with room for everyone, the party without prejudice. Yet, step outside their boundaries and – BAM!! They let loose with a torrent of obscenities, derogatory names, and language containing imagery that is completely obscene by any standard.

The most recent example is the attack on Mitt Romney’s family for having the unmitigated gall to adopt a black child. Notice I referred to his family – not Mitt Romney. It was his son, Ben, and his wife who opened their family to take in a child who needed a family.

Melissa Harris-Perry and the other racist hypocrites at MSNBC showed their inhumanity at the situation the child was in to try and make a point about the Republican Party.

To quote Marc Lamont Hill –

“There is absolutely a line you shouldn’t cross. The line I think is you don’t make fun of people’s kids, you don’t make fun of people who are adopted, you don’t mock the vulnerable. They didn’t do any of those things.”

The child needed to be part of a family, and Ben Romney’s family adopted him. The utter nonsense that Mitt Romney is a public figure allows them to make such infantile statements should have been repudiated by all decent people in this country – especially those who claim they are beyond prejudice. (Mitt Romney may be a public figure; but Ben Romney, nor his wife, nor Kieran were.)

Their insincerity is appalling. When forced to apologize, Melissa Harris-Perry found it appropriate to do it on Twitter. She then decided that she would create a hashtag – #MHPapology – to ensure that everyone would be able to see her apology. Once again, reasonable, mature people – i.e. actual adults – should have called out her insincerity. Fortunately, there were many who did.

That is why she provided a “tearful” apology on air. She wanted people to see how sincere she was. Don’t believe her. She will, at the first possible chance, continue to make such lunatic statements to show her true racism, such as – “Obamacare” is racist. The only thing she was wrong about was that people would actually be outraged at her insanity.

The hypocrisy among the left is overwhelming! Everything is racist to them – including the English language. Tolerance and diversity are impermissible. They do not believe in it, nor will they allow anyone to disagree. You are to be punished through any means necessary.

Bottom line -

  • When you have to resort to calling someone a racist – you have lost the argument. (Even more so since liberals do not know what true racism is anymore.)
  • When you resort to calling someone a derogatory name, such as “homophobe” or “Islamophobe” – you have lost the argument. (When you ask someone what they think, they are entitled to tell you what they think. That is true diversity – acceptance of a difference of opinion.)
  • When you think people should be punished by any means necessary for what they believe in – you have lost the argument. (It is something I like to call the 1st Amendment.)

What liberals believe in is subjugation to their very whims and control of every aspect of an individual’s life. Just ask Michael Bloomberg, the San Francisco ban on pets you can own, as well as Obamacare that requires essential benefits such as single men paying for maternity coverage.

The real problem, which liberals will never admit, is that there is no aspect of liberalism that is not a contradiction.

Liberals cannot say they are for diversity (i.e. differences) without allowing people to have a difference of opinion. Liberals cannot support freedom of speech yet want to punish anyone who disagrees with them. Liberals cannot say they are for tolerance when they will ridicule and mock a white family for adopting a black child.

It is time for the reasonable people to repudiate liberalism for what it is – a pariah within American society.

Video: WATCH MSNBC’s Tearful Apology to Romney Family

Melissa Harris-Perry tearfully apologizes for comments made about the Romney family’s adopted African-American baby. Cry Melissa! Cry!