BREAKING: Senate Just Defied Obama In HUGE Way With Massive Decision That’ll Have Him Furious

The Senate’s GOP leadership said Tuesday there will be no hearings or votes for a Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Antonin Scalia this year.

The announcement came following a closed-door meeting in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnnell’s office with key leaders, including those on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“Presidents have a right to nominate just as the Senate has its constitutional right to provide or withhold consent,” McConnell said. “In this case, the Senate will withhold it.”

“We believe the American people need to decide who is going to make this appointment rather than a lame duck president,” Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas) told reporters.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid charged McConnell was taking his orders from GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, who called on Republican leadership to “delay” moving on any Scalia replacements.

“That’s exactly what the Republican leader is doing: Delay, delay, delay,” Reid said. He angrily added that “333 days isn’t enough to do the work that we do ordinarily do in 67 days.”

So far, most of the Republican senators appear to be toeing the line, with the exceptions of moderate Sens. Mark Kirk from Illinois and Susan Collins from Maine, who have both stated there should be a vote on President Obama’s nominee.

As reported by Western Journalism, Reid stated in May 2005 that it is fully within the Senate’s prerogative not schedule a vote on presidential nominees. “The duties of the United States Senate are set forth in the Constitution of the United States. Nowhere in that document does it say the Senate has the duty to give a presidential nominee a vote,” he contended from the Senate floor.

In 1992, when George H.W. Bush was president, then-Sen. Joe Biden argued that the Senate should not forward on Supreme Court nominees during a presidential election year. “That is what is fair to the nominee and essential to the process,” Biden contended. 

Both Sens. Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer voted to filibuster Justice Samuel Alito’s nomination in 2005, and Schumer called on the Senate not to approve any of President George W. Bush’s possible nominees to the high court during his last 18 months in office, except under “extraordinary circumstances.”

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Is Congress Declaring War On ISIS… Or On You?

Passage of Senator Mitch McConnell’s authorization for war against ISIS will not only lead to perpetual US wars across the globe, it will also endanger our civil and economic liberties. The measure allows the president to place troops anywhere he determines ISIS is operating. Therefore, it could be used to justify using military force against United States citizens on U.S. territory. It may even be used to justify imposing martial law in America.

The President does not have to deploy the U.S. military to turn America into a militarized police state, however. He can use his unlimited authority to expand programs that turn local police forces into adjuncts of the U.S. military, and send them increasing amounts of military equipment. Using the threat of ISIS to justify increased police militarization will be enthusiastically supported by police unions, local officials, and, of course, politically-powerful defense contractors. The only opposition will come from citizens whose rights have been violated by a militarized police force that views the people as the enemy.

Even though there is no evidence that the government’s mass surveillance programs have prevented even a single terrorist attack, we are still continuously lectured about how we must sacrifice our liberty for security. The cries for the government to take more of our privacy will grow louder as the war party and its allies in the media continue to hype the threat of terrorism. A president armed with the authority to do whatever it takes to stop ISIS will no doubt heed these calls for new restrictions on our privacy.

Following last year’s mass shooting in California, President Obama called for restricting the Second Amendment rights of any American on the “terrorist watch list.” The president also used the attacks to expand the unconstitutional gun background check system via executive action. Can anyone doubt that President Obama — or a future anti-gun president — will use the absolute power to do whatever is necessary to stop terrorism as a justification for imposing new gun control measures? Using the war on ISIS to justify more gun control will be particularly attractive since even many pro-gun politicians will support gun control measures if they are marketed as part of the war on terror.

As the American economy faces continued stagnation, and as challenges to the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency mount, an increasingly authoritarian government will impose new restrictions on our economic activities and new limits on our financial privacy. In particular, our ability to move assets out of the country will be limited, and new reporting and other requirements will limit our ability to use cash without being treated as criminals or terrorists. Those who carry large amounts of cash will find themselves at increased risk of having the cash confiscated by government agents under civil asset forfeiture laws.

If Senator McConnell’s declaration of perpetual war passes, presidents could use the war on ISIS as a justification to impose new restrictions on our use of cash and our financial privacy via executive action. After all, they will say, the government needs to make sure cash is not being used to support ISIS.

The only way to protect both liberty and security is to stop trying to impose our will on other countries by military force. The resentment created by America’s militaristic foreign policy is ISIS’ most effective recruiting tool. Adopting a non-interventionist foreign policy that seeks peace and free trade with all would enable the government to counter legitimate threats to our safety without creating an authoritarian police state.

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Trump Vs. Boehner: A Slugfest For The Soul Of The GOP

Editor’s note: this piece was written before John Boehner’s announcement this morning that he is resigning from Congress.

Let me begin with a declarative statement: House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell represent everything that is WRONG with the national Republican Party. They are quintessential establishment insiders. They, and others like them (John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, et al.), are taking the Republican Party to the edge of the abyss. With Republicans like Boehner and McConnell, who needs Democrats?

In my honest opinion, liberal Democrats such as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are more honorable than Boehner and McConnell. Biden and Pelosi are upfront and honest about their liberalism, while Boehner and McConnell pretend to be conservative–but, in reality, they are closet liberals.

Ask yourself: What has changed in Washington, D.C., since Boehner and McConnell started running things on Capitol Hill? You know the answer: NOTHING. One could make a credible argument that Boehner and McConnell are leaders in name only. In fact, the argument has already been made that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are still pretty much running things on Capitol Hill.

Read this report:

Exclusive – Empirical Vote Data Shows Democrats Still Control US Senate, Harry Reid’s Office Rejoices

To Boehner and McConnell, the real enemies in Washington, D.C., are not Barack Obama and his fellow liberal Democrats, but conservative Republicans. Yes, I am very aware of the phony left-right paradigm. But this cuts both ways. To the likes of Boehner and McConnell, the issue isn’t right and left either. The issue is big-government globalism versus limited-government Americanism. Boehner, McConnell, and Obama are in category number one. Hence, Boehner and McConnell’s protection of Obama from limited-government Republicans. Big-government politicians like these care much more about their big-government agenda than they do partisan politics. You must remember that. accurately reported that the GOP leadership is waging war against conservatives within the party. See the report here:

GOP Establishment Wages War Against Cruz And Conservative Voters

Senator Ted Cruz was absolutely correct when he declared on the Senate floor that Mitch McConnell was a liar. See his speech here:

Sen. Ted Cruz Destroys Mitch McConnell- July 24, 2015 recently published a report entitled, “GOP Civil War: Intense Crackdown On Conservatives.” See the report here:

GOP Civil War: Intense Crackdown On Conservatives

Talk show host Laura Ingraham was right when she noted that Boehner and Company are nothing more than “a political mafia on Capitol Hill.”

This past Monday, Boehner said this about what it was like dealing with conservatives: “Garbage men get used to the smell of bad garbage.”

Here is the report:

Boehner On Dealing With Conservatives: ‘Garbage Men Get Used To The Smell Of Bad Garbage’

Instead of standing up to Obama, Boehner chooses to axe conservative Republicans from committee leadership positions and attempts to bully and intimidate conservatives within his own caucus.

Pick the topic: amnesty for illegals, Obamacare, TPP, deficit spending, government spying, funding for Planned Parenthood, the “Cromnibus” bill, ad infinitum. Boehner and McConnell have sold out the people who voted them into a congressional majority–and the country itself. They are despicable!

Even on an issue as sacred as the right to keep and bear arms, Boehner is a sell-out. Gun Owners of America (GOA) is rightly calling for Boehner’s ouster as House Speaker due to his overt lack of support for the Second Amendment.

In a published statement, GOA said: “As long as John Boehner is Speaker, your gun rights are in danger. After all, remember in spring of 2013, when the pro-gun community was engulfed in the ‘battle of the century’ over the Bloomberg/Obama gun control agenda? John Boehner could have nipped gun control in the bud by pronouncing that gun control would be ‘dead on arrival’ in the House. Instead, he said that the ‘House will consider’ any gun control proposals sent over by the Senate.”

“[Erich] Pratt also pointed to a piece of government-funding legislation–labeled ‘Cromnibus’ by GOA–which Boehner was able to pass on December 11, 2014, with the help of ‘Barack Obama and Joe Biden.’ Through the support of Boehner, Obama, and Biden, the bill–which contained ‘several anti-gun provisions’–passed ‘by a vote of 219-206,’ garnering ‘162 [votes from] House Republicans who campaigned by opposing gun control.’”

See the report here:

Gun Owners Of America: Fire Speaker Boehner For His Failure To Stand Against Gun Control

Contrast John Boehner’s positions with GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump’s. Just recently, Trump’s campaign issued his official position statement on the Second Amendment–and it is better than anything I’ve heard coming out of John Boehner’s office.

Trump’s position statement says: “The Second Amendment guarantees a fundamental right that belongs to all law-abiding Americans. The Constitution doesn’t create that right–it ensures that the government can’t take it away. Our Founding Fathers knew, and our Supreme Court has upheld, that the Second Amendment’s purpose is to guarantee our right to defend ourselves and our families. This is about self-defense, plain and simple.

“It’s been said that the Second Amendment is America’s first freedom. That’s because the Right to Keep and Bear Arms protects all our other rights. We are the only country in the world that has a Second Amendment. Protecting that freedom is imperative.”

Hooray! Trump acknowledges that the great purpose of the right to keep and bear arms has nothing to do with hunting or target shooting and everything to do with self-defense. And that includes protecting the other rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights from any government that would seek to take them from us.

His position statement also rightly acknowledges the utter failure of firearm and magazine bans. The statement says: “Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own.”

The statement also supports a national right-to-carry bill that would require states to recognize an individual’s CCW permit from another State in much the same way that states now recognize driver’s licenses from other states. Hear! Hear! As I have said previously, if the Supreme Court demands that states recognize same-sex marriage licenses from other states, it is absolutely mandatory that states recognize CCW licenses from other states.

Trump’s statement also calls for allowing military personnel to be free to arm themselves on military installations. And I would hope that he would also support teachers and staff being allowed to be armed on school property as well.

See the position statement here:

Protecting Our Second Amendment Rights Will Make America Great Again

The one part of Trump’s position statement that concerns me is the part about mental health. That caveat could open the door for all kinds of government abuse against an individual’s right to keep and bear arms, in much the same way that a diagnosis of even mild PTSD is currently being used to deny Second Amendment rights to military veterans. “Mental health” is very subjective. To some people, anyone who believes in God or the Bible or the sentiments of our Founding Fathers is “mentally ill.” I hope, at some point, Trump will clarify himself on that one.

The point is, Trump’s popularity is directly related to the way that he is willing to boldly and courageously stand against the Boehner/McConnell, mealy-mouthed, sissified, spineless, jellyfish, pro-amnesty, pro-Obamacare Republican establishment.

Please understand that my mind is still NOT made up about Donald Trump. I still have uncertainties and questions that have yet to be answered. (Perhaps my biggest question is, will he continue the neocon wars of aggression in the Middle East?) That’s not the point here. The point is, Donald Trump–more than any other Republican candidate–is successfully (so far) mounting a fierce and effective anti-establishment campaign. And you can tell it by the way Boehner and his fellow elitists in the GOP leadership are attacking him.

As far as politics are concerned, more than anything else in this world, it is imperative that the establishment elite in Washington, D.C., are dethroned. Right now, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders are the two men who are most effectively accomplishing that task. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz (and to a lesser extent Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina) are also mounting anti-establishment campaigns, but they have not been nearly as effective as Trump.

I know it’s still very early. I realize a lot can happen between now and next summer. But, in a real way, we are witnessing a GOP slugfest between anti-establishment outsiders such as Donald Trump, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz and elitist establishment shills such as John Boehner and Mitch McConnell.

I pray the outsiders win because if insiders such as Jeb Bush or Chris Christie win–and with Boehner and McConnell leading a Republican congress–it won’t matter to a tinker’s dam which party is in power; the globalist elite will remain ensconced in Washington, D.C.


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*Biblical Evidence for Natural Law (I show you the Scriptural evidence for Natural Law in this message.)

*Christ’s Law of The Sword (This message explains what Christ meant when He told Peter in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” (Matt. 26:52, KJV) Believe me, He did NOT mean that Christians are supposed to lay down their means of self-defense and never use the sword. I show from the Scriptures exactly what Jesus was saying to Peter. And, trust me, it will probably surprise you, as I doubt you have been taught this truth in church. And it will also help you to better understand a whole host of other scriptural principles as a result.)

*The Law of Necessity (This is a basic Natural Law principle that was demonstrated repeatedly throughout the Bible, including by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.)

*Liberty in Law (There is true liberty only in Law; but this Law does not ALWAYS mean the laws of men.)

This is one of the most important message-series I have ever delivered. And its truths are needed as much NOW as they were when our pastors thundered them forth in the churches of Colonial America–maybe more so.

To order my DVD, “Liberty And Law,” go here:

Liberty And Law

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Mitch McConnell’s War On Iran — And Boeing?

(Editor’s note: this commentary was originally published at

Republicans in Congress may have failed to stop the landmark nuclear accord with Iran, but that doesn’t mean they’ve finished bloviating.

As the news came in that President Barack Obama had secured enough votes to override any objections to the deal from Congress, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to re-impose any sanctions the deal lifts.

This is despite the fact that the ambassadors of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China, and Russia had just briefed U.S. senators and told them that they were going to lift their own nuclear-related sanctions against Iran, as soon as international authorities verified its compliance.

McConnell apparently looked into his crystal ball and determined that Iran would “inevitably” cheat. So, he said, the United States might as well go back on its own word first — and spare the trouble of re-imposing sanctions later.

McConnell doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

First of all, this is essentially an advanced version of the inspection regime the international community developed for Saddam Hussein. Experts will know almost immediately if the Iranians cheat. McConnell’s complaints have nothing to do with security and everything to do with grandstanding.

And second, what McConnell and his warmongering pals in the Senate either don’t know or have chosen to ignore is that very, very few U.S. sanctions on Iran will be lifted with this deal — only those related to its nuclear program and its overseas frozen assets.

The only trade sanctions that will be lifted anytime soon are those related to civil aviation. (Iran has a terrible air safety record, since sanctions have prevented its airlines from ordering replacement parts from overseas. Hundreds have died as a result.)

The only new American companies that will be allowed to sell anything to Iran are companies like Boeing and others that make parts for jets. They’re the ones who will get hurt if Congress imposes new trade sanctions while the rest of the world lifts them.

Well, them and anyone who dies in a plane crash as a result.

U.S. companies have been itching to do business with Iran for decades, but sanctions have prevented that. The Europeans, though, can sell anything they want. They don’t have the same restrictions that Congress put on U.S. businesses back in 1995, prohibiting the sale of virtually anything made in the United States to Iran over concerns about Iran’s human rights record.

The Europeans, the Chinese, and the Russians will likely have a full-blown trade relationship with Iran by the end of the year. That’s fine. Good for us for standing on principle, I guess.

But threatening to “re-impose” sanctions is just silly. New sanctions will only wreck the improvements the Obama administration has made in relations with Iran, damage Obama’s foreign policy legacy, and make a military conflict with Iran more likely.

Maybe that’s what McConnell wants. If so, let him say it, rather than skirting around the issue.

OtherWords columnist John Kiriakou is an associate fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. He’s a former CIA counterterrorism officer and senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

Obama Does NOT Want These Stunning Words Iran Just Said To Get Out…

Iran leaders state their plan is to overthrow Israel and liberate Palestine, even in the midst of a crucial vote on a nuclear arms deal with the United States and the global community.

Brigadier General Mohsen Kazzemeini, a senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and a leading commander in the Tehran province, said on Sept. 2 that Iran will not stop building up its military. In fact, Kazzemeini told operating units in Tharallah Drills at the Iranian capital that it will continue until Israel no longer exists, he said.

“They (the US and the Zionists) should know that the Islamic Revolution will continue enhancing its preparedness until it overthrows Israel and liberates Palestine,” Kazzemeini said.

The comments were made in light of several revelations about Iran’s military build up. There are at least 250,000 volunteer forces, called Iranian Basiji, that are organized into 250 battalions. Those fighting forces began drills this week in Tehran to practice warfare against what they called “security threats.”

Another one of Iran’s military leaders has also boldly stated that the U.S. will not be able to control Iran in any way.

“The US officials make boastful remarks and imagine that they can impose anything on the Iranian nation because they lack a proper knowledge of the Iranian nation,” said Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan on Sept. 3

Congressional members opposed to the Iran deal, headed by Republicans, took a blow on Sept. 3 as President Barack Obama gained 34 Senate votes required to overturn a presidential veto. That is significant because the GOP has legislation, including an amendment to the negotiated agreement with the Islamic country, which would make the deal with Iran moot. The president said he is prepared to veto legislation.

Republican leaders, although disappointed with the decision of Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) to become that 34th vote, said the fight to end the deal isn’t over. Cory Fritz, a spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, said getting the crucial vote to allow the deal to go through was disappointing, but also said “this deal is far from being implemented.” It is no secret the American people do not want the deal, Fritz said.

 “Forcing a bad deal over the objections of the American people and a majority in Congress is no win for President Obama,” he said.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said representatives on both sides of the aisle will have to work together to deal with the negative outcomes of the deal for years to come.

“While the President may be able to sustain a veto with the tepid, restricted and partisan support of one third of one house of Congress over Americans’ bipartisan opposition, it will require a bipartisan Congress to strengthen our defenses in the Persian Gulf and to stand up to the inevitable Iranian violations of the agreement that will need to be addressed after he has left office,” McConnell said.

 McConnell is convinced that ending the deal may have to wait until after the 2016 presidential election.

 “And because it is not a treaty, it can and should be revisited by our next president,” he said.

This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth