Tim Pawlenty: We Need More, Bigger Unconstitutional Wars!

Ben Johnson, The White House Watch

In election years, candidates inevitably promise voters they will do more than their opponents. In practice that usually means increased debt-spending and expanding unconstitutional encroachments on liberty. Now one Republican presidential candidate has doubled-down on the most blatantly illegal action of this presidency, saying Barack Obama has not gone far enough in waging war-by-decree in Libya — and those who want to follow the Constitution are bead-wearing hippies bent on dragging America down in disgrace.

On Tuesday, former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty gave what he dubbed a “major” foreign policy speech to the Council on Foreign Relations. In it, Pawlenty pouted, “parts of the Republican Party now seem to be trying to out-bid the Democrats in appealing to isolationist sentiments.”

“America already has one political party devoted to decline, retrenchment, and withdrawal,” he said. “It does not need a second one.”

He fleshed out what he meant in the speech — calling on Obama to “commit America’s strength to removing Ghadafi” and recognize the rebels as Libya’s legitimate government. During a question-and-answer session afterward, TPaw agreed with President Obama that the War Powers Resolution “does not apply” to the war in Libya.

In March, Pawlenty told students at Vanderbilt University that getting Congressional authorization for a war, as required by the Constitution and the resolution, is “a very complex matter and it’s not something that lends itself to an easy answer.” He added, “we need to make sure we don’t tie the executive or the commander in chief’s hands so tightly that he or she can’t respond in an emergency quickly or in a situation that deserves and needs a quick response.” Pawlenty told the CFR on Tuesday he would consult with Congress “as a courtesy and gesture of respect.”

His speech and his attack on his fellow Republicans raises (at least) 15 questions this author would like to ask Gov. Pawlenty:

  1. You have stated the War Powers Resolution does not apply to the war in Libya. However, the administration’s best lawyers disagreed with your assessment. Attorney General Eric Holder reportedly sided with them. The highest legal scholar in the administration to hold to your view is Harold Koh, who advocates “transnationalist jurisprudence,” who once branded the United States a member of the “axis of disobedience,” and who often co-authors articles with members of the Center for Constitutional Rights — a pro-terrorist legal house founded by Marxists. How can a self-identified “conservative” find himself to the Left of Eric Holder? If elected, will you rely on the advice of Koh or others of his ideology?
  2. The Founding Fathers clearly placed the war-making power in the hands of Congress alone — in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution as well as their deliberations before its passage and their practice following its adoption. Since the Constitution has not been amended, what legal precedent do you believe suspended and nullified the Founders’ intentions?
  3. Since you do not believe Congressional authorization is necessary to initiate hostilities, at what point, if any, would you consider Congressional authorization necessary to continue military interventions abroad in which American personnel or weapons were killing or attempting to kill foreign nationals (referred to as “hostilities” in the War Powers Resolution)?

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Immigration Raids Mean More Jobs for Americans

Joe Guzzardi, FloydReports.com

The New York-based Harvard Maintenance Company advertises that it “sets the highest standard” in its industry which provides janitorial, custodial and security services. However, its standards apparently don’t include hiring legal workers.

According to the Service Employees International Union, 240 Harvard Maintenance employees in Minnesota suspected of being illegal immigrants will be fired by the end of March. Christopher Nulty, an SEIU representative said that last December the U.S. Department of Homeland Security notified the company that it believed some workers were illegal immigrants and, as is the ICE practice, gave the employees 90 days to produce proof to the contrary.

In a similar audit case two years ago, more than 1,200 janitors at ABM, another large commercial cleaning company in the Twin Cities, lost their jobs. And last year in Minnesota, the Chipotle Mexican Grill dismissed hundreds of its workers under similar circumstances. While these are bad times to be an illegal immigrant worker in Minneapolis, the firings represent as many as 2,000 job opportunities for unemployed Americans.

Javier Morillo, local president of SEIU, said that the investigations of Harvard Maintenance and ABM didn’t fit with ICE’s stated goal of….

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SEIU Helps Illegal Aliens Steal American Jobs

Kevin “Coach” Collins, FloydReports.com

The invasion of illegal aliens who are sneaking over our southern border every day places the very life of our nation in jeopardy. This onslaught of poor illiterates brings nothing we need or can’t provide for ourselves, but they do bring an array of social problems we don’t need. These people are a clear and present danger to all of us; so we need everyone to roll up his/her sleeves and get to work to stop this flood of problems. This is why the treachery from the anti-American SEIU is so serious.

The Service Employee International Union (SEIU) has been carrying out an effective program to aid and abet the illegal aliens streaming into our country to steal the jobs of its own members.

On Monday the results of an audit, conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on a large Minnesota firm were leased and they caught the SEIU red-handed. The audit focused on the employees of Harvard Maintenance Inc., a national corporation that offers janitorial services.

The ICE audit has brought about the firing of 240 illegal aliens who had worked for Harvard with the full cooperation of Local 26 of the SEIU.

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