Wow: Michael Moore Once Again Trashes Snipers On Twitter


As Western Journalism reported, leftist filmmaker Michael Moore faced significant backlash after sharing his belief that military snipers are “cowards” just as a new film documenting the exploits of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle broke multiple box office records. In response to the attack on the late Kyle and his fellow snipers, numerous Americans — including several celebrities — shared their disapproval on Twitter and in other forums.

Moore made a subsequent attempt to explain himself; however, a new Twitter post this past weekend proved his disdain for snipers has not dissipated.

As with his previous comment, this tweet was quickly followed by the responses of outraged detractors.

Some pointed out the apparent hypocrisy of Moore’s position…

…while others opted to opine on the orator’s obesity.

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WATCH: What Defiant Rocker Ted Nugent Just Did That Will Have Chris Kyle Haters Spitting Mad

WCJ images Nugent


Conservative rocker Ted Nugent is not one to shy away from controversy…or from music as boisterous as his patriotic spirit is strong. In fact, the gutsy guitar star often gets squarely and loudly in the face of liberals with whom he disagrees.

As The Blaze reports, Nugent fired up a highly receptive audience Thursday night at the Outdoor Channel’s 15th annual Golden Moose Awards show held in Las Vegas.

Right before blasting out a rousing rendition of the national anthem in a high-decibel solo performance, the raucous rocker dedicated the piece to the late American sniper Chris Kyle, who has become a target for venomous hatred on the left.

“God bless the snipers,” declared Nugent.

You can see Ted Nugent’s passionate dedication to the heroes of the American military, followed by his version of The Star-Spangled Banner, by clicking on the video above.


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WATCH: When Fox News Anchor Interviewed Three Hero Marines, He Clearly Never Expected This

Fox News

Last week, Western Journalism told you about the three U.S. Marines who rushed to the aid of an elderly woman who was attacked by a pair of armed robbers.

From their recruiting office in the Seattle area, the Marines sprang into action after hearing a commotion outside. The trio of battle-tested warriors made sure the victim of the attempted robbery was safe–and even chased down and held one of the armed suspects until police arrived.

On today’s Fox and Friends, anchor Steve Doocy interviewed the three…or at least he tried to.

Sitting stoically together on a couch, showing almost no emotion in their dress blues, remaining austere and incredibly succinct in their descriptions of what happened, the three proved quite a challenge for Doocy as he tried to paint a picture of the recent events that brought these Marines into the public eye.

You can click on the video above and see that it’s crystal clear these three fighting men — no-nonsense Marines through and through — had little interest in publicity or promoting their selfless act of heroism. For them, rushing to the rescue of a woman in trouble was their duty and deserved no special attention.

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Wounded Warriors Ride To Applause In Miami Beach

Photo credit: DVIDSHUB (Flickr)

It’s not often that you are awakened out of the drudgery of your life and shown graphically why you should be grateful for your health, your family, and your country. This happened to me this morning.

I was eating breakfast outside a hotel in Miami Beach, after doing a video hit for a TV network north of Miami the day before.  The tables were lined along Ocean Drive and filled with tourists, foreigners, and locals alike.  Suddenly, a column of motorcycle cops thundered down the street and cleared the road of any cars.

The customers at the myriad of outside restaurants sitting at the promenade along the beach strained to see what was happening as they looked down the road in vain.  There was silence for about five minutes.

Then slowly, one man in a blue shirt came cycling by; he had an American flag emblazoned on the back of his shirt. He was missing both of his legs below the knee. Then another. Then another.Then a hundred.

Then something amazing happened.  The people eating at the crowded restaurants stood up in the middle of their meals and started clapping. One, then two, then hundreds. Foreigners, locals, tourists, everyone.  The applause was thunderous.

This morning made me proud to be an American.  wounded-warriors_soldiersride

Photo credit: DVIDSHUB (Flickr)

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WATCH: What This Lib Writer Just Said About An American Military Hero Tells A Ton About The Left

Blumenthal Kyle

Who would ever think to compare decorated Navy SEAL Chris Kyle — the most successful sniper in U.S. military history — with one of the notorious D.C. snipers who terrorized the nation’s capital and went on one of the worst random killing sprees America has ever seen?

Who would come up with that mind-bending comparison? Liberal journalist and author Max Blumenthal, that’s who.

Currently the senior writer for the far-left website, Blumenthal has previously plied his trade for a number of liberal sites and publications, including The Daily Beast, The Nation, The Guardian, Huffington Post and

When the movie about Chris Kyle, “American Sniper,” was released on Christmas Day, Blumenthal thought it appropriate to let his twitter followers know what he thought of the late SEAL…which also provided clear insight into the writer’s disdain for the U.S. military.

So without even having seen the film, he fired off a couple of shocking tweets that got one Fox News host hopping mad; and she talked on air to a close friend of Kyle about the writer’s “absurd” comments.

By the way, you’ll notice that in his insulting tweets, Blumenthal — the “award-winning” journalist — calls the D.C. sniper Lee Boyd Malvo by the wrong name.

It’s also interesting to note that the new film about the “American Sniper” Chris Kyle has done very well in its initial theatrical release, setting a box office record on Christmas Day for the best limited-release opening on under ten screens.

By clicking on the video above, you can watch the Fox News segment featuring Chris Kyle’s friend Scott McEwen denouncing liberal “hit man” Max Blumenthal.

Also, here is further reaction to this story from retired Colonel and former U.S. Senator Scott Brown:

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