Donny Deutsch Goes After Newly Announced ‘Scary… Dangerous… Slimy… Ignorant’ Ted Cruz

Donny Deutsch

MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch joined Morning Joe on Monday and proceeded to voice his opinion for newly-announced presidential candidate Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

He wasted no time throwing Cruz under the bus, labeling him all sorts of adjectives in an obvious display of contempt.

“…He’s completely unelectable, obviously an interesting character and obviously he’ll have a place at the table but unelectable for a host of reasons,” Deutsch said. “And when I look at him, basically he’s accomplished nothing. …He’s an obstructionist.”

“He brings no new ideas to the table…” Deutsch added.

Deutsch jumped all over Cruz about being a climate change denier and subsequently called him “dumb” and “ignorant.” Host Mika Brzezinski – while admitting she doesn’t “agree with a word” Cruz says – thinks he is a “force to be reckoned with.”

“I think he’s the worst,” Deutsch interrupted. “I think he’s scary, I think he’s dangerous, I think he’s slimy and I think he brings no fresh ideas.”

In such a short time, Twitter has exploded with anti-Cruz sentiments:

Twitter/ Uri Blago

Twitter/ Uri Blago

Twitter/ Danny Zuker

Twitter/ Danny Zuker

03232015_Ted Cruz Birther_Twitter

Twitter/ DeWayne Wickham


Then there were those who fought back against the pushback:

Newsbusters/ Uncle Beal

Newsbusters/ Uncle Beal

This one wanted to fight back using the Left’s model:

Newsbusters/ John Wollaston

Newsbusters/ John Wollaston

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Buried By Cable Competition, MSNBC Reportedly Ready To Shake Up ‘Death Wish’ Programming

Image Credit: Western Journalism

Facing sharply declining ratings and a failed program lineup described by one well-placed insider as “a death wish,” MSNBC is reportedly poised to make some of the most sweeping changes to its schedule in the near-20-year history of the network.

Politico has just published a lengthy and detailed piece by Dylan Byers that paints a grim picture for the cable net so long seen as a reliable home for, and staunch supporter of, far-left politics, policies, programs, and personalities.

Year-to-date, MSNBC’s daytime viewership is down 21 percent overall and 41 percent in the coveted 25-to-54-year-old demographic, putting it in fourth place behind Fox News, CNN and CNN’s sister network HLN.

Its prime-time ratings are down 24 percent and 42 percent, respectively.

Those are the kinds of edge-of-oblivion numbers that demand drastic action, which is exactly what MSNBC brass are reportedly about to take.

Earlier this week, Western Journalism featured a post in which noted Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik trashed the network as “unwatchable” and an “embarrassment.”

“Even if you were an ideologue, you can’t watch that channel anymore,” Zurawik told Fox News’ Howard Kurtz.

Breitbart reported that the latest weekly ratings for cable show Fox News Channel continuing to dominate the cable space:

“Fox News pulled 1.86 million primetime viewers compared to MSNBC’s 568,000 and CNN’s 476,000. You read that right: Fox New viewers nearly doubled its combined left-wing competition.”

The Politico piece on the expected radical reshaping of MSNBC’s program lineup says that sources concede virtually all options are on the table.

With a few exceptions — notably “The Rachel Maddow Show” and “Morning Joe” — every program is at risk of being moved or canceled, those sources said. “All In with Chris Hayes,” a ratings suck that currently occupies the 8 p.m. time slot, will almost certainly be replaced.

Network execs are also considering moving some weekday shows, like “Politics Nation with Al Sharpton’ to weekends.

For television industry veterans (such as myself), a move to weekends is pretty much a benevolent way of letting a show sink mercifully into the sunset.

MSNBC’s ever-leftward direction — which shifted into high gear with Keith Olbermann’s raving rants against the Bush administration — will apparently see a major course correction.

The network’s focus instead will reportedly be on creating “more news-driven programming, with more involvement from NBC News talent.”

There’s no word yet on when the big moves will start for MSNBC, which has already axed two poorly performing shows of lesser note, featuring Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid.

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BREAKING: See What Was Just Revealed About Hillary Voters That Will Rock A Lot Of Boats

Hillary voters

Democrat pundit and pontificator Paul Begala may have to eat his words regarding voter reaction to Hillary Clinton’s emailgate scandal. But considering the words Begala used in his profane statement, that would certainly not be a tasty meal:

“Voters do not give a sh*t. They do not even give a fa*t…,” recently proclaimed the cocky political operative whose loyalty to the Clintons is apparently undying.

Now, brand new polling shows just how wrong Begala was in his assessment about the impact of the latest scandal to cast its potentially long and lingering shadow over the former secretary of state and likely presidential contender.

According to a new tracking poll from Reuters/Ipsos, Hillary’s support among Democrats is going south faster than squawking geese fleeing the cold of winter.

Democratic support for Hillary Clinton’s expected presidential campaign is softening amid controversy over her use of personal email when secretary of state….

Support for Clinton’s candidacy has dropped about 15 percentage points since mid February among Democrats, with as few as 45 percent saying they would support her in the last week….

And it appears quite clear from the results of this new survey that even a large percentage of Democrats want investigators to keep digging to learn more about Hillary Clinton’s exclusive use of a personal email account to conduct official government business.

“About half of the adults surveyed, including 46 percent of Democrats, agreed there should be an independent review of all Clinton’s emails to ensure she turned over everything that is work related.”

Add to this the results of a surprising new assessment of emailgate from a focus group of likely New Hampshire voters inclined to support a Clinton presidential bid.

The Weekly Standard points out the bad news for the Clinton camp as it was shared Thursday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

By clicking on the video above, you can see for yourself what was said by those focus group participants in the state with the first primary elections in advance of the 2016 campaign.

h/t: The Weekly Standard

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MSNBC Deemed Unwatchable; Nothing But ’24 Hours-A-Day Of Mess’

Ddavid Zurawik

Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik joined Howard Kurtz on Fox News this past Sunday and mocked MSNBC for its low ratings, labeling it “unwatchable” and “an embarrassment.”

“You know, everybody says, ‘What’s Andy Lack, … the chairman of NBC News going to do with Nightly News and Brian Williams?’ No! What is he going to do with MSNBC?” Zurawik asked. “He’s got 24 hours-a-day of mess over there. People don’t watch it, it’s unwatchable.”

“Even if you were an ideologue, you can’t watch that channel anymore,” he added.

MSNBC last month cancelled some of its shows, starting with Ronan Farrow Daily and Reid Report. Their ratings have continually dropped while Fox News’ has climbed.

“MSNBC tried to do Fox from the left,” Zurawik said. “It’s been a disaster. MSNBC is in chaos. It’s an embarrassment.”

Twitter couldn’t help but agree:

Twitter/ Eric Newton

Twitter/ Eric Newton

Twitter/ Jon E. Dougherty

Twitter/ Jon E. Dougherty

Twitter/ Tommy Hunter

Twitter/ Tommy Hunter

Dave Lockjaw Walker

Twitter/ Dave Lockjaw Walker

One commenter was saddened by the thought that MSNBC might be going out of business.


Newsbusters/ malanthrop

One guy, however, might have found MSNBC’s answer:

Twitter/ Larry Schweikart

Twitter/ Larry Schweikart

h/t: Newsbusters

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MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Reluctantly Admits Fox News Is Most Trusted News Network


On Wednesday night’s All In with Chris Hayes, the namesake host explained why the Fox News Channel is the most trusted national news channel, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

There is a reason Fox News keeps being ranked as the most trusted news source in these polls; and it is connected to the reason that Fox is as profitable and as highly rated as it is, which in turn is tied to both the media landscape and the way liberals and conservatives consume media.

Hayes attempted to illustrate why Fox News continues to dominate the news landscape by posing an analogy whereas Americans could vote for one out of six presidential candidates in an “open election.” He pitted Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Mike Huckabee in this fantasy election. Hayes concluded that Huckabee would win the election, not because he is the most popular candidate of the six, but because the five liberals would split the vote to the point that no one person would garner the majority.

And that is exactly the way the media landscape looks in this country right now. You have one national TV news outlet that conservatives watch – Fox News – and a whole bunch of news outlets that everyone else watches.

The Quinnipiac poll showed that 29 percent of the respondents trust Fox News, while 57 percent is split among MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, and CBS News. Hayes claims that Fox News’ strategy is to convince their viewers that the mainstream news outlets mislead them and mock them.

Conservative media outlets, like Fox News, spend day after day discouraging their viewers from watching other outlets, telling them they are being lied to, telling them they are being sneered at, and laughed at and spit upon by the mainstream media.

h/t: Salon

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