Woodward: Military Mad That Obama Crony Susan Rice Is Telling Generals How To Fight

Bob Woodward

Veteran journalist Bob Woodward joined Chris Wallace on Fox News’ Fox News Sunday and told the host that people in the military are complaining the Obama administration is handcuffing and “micromanaging” military coordination. He said the administration doesn’t have a plan to defeat ISIS and that National Security Advisor Susan Rice is controlling the military generals.

“They [the Obama administration] have not sat down and said, ‘This is where we want to go and this is how we want to do it,’” Woodward said. “And the measure of that, when you get in the weeds here – people from the White House are micromanaging the tactical situation on a daily and weekly basis.”

“That’s not their job…” he added.

Wallace interjected and asked Woodward if he thought Rice was ordering and commanding the generals.

“They’ve got all these people in the White House – you talk to people in the military who were there and they say, ‘We are being micromanaged, and we’re not given a real plan to say what are we going to do here,’” Woodward said. “It’s not the way to run a war or try to win a war.”

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This Photo Of Chris Kyle’s Accused Killer Is Raising A Huge Question About His Motive

Image Credit: Erath County Sheriff's Department

Jury selection is continuing for a second day in the murder trial of Eddie Ray Routh, the 27-year-old former Marine accused of killing “American Sniper” Chris Kyle at a gun range near Chalk Mountain, Texas, in February 2013.

After four tours of duty in Iraq, Kyle had returned to the United States and tried to help troubled veterans by taking them to shooting ranges where he could work and talk with them as a form of therapy.

It was during one such outing that the Navy SEAL known as America’s deadliest sniper, along with his friend Chad Littlefield, were shot and killed, allegedly by Routh, who suddenly turned on the pair and began firing.

Routh has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity, with his legal team indicating it will use a diagnosis of PTSD — Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder — in the accused killer’s defense.

But did the former Marine snap and start shooting, or was there something else behind the killing of one of America’s celebrated military heroes?

Chris Kyle’s widow and others are now questioning whether PTSD actually played a part in Routh’s actions, especially in light of new information dug up by a veterans’ organization.

As Business Insider reports: “‘Someone taking the lives of two people that were there to help them — that’s not PTSD, in my opinion,’ Kyle’s widow, Taya, told ABC News.”

And as Michele Hickford reports on the Allen West website, The Warfighter Foundation, a non-profit veterans group, has obtained information from the military showing that “it is highly unlikely Routh suffered from PTSD because he never served in battle.”

From The Warfighter Foundation:

“Eddie Routh served one tour in Iraq in 2007…with no significant events. No combat experience.

Let me say that again, he NEVER SAW COMBAT or any aspect of traumatic events associated with a combat deployment (i.e. incoming mortar or rocket fire). He never left the base, EVER.”

The post on the Allen West site also notes that Routh reportedly served as a prison guard overseeing Muslim terrorists captured on the battlefield. According to a noted watchdog on Islamist extremism, Walid Shoebat, that interaction could have led to Routh’s becoming sympathetic to the prisoners’ point of view.

Making it clear that there is no proof of Routh’s alignment with or possible conversion to Islam, Shoebat does say:

“During a phone call with his father, Routh expressed sympathy for the detainees and discontent over how the US was conducting the war as well as his reluctance to engage in combat” and “While working as a guard at Balad Air Base, Routh laments his [Muslim] prisoners’ poor living conditions.”

Another interesting fact noted on the West website is what one sees on the booking photo of Eddie Ray Routh when he was charged with killing Chris Kyle.

That picture from the Erath County, Texas, Sheriff’s Department shows the suspect with facial hair similar to that worn by many devout Muslim men.

Image Credit: Erath County Sheriff's Department

Image Credit: Erath County Sheriff’s Department

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Military Expert Calls On Congress To Stop Infiltration Of Radical Islam Within Obama Administration

James Lyons Jr.

With the Republican Party in control of both congressional chambers, retired U.S. Navy Admiral James Lyons Jr. recently expressed his hope that lawmakers will work to stem the tide of Muslim extremists attaining powerful positions within the nation’s intelligence community.

“No question we’ve got a hell of a job ahead of us with the Muslim Brotherhood penetration in every one of our national security agencies, including all our intelligence agencies” he said during a January meeting of the National Press Club. “And, as has been reported by some, our lead intelligence agency headed by a Muslim convert [an apparent reference to rumors surrounding CIA Director John Brennan], this is not going to be an easy task.”

In a brief recap of the last several decades, Lyons explained that America has had “many opportunities … to change the course of history,” beginning with the Iranian hostage situation during the Carter administration.

Instead, he lamented, American leaders have repeatedly refused to act, leading to the dire situation he says we are currently in.

“Here we are today,” he said. “Political correctness has neutralized all our military leadership.”

A major factor in defeating the enemy is identifying it, something Lyons said too many are reticent to do.

“The threat is Islam,” he asserted. “Let’s make no mistake about it. There’s no such thing as radical Islam.”

He went on to ask for “a definition of moderate Islam,” concluding that “there ain’t any.”

While Lyons applauded the recent efforts of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to encourage an Islamic reformation, he said the Obama administration has yet to even acknowledge this development.

“It certainly tells you where their sympathies lie,” he said.

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OUTRAGE: Michael Moore Just Called Defenders Of ‘Sniper’ Chris Kyle A Name You Won’t Believe

Photo credit: Jonathan Feinstein / Shutterstock.com  Jonathan Feinstein / Shutterstock.com

Today is “Chris Kyle Day” in Texas, officially declared so by the state’s new governor, Greg Abbott. But it’s also a day when fresh rounds of “American Sniper” charges and counter-charges are flying.

As Western Journalism has reported extensively, leftist filmmaker and progressive provocateur Michael Moore has been widely criticized for his harsh criticism of the “American Sniper” Chris Kyle and other military sharpshooters. (You can see several of our previous posts on the forceful push back to Moore’s disparaging remarks here, here and here.)

Now, instead of being chastened by the many negative responses to his anti-military comments — responses from U.S. service personnel past and present, from other filmmakers and from politicians — Moore is adding fuel to the fire of controversy with another inflammatory statement.

Writing on his Facebook page, Moore has assigned what many would consider a hateful and incendiary label to those who have expressed strong reactions to his continued sniping at the legacy of Chris Kyle as well as the hit movie about his heroic, war-fighting experience.

Michael Moore calls his critics “American ISIS.”

This past week or so of hysterical attacks on me only proves that the American lovers of violence and the issuers of fatwas in OUR society haven’t gone away. They are our American Isis – “Criticize or mock those whom we deify, like our sainted sniper, and we will harm you most assuredly.”

If Moore’s intent was to once more fan the flames of emotional reaction, he has succeeded. In calling his critics “American ISIS,” Moore is comparing those who have expressed their outrage in words with a terrorist organization that has committed outrageous acts — beheadings, mass executions, the widespread slaughter of innocents, the cruel oppression of those who would stand in its way, as well as the senseless disruption of countless lives by the wanton destruction of property.

Moore’s latest Facebook posting has drawn sharp rebukes, many of which contain language unfit for inclusion in this report. Here are a few of the printable comments from the more than 6,000:

“Michael Moore has raised all of this hell now because he is becoming irrelevant. When was the last movie or alleged documentary that he’s made that was successful?”

“Your 15 minutes was up a long time ago, Moore. Stop trying to troll your way back to relevance.”

“You gotta be one of the most stupid creatures on planet Earth. I don’t nor ever will understand Mindfreaks of this nature.”


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British Marine Has Most Confirmed Kills Of All Time — More Than Chris Kyle

Fox News Channel

A sniper for the British Royal Marines has accumulated 173 confirmed kills fighting the Taliban. This is more than any other person in history, including the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.

Kyle had 160 confirmed kills.

A source close to the unnamed sniper told The Sun in an interview published Sunday that he is known as a “legend” by those who are aware of him. “Only people inside the community know about his incredible contribution – but young recruits are in awe of him,” he said.

“He’s not the sort of man to brag. He’s very professional and humble, but with a gun in his hands this bloke is deadlier than the plague. He’s a legend, a unique breed.”

Most of the kills came over a six month tour in Afghanistan, The Sun noted. While the publication is aware of the man’s name, they chose not to disclose it for security purposes. The source regards the Marine as professional and one with respect for human life:

“He will never talk about [his amount of kills] unless he is challenged directly, then he is never boastful of what has happened – but he is not ashamed either.

“Every shot was judged and balanced, not indiscriminate. He always saw the men between the cross hairs as humans not as targets. He is not interested in scores or kill counts. He took no satisfaction in the job he had to do.”

This news comes after the film American Sniper set a Super Bowl weekend box office record, grossing $31.9 million for a total $249 million, USA Today reported.

The source says the Royal Marine likes to keep a low profile about what he has done on the battlefield. “Only some close friends and family know the true extent of his achievements,” he said. “Most only know the myth, but word has spread about it. Recruits come up to him in training asking if its true what he did. He knows things get exaggerated. But he is the deadliest sniper in the country.”

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