LOOK At The Stunning Thing That Just Happened To Bernie Less Than 24 Hours After Winning NH Primary

Less than 24 hours since Bernie Sanders won the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, one could say the senator is already reaping what he’s sown.

Supporters are lining up to donate to the Sanders campaign, and he’s raked in over $5.2 million since the polls closed.

Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in the Granite State with over 60 percent of the vote; Clinton won only won 38 percent.

The Washington Post said that Sanders has “fundraising prowess.”

Following his victory in New Hampshire, during his victory speech, Sanders called for more people to put their money where their mouth is by asking for more funds. “Please help us raise the funds we need, whether it’s 10 bucks, 20 bucks, or 50 bucks,” he said.

According to the Post, Sanders is closing the gap on Clinton’s available campaign coffers. The former secretary of state raised $15 million in January, but Sanders bested her with $20 million.  The increase in funds follows an apparent trend for Sanders. The day after the Iowa caucuses, Sanders raised over $3 million. Now, a day after the New Hampshire primaries, Sanders has topped that.

Tad Devine, a senior strategist for Sanders, explained how the funds will help the Sanders campaign. “One of the big things that separates us from past insurgent campaigns is that we’ll have the resources to enable us to compete across a broad range of states,” he said.

With the additional funds, Devine says they’ll be able to launch advertising campaigns in Colorado, Minnesota and Oklahoma, as well as expand advertising efforts in Massachusetts.

All in all, according to the Post, Clinton still has the upper hand in raising funds. That may not matter much, of course, if Sanders keeps winning primaries.

Exposed: Profiteers Of Governing – And These Are The Ones Who Got Caught!

“Few men have the virtue to withstand the highest bidder.” -George Washington

How is it that American politicians are garnering so much wealth? During the 113th congressional session, 268 of the 534 members were millionaires.

Here is a short list of some examples of the profiteers of the governing body:

  • Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, also classmates with Bill and Hilary Clinton, is worth $52.93 million dollars.
  • Scott Peters of California is worth $112.5 million.
  • Governor Rick Scott of Florida has a net worth $147 million.
  • Michael McCaul of Texas’ 10th congressional district is worth over $300 million.
  • John Delaney of Maryland has founded numerous companies that are now listed on the New York stock exchange, and he is the only CEO of a publicly traded company to serve in the 113th Congress.  His net worth is $232 million.
  • Jared Polis of Colorado, who is the first openly sodomite parent to serve in Congress, has a net worth of $72.09 million.
  • John Kerry, former US senator and current Secretary of State, is worth $198.65 million (this was earned primarily throughout his quarter-century-long service, and through his wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune and also a beneficiary to a number of trusts from the Forbes family fortune).
  • Mark Warner of Virginia holds a very large amount of wealth, estimated at $85.81 million. Warner made a lot of money during the telecom boom of the 1980s.
  • Darrell Issa of California is worth $140.55 million. Issa was the richest official in the U.S., but was recently dethroned by a southern Governor, Tennessee’s Bill Haslam. Thanks to cheap gasoline, Bill’s net worth is $2 billion dollars.
  • Senator Dianne Feinstein, also from California, has a net worth $41.78 million.

Are not these the politicians who, in many cases, are guilty of attacking, perverting, distorting, and violating constitutional law in an attempt to set a new course for the American people (Proverbs 24:21)?

How is the president worth $7 million dollars when his pay is $400,000 a year? He has only been in office for 7 years!

Majority/Minority leaders make an average of $194,400 year.

Not only was a ship owned by a member of Mitch McConnell’s family busted transporting cocaine, but McConnell was also accused by Alison Lundergan of quadrupling his “net worth” on the backs of Kentuckians who can’t afford it. McConnell is the 10th richest senator, with a net worth of between $9.2 million and $36.5 million. How is that?

Harry Reid’s net worth is between $3 million and $10 million. How is that? Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is $26.43 million. How is that?

How is it that in many cases, they enter service with little to nothing, and before you know it, they are self-made millionaires?

Is it insider trading? Selling out to special interest groups? Fraud? Embezzlement?

In 2010, more than 150 lawmakers reported earning more from outside investments than from congressional salary. It is my understanding that they have been entrusted by the people and for the people (Matthew 24:12).

It seems that many of these politicians fail to understand that government is not an auction as they sell their souls along with the American people to the highest bidders (Mark 8:36).

Compare all of that to the average yearly salary of an American soldier, which is between $23,424 and $88,924 per year, or to the average social security recipient ($1,335 per month).

Yet, the American people have allowed these Judas’ to dictate that which is right and that which is wrong when it comes to legislation, in contrast to what has been established through common law (Deuteronomy 16:19).

And what should be of peculiar interest to the American people is the course of our founding forefathers, who mutually pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honors (John 15:13) in direct contrast to the modern politicians who pledge to take the lives and fortunes of others to their own everlasting shame and dishonor.

There are many cases where justice was not done concerning corrupt representatives. The list goes on from A to Z of those who were sent to serve the people, and who were subsequently caught illegally serving themselves.

It is for the American people to “guard with jealous attention the public liberty” and to “suspect everyone who approaches that jewel.”  -Patrick Henry

I am sorry to say that the American people have failed in the area of justice (Amos 5:7).

The lawless are winning only by default! Americans, for some reason, believe that ridiculing and mocking these criminals is enough. But the fact of the matter is that it is not!

“Nothing will preserve it (Liberty) but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” –Patrick Henry

One of the most common questions that I been receiving from radio show listeners is, “How is it that Obama and the Clintons are still out there after being exposed for scandal after scandal?” (P.S., Bill and Hilary Clinton’s combined net worth is $125 million.)

I simply answer, “That these corrupt politicians represent America’s tolerance for criminals in their government. If it were not so, then why are they still there?”  

BREAKING: Panic Spreading Across Financial World After People Wake Up To Nasty Surprise

Fears over China’s economy sent stock markets tumbling worldwide on Monday, the first trading day of the year.

The selloff was sparked by a new report showing China’s manufacturing sector contracted during the end of 2015, according to CNN Money. The Shanghai Composite index plummeted nearly 7 percent for the day before trading was halted, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq fell over two percent on Monday morning.

“Even though the manufacturing report was disappointing, it’s just the latest sign of a slowdown in China. Analysts said selling in Chinese markets was also driven by other factors, including the scheduled lifting of bans on IPOs (public offerings) and sales by larger investors,” CNN reported.

“With headwinds both domestic and external, investors feared a hard landing may be inevitable and rushed to the exits,” Emma Dinsmore, CEO of R-Squared Macro Management, wrote in a client note.

“More fluctuations in global markets are expected now that the U.S. Federal Reserve has started raising interest rates. The government needs to pay more attention to external risk factors in the short term and fine-tune macroeconomic policies accordingly so the economy does not fall off a cliff,” Caixin chief economists He Fan said, according to Business Insider

Another source for concern with investors is the volatility in the oil markets caused by rising tensions in the Middle East. Oil prices spiked 3.5 percent after news that Saudi Arabia (the world’s second largest oil producer) was severing diplomatic ties with Iran.

Breaking: Federal Gov’t Just Made This Big Move For The First Time In 9 Years- And It Means…

The Federal Reserve, for the first time in nine years, voted to increase interest rates on Wednesday, marking a move away from the easy money, interventionist policy initiated during the financial crisis of 2008.

“The policy-setting Federal Open Market Committee [FOMC] voted unanimously to raise rates by 0.25% to a range of 0.25%-0.50%, not a whole lot but enough to test the still-weakened U.S. economy’s ability to absorb the higher borrowing costs that will follow the increase,” Fox Business reported

“The Committee judges that there has been considerable improvement in labor market conditions this year, and it is reasonably confident that inflation will rise over the medium term to its 2% objective,” the FOMC said in its statement released at the conclusion of Wednesday’s meeting.

The real world implications for the consumer include higher costs for borrowing money for big ticket items such as homes, cars, and appliances. The danger, if the Federal Reserve keeps interests rates artificially low for too long, is that inflation will be ignited, hurting consumers’ buying power and ultimately the health of the economy.

The historic norm for interest rates is 4 percent, the Washington Post reports.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Wednesday that although inflation is currently low right now, the Federal Reserve believes that is due to “transitory factors,” referring to the current glut in the oil market among other things.

She also noted that it takes time for monetary policy actions by the Federal Reserve to work their way into the economy, so acting gradually now would avert the need for more drastic moves later, which could push the economy into recession.

Wow: How Much Michelle Obama Just Cost Taxpayers For 24 MINUTES Is Almost Beyond Belief

Western Journalism has been reporting on what some would call the extravagant spending of the Obamas. In two months alone this year, the Obamas spent over 4.4 million dollars on vacations and political fundraising. Judicial Watch has repeatedly stated the American taxpayer should be outraged.

Michelle Obama’s November five-day trip to Qatar and Jordan, some might say, cost Americans a pretty penny. Obama speaking at the “Let Girls Learn” conference in Doha, Qatar, cost the American taxpayer an estimated $750,000. The First Lady spoke for 24 minutes. She also visited Jordan while in the Middle East, but those costs have not been reported as of yet.

While in Jordan, Michelle Obama spoke at a U.S. constructed and funded school for refugees. In a tweet, she stated that the U.S. is building 25 new schools in Jordan; and 70 percent of those will be schools for girls.

The Washington Examiner reported that the on-ground costs for the First Lady’s trip to Qatar totaled $450,000. The costs include hotel rooms, suites, and a ballroom for both the FLOTUS and the Secret Service. The Examiner also reported that Judicial Watch usually requests, via the Freedom of Information Act, the costs for jet fuel and costs which add up to more than $300,000.

The event attended by Michelle Obama in Qatar was called the 2015 World Innovation Summit for Education; it took place on November 4th. Mrs. Obama was the guest of Sheikha bint Nasser Al Missned, who is the second of three wives to Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani, a member of the ruling Al Thani family of Qatar.