Mike Huckabee Shares Touching ‘Medal Of Honor Day’ Tributes

medal of honor

In recognition of a holiday he lamented “gets little notice in most of our country,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee dedicated his Facebook profile to spotlighting military heroes Wednesday.

“Today is National Medal of Honor Day,” he wrote. “It’s a time for us to remember and thank the greatest heroes our country has ever known – our Medal of Honor Recipients, both living and dead.”

He began by highlighting the accomplishments of fellow Arkansasan, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Edgar Harold Lloyd.

“Company E, 319th Infantry, with which 1st Lt. Lloyd was serving as a rifle platoon leader, was assigned the mission of expelling an estimated enemy force of 200 men from a heavily fortified position near Pompey, France,” Huckabee wrote.

After encountering heavy machine gun fire from enemy forces, Huckabee explained that “Lloyd leaped to his feet and led his men on a run into the raking fire, shouting encouragement to them.”

Lloyd single-handedly “jumped into the first enemy machinegun position, knocked out the gunner with his fist, dropped a grenade, and jumped out before it exploded,” Huckabee wrote, noting that his heroism resulted in the destruction of enemy weapons and the death of numerous enemy fighters.

Though he survived the incident, he died just two months later at the hand of a sniper–even as he was awaiting receipt of his Medal of Honor.

A second profile focused on a more recent recipient, U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class and member of SEAL Team 3 Michael A. Monsoor. During a particularly violent clash with enemy insurgents in Iraq, Monsoor threw himself on a grenade to save the lives of two fellow teammates.

Huckabee later spotlighted Korean War recipient U.S. Army Capt. Reginald B. Desiderio, who continued to lead his troops even after sustaining serious injury.

“In the subsequent fighting,” Huckabee wrote, “when the enemy succeeded in penetrating the position, he personally charged them with carbine, rifle, and grenades, inflicting many casualties until he himself was mortally wounded.”

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Calls For Obama’s Impeachment Could Well Grow Louder With Army’s Decision To Charge Bergdahl

Images Credit: Twitter

When President Obama agreed in mid-2014 to exchange five top Taliban leaders in U.S. custody for an American soldier held by a terror group in Afghanistan, prominent critics of the deal charged that the commander-in-chief had committed “high crimes and misdemeanors” and should be impeached.

At the heart of those early calls for impeachment were claims that Obama had broken federal law against supporting terrorists. A June 2014 post on WND quoted Fox News’ Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano:

“’We have a federal statute which makes it a felony to provide material assistance to any terrorist organization. It could be money, maps, professional services, any asset whatsoever, include human assets,’ [Napolitano] said.”

Colonel Allen West, a former member of Congress, called on Capitol Hill lawmakers “to draft articles of impeachment as no one is above the law in America.”

Joining in the stinging criticism of Obama’s questionable “Taliban Five” trade deal was the former assistant U.S. attorney who successfully prosecuted Islamic radicals behind the first bombing of the World Trade Center.

Andrew McCarthy argued that “transferring the five terrorists to Qatar in exchange for the release of Bergdahl ‘violates the law against material support to terrorism.’”

Commentator Matt Barber (whose columns frequently appear on Western Journalism) added his voice to the chorus calling for impeachment. Via CNS News:

Whether Obama is intentionally trying to overthrow his own government is open for debate. But that he is, ‘adhering to [America’s] Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort,’ is without question.

Those calls for Obama’s impeachment came after controversial details of the deal were made public last summer, but long before the Army’s investigation of the Bergdahl case was complete…and longer still before today’s announcement that the military is charging Bowe Bergdahl with desertion.

When President Obama formally and proudly announced Bergdahl’s release after five years in captivity, there was a high-profile Rose Garden celebration of sorts featuring Bergdahl’s parents. Fox News reminds us:

“Bob Bergdahl, who had studied Islam during his son’s captivity appeared with a full beard and read a Muslim prayer, while Bergdahl’s mother Jani embraced the president.”

Then the administration set about trumpeting its triumphant accomplishment in the media.

Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice — known for her adamant assertion that the Benghazi attack was caused by an Internet video — went so far as to praise Bergdahl on national television, hailing the newly freed soldier as having “served the United States with honor and distinction.”

Rice’s declaration that the release of this “honorable” soldier marked a “joyous day” seems all the more removed from reality now that the Army has determined to prosecute Bergdahl for willfully leaving his post in Afghanistan.

Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” close to two months ago, retired Army officer, Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, claimed the Pentagon had determined to charge Bergdahl; but the White House was desperately trying to keep that fact from going public because it would embarrass Obama.

Some of Bergdahl’s platoon-mates in recent months have been outspoken in their claims that Bowe Bergdahl voluntarily walked away from his unit and put his fellow soldiers lives at risk when they conducted dangerous missions to try to locate him.

At a Wednesday afternoon briefing about the Bergdahl case, an Army spokesman said there are two charges being lodged: “desertion with intent to shirk important or hazardous duty” and “misbevaior before the enemy” that endangered his fellow soldiers.

The next step in the case is for the Army to hold a preliminary hearing at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. If taken to a court martial and found guilty, Bowe Bergdahl could face life in prison.

The consequences for Barack Obama, beyond potential embarrassment and renewed political grief, are yet to be determined.

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Former CIA, SEALs, And Green Berets Risk Their Lives To Rescue Victims Of Sex Trafficking

Twitter/Kathleen Nugent

Scroll down to see footage of one of their dramatic rescues. 

After working terrorist cases in Latin America with the CIA and spending over a decade as a Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security rescuing children from the sex tourism industry, Tim Ballard turned in his badge in December of 2013 and resigned.

He was tired of the red tape and bureaucracy; and while he was proud of the work he had done for his country, he wanted to save the children he saw falling through the cracks. These lost children, he said, represent over 90% of the children in the sex industry; and he couldn’t help them while he was working for the U.S. government.

He went on to found Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), an organization that rescues kidnapped children from sex slavery. Their team consists of former CIA, Green Berets, and SEALs who risk their lives to rescue children in bondage.

There are several steps O.U.R. takes when they plan their rescue missions. First, they assess the feasibility of the situation to make sure they can work with local authorities and do everything legally. Then they research the location of the rescue operation, the children involved, and the backgrounds of those running the sex rings. They also look for legitimate orphanages that will take in the rescued children and provide them with food, shelter, and rehabilitation.

The next step involves designing a rescue strategy, which the former military and government agent teams are especially adept at. Once the plan is in place, the teams take action, often posing as traffickers and clients to get to the children. Their work is dangerous, but important.

During the raids, the teams carry hidden cameras in hats, watches, etc., and wear wires to capture everything that is happening. That footage is used to put the perpetrators away, as well as for a feature film, The Abolitionists, and a television series that will highlight the incredible work they do.

You can watch footage of one of their dramatic rescues below.

Dominican Republic Blurred forPress from FletChet Entertainment on Vimeo.

Once the children are rescued, they are returned to their families or taken to an orphanage where they will receive the care they need. The O.U.R. team then follows the arrests, trials, and sentencings of the traffickers to make sure they never kidnap children again.

IJReview talked with O.U.R. Rescue Operative Matt (last name omitted for security reasons) about what it is like to rescue these children. He spoke candidly about the challenges the teams face when they perform their missions, and why it’s all worth it:

In Colombia, we were laying the ground work for a rescue operation. With the majority of cases, we meet in public places with armed security close by. However, in this case we had to meet with the trafficker at his house. We had security with us but we were unarmed because we have to act like we are American sex tourists setting up a big party.

We went into the home wearing wires with hidden cameras and mics. That had me the most nervous, I was thinking, will he see my wire through my shirt?

Then, this guy brought out a couple young girls and said they’re virgins. And it turned into a moment where I also had the most resolve as well.

He said I will sell them to you for $1,000.00 a piece.

When I saw these girls, and I knew their age, I saw in their face my daughters. I was hit with dual feelings at once. I felt sick to my stomach and wanted to hit the guy. But I had to stay in character because if we can keep it together, we have a chance to save these girls and other virgins.

Fortunately, that is what happened.

We launched three operations in three Colombian cities. As a result we rescued 123 victims, and 55 of those were under 18.

It’s not easy. Because we all have families and many us are fathers and mothers. It’s very difficult to act like you’re someone you are not.

I have had to say stuff that I would never say and I have had to lick my lips menacingly. The reason the play is accepted by our human traffickers is because this happens for real every single day. We walk the walk, we talk the talk, because that’s what has to be done to help save these suffering children.

When you’re playing this part as an American sex tourist and see the girls crying, you know they’re wondering, ‘What are these Americans going to do to us?’

Then, within 15 minutes the police sweep in and they arrest everyone, even us. We make sure the nations we work with all have good child services programs and often the kids that were once in tears out of fear – are now smiling, dancing or singing instead.

h/t: IJReview

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Breaking: What Obama Just Did Shatters A Major Campaign Promise On This Key War Strategy

Images Credit: USA Today

When he was hot on the trail to re-election in 2012 and tossing out all sorts of campaign promises, Barack Obama said the following at a stop in Boulder, Colorado:

We are bringing our troops home from Afghanistan. And I’ve set a timetable. We will have them all out of there by 2014.

Politico writer Josh Gerstein reminds us that a short time before, in Sioux City, Iowa, the president had boasted:

I put forward a specific plan to bring our troops home from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. And when I say I’m going to bring them home, you know they’re going to come home.

Well, as with so many of Obama’s other pledges to the American people — promises that helped him to defeat Mitt Romney — that “you know they’re going to come home” vow has turned out not to be fulfilled. In fact, far from it.

And now, as USA Today has just reported, the White House says the planned withdrawal of U.S. forces still in Afghanistan will be delayed, thus dramatically changing the latest timetable Obama had assured us would be followed in bringing the troops home.

The article notes that the Pentagon, under Obama’s direction, will maintain a force of some 9,800 U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan at least through the end of 2015.

That revised number, while indicating yet another substantial shift in Obama’s military strategy, is not altogether unwelcome to U.S. commanders or to the relatively new Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. Both feared the too-rapid drawdown would jeopardize Afghanistan’s security and allow the Taliban a greater chance to make substantial inroads.

“The Obama administration has planned to reduce its troop presence in Afghanistan from some 9,800 to about 5,500 by the end of this year; Ghani has said he wants more U.S. troops to stay longer as Afghanistan seeks to build up its own military.”

In its coverage of the president’s decision on a higher troop presence in Afghanistan through the end of the year, The Wall Street Journal notes that this move could cast into doubt another of Obama’s promises to bring to a close America’s longest-running war.

“Left unclear is how the new drawdown plan will affect Mr. Obama’s promise to fully end the Afghanistan war, now approaching its 14th year, by the time he leaves office.”

Since he first began campaigning in 2008 for America to put him in the White House, Barack Obama has been promising to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. But as so often happens with this commander-in-chief, those commitments have turned out to be little more than dust scattered on the winds of political expediency.

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See Why This Magical TV Moment Meant So Much To An Intrepid Wounded Warrior On DWTS

Image Credit: YouTube/Dancing with the Stars

For an Iraq war veteran who lost parts of his left leg and left arm to a roadside bomb ten years ago, Monday night’s appearance on the hit TV show “Dancing with the Stars” was incredibly emotional.

Army vet Noah Galloway suffered severe injuries in Iraq in 2005 — injuries that might sideline a person who doesn’t have Galloway’s drive and determination. His is a can-do attitude and no-quit approach to life that’s gotten him through two rounds of DWTS competition despite the fact that he’s a double-amputee.

A native of Alabaster, Alabama, where his dancing exploits are followed closely, Galloway and his partner Sharna Burgess performed a samba on Monday’s televised competition.

And while the dancing was certainly impressive — the show’s four judges gave the couple a combined score of 27 out of a possible 40 points — it was what happened after the samba that got so many viewers choked up.

Galloway was surprised by an on-stage reunion with the girlfriend to whom he had dedicated the dance, Jamie Boyd — they’ve been separated for six months while she was deployed in the Army Reserves.

You can watch Noah’s week-two DTWS performance as well as the heartwarming reunion with Jamie by clicking on the video above.

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