Revealed: The Brutal Thing That Happened Same Day Marine Was Attacked Outside McDonalds

The attack and robbery of former Marine, Chris Marquez, on Feb. 12, as he exited a McDonald’s in D.C. made headline news.

This was not a lone incident. According to The Gateway Pundit, there was a second, unrelated attack on a Marine that day.

In the second attack, Operation Iraqi Freedom Marine, 35-year old Michael Schoeder, was viciously attacked, struck in the head and robbed. Schroeder was seen in the street, face down and beat up between two cars.

A man and his son driving by in a taxi saw Schoeder, contacted authorities and reported the attack.

Deidre Schroeder, the victim’s mother, was interviewed by WUSA-9. She said, “It’s an angel whoever found him and I’m very, very grateful. Michael could’ve died that night.”

Schroeder’s mother said that her son had been missing all day. Michael’s twin brother had been searching for him and finally located him in George Washington Hospital.

Michael suffered a severe concussion along with a fractured skull. Staples had been used to close the head wounds. He also had difficulty speaking.

Schroeder told WUSA-9 that he remembered having drinks with some friends. Later they left to go home and that is all he can recall.

“I wasn’t trying to find trouble,” Schroeder said. “I was actually trying to walk home.”

The police report stated that Schroeder appeared to be very cold and highly intoxicated. He was also bleeding from a blow to the head.

When asked why someone would attack him, Schroeder said, “It’s hard for me to understand because there would’ve been zero reason for it. He said his cell phone had not been taken, but he was missing between $40 and $60.

According to police, the attack was not captured on surveillance cameras in the area.

The police also state that they do not believe that this attack was connected to the attack on Chris Marquez.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit 

Watch: Veteran Calls This VA Hospital To Make Appointment, What Happened Next Is Going Viral

In a video titled  Why We Need the Faster Care for Veterans Act, Army veteran Dennis Magnasco can be seen attempting to make an appointment with the Veterans Administration Healthcare System in Bedford, Massachusetts.

Magnasco dials the VA’s number, puts in his Social Security number, and then is told that if he’d like to speak with an assistant to press “2.” After pressing the number, Magnasco’s call was directed back to the beginning of the recorded message. He was then asked to enter his Social Security number once again, and after again selecting the option to speak with an assistant, he was routed back to the start. The cycle continued for nearly five minutes until Magnasco simply disconnected the call and walked away.

Why We Need the Faster Care for Veterans ActWatch as Dennis, Army veteran and one of the District Representatives on my staff, tries to schedule his doctor’s appointment at the VA. This is unacceptable. Our returning service men and women deserve better. I’m committed to doing everything I can to improve this flawed system and introduced the bipartisan Faster Care for Veterans Act to bring veteran health care into the 21st century. #fastercareforvets

Posted by Congressman Seth Moulton on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The video, uploaded by Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), was made in an attempt to highlight the problems veterans face and push legislation intent on reforming the VA and fixing those problems.

The caption below the video reads, “Watch as Dennis, Army veteran and one of the District Representatives on my staff, tries to schedule his doctor’s appointment at the VA. This is unacceptable. Our returning service men and women deserve better. I’m committed to doing everything I can to improve this flawed system and introduced the bipartisan Faster Care for Veterans Act to bring veteran health care into the 21st century. #fastercareforvets”

Moulton’s legislation hopes the use of technology can solve the old-school problem of having to make healthcare appointments by telephone. According to ABC News, “(Moulton) introduced the Faster Care for Veterans Act last month with Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.). The bill is designed to improve the way veterans access health care by introducing self-scheduling technology that could be used on a smartphone or computer. The legislation is expected to receive a hearing in mid-March.”

Magnasco, a Moulton staffer, told ABC News he spent two days trying to get an appointment with the VA. According ABC News, the VA has stated the technical issue identified by the video has been corrected.

h/t: ABC News

Bombshell Announcement Just Made About 6 Teens Who Viciously Attacked Marine – It Will Shock You

Two juveniles were arrested by police Monday on charges stemming from a Feb. 12 attack on a Marine veteran.

Chris Marquez, who is a Bronze Star recipient, was accosted by a group of black teenagers while he ate at a McDonald’s in Washington, D.C. Upon exiting, he was struck on the head and knocked unconscious. His wallet, credit cards and other important items were taken.

During a press conference, the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department acknowledged the arrest of two juveniles in connection with this attack. One juvenile is a male charged with aggravated assault and the other is a female charged with robbery.

Although they have been arrested, they have not been charged with a hate crime.

When Marquez was informed of the arrest, he told the Daily Caller, “I am glad two suspects have been arrested, but I am deeply disappointed that they have not been charged with a hate crime yet. Not prosecuting this as a hate crime will only encourage more hate crimes against white people and create further division in this great country.”

After hearing that the juveniles were not being charged with a hate crime, people went on Twitter to express their disappointment.

One tweet said.

Another person posted.

Marquez said he believes the attack was racial and he wants to see black leaders be vocal in their condemnation of this type of crime.

He also expressed sadness in the racial division evident in this country. During eight years of active duty in Iraq, Marquez says he has witnessed the damage that can result in a country due to racial and cultural division.

h/t: Daily Caller

Watch: Navy SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden Gives Shocking Opinion On Women In Combat

Rob O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL who is accredited with shooting Al-Qaeda terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden, shocked a Fox Business network host during an interview Tuesday.

O’Neill, who was being interviewed by Fox Business’ Stuart Varney on Varney & Co, used his air time to offer his support in favor of putting women in combat roles.

In the interview, Varney was the one to bring up the subject.

“Can I ask you for a flat-out judgment?” Varney asked O’Neill. “Do you think that women should be part of special ops teams that go in and shoot down Osama bin Laden?”

O’Neill did not shy away from his beliefs on the matter.

“I’ve operated with women,” O’Neill said. “They’ve actually come with us on special operations. We use them a lot for some of the searching of women and children, cultural sensitivity type stuff.”

O’Neill went on to say how “these Islamic fighters” tend to fear Hell more so than dying. He mentioned that if these fighters were killed by woman, their fellow fighters view that as a one-way ticket to Hell.

“So, I like to say, lock and load, ladies,” O’Neill said to Varney. “If they don’t lower the standards and they pass them, I think they should get a shot.”

Stunned, Varney explained to O’Neill his reservations with having woman in combat, stating that he has a hard time understanding how a male SEAL would feel safe with a female member of the team.

“Are you telling me you are perfectly okay going into a life and death situation with a woman by your side?” Varney asked.

O’Neill acknowledged that the idea of women in combat could potentially change the team dynamic, but reaffirmed that he would be comfortable with it if the standards stayed consistent across the board.

“It’s equal opportunity type stuff,” O’Neill said. “If they don’t lower the standards, yes, they should be able to. Women and men working together is better.”

Watch: Actor Gary Sinise Pauses Grammy Presentation To Deliver A Line Hollywood Didn’t Expect

Actor Gary Sinise interrupted the flashy and the tawdry for one moment of sincerity at Monday night’s Grammy awards.

Sinise was joined by country singer Cam to present the award for best country album, an honor that went to Chris Stapleton. But the actor who is perhaps best known for his performances as Lt. Dan in Forrest Gump and Mac Taylor in CSI: New York — and whose Gary Sinise Foundation helps veterans — had something to say first.

“Good evening. I would just like to take one sec, one brief second, to send a special thank you and shoutout to the men and women serving our country around the world who are in harm’s way,” Sinise said. “Thank you very much.”

Favorable reactions poured in, including one from the Defense Department.

“Thank you to @GarySinise for acknowledging deployed service members at the #Grammys #RealHeroes,” it tweeted.

Many fans showed their support on Sinise’s Facebook page.

“Thank you for taking a moment to support the men and women serving our great country. Most artists forget that their music is sometimes played overseas to get them through their fight,” wrote Kimberly Me’Lissa Valdespino-Martinez CMT.

“Mr. Sinise, as a military wife, I do appreciate you mentioned all of the military men and women serving .. my husband is in Kuwait, and he can’t watch what you have just said, but just a simple word, you lift my spirit .and your neverending support to all service men and women …you make me feel so proud … i have witnessed some of your appearances to support all of the men and women … I salute you , Sir!! God Bless You,” wrote Ay Naku Po.

Gary Sinise thank you for taking a moment to publicly support the troops last night. I know hollyweird isn’t all about supporting the troops anymore, it takes a man of great conviction to stand when no one else is. Thank you so much for the support and being outspoken for my brother and sisters. God bless you, for your commitment. HOOORAH!” wrote Jesse Kennamer.

h/t: TheBlaze