Shocking New Vid Of Downed Russian Fighter Pilot And 2 Words Chanted Over His Body

The death of a Russian fighter pilot on Tuesday was cause for celebration among Syrian rebels who gleefully surrounded his body and posed for a video amid conflicting reports of who is responsible for the pilot’s death.

The video shows about a dozen men surrounding the body of a man in military fatigues, presumed to be the pilot of the Russian jet shot down Tuesday by Turkish forces near the Turkish border with Syria.

“Allahu Akbar (God is great),” shout several men in the video.

“This is a Russian pilot and killer of men, women and children who was killed today after his plane was shot down in Syria,” one Syrian rebel says on the video. Russia has been siding with the Syrian government and attacking rebels in the hills where the plane crashed.

The circumstances of the pilot’s death were unclear Tuesday. A video was released that showed two figures parachuting to the ground from the Russian fighter jet, after the jet was hit by Turkish fire. The Daily Mail reported that local rebels said the pilot was already dead when he reached the ground.

The New York Times, however, reported that one Russian pilot was shot as he parachuted to the ground, and the other was captured by a local militia called the 10th Brigade.

“One of the Russian pilots was shot as he was trying to land,” said Shadi al-Ouwayni, an activist in the region of the crash. “The other was injured and captured.”

Fox News quoted Jahed Ahmad of the 10th Brigade in the Coast, a rebel group, as claiming credit for killing the pilot, who was trying to parachute onto government-held land but was captured by the rebels instead.

“This is the body of a Russian member of the military who was killing Syrian people,” he said. “We have the body and we will see what to do with it.”

Ahmad said his group might exchange the pilot’s body for prisoners held by Syria. He made no mention of the second pilot.

Meanwhile, other media reported that a Russian helicopter sent to recover the pilots may have been downed by Syrian rebels.

h/t: The Daily Mail

Look How Trey Gowdy Just Fired Back After Getting Hit By Major Legal Action

Congressman Trey Gowdy’s office slammed a lawsuit filed by a fired staffer alleging that the congressman violated the law with his Benghazi committee ,calling it “meritless” and “improper” on Monday.

The November 23 lawsuit filed by a former staffer named Bradley Podliska, an Air Force reserve major who Gowdy, R -S.C., fired in June for mishandling classified information, alleges a long list of violations supposedly perpetrated against him, including that he was improperly fired. But Podliska’s most explosive claim is that the House Select Committee on Benghazi is a “witch hunt” launched to “get” Hillary Clinton for her response to the attack on a U.S. facility in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012.

Gowdy’s office calls the whole thing nothing short of an attack against the Committee’s legitimate functions.

“The committee understands that a lawsuit has been filed by Bradley Podliska asserting claims pursuant to the Congressional Accountability Act, among others,” Gowdy spokesman Jamal Ware said in a statement according to The Blaze. “We disagree strongly with those claims, which are meritless and which improperly strike at the heart of the committee’s legislative functions.”

As to the former staffer’s claims about Clinton, Ware insists that Podliska himself asked committee interns to take up partisan projects, even though he was warned against doing so.

Along with a raft of allegations, the suit claims that Gowdy made statements that damaged Podliska’s reputation.

“Chairman Gowdy, personally and through his agents, tied these defamatory statements to Podliska’s firing to damage Podliska’s reputation and his ability to seek or secure employment in his chosen field, depriving Podliska of his rights under the Constitution,” the suit reads.

Podliska also claims he was the only one punished for improperly handling evidence, and that his firing was improper. “Ultimately, Plaintiff was the only one of the four accused of the trumped-up security violation to be reprimanded by the Majority Staff or subjected to any adverse employment action,” the suit says.

Podliska further alleges that he was fired for taking time off to fulfill his military duties, a claim that Gowdy’s office strongly disputes.

“The committee did not and does not discriminate or retaliate based on military service, military status or any other unlawful factor,” Ware added.

The congressman’s spokesman also pointed out that the committee employs several active members of the military, and that none of them have ever been penalized for fulfilling their duties to the service.

Gowdy’s office assured the American people that all of the claims in Podliska’s suit are false, and that Gowdy’s office will be “fully exonerated.”

Podliska’s lawsuit demands his reinstatement as a committee investigator, recovery of lost wages and other damages. He also seeks “a permanent injunction barring Chairman Gowdy from repeating false, defamatory and injurious statements” that have been made about him.

Look Who’s Behind The Lack Of Success In The US-Led Air Campaign Against ISIS

President Obama on Sunday once again vowed to destroy Islamic State during a meeting with Asian leaders in Malaysia.

“Destroying (Islamic State) is not only a realistic goal, we’re going to get it done,” Obama said optimistically, while adding:

We will destroy them. We will take back land they are currently in, take out their financing, hunt down leadership, dismantle their networks, supply lines and we will destroy them.

During the same meeting, Obama rejected ISIS’ claim that the United States is at war with Islam. The President said the notion that the U.S. was against a single religion undermines national security because the United States is made up of people from different religions. He claimed that this kind of discrimination and prejudice helps Islamic State.

“I want to stress on this – prejudice and discrimination helps IS and undermines our national security. There’s a difference between being vigilant – having smart applications of law enforcement and military intelligence – and succumbing to the kind of fear that leads us to abandon our values, how we live or how we treat each other,” Obama told reporters.

Obama also lectured Russian President Vladimir Putin on the war against Islamic State. The American president said that Russia needs “to make a strategic decision to go after the Islamic State group, not the moderate opposition forces trying to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad,“ the Associated Press reported.

While Obama was in Malaysia, the Russian army claimed to have carried out the most devastating attack on Islamic State in Syria thus far. The British newspaper The Sunday Express, quoting high-ranking Russian army officials, reported that more than 600 ISIS terrorists were killed in a single strike with a cruise missile.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Saturday that Russian warplanes had carried out a staggering 394 sorties in Syria in just three days. The Russian jets hit 731 rebel targets in the country, but it was not clear how many ISIS targets were hit by the Russian air force.

British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond apparently doesn’t share Obama’s criticism of the Russian actions in Syria. Hammond made it clear that he sees signs that Russia had indeed turned its fire in Syria on ISIS last week. While in Cyprus, Hammond said: “We have seen over the last 48 hours that the Russians are clearly focusing more effort on counter-ISIL (ISIS), which is good.”

“I don’t doubt that the Russians believe every bit as much as we do in the need to destroy ISIL (ISIS). And in fact, Russia is every bit as threatened by ISIL (ISIS) and the ideology behind it as we are,” he added.

At the same time, it became clear that Obama’s own anti-ISIS strategy prevents the U.S. air force from effectively striking the Islamic State.

Nearly 75% of all U.S. warplanes that were sent on bombing runs against Islamic State targets in the first four months of this year returned to their bases without dropping a single bomb or firing a rocket.

“The U.S. conducted 7,319 sorties over Iraq and Syria as part of Operation Inherent Resolve in the first four months of 2015. Of those, only 1,859 flights — 25.4 percent — had at least one ‘weapons release’…That means that only about one in every four flights dropped a bomb on an Islamic State target,” according to the Washington Times in a report on May 31st of this year. The paper based its conclusions on data that it received from the United States Air Force Central Command.

The reason the planes didn’t drop their bombs on the designated ISIS targets has to do with Obama’s apparent stubbornness, and not with a lack of intelligence as was suggested by some of the media in May.

Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon reported last week that U.S. air force pilots had told Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, that the Obama administration policy intended to prevent civilian deaths and collateral damage in Iraq and Syria is to blame for the lack of effective bombing of Islamic State targets.

“You went 12 full months while ISIS was on the march without the U.S. using that air power and now as the pilots come back to talk to us they say three-quarters of our ordnance we can’t drop, we can’t get clearance even when we have a clear target in front of us. I don’t understand this strategy at all because this is what has allowed ISIS the advantage and ability to recruit,” Royce fumed.

The Obama administration, however, was unfazed by Royce’s criticism. A spokesman for the administration defended Obama’s zero civilian deaths policy:

“The bottom line is that we will not stoop to the level of our enemy and put civilians more in harm’s way than absolutely necessary. The fact that aircraft go on missions and don’t strike anything is not out of the norm,” the official said. “Despite U.S. strikes being the most precise in the history of warfare, conducting strike operations in the heavily populated areas where ISIL hides certainly presents challenges. We are fighting an enemy who goes out of their way to put civilians at risk. However, our pilots understand the need for the tactical patience in this environment. This fight against ISIL is not the kind of fight from previous decades.”

Jack Keane, a retired four-star U.S. general, shared Royce’s criticism of Obama’s handling of the air campaign against ISIS.

“This has been an absurdity from the beginning. The president personally made a statement that has driven air power from the inception,” Keane told Royce in a response to questions posed by the congressman.

“When we agreed we were going to do airpower, and the military said, this is how it would work, he (Obama) said, No, I do not want any civilian casualties,” Keane told Royce. “And the response was, but there’s always some civilian casualties. We have the best capability in the world to protect from civilians casualties,” he added.

Keane then told Royce that Obama’s response was, “No, you don’t understand. I want no civilian casualties. Zero.”

“So that has driven our so-called rules of engagement to a degree we have never had in any previous air campaign from desert storm to the present,” the retired general told Royce.

The result of the administration’s strategy in the air campaign against ISIS has not only been a lack of effectiveness, but also a sharp decline in U.S. dominance of airspace in Syria–and, to a lesser degree, in Iraq.

The Russians now control airspace in Syria because they have deployed the S-400 air defense system in the country that effectively enables them to control all air traffic above Syria. Also, the Russians have carved out corridors for their warplanes in Syria and Iraq that are in fact off-limits for the U.S.-led coalition airplanes.

What this means is that, as Western Journalism predicted earlier, less than three months after the Russian intervention, Syria now indeed has no-fly zones–but not for Assad’s murderous air force that has a tendency to target civilians only.

US Pilots Bombed ISIS Oil Tankers, Were Forced To Do Shocking Thing 45 Minutes Before

On June 23rd, 2015, the Human Rights Council of the United Nations issued a controversial report. The report was titled, “Human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.” In it are a summary of the findings by the UN that investigated whether war crimes took place in the recent Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

On page 180, the report concluded, “In relation to this latest round of violence, which resulted in an unprecedented number of casualties, the commission was able to gather substantial information pointing to serious violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law by Israel and by Palestinian armed groups. In some cases, these violations may amount to war crimes.”

And with that statement the UN put forth the notion that Israel, or any country for that matter even the U.S., could be guilty of war crimes even in cases of self-defense. Hamas has frequently released thousands of unguided missiles into Israel, and Hamas uses civilians as human shields when Israel responds in order to increase collateral damage and make Israel look cruel in the eyes of the international community.

Fear that the U.S. could also be accused of war crimes may be driving the new bombing tactics that the U.S. military and President Obama are using. Western Journalism has recently detailed the frustration that military pilots are experiencing while flying missions for Obama. As many as 75% of the sorties were called off because their request to drop ordinance was denied because of possible collateral damage. It has been reported that Obama has said that he “zero” civilian casualities in all sorties flown by U.S. pilots.

So, in response to Mr. Obama’s demands, presumably in fear of being accused of war crimes, the military in Central Command is going to great lengths to prevent collateral damage. They’re now dropping Arabic leaflets, 45 minutes in advance of the targeting of ISIS oil tankers. The leaflets warn the supposedly innocent civilian truckers that their tanker has been targeted to be destroyed by coalition fighters. The leaflets read, “Get out of your trucks now, and run away from them. Warning: airstrikes are coming. Oil trucks will be destroyed. Get away from your oil trucks immediately. Do not risk your life.” The U.S. position is that these drivers of oil tankers are simply civilian workers who are not associated with ISIS and whose lives should be protected.

Furthermore, the pilots are even being asked to conduct low-altitude flybys to give the drivers a visual warning that their tankers are being targeted. Is appears that it may only be a matter of time before ISIS gets their hands on anti-aircraft weaponry that will bring down U.S. pilots and aircraft while they’re trying to fulfill their commander in chief’s wishes to forewarn ISIS oil rig drivers with leaflets and low-altitude flybys. ISIS now has 45 minutes to gear up.

Do you think Obama is trying to cover his assets by warning the drivers?

While Obama Does Nothing, These Vets Are Taking A HUGE Step Against Illegal Immigration

They fight for the ideals of America while wearing their nation’s uniform–and they’re still at it.

The Arizona Border Recon, military veterans, augmented by concerned citizens, patrol the border between the United States and Mexico. What they have seen should be a warning to the policymakers in Washington.

Last Monday, five Pakistanis and one Afghan were arrested by the U.S. Border Patrol trying to cross into the country illegally. That’s nothing new, said Tim Foley, the field operations director for Arizona Border Recon. Department of Homeland Security records show an average of one Pakistani a day arrested for coming into America illegally, with more than one per week from Afghanistan, Syria or Iraq.

“There’s Palestinians, Afghans, Syrians trying to get in. We are trying to stop everything and anything from coming across,” said Foley.

The debris illegal immigrants leave behind says a lot about who they are, Foley said.

“Korans, prayer rugs,” he said. “Right up the road here one of the ranch hands had a Muslim with a prayer rug over his shoulder and chest length beard cut square walk up to him and ask for water.”

The Arizona Border Recon, whose members have been patrolling for five years, stage week-long patrols every few months to help plug the leakiest sections of the border and steer illegal immigrants into areas that are more heavily patrolled.

“We have the war on drugs and the war on terror and it seems that they are combining right here on the border,” said Foley. “We’re not a militia, we’re not a three percent group, we do not advocate overthrowing the government…we are an extra set of eyes and ears for Border Patrol.”

Foley said the veterans are not against immigrants, but against law-breakers.

“If you want a better life then go through the front door,” Foley said. “Do it the right way. Don’t come sneaking underneath in through the back door through the window because that makes you suspect.”

Arizona Border Recon’s work does not go unnoticed.

“There are giants among us. Men and women of true grit that put themselves before those that would seek to do our country harm, like a shield wall. Much like the reluctant anti-heroes in the pages of a Louis L’Amour saga, they do so at great sacrifice to their personal lives,” wrote Jason Van Tatenhove, Media Director and Associate Editor for Oath Keepers.

h/t: KVOA