Hillary’s Campaign Just Made A Huge Claim. Then The Facts Came Back To Haunt Them…

The brazen hypocrisy, laughable distortions, and in-your-face deceptions foisted on the American people by the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign are something to behold. Case in point — a slam-dunk of a doozy — an email just sent to Hillary supporters by campaign chairman John Podesta, a long-time Democrat political consultant and ultra-liberal operative who founded the pro-Clinton Center for American Progress.

As The Daily Caller reports, Podesta’s email with the subject line, “A ferocious onslaught of dark money,” warns that Republicans vying for the presidency are out-raising the former secretary of state, who, Podesta claims, is funded not so much by fat cats as by small-dollar donors. However, TheDC’s investigation proves that those supporters who contributed a few bucks to the Clinton campaign represent only a fraction of the huge war chest Hillary has raised so far.

“The Clinton campaign took in $46.7 million in its first quarter of existence, no small sum,” reports TheDC. “Even NBC News called it a ‘Huge Fundraising Haul.’

If each of Clinton’s 250,000 donors ‘chipped in’ all the low dollar amounts listed in the email — $1, $5, $10, for a total of $16 each — that would total $4 million. That leaves $42 million unaccounted for.

On top of that, The Washington Post notes: “Donations under $200 made up just under 17 percent of Clinton’s total raised.” That means the vast majority of the Clinton campaign cash has come from bigger individual donors, or so-called “bundlers.” This clearly shows the “grassroots,” small donor claim made by campaign chairman Podesta is far from an honest representation of the truth.

Clinton also released the names of 122 fundraisers who have bundled at least $100,000 for the campaign. In all, they have raised at least $12.2 million since April 12, 2015.

The Clinton bundler list included many familiar and longtime Democratic Party fundraisers, as well as some of the Clinton’s biggest long-time donors.

And here’s what you might call “the kicker” that shows John Podesta and the Hillary political machine to be so boldly, so brazenly, so laughably hypocritical.

Despite Podesta’s self-serving claim that big, sinister, “dark money” interests are backing Republican candidates with huge donations as opposed to the little guys who’ve “chipped in $1, $5, or $10″ to the Clinton campaign coffers, Podesta’s own brother — a big-time D.C. lobbyist and well-connected Democrat backer — is reportedly backing Hillary’s White House bid with influence over wads of cash.

The Guardian discloses the revealing facts: “Another lobbyist playing an important role for Clinton is Tony Podesta, who has made millions from a family based empire and is considered one of the most influential Democratic lobbyists in the Beltway.”

The Guardian piece goes on to expose the network of fat-cat campaign donors whose power positions in Hillary Clinton’s bid for the presidency prove the email from her campaign chairman to be as phony as many would argue the candidate’s qualifying credentials to be.

The support from lobbyists [and] bundlers comes against the backdrop of Clinton and [Jeb] Bush accumulating large war chests at the expense of mainly rich donors, many of whom are connected to formidable networks of wealthy contacts built by their families over decades in frontline politics.

So much for those grassroots.

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Donald Trump Just Made A Jaw-Dropping Announcement About His Wealth

Amassing a war chest is a vital part of any nationwide political campaign. When the goal is the White House, fundraising is a metric many outlets analyze nearly as closely as favorability ratings.

Donald Trump, it appears, is now besting his opponents in both categories. Not only has he rocketed into first place according to recent polling data, Trump’s campaign released financial records showing he is worth roughly $10 billion.

In a statement Tuesday, Trump explained that his opponents “said I would never file my personal financial disclosure form.”


He went on to explain that he “filed them early despite the fact that I am allowed two 45 days extensions.”

In his trademark style, Trump’s statement began with a declaration that the financial disclosure report being released “was not designed for a man of Mr. Trump’s massive wealth.”

As CNN’s MJ Lee pointed out, Trump’s available capital “will be particularly significant, showing how much money Trump has at his disposal to potentially put towards his own campaign.”

Despite the business partnerships he has lost due to backlash over his views on immigration, Trump’s brash message continues to resonate with a significant percentage of the American population. As for the money he has lost from severed ties with NBC, Macy’s and other corporations, he does not seem concerned.

“Here’s the good news,” he told CNN host Anderson Cooper. “I’m very rich. The money you’re talking about is a lot but it’s peanuts for me.”

Can Donald Trump buy his way into the White House? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Greece Today, America Tomorrow

The drama over Greece’s financial crisis continues to dominate the headlines. It appears a deal has been reached providing Greece with yet another bailout if the Greek government adopts new “austerity” measures. The deal will allow all sides to brag about how they came together to save the Greek economy and the European Monetary Union. However, this deal is merely a Band-Aid, not a permanent fix to Greece’s problems. So another crisis is inevitable.

The Greek crisis provides a look into what awaits us unless we stop overspending on warfare and welfare and restore a sound monetary system. While most commentators have focused on Greece’s welfare state, much of Greece’s deficit was caused by excessive military spending. Even as its economy collapses and the government makes (minor) cuts in welfare spending, Greece’s military budget remains among the largest in the European Union.

Despite all the handwringing over how the phony sequestration cuts have weakened America’s defenses, the United States military budget remains larger than the combined budgets of the world’s next 15 highest spending militaries. Little, if any, of the military budget is spent defending the American people from foreign threats. Instead, the American government wastes billions of dollars on an imperial foreign policy that makes Americans less safe. America will never get its fiscal house in order until we change our foreign policy and stop wasting trillions on unnecessary and unconstitutional wars.

Excessive military spending is not the sole cause of America’s problems. Like Greece, America suffers from excessive welfare and entitlement spending. Reducing military spending and corporate welfare will allow the government to transition away from the welfare state without hurting those dependent on government programs. Supporting an orderly transition away from the welfare state should not be confused with denying the need to reduce welfare and entitlement spending.

One reason Greece has been forced to seek bailouts from its EU partners is that Greece ceded control over its currency when it joined the European Union. In contrast, the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency is the main reason the US has been able to run up huge deficits without suffering a major economic crisis. The need for the Federal Reserve to monetize ever-increasing levels of government spending will eventually create hyperinflation, which will lead to increasing threats to the dollar’s status. China and Russia are already moving away from using the dollar in international transactions. It is only a matter of time before more countries challenge the dollar’s reserve currency status; and, when this happens, a Greece-style catastrophe may be unavoidable.

Despite the clear dangers of staying on our recent course, Congress continues to increase spending. The only real debate between the two parties is over whether we should spend more on welfare or warfare. It is easy to blame the politicians for our current dilemma. But the politicians are responding to demands from the people for greater spending. Too many Americans believe they have a moral right to government support. This entitlement mentally is just as common, if not more so, among the corporate welfare queens of the militarily-industrial complex, the big banks, and the crony capitalists as it is among lower-income Americans.

Congress will only reverse course when a critical mass of people reject the entitlement mentality and understand that the government is incapable of running the world, running our lives, and running the economy. Therefore, those of us who know the truth must spread the ideas of, and grow the movement for, limited government, free markets, sound money, and peace.

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Proof The Book Of Revelation Is No Joke

In 1975, I accidentally listened to a weekly, Sunday afternoon Catholic radio program (I’m not Catholic) where the priest/host was interviewing a representative from a very well known cash register company. That guest was introducing listeners to the new universal product code (UPC).

His presentation was fascinating. I was just a little saddened because as a college student, I had worked various grocery and department store jobs in order to survive. And one of my favorite pastimes, something to do while I was watching the clock, was pricing product by hand – with a marker, an ink stamp, or stickers. The barcode, he said, would do away with all that.

Just a few years after that radio program, in a grocery store, I first saw a computerized laser reader in action. Astoundingly, the checker just waved an item over that multi-beamed electronic eye and ‘BEEP!’–the rest is history.

The whole deal is built upon simple, expeditious logic: immediately, in a single pass, the price is in the register – the buyer has a partial total, and the store knows what they’ve sold and how many they have left in stock. And when they need to order more, that can be done automatically. It also eliminates cashier errors. Today, it’s common knowledge that every facet of commerce uses the barcode for manufacturing, inventorying, shipping and receiving, retail sales – you name it.

All sorts of industrial farm feedlots have used a bar coded tag on an animal’s ear so, with a single swipe of a reader, they can know the specific animal, his age, his diet, his weight progression and so on. Today, a subcutaneous, micro-broadcasting chip – inserted in the flap of an ear or around the lower lip – monitors the development and marketing process of all kinds of livestock.

But during that radio program in ’75, neither the speaker nor the priest realized that impromptu radio seminar described perfectly the preparations for what I now completely believe initiated the roots of what the Apostle John – nearly two thousand years earlier – identified as ‘the Mark of the Beast.’ That ‘mark’ is a principle factor of the end-time EVIL he WARNS readers about in his fascinating Bible narrative, ‘The Revelation.’

The guest speaker was explaining how the inevitably approaching, computer-based economy would work. After he had walked listeners through the use of the UPC in retail trade, he began to elaborate on the expected additional benefits that would result from that system. Its workings had been planned by innumerable brilliant minds through years of blackboard discussion in government-subsidised thinktanks. That logic and foresight, time has shown, was so solid that it is still playing out today. The effort of all this planning was assisted by computers that were much less sophisticated than today’s personal desktops (yet as big as SUVs).

“You see, Father,” he explained, “the program’s whole structure is built upon what we are calling ‘Electronic Funds Transfer’ (EFT). Here’s how the overall system is expected to play out.”

He talked about a coming cashless society. He said that, because money would one day cost more than its own worth to print, we would eventually be using checks and credit cards solely. Not long after that, he said, since checks and credit cards create a mountain of paperwork and can be lost, forged, or stolen, every transaction would be entirely EFT. And at this point, his prognostications became a bit unnerving …

“Where we’re heading with this, Father, is a personal identification MARK or brand to be taken – right on our bodies!” The cash register guy was beside himself with excitement. The not-unusually biblically-naïve priest merely took issue with the idea of people being branded – “like cattle!” He said it was “offensively impersonal.” But to me, a recently reborn Christian who had just days before read the terrifying Scriptural warning in Revelation 13:16-17, his words were an awakening, like cold water splashed on my face.

In the last 40 years especially, many movies have been made implementing or centering on the ominous and mysterious “Mark of the Beast.” While it may make for a good draw at the box office -playing on the horrific drama of some satanic clone building a dark Empire and vying for world domination (not necessarily alluding to our current president) – the concept is based upon a quite serious warning GOD has already issued, through his Bible, to this dying world.

If you are not familiar with Scripture’s dire WARNING to all people to NEVER ACCEPT WHAT THE BIBLE CALLS THE “MARK OF THE BEAST,” it is wise to familiarize yourself with that warning and be prepared to give an emphatic and final ‘NO’ in the event that anyone, government or ruling authority, requires your accepting of such a thing – FOR WHATEVER REASON. Taking that ‘mark’ – again, the Bible indicates – is an eternally fatal error.

God made the bottom line very easily understandable: “And he (the ‘false prophet’) causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” (Revelation 13:16-17)

While God does forbid permanent tattoos on our bodies (Leviticus 19:28*), various decorative tattoos are not the equivalent of that mark of the beast John mentions there in the book of Revelation. But in accepting that mark of the beast (it probably won’t be named as such) as it is described in the Bible, people will be saying – TO GOD – “I don’t want to have faith in you. I don’t want to try to trust something I can’t see or feel. I WANT ONLY WHAT APPEARS TO ME TO BE SECURITY; a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage, so to speak. I don’t give a damn about spirituality, your offer of eternal life, your son who allegedly died for me or your moral requirements as my creator. I want none of that. I’m willing to be branded like a cow. To hell with you, God; I’m taking the mark!”

Before asking Jesus into my heart, I’d grown up in a home where the Bible was principally a table ornament and a file for family photographs. Then, most unexpectedly in my third year as a sophisticated collegiate atheist, I experienced a deeply personal and vibrant MEETING with the LIVING Jesus Christ. Now, just a few months after my conversion, I was discovering, firsthand in this radio program, the fulfillment of Bible prophecy?! What the hey?! The broadcast went on …

The speaker began detailing the ergonomic interface (practical, physical dynamics of usage), explaining how a human would access an all-electronic economy. He said that specific locations on our body (perhaps the hand or forehead) were found to be most accessible to a scanner but least marred during the course of a working day. Both he and the priest openly struggled with the notion that someone would want to wear a visible brand.

In the mid-seventies, however, tiny implantable chips weren’t even a pipe dream.

At this point, he discussed the practicality of what years of brilliant conjecturing had produced:

“It just makes good sense all around, Father! Every single business transaction, no matter how large or small, will be recorded in our government’s central computer. And because you will carry your personal banking number on your body at all times, who cares if you lose your wallet or purse? And it will virtually eliminate much crime! Can you feature somebody cutting off a portion of your body in order to buy beer or a tv?! I think not!” Again, the priest just thought it was a coldly impersonal idea in an already deteriorating society.

But the part of the conversation that most intrigued me was this:

“Let’s say a prisoner breaks out of jail. The MOMENT he buys a bottle of milk or a crust of bread, POW! The cops know right where he is! And, think of it, no one will ever again be able to cheat on their income tax (or yearly tithe, for that matter, Father). Every nickel we make will be accounted for!”

I will never forget that interview or how it left me hanging. When Jesus once said “Oh, ye of little faith!,” He was speaking directly to me. Nevertheless, since then, over my four decades of being a Christian (which has gone by in about forty minutes), I have watched SO MUCH of the prophetic word in God’s Bible come to pass. Perhaps more accurately stated, SPRING INTO BEING.

There are volumes of quite up-to-date commentary available (online and hard copy) that are devoted wholly to further corroborating the COMPLETE RELIABILITY of God’s word. TONS of documentation is available to anyone who is interested enough to explore. Yet, just as Scripture foretells, today most people are adamant in ignoring the irrefutable ‘proof texts’ (prophecies) that God has included in His word in order affirm His existence, perfect omniscience – and His Son’s certain return.

Do I think that people (those who accept the mark that John described) will actually be tattooed with some eye-catching (or even visibly noticeable) brand? No, I don’t. Neither do I pay much attention to the fanatical, homemade photos of various internet trolls’ ideas of what the ‘implant’ might look like. When the day arrives that our cash is finally shut down – our every move electronically monitored (which is now firing up) – and the next dehumanizing step is initiated, that technology will be made manifest so no one can miss it. (And as an aside, we will REALLY then be set up for disaster on this earth. Imagine what terrorists or any evil government could achieve in possessing control of that system – legitimately or by hacking into it. Disaster for all!)

The Greek term was used in John’s Book of Revelation, for the word ‘mark’ could more closely describe a gouge like that a sculptor might make in chipping a piece out of wood or stone – even perhaps an indention from a stab. Back when John transcribed his vision while he was exiled on the Isle of Patmos, there was no knowledge of or word for a ‘radiofrequency identification’ (RFI) microchip (which may or may not be involved in that mark). He simply described what he saw and was told, as best he could, in the terminology of his day.

Nevertheless, when the moment arrives that our government or anyone else begins requiring us to receive any specific ‘mark’ – for purposes of trade, tracking, or whatever reason – to be taken on your right hand or forehead, REMEMBER THAT GOD’S WORD WARNS THAT YOU MUST NOT BE INVOLVED WITH THAT.

Eventually – perhaps attributed to establishing a failsafe method of positive ID for security precautions, or maybe anti-terrorist measures – people will even be put to death for refusing that identifying mark. (Revelation 20:4) [As for children, We know that God is sovereign over the eternal welfare of those innocents. He knows their hearts – and He wants them in heaven infinitely more than do their parents or caretakers. Just like it was with Noah and his family, God knows how to keep his little ones safe.]

There are some who argue that the mark of the beast is not a physical label but rather a determinedly sinful state of heart and mind. My only response to that is that the Bible, especially its warnings, is written so even the simplest can grab a hold of it. I am one of those simple people. John specified it would be SOME SORT of a specific designation, contrary to the goodness of God, that mankind would be caused to receive ‘ON THE RIGHT HAND OR FOREHEAD.’ What I AM certain of is that ANY heart attitude or spirit that would accommodate people in so WILLFULLY and FINALLY rejecting the meek and loving Son of God will also easily induce such people to be branded like cattle.

Indeed, this has been a weird article to pen. When I had just become a new Christian, I never thought I would one day be writing about stuff like this. But no one will deny that these are strange and evil times and that EVERYTHING – from the increasingly calloused and icy hearts of the people surrounding us, and the evil cults and totalitarian tyranny we see tightening its grip around the neck of the free world, to the amazing reestablishment of the tiny nation of Israel and the predicted trouble resulting from that – all clearly points to that time of trouble that we are told WILL SHORTLY PRECEDE THE RETURN OF OUR LORD JESUS!

If any of the above causes you any concern or gives you the slightest pause, by all means TURN from whatever bad things you may be doing (just living life apart from God is a bad thing) and, in prayer, sincerely call upon the Lord Jesus. Agree with him that you are a sinner and quite less than perfect. Ask JESUS to give you the gift of his freely imparted righteousness and salvation!


The warning in Revelation regarding the mark of the beast is, like all the rest of God’s word, VERY REAL.


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Our Dismal Economic Stagnation … Diagnosing The Slowest Recovery Since The Great Depression

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has reported that in the first quarter of this year, the U.S. economy declined at a 0.7 percent annual rate. Although growth may be higher for the rest of the year, this is another reminder of how slowly the economy has grown during more than five years of economic recovery from the recession of 2008-09. The rate of economic growth for the 23 quarters since the second quarter of 2009 is the slowest for any economic recovery since the Great Depression. These results are not due to bad luck; they are due to bad policy—particularly the Federal Reserve’s enormous expansion of the monetary base and the near doubling of the federal government’s debt since the end of 2007, both of which have been supported by the Obama administration.

In response to the financial crisis of 2008, the Federal Reserve used newly created money to purchase hundreds of billions of dollars of mortgage-backed securities and government debt. Because much of the newly created credit was used to buy the bad loans that were the cause of the financial crisis, less money was available to invest in productive capital, which would have contributed to job creation. The resulting low interest rates also made it easier for the government to borrow and spend on boondoggles such as “cash for clunkers” and to expand programs like unemployment compensation and food stamps. Instead of creating jobs, extended unemployment compensation and increased eligibility for food stamps made it easier for unemployed workers to turn down job opportunities.

Keynesian economists like Paul Krugman argue that the recovery would have been stronger if the government had provided more economic stimulus spending. In their view, more government spending was needed to increase demand for goods and services and create more jobs, which in turn would have had a multiplier effect on the output of the economy. They ignore the fact that someone has to pay for the additional government spending; and as a result, fewer resources are available for private-sector firms to invest and create jobs.

Recessions can eliminate the excesses caused by a credit-fueled economic boom. Without bailouts, firms that borrowed heavily to invest in unprofitable projects would be forced to liquidate those investments. Declining demand during recessions leads to falling prices, which give incentives for consumers to buy more of the goods and services they want, thus leading to the creation of new jobs. Economic stimulus spending and Federal Reserve monetary expansion prevented prices from falling and capital from being reallocated to produce the goods that consumers wanted. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) funneled government money to firms that took too much risk and should have gone bankrupt while the Federal Reserve used newly created money to rescue banks from the consequences of reckless lending.

The policies that caused the financial crisis and the bailouts and unprecedented monetary expansion that followed were chosen by the Federal Reserve, the Bush administration, and the Congress to benefit politically powerful interest groups that included financial services firms and wealthy investors. Barack Obama had an opportunity to repudiate these policies when he took office. Instead, he not only supported them but also expanded them. In addition, he reappointed Ben Bernanke as chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in 2010, in spite of the irresponsible policy choices he presided over during the financial crisis.

Bernanke’s policies emphasized helping banks, particularly the large money center banks, whose balance sheets were loaded with bad mortgages and other toxic assets. By keeping interest rates close to zero, monetary policy under Bernanke made it much more difficult for ordinary Americans to save for retirement. This policy did, however, enable large banks’ profits to soar so they could offset their losses during the financial crisis.

Although his first campaign was all about change, President Obama, as much or more than his predecessors, supported bailouts, subsidies, and regulation that rewarded politically powerful businesses and created obstacles for responsible entrepreneurs. These included the practice of allowing small businesses to bear the full consequences of their losses, while firms the government deems too big to fail won special benefits if they were mismanaged. To this fiscal folly he added health care reform, which was designed in such a way as to enhance the profits of large insurance companies while its mandates discourage job creation.

The slow recovery since 2009 is the consequence of Federal Reserve monetary policy and a series of ill-conceived policies by the federal government, most of which began before Barack Obama took office. By endorsing and in some cases expanding these policies, President Obama must bear some of the blame for the results. Instead of correcting the bad policies that caused the crisis, he used the crisis as an excuse to expand the government’s control over the economy, further hampering the ability of businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs and restore economic prosperity.

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