Must See: Huckabee Releases Devastating Anti-Amnesty Video

The latest in a series of web videos produced by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and his nonprofit organization, America Takes Action, focuses on the issue of illegal immigration and its effect on the earning power of American citizens.

As Western Journalism previously reported, the videos are designed to shift the national discussion on income inequality from raising the minimum wage to ensuring all American workers are able to achieve their “maximum wage.”

The first video in the series shared the story of an unemployed Texas woman, while the latest takes on the issue of Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration. Texas rancher Lloyd Huggins appeared in the clip, offering his opinion on self-reliance – both on an individual level and as a nation.

“We’re forgetting what it takes to produce what we need to survive,” he said. “We’re forgetting what it takes to make a living. We’re forgetting what our country was founded on and what makes us so unique in the world.”

Huckabee chimed in, noting that a prosperous America must be able to “feed, fuel, and fight for itself.”

America’s best interest, he asserted, must be the first priority of the nation’s leaders.

“Some people are globalists,” he said. “Some people are corporatists. I’d like to think of myself as a nationalist. Our first responsibility is to build this nation, not every other nation on the earth but this one.”

Huggins introduced the topic of immigration, insisting that while America depends on legal, skilled immigrants, the current administration’s policy is detrimental to the nation’s future.

“We need a certain level of legal immigration in this country,” he said. “Our problem is illegal immigration. You don’t just open the borders and let anybody in that wants in, because you get a bad element coming in with it.”

Many of those who enter the U.S. illegally, he pointed out, are unskilled and unable to make a living, meaning they “fall into that trap of depending on government support.”

Huckabee concluded by laying out a basic plan for dealing with the immigration crisis.

“We’ve got to repeal Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders, oppose amnesty, and secure the border,” he said. “You don’t punish people for living by the rules; and if you reward people who play outside of the rules and punish people who live within the rules, pretty soon nobody is going to play by the rules.”

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Listen: Floyd Brown Discusses Obama’s War On Freedom And Clinton’s Perversions

Floyd Brown is the author of “Slick Willy”: Why Americans Cannot Trust Bill Clinton, founder of top ten website, and former Executive Director of the Reagan Ranch.

During the first segment of this interview with radio host and former Republican senatorial candidate Joe Miller, Mr. Brown contends that Obama and his allies want to regulate freedom out of the Internet.

He also describes how national political leadership has abandoned any pretense of serving American political interests.

Finally, Mr. Brown talks about the Islamic threat.

During the second segment, Mr. Brown discusses the Clintons’ sordid past. He also talks about why he thinks Governor Huckabee is the best choice for President in 2016.

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Huckabee Quotes Blogger: There Have Been More Sanctions On Indiana Than Iran

Mike Huckabee

Former Governor Mike Huckabee, R-Ark., joined host Michael Smerconish on CNN to discuss the Iranian nuclear deal in the works and how Obama seems to have forgotten a successful negotiating tactic used in the past.

The possible 2016 presidential candidate called the negotiations “very disappointing and very frightening” and questioned the reasons behind negotiating with the Iranians in the first place.

“They’ve never kept a deal they’ve ever made,” Huckabee said. “For them to have nuclear…even capability is illegal. You’re talking about a country whose primary leader has been leading chants ‘death to America!’ and has vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the map.”

“That’s not exactly the kind of folks you want to sit down and make nice with and somehow assume they’re going to be really keeping their bargain,” he added. “I don’t think they will.”

Smerconish referenced President Obama and outlined three choices in dealing with the Iranians: negotiate, bomb Iran, or walk away. Huckabee mentioned a fourth option: continue with sanctions and bankrupt them through it.

“Force them to have to accept something other than now on their terms,” Huckabee said. “I don’t understand why we took the pressure off when the pressure was working.”

He then concluded his argument by quoting a blogger who mentioned that “there’s been more pressure to put sanctions on Indiana than on Iran.”

h/t: Real Clear Politics

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Mike Huckabee Destroys ‘Manufactured Crisis’ Surrounding Indiana Religious Freedom Law


Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee recently joined Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly to discuss the ongoing controversy over an Indiana law some have described as anti-gay. Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy went so far as to declare any White House hopeful who supports the religious freedom provision not qualified to serve as president.

As a potential candidate in the 2016 election, Huckabee had a message for Malloy.

“No one is qualified to be president if they don’t respect the First Amendment and religious liberty,” he said.

Huckabee went on to declare that the backlash over this law is a “manufactured crisis by the left,” suggesting that, “if they manufactured as many products as they do crises like this one – which is an utterly phony attempt to create some kind of division – 92 million Americans who are jobless would have jobs.”

Clarifying the provisions included in the law, he explained those who decline work based on religious aversion are guaranteed only “access to the court,” noting there is “no guarantee you’re going to win when you go.”

Furthermore, he asserted that no language within the law “in any way says a thing about homosexuality [or] gay marriage.”

Taking his lesson one step further, Huckabee noted the difference between discrimination – a charge levied against the law’s supporters by some on the left – and discretion.

“Discrimination,” he said, “is if, when someone comes in the pizza place, they’re turned away because they’re black or because they’re female or because they’re gay.”

On the other hand, he affirmed that “discretion is something every American should have the right to exercise.”

Finally, he encouraged Christians to make their voices heard as religious Americans see their closely-held beliefs disparaged by those on the other side of this issue.

“There are a lot of Christians who have been very quiet,” he lamented.

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Mike Huckabee Shares Touching ‘Medal Of Honor Day’ Tributes

medal of honor

In recognition of a holiday he lamented “gets little notice in most of our country,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee dedicated his Facebook profile to spotlighting military heroes Wednesday.

“Today is National Medal of Honor Day,” he wrote. “It’s a time for us to remember and thank the greatest heroes our country has ever known – our Medal of Honor Recipients, both living and dead.”

He began by highlighting the accomplishments of fellow Arkansasan, U.S. Army First Lieutenant Edgar Harold Lloyd.

“Company E, 319th Infantry, with which 1st Lt. Lloyd was serving as a rifle platoon leader, was assigned the mission of expelling an estimated enemy force of 200 men from a heavily fortified position near Pompey, France,” Huckabee wrote.

After encountering heavy machine gun fire from enemy forces, Huckabee explained that “Lloyd leaped to his feet and led his men on a run into the raking fire, shouting encouragement to them.”

Lloyd single-handedly “jumped into the first enemy machinegun position, knocked out the gunner with his fist, dropped a grenade, and jumped out before it exploded,” Huckabee wrote, noting that his heroism resulted in the destruction of enemy weapons and the death of numerous enemy fighters.

Though he survived the incident, he died just two months later at the hand of a sniper–even as he was awaiting receipt of his Medal of Honor.

A second profile focused on a more recent recipient, U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class and member of SEAL Team 3 Michael A. Monsoor. During a particularly violent clash with enemy insurgents in Iraq, Monsoor threw himself on a grenade to save the lives of two fellow teammates.

Huckabee later spotlighted Korean War recipient U.S. Army Capt. Reginald B. Desiderio, who continued to lead his troops even after sustaining serious injury.

“In the subsequent fighting,” Huckabee wrote, “when the enemy succeeded in penetrating the position, he personally charged them with carbine, rifle, and grenades, inflicting many casualties until he himself was mortally wounded.”

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